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Almost all of us have that one friend or person in our life who just loves to scare or creep out people, except me, that is because I am that person. It is not the look on their faces or the sleep they lack from me, it is not the people’s fear that pleases me, honestly I am horrified of some things myself, elevators, blood, the unknown, ect.. I sometimes don’t understand even myself, i talk and i feel like i need to be put in a mental hospital, i think and it is like every bad dream anybody could ever have rushes to my brain, i move and my shadow laughs at everything i do. This is who i really am, but what people see me as, it is something completely different, like reversible socks, there is always one side you like more than the other. When i am alone some people might say i am psycho, when i am with people i am usually known to be fun and loud and happy. few to no people have seen my dark side, my mom may have seen a glimpse of it once as i was a child, but now i am grown up, i am more controlled, i live alone in a fair sized apartment.  Across the hallway i have a friend, one of my only friends,Jake. He is much alike to me, not completely though. He talks to ghosts. They tell him things about their past lives and about their husband and wives. It was Sunday as i was reading some creepypastas and nibbling on some biscuits and milk i heard Jake scream like never before, this was not a scream of terror or bloody-murder, it was a type of scream you would hear from a child when they saw a spider on the wall. I thought nothing of what may have caused him to scream like this and i waltzed my way on over to his apartment door, not even bothering to knock, i opened the door. Jake was sitting down on top of his box television set (at the time he had no stand or placing for such a thing) he didn’t bother to say hello or anything, he just sat there staring at the deep green carpeted flooring. Jake’s eyes, shaken cold. I walked over to him cautiously and questioned him as to what happened. Jake just replied with my name in a voice more computerized and cold than Siri from iphone he said “Marilyn” by itself my head cocked to the side to look at him at a very unusual angle,Jake stood up and looked me strait in the eye, expressionless, the things running through my head where endless, is he possessed? did a ghost hurt him? did he have a vision? very stupid things i might say i was thinking of but at the time it seemed like the only answer. Jake’s mouth opened slightly as if he was about to say something but he didn’t his mouth closed again and he leaned in, somewhat invading my personal space but he was a good friend so i didn’t mind. I blinked. As soon as my eyes opened Jake was laying on the floor eyes closed, frozen, i held my breath to see if i could hear anything coming from his body, looking for a sign i found nothing. Out of nowhere tears started streaming down my face, they felt normal but i happened to catch one hit Jake’s carped and the tear was blood red. ‘SHIT!’ i though ‘I AM CRYING BLOOD!’ Jake’s eyes opened, slowly but surely, the only thing i found weird about it, not that i was crying blood, not that Jake was laying on his floor half dead, not anything like that but Jake’s eye color had changed, from a deep dark brown to a crystal blue. Jake stumbled to his feet and hugged me tighter than ever, no words, just an awkward hug. I decided to be polite and hug him back but when i wrapped my arms around him i heard the scream again, it wasn’t Jake though, it came from his television box set, i jumped backwards and saw Jake’s eyes turn from that crystal blue to a haunting gray.  But that is the only change from him, when he spoke it was normal he said “Marilyn, we need to leave.” i looked down and back up at his face “Now.” he continued and finished very sternly. I trust Jake with all of my half heart that i have, so i just decided to go with whatever was happening and do what Jake said. We both walked out of his apartment and crossed the hall into mine. I grabbed my pink wallet (I’m not the kind of person to use a purse) and two of my left over biscuits from the table and walked out the door with Jake. We rushed down the 3 flights of stairs and scurried out into the sidewalk, I must have been at Jake’s apartment for a very long while because it was dark outside and slightly hard to see. Jake was gone. I screamed his name as loud as i could but nothing happened.  i couldn’t decide what to do so i started running, not in any specific direction, just running. I tripped and fell into a place i had never seen before it was bright, brighter than my eyes could adjust to, so i couldn’t comprehend what most of the stuff here was, all i remember seeing was something purple that looked like a messy silhouette of not a ghost, not anything anybody might find scary, but something that may have resembled Majora’s Mask from The Legend Of Zelda series. ‘That’s odd’ I whispered to myself, that was the moment when all of the white turned to black and the silhouette faded away, My eyes opened and i saw my ceiling fan located over my living room, “what the….?” Jake was standing at my feet staring at me waiting for me to stand up. I got up in a very unlady-like order and whipped my head around to my balcony it was windy, no, it wasn’t windy, it felt like a tornado Jake stood still then ran out my door. I was left alone in this terrible wind, not once had it occurred to me that i should close my balcony doors, i stumbled over to the door without thinking i walked out on the balcony and jumped. air rushed around me and i hit the ground. I died. Odd much? yes, but it is somewhat a win-win because i no longer experience terrible weird things that make no sense and i can still talk to Jake. Jake once told me that he would do anything to see me again but i asked why not he just talk to me and look at pictures? He says it gives him a weird feeling when he does. What is a ‘feeling’? i ask him that question a lot, he explains what it is but i as a ghost do not experience much of anything, when Jake says ’emotion’ or ‘feeling’ i try to remember when i had things like such but i can’t remember anything like so. Jake says i need to get off his computer because he is going to sleep and the light is bothering him. Goodnight.      -Marilyn

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  • shogunfish

    Try not to write in such walls of text, break the paragraphs up so the reader can keep their place

    also the plot didn’t make any sense, why were his eyes changing, what did any of that have to do with you dying? I may have missed a line somewhere but I doubt that would be enough to leave me this confused


    “Voice more computerized and cold from Siri from iPhone.” What kind of analogy is that? It’s almost as bad as,”Stench of stink.”


    “In a voice more computerized and cold than Siri from iphone” That has got to be the weirdest analogy I have ever heard. It’s almost as bad as, “The stench of stink.”


    …..More computer errors. *Epic Facepalm*

  • undeadmuffins

    You don’t need to be put in a mental hospital, you need to be put back in 4th grade.

    and furthermore, “BUT WHO WAS COHERENCE?”

  • Yossarian

    Several people have already said how this makes no sense and reads like a stream-of-consciousness thing. But you know what bothers me the most? Mentioning creepypastas in the story. It’s just lame.

  • Marilyn

    My name is Marilyn 0>0

  • Leanna

    You all should go kick rocks before you judge. I don’t see you on here posting stories that are any good at all. At least she has an imagination. Yes at points I was confused at points, And yes it should be in paragraphs. However I really enjoyed this! I like the weirdness of it. Not everything needs to be explained, I like when there’s some mystery.

    • derpbutt

      This is a website where the authors ask to have their rejected stories posted specifically to receive criticism.

      Telling the commenters here to stop judging goes directly against the point of the site and, presumably, the author’s wishes.

    • The Operator

      Clearly you don’t know shit about the regulars here.
      Quick example: Yossarian has submitted pastas succesfully and I write parodypastas for this site.

      Study before you make your bullshit ad-hominem attacks, please.