I found a knife on the street; it was old and rusty, but big. I walked over to it, and like a dumb ass, picked it up. It had a look about it that made me cringe, and have a feeling like I wanted to cry. I carried it all the way home, and stuck it in my drawer and completely forgot it. A few nights later though, i was dreaming, but this wasnt a normal dream. It was more vivid, i could remember it, every, single, detail. I was standing in a room, not a normal room… it was white. And i realized i couldn’t move. I was in a strait jacket. A doctor looking person walked in. he set a knife on the floor. And i realized, that was the knife that i found. He looked at me “Axanna…do you remember this?” Axanna? Like an Axe? That’s not my name…or.. Is it? I looked at the knife, and it smelt of rotting flesh. I looked up at the doctor and nodded, and realized i couldn’t talk. The knife seemed to be talking to me, calling me, and begging for blood. I couldn’t control myself at that point. Before i react, i was ripping the jacket off and grabbing the knife. The doctor tried to run, i grabbed him by his neck, and slid the knife from the bottom or his chin, to his stomach. He was screaming, but the blood from his mouth covered that up. He kicked and fought, but i held on to him. I was surprised no one rushed in. he died and i smiled. I looked him up and down, his body, lying on the floor, gave me an idea. for god knows what reason, i took the guts from his stomach, and made the kind of knot, that you would hang someone with, the name escaped me. I strung it around his neck and dragged him to the middle of the room and left him, with his guts around his neck. I woke up, and i was shocked i wasn’t breaking out in a cold sweat. It was about twelve in the afternoon. But no one was up. I thought this was weird, considering my little brother should be up, screaming and yelling by now. I stepped downstairs, still traumatized. I could smell something weird, like… i froze and looked at my gray shirt i wore to bed. It was covered in blood. I panicked and looked around. I almost threw up. Hanging from the ceiling was my mom, dad, sister, and little brother. All with their throats cut from chin to stomach. I looked behind me and saw my knife covered in blood, calling my name.

Credit To: zee

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