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Mindmen and Mindtown


It was nights ago, I was watching some TV after looking at creepypastas at day, I was getting sleepy, When i was in my dream, An Tape said, Evolution of Mindtown Bloody Version, I put it in my Mind and play it, It weird my mind was a house like in Real life, Mindtown was black and white with some erie Piano music that was made by some shitty pianist, then 2 minutes, The static noises was making my ears bleed due to how loud it is and ended by an black screen, Like Suidicemouse.avi, So it was flashing with static and the Town went fro normal to Death, Every toon killed theirself and the bodies was noosed around mindtown, The town with all the creative Toons was now cursed by there Souls AKA Mindmen, They emerge from their mouth and there were tall and have bloody mouth and eyes, They have Tentacles like the slenderman with spikes on it and with an hand the was lost it skin with a Black claw with blood and ink on it, like the Rake, They came closer and closer and came out the TV In my mind, My creation: Daffytitanic, He is soul is now an Mindman, He bring his Tentacles out and show his eyes and they went back to the TV, Before i wake up, He suck me into the TV and hijacked my mind to believe them and I wake up, at night and watch Adult shows to make it disappear, I never sleep again, My mindman will be following me at day as an Shadow, I will never know what made them want to kill people if they believe in the story. I will never know…

Credit To: Daffytitanic Daff

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    I don’t understand what happened. You inserted a movie into your mind? What?

  • Yossarian

    My brain meats hurt after reading this.

  • An0nym0us_Br0

    I think he was high while writing it.

  • Shogunfish

    The title reminds me of the dream police

    The pasta reminds me of my lack of faith in humanity


    Thanks, Shogunfish, that song is now stuck in my head, though it’s a good song.

  • undeadmuffins

    This is either an obvious troll, or someone who decided to take a narcotic milkshake and then write a pasta. either way, its cringe inducing.

  • ClockworkLizard

    I think I speak for all of us when I say, “The hell?”

  • ClockworkGoat

    The fact that the writer mentioned Creepypasta, Slender Man, The Rake, and Suicidemouse.avi in his story was just terrible.

  • Beefnuts

    Im going to watch megamind now with some strong narcotics-Maybe this will make sence then.


    I keep reading those over and over again, hoping to find some explanation. I swear I killed a few brain cells, and my right eye started twitching.

  • Hamster

    I think someone typed their story into Babel Fish and had it translate it from Mandarin Chinese to English. It’s the only thing that makes sense.

  • The Operator

    The name-dropping…. it hurts….

  • This^^

    Derpbutt has posted so many awful pastas that I am almost completely certain he is trolling. If not, I’m probably going to kill myself because all hope for humanity is lost.

    • derpbutt

      I can’t tell if you either believe I’m lying about the submissions, or you honestly believe that I wrote ever single crappypasta ever somehow.

      I also can’t decide if I find this sudden confusion over the generic wordpress byline amusing or annoying enough to try and remove the whole “posted by” thing.

      • UndKeineEier

        I’m going to have go with D.) All of the above.

  • poodleinacan


  • BelladonnaB

    Mind was a house… Suicidemouse.avi… Hand the was lost it skin… You, sir, must be high, confused about Inception, or just plain stupid. I don’t even know anymore…

  • The Operator

    Take someone and put them on the good drugs, and they make inception.

    Take someone and put them on ALL the drugs, and they make this.

  • JoeyJoJo

    What in the name of Dio Brando did I just read?
    I love the image of this guy just shoving a dvd into his head.

  • http://penis Greed

    Just why

  • PanthEd

    Well, I’m back, had to go to A&E. They said it was a mild stroke. I wish I hadn’t read this.

  • Claire Bear

    Mindmen and Mindtown. All you need now is Mindfang!

  • Bravo 104

    “My creation: Daffytitanic”
    “Credit To: Daffytitanic Daff”
    What a coincidence.