It was mid summer and I could hear as I slept the sound of rain tapping against my window. You see I live in Philadelphia and lately its been one of the gloomiest and rain filled week I have ever seen, oh I forgot to tell you my name is Sofia .
Anyway back to what I was saying, I awoke to the feeling of cold hands traveling up and down my body when I woke up and looked no one was there I started to get worried that I was in inception or something like that.
At the time I just decided to go back to sleep that was until I felt something moving inside me and that’s what made me spring from my bed and turn on my light, I walk over and looked at my full length mirror and lifted my shirt and all I see is a creepy looking face smiling like he’s the joker the DC Comic one not the movie one just to clarify.
I was hoping I was sleeping I was terrified that was until he brought his hands up and began to rip my stomach apart then I began crying hysterically and I passed out. I awoke the next morning rushing over to my mirror and lifting my shirt I had nine scars, four on either side of a gigantic scar that went from my sterum to my waist I look over toward my desk which is just by the window, to see a piece of paper it said ….

thanks for hosting me darling sorry for the scars you’re real cute you’re mine now see you around
Mr. Jokester

To this day I can still see his smile it haunts me even now I see him sometimes watching me from afar or from a reflection when I pass by a store, he can pass for a really danshing human as long as he doesn’t smile he has dark brown hair blue eyes he’d be consider white race and he dresses very causally. I wish I could forget him but he’s marked me for life I wonder if he considers me his mother or something but I will never know. I wish he’d just leave me alone

Ah ha he he ha ha ha
Credit To – Deana Eibell

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