Her eyes fluttered open, her internal alarm clock announcing that morning had come. Sunlight streamed through the curtains, its warmth reaching her face. She attempted to get up, only to realize she was held prisoner to her bed. She glanced down and smiled, seeing her fiancé’s arms had snaked around her waist in his sleep. His breath tickled the back of her neck where his face was buried, lost in the forest of her brunette hair. A content sigh came from the girl, enjoying the moment, and she reached over to switch off the alarm set to go off in the next couple of minutes. She settled back in bed, cuddling up with the man behind her. Her eyes drifted shut.

They opened again, landing on the white sheet of paper folded neatly next to the alarm clock. Curiosity got the better of her and she reached over. As quietly as she could so as to not waken the slumbering man, she unfolded the paper and read the short message written in her fiancé’s handwriting.

Good morning, baby! I had to go in early today, but I’ll be back in time for dinner. I love you, see you soon.

The arms around her tightened.

Credit To – CasieErin

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