It was an ordinary Sunday. Iowa’s hanging out with my friends and truth and dare didn’t work out to well with my friends. So I said,” lets prank call some people!”. And overcourse we all agreed. We were starting to get bored when my friend said,”omg try calling 666-666-6666!”.     Sophia my little sister came in and said,”can I play can I play?”. Annoyed I said, well  call this number and tell us what happens.”. And we gave her the number and she called and surprisingly she ran away saying nothing. My friends were weirded and pretended they had to go home. Bored I went up to check on her……witch I regret. She was cradiling on her bed crying. I tried to tell her everything would beo okay and she said with a voice so unimaginable I cried,”its coming fo
Credit To – Anomous

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