All of you have heard of how my brother became a killer and how the story ends with him telling me
to go to sleep.Little did anyone know…..I never died that night

When jeff told me to go to sleep that’s exactly what happened , after he carved something
into my chest.That’s all I remembered from that night……Sometime after i awoke in a hospital.The
nurse was looking at me with a frown, she didnt know I was awake just yet.She looked at the doctor

“Poor boy,he probably has no idea whats going on……”
after she finished i said “Jeff….where’s…..jeff?”
She stood there with a puzzled look.
“Jeff my brother….where is he?”
The nurse looked at the doctor then back at me “Liu, you never had a brother…..”
“WHAT!?” i thought in my head “Yes I do , he tried killing me last night!”

The nurse looked at me again then at the doctor “Liu you arrived here after a car accident that left
you in a small coma……no one tried to kill you…”

“BULSHIT!” I yelled
“Boy you don’t need to get that tone with us!”
The doctor looked at her and said “It’s fine, he’s just still a little banged up from the accident,
bring in the boy’s parents.”
When my parents came in I got up to ask about Jeff. But I quickly noticed
These werent my parents
The woman was short and fat unlike my mom and the man was short and lanky when my dad was big and strong
I looked at the doctor “THESE ARENT MY PARENTS!”
He looked at me puzzled “He must still be woozy from the painkillers.”
I knew better, I was perfectly fine, I thought about arguing with them about my real parents but there was no use. My “parents” signed me out of the hospital and we were on our way “home”  but they did have a very nice ride, a Chevy 2011 Camaro I knew they must have some good job to afford a car like this.
But very oddly we pulled up to My house where everything went down , when I looked at the house I got a strange feeling , much like Jeff complained about having , but I brushed it aside. I waited in the car for a little bit trying to think about what the fuck was happening to me. They looked at me and said come on so I followed them. When I entered I noticed a dog walking around he was a Siberian Husky he had a beautiful black coat and an orange mane and big yellow eyes, apparently he was a rare breed according to them. They told me his name was wolf, under my breath I muttered “pretty dog” they said
“Glad you take to him, he’s yours!” with a smile
I was a little happy aside not knowing where my parents were or what happened to Jeff, but at least I had a new friend. I went up to my room and I quickly noticed that were Jeff’s room was , was now a wall with a picture on it , again that sensation came back , but stronger this time.I went and looked in my room, it looked the same except for a doggie bed for Wolf who was resting in it , he looked so peaceful . As I went to lay on my bed I heard them yell for me to come down. I went downstairs and they were waiting in the living room for me , they asked me to sit down that they had something to tell me
“Look Liu obviously we aren’t your real parents….but I think it’s time to tell you what really happened to your parents…..they died in the car accident with you….”
I sat there  and I didn’t even care, I knew that the whole car accident story was bullshit and that Jeff done something to them , but why did he kill them and not me? I wondered for a while but finally decided to take Wolf for a walk. Halfway down the street Keith appeared , Keith was the kid that set Jeff ablaze back at the party.He glared at me and said
I knew I was in deep shit he ran at me with a knife, that feeling was back and like that I grabbed the knife and swiped his legs out from under him, Wolf was viciously biting Keith and I dropped on top of Keith I looked up to see what looked like Jeff staring at me only his face was different from what I remember.He looked at me and said “MAKE…..HIM…..SLEEP….”
I took the knife and slowly inserted it into his throat he was screaming and jeff came over and covered his mouth, Keith was gargling on his own blood , I couldn’t believe what I was doing but it felt so good
When Keith stopped squirming I knew he was finished , I had no idea what to do but then Wolf walk over and tugged on my sleeve and pointed his head at an abandoned house. I took Keith’s body and drug it over, when we got in the house I dropped his body and looked over at wolf….only he was different, his coat, now black as midnight and his mane red as blood , he glared at me with his yellow eyes laced in black , he smiled….but it wasn’t any smile a dog could make it was an ear to ear grin that made my hair stand up
Right then I heard sirens and wolf ran down to a hole in the wall , he pointed me in so I did, the room was well hidden but…..the walls were covered in blood and gore…and there were news paper articles about the killer that attacked my brother….or maybe my brother…..i heard footsteps behind me I slowly turned to see Jeff standing in the doorway….he said
“Miss me?……Brother?……….” he said ,
“i see you found my pet……Smile Dog….”
Jeff looked at “Smile dog” and back at me “Join…….liu………………JOIN….US”
I always wanted to be immortal but…..not in this way…….but in my stupidity I replied “yes…..i will join you brother”
Then that feeling I had got stronger and stronger to the point where…….i lost my sanity…….Jeff handed me our fathers hunting knife that he had from childhood

Credit To: Tannen97
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