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My last phone call


It was an ordinary Sunday. Iowa’s hanging out with my friends and truth and dare didn’t work out to well with my friends. So I said,” lets prank call some people!”. And overcourse we all agreed. We were starting to get bored when my friend said,”omg try calling 666-666-6666!”.     Sophia my little sister came in and said,”can I play can I play?”. Annoyed I said, well  call this number and tell us what happens.”. And we gave her the number and she called and surprisingly she ran away saying nothing. My friends were weirded and pretended they had to go home. Bored I went up to check on her……witch I regret. She was cradiling on her bed crying. I tried to tell her everything would beo okay and she said with a voice so unimaginable I cried,”its coming fo
Credit To – Anomous

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  • Ner0

    Okay, not only is there so much bad about this, such as a lack of plot, you tagged the credit as “Anomous” which isn’t even the correct spelling(Anonomous) it’s just dumb, if you’re not going to take the credit for this pasta, don’t type anything into the credit to bar.

  • Yossarian

    I realize the last line is probably just a lazy attempt at having the sister’s voice cut off, but I like to think she’s trying to warn her brother in a Mister T voice. “It’s coming, foo’!”

  • Simon

    This was absolutely horrible

  • Notch

    Hej, mitt namn är urtaget. jag bor i Sverige. jag gjorde minecraft. min favorit färg är brun …. färgen på crap. jag gillar att leka med mina leksaker, jag har vänner.jag gillar dem, ibland på natten får jag rädd då jag pee mig. Jag gillar också crappypastas. jag ville bara säga: “Bra!” ..

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    It would have been better if the number was just “666”. Even then 666 isn’t the correct number of the devil. This was very sloppily written, clichéd and boring. That last line isn’t scary, it’s lazy.

    So Mr/Mrs “anomous” your crappypasta deserves a 1/10 and a downvote. Zero effort was required to make this.


    and that’s why you don’t text and drive, kids!

    or… something like that…

    im gunna go comment on another pasta now…


  • Weirdo Reading Manga

    “Iowa’s hanging out with my friends”…
    Is it weird that I imagine Iowa hanging out with Montana and Texas for some odd reason? One question for the author; if Iowa is hanging with your friends, than what state are you?

  • cyber sub-zero

    The entire state of Iowa was hanging out, something was gonna happen. If you are going to do anything to this story, I suggest you kill this shit.

    Have an ice day.

  • cyber sub-zero

    That awkward moment when you correct someone on how they spelled Anonymous and you spell Anonymous wrong.

    Have an ice day.