Well, I’m sure most of you noticed that Crappypasta went totally dark for a few months. Basically, I’ve been plotting to rebuild the site somewhat, add some new functions, but didn’t quite have the time and energy to see it through until now. I wanted to hold off on posting any new stories until I completed the overhaul, though, so that they would be able to fully benefit from some of the new aspects that I’ve added to the site.

To drive attention to the new Crappypasta setup and – hopefully – give the stories that are about to be posted more attention than they would have received otherwise, I will have a few days where no new stories are posted on Creepypasta; rather, there will be a sticky post about the next open period and an explanation requesting readers to come contribute to Crappypasta for a few days. During that timeframe, I will post all of the stories that are sitting in the Crappypasta queue.. Crappypasta is, by and large, ignored by the community at large, and I’d like to try and entice more participation to this part of the submission process. Many of the stories posted here, I think, deserve more feedback then they receive here, and that’s likely just due to how few people make the jump from browsing the main site to visiting Crappypasta.

I’ve added a tabbed mini-FAQ to the main page, in the hopes that newcomers to the site can more easily identify what this site’s purpose is and decide how best (if at all) to participate. Please let me know if anything is unclear.

Speaking of participation, I have added two new ways for people to contribute critique to the pastas. I’d like to explain both now.


If you’ve ever visited Genius (née Rap Genius), you’ve seen annotations in action. We’re using a plugin called Livefyre Sidenotes which is largely the same concept. On a pasta’s individual page (meaning: this function is not available on the main index, you will need to click through to the individual post page), you can see tiny speech bubbles at the end of each paragraph:

When you click the speech bubble, you will be prompted to enter whatever comment you wanted to make about that specific paragraph:

Once your sidenote is posted, people will see it when they click the speech bubble next to that specific paragraph. Just as with the comments section, reply chains are possible – and also, I will be able to moderate these sidenotes as well, so general comment guidelines for the sites still apply. Don’t be assholes.

You can also highlight a specific phrase or word and sidenote that particular part of the paragraph. When you use the highlight function, you’ll see the a small window pop up with the choice to leave a sidenote or share that specific highlighted portion on social media.

People will be able to see the specific highlighted portion that you’ve commented on when they mouse over your sidenote (please click the gif below if your device does not animate thumbnailed gifs):

Currently, this does require a Livefyre account to use – they simply don’t seem to allow guest commenting for sidenotes yet.

Please enjoy and use this function to leave more refined critiques!

Emoji Reactions

The other new method of feedback is the emoji reaction bar. This bar will display at the end of each post; once again, this will only display on individual posts, not the main index. I believe that emoji reaction buttons are pretty self-explanatory, so I won’t be as detailed about them. Basically, you just need to click the emoji that most matches your reaction to the post. I tried to give a decent range of reactions without making it a big, bloated mess.

As posts garner emoji votes, we’ll be able to rank and display groupings, much like we do at the bottom of the site with the upvotes/downvotes and star ratings. However, there’s not much point to that until we’ve build a base of reaction stats to display, so that will come later!

Future Features

Other new features will come as their companion features are introduced on the main site (this will make sense once it happens, I promise), so please keep an eye on the announcements here – which are now in a nice, eye-catching slider to make it easier for people to notice and read them!

General Cleanup/Updates

Many of the site’s informational sections were horribly outdated, so I have gone through and rewritten any incorrect portions. I’ve also just tidied up some weird issues, like up/downvotes being functional and displayed on the About Crappypasta page, removing some superfluous pages, etc and so forth.

Pastas posted with a tag that was nested below a parent tag should no longer display in the parent tag’s archives – unless they were also specifically tagged with the parent tag. For example, pastas within the Great Wall of Pasta tag were displaying on the Lazy Writing archives, even if they hadn’t been tagged as Lazy Writing. This shouldn’t happen any longer, and my apologies for taking absurdly long to fix it!

Two Mobile Options

The basic mobile theme is still operational; I’ve made some tweaks and improvements, but it had a good enough response before that for the most part, it’s remaining in its current state. However, if you prefer the look of the desktop site but want the space-saving aspects of the mobile (excerpts rather than full posts, menus that only expand when toggled open, etc) you can click the Desktop link at the bottom of the mobile site and then navigate via the top menu to the “Mobile-Friendly Homepage” – this has basically the same set-up as the mobile site, but can be viewed in the desktop theme. Non-mobile users can, of course, access the same by simply clicking the link on the top menu.

Overall Appearance

The site’s core redesign is finished. We are absolutely not going back to the prior desktop layout: it is no longer supported and I don’t have enough faith in my skills to keep it free of vulnerabilities. So please, do not ask or beg if you happen to be someone who hates change – in this instance, I cannot give you what you want, I’m sorry. However, if you do have feedback and preferences about color tweaks for this new layout, or other information/functions that you’d like to see on the landing page and/or individual post pages, feel free to let me know in the comments. I will do my best to cater to the majority, so please make your voice heard if you have an opinion.

I hope that this was easy to understand – feel free to ask for clarification if necessary. I’m having massive brain fog this week so I’m just kind of hoping for the best!

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