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Mr. Jokester


It was mid summer and I could hear as I slept the sound of rain tapping against my window. You see I live in Philadelphia and lately its been one of the gloomiest and rain filled week I have ever seen, oh I forgot to tell you my name is Sofia .
Anyway back to what I was saying, I awoke to the feeling of cold hands traveling up and down my body when I woke up and looked no one was there I started to get worried that I was in inception or something like that.
At the time I just decided to go back to sleep that was until I felt something moving inside me and that’s what made me spring from my bed and turn on my light, I walk over and looked at my full length mirror and lifted my shirt and all I see is a creepy looking face smiling like he’s the joker the DC Comic one not the movie one just to clarify.
I was hoping I was sleeping I was terrified that was until he brought his hands up and began to rip my stomach apart then I began crying hysterically and I passed out. I awoke the next morning rushing over to my mirror and lifting my shirt I had nine scars, four on either side of a gigantic scar that went from my sterum to my waist I look over toward my desk which is just by the window, to see a piece of paper it said ….

thanks for hosting me darling sorry for the scars you’re real cute you’re mine now see you around
Mr. Jokester

To this day I can still see his smile it haunts me even now I see him sometimes watching me from afar or from a reflection when I pass by a store, he can pass for a really danshing human as long as he doesn’t smile he has dark brown hair blue eyes he’d be consider white race and he dresses very causally. I wish I could forget him but he’s marked me for life I wonder if he considers me his mother or something but I will never know. I wish he’d just leave me alone

Ah ha he he ha ha ha
Credit To – Deana Eibell

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  • madinverse

    “Pious perpetuation, Batman. This pestering punchinello of poltergeists is propagating!”

    “Agreed, Boy Wonder. And I must say your vocabulary has improved since I enrolled you at The Catwoman’s school for cunning linguists.”

    “Yeah, ummm, I’ve been meaning to talk to you about that.”

    No more Joker rip offs, please! JTK is enough!

  • QuiteGamer

    Loving the improved mobile Crappypasta! Fantastic, except for a few minor margin problems, but I am overly aware of stupid flaws that probably don’t matter to anyone, when it comes to web developing :s

  • Yossarian

    The fact that you submitted two stories about Mr. Jokester is a joke in and of itself. Also, I take it you just saw Nightmare on Elm Street 2 recently? Audience, judge for yourself:

    • Mr. L33t

      *whispers “time traveling daaaaaaaaad?”

  • The Operator

    Is it a Jeff the Killer ripoff, or a Joker ripoff?

    …Does it really matter, seeing as the former’s basically a ripoff of the latter already?

    (Also, if you’ve noticed me being rather quiet on the site recently, it’s because I’ve had a lot of shit going on at school recently. Next submission period I’ll be more active, I promise! …Mainly because I’ll be submitting one, maybe more of my own pastas. How to Write a Video Game Pasta at the very least. Possibly something else, but judging by the amount of stuff I have on my hands at the moment, that’s looking doubtful.)

    • Demonicus

      Have you got past your writer’s block yet with Crappy News? It would be sad if you didn’t because I am looking forward to it.

  • dickbutt

    You broke the flow of the story two sentences in when you stoped everything to tell us your name! Everything else has already been said. Keep trying, just try for more structure and originality.

  • Deana Eibell

    Yea I know it sucks I was bored sorry you don’t like it it wasn’t for a serious read or anything