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My Name is JPbird Fiddleson I am a Minecraft player. I love Minecraft my story is about Notch’s dead brother…

one day, I played Minecraft I spawned beside a tree. then I made my House tamed some animals and started to get ready for the night I already made a bed so I slept. when I woke up the glass of the house’s windows was gone every glass was gone. when I got outside I saw a strange small mountain and I found floating blocks around it. I’m scared to go there then the night falls so I slept. when I woke up. the Mountain became bigger!!! and now I’m curious to see whats happening when I got outside again I saw a tree without Leaves and a sign that says … I dont know what does it mean so I went to the mountain. when I got there I saw a door. an Iron door I brought some redstone torches and opened the door when I got inside I saw a man Whith White eyes he has the same skin as the default player he killed me when I respwaned Minecraft crashed then my Laptop restarted when It’s done restarted I didn’t see the Minecraft Icon when I downloaded Minecraft again  Minecraft deleted itself then there was an error pop-up it said you will not play this anymore I never played Minecraft anymore
Credit To – Minecraft game and Notch

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  • ClockworkLizard


    (And no, I still haven’t looked it up. Mostly because I don’t care enough.)

    • indoom

      yet you still asked

    • The Operator

      It’s a minecraft creepypasta, about notch’s dead brother, who supposedly haunts minecraft games. In the original pastas he didn’t actually try to attack you, he just made random structures all over the place – a ghost second player, sort of. However, shitty crappypasta writers decided to turn him into a slenderman-clone obsessed with trying to kill whoever ends up on his maps.

      Yeah, it’s dumb as shit, and the creators themselves have said that it’s rubbish. (They’ve written ‘removed herobrine’ in the patch notes of three different updates as a shout-out to it, though.)

    • Nelsonsfx

      It’s a myth in minecraft that I ain’t going into detail about because of all the damn submissions about him. Derp, you might as well just make a category about herobrine to store this cliche that people still think makes a good pasta. I, for one, don’t want my pastas to taste like cubes.

    • Yossarian

      Herobrine is the simplest way to say you are a terrible writer and want your story downvoted as much as possible. At least, that’s the idea I get from these stories.

    • Darian

      he just said that its a man like steve except with white eyes.

    • Dark-Angel-Ry

      Herobrine is notch’s brother notch poured white paint into his eyes blinding him

  • Phoebus

    You can play on my computer if you want or we could just chill and watch a movie

    • craphunter

      Okay, please leave. This isn’t a website for you to find another idiot minecraft addict who’s afraid of everything to buddy up with.

  • Amnestey

    I like that you got so into your story at the end, that you forgot to use punctuation.

  • AaronDarko

    JPbird Fiddleson? JPbird? Oh your parents must of hated you with a passion to give you a name like that.

  • monster

    HEROBRIEN is real I saw him myself

    • Ms.Not-So-Human

      Herobrien is real. Herobrine isn’t.

  • Freddie306

    it said you will not play this anymore. i never played it again.

    you fucking prick

  • SwifftyFTW

    that didnt happen!!! omg lies well this website is lies xD lolololollololololollolololololololololooll D3Rp

    • The Operator

      There is literally one excuse for writing that lololololololoolool thing, and that is being a parody post, which I am pretty sure this isn’t – rather, it’s a shitty troll post.

      There is literally only one excuse for writing ‘d3rp’ with an 3, and I shall not go into that any further here. (Hint: It involves the words “Stuck” and “Home” within close proximity of each other.)

      I really hope you’re a troll.

  • Herobrine

    UMADBRO you can play minecraft ^.^

    • The Operator

      Shut up, Herobrine.

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Wow, a Herobrine pasta. My favourite. Yummy!

    “My Name is JPbird Fiddleson I am a Minecraft player. I love Minecraft my story is about Notch’s dead brother…”

    Okay, from the limited knowledge I have gathered about this game. Notch is the creator right? Does he actually have a dead brother or have you just killed his brother for the sake of this shit fest? What the fuck sort of name is that? Are you a car?

    Oh no! A glitch made your windows disappear! Do you know what I’d do at this point? I’d freak the fuck out and never play it again or I’d just umm…well put the glass back in.

    Cool, a strange small mountain. Mountains are well known for sometimes being small. Oh my goodness floating blocks! That sounds terrifying!

    Oh good, now the mountain’s bigger. That was the best bit. It really freaked me out.

    Oh no a man killed you. Perhaps if you got better at the game you might’ve won.

    Oh dear your computer crashed and now Minecraft is gone. Do you think, possibly your computer sensed a crappypasta coming along and shat its’ pants? It clearly didn’t want to be abused.

    Are you aware that you wrote a completely different story compared to what you claimed the plot was in your first sentence?

    Overall, I think you deserve a 1/10 and a downvote.

  • A Zergling (Wearing a Combine Civil Protection Uniform)

    the only good thing about herobrine is- is- is- is- (ERROR)

  • Firemonkey4000

    Yeahhh, Minecraft isn’t scary, soooooooooo…… WRITE SOMETHING ELSE!!