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my little pony fim lost episode


I was waiting for season 3 of my little pony fim but then while I was surfing through my charter box guide I saw an episode that said new it was on
Saturday then I waited until Saturday 12:00 pm i turned my channel to 222 it
was about to begin I was sitting on my
bed. But when it started the hub logo started to bleed I thought to myself
“nah” but when I thought nothing would happen I saw pinkie pie holding a knife
and the background music was smile but a very creepy version then i heard rainbow dash in the background saying in a sad voice tone “help me”. I was like “man fuck this” i tried to change the channel
but it would not let me then after a few attempts i heard pinkie pie say in a scary echo “i wouldn’t do that if I where you” then the episode ended then when i went to on demand I saw the layout of the on demand screen was red.
But then a picture of pinkie pie was shown and she was laughing and she said
“I told you not to do that!” i unplugged
my box threw it out in the dumpster.

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  • Odo

    I’m still laughing at “I was like ‘man fuck this'”

    • Pinkamena Diane Pie

      Wow cupcakes was made now it became popular I didn’t even ask for this I like all sorts of killing type but rainbow dash and pinky pie are better at it !!!

  • Sylvie S.

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My Little Pony? What are you, 5?

    • Sarah

      I’m 12 and I love my like pony friendship is magic its awesome don’t judge you should try to watch.

      • Livi Aj

        hell im 18 and my fiance is 20 and we both enjoy the show. if you actually watch it, it really isnt that childish.

    • Rainbow Dash

      Old enough.

    • I Consist Entirely of Lego Bricks.

      Would you mind explaining what, exactly, is wrong with watching a family show?

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        There’s nothing wrong with watching a “family” show (it’s more of a show for wee little kiddies). People can watch what they wish in much the same way that people can write what they wish. However, this website isn’t appropriate for weird little fanfiction.

    • FlamingUmbrellas

      Hey, don’t bash people for what they like.
      Would you like it if saw you watching something and started hating on you for it?
      No, I bet you wouldn’t. Stop it.

  • Jhar226

    No, Sylvie, he’s most likely a brony, which is worse.

    • Rainbow Dash

      Don’t criticize people for a fandom, Tyler the Creator has interest in Adventure Time but no one hates that. I mean what’s so bad about a show that teaches about friendship and friendly-ness? Oh wait so friendship is bad right? We too thug foe- frendshep.

      • derpmandou

        i fucking despise adventure time

        • Alexzander Creepy Writer

          Whats Wrong About It?

      • The Doctor

        Because it’s told through the medium of girly Ponies running around the place. Like seriously, that’s like asking whats wrong with a high school kid playing with Barbies.

        • sion the rapadant

          well its not exactly for girls only. I have watched a few episodes. not by choice. my sister was watching it. i was on the computer playing amnesia. but i heard the show all the way in my room. it was annoying at first but it teaches some good concepts. so i looked it up online. well turns out that there are a lot of creepy and messed up things. there was a fanfic i found called cupcakes. lets just say one pony dissecting another alive is supposed to be on this site. i stopped have way through the story it was too much. i read alot of creepy pastas but it just made so sick. i think it has somthing to do with MLP not supposed to be scary in the first place.

      • Tuffythefox

        Aventure Time and everything nowadays on CN sucks.

      • Artemis Equinox

        People don’t judge him because he’s popular and effectively kiss his ass. Go anywhere else and you’ll see that Adventure Time does get slated quite badly, but obviously not on the scale of hate MLP gets.

  • Hamster

    Obvious troll is obvious.

  • DeadAces

    We decided to read this…stellar…piece of work.


    • The CupcakeCat

      I watched that video and i stopped half way through and i still can’t stop laughing xD

  • DiamondEyes_DawnDog


    • KEWB

      12pm is noon.

      • LithiumGamer64

        Well… that was funny

  • Little Ol’ Me

    :) 😀 :) 😀 😉 ;D 😉 ;D

    • The Operator



    • Zoidbergman726

      MLP is for five year old little girls. Are you insecure and hate yourself? Is that why you watch a children’s cartoon that isn’t for boys.

      • Ramika

        Are you insecure and hate yourself? Is that why you feel the need to bash other people’s interests on the internet?

        • TheHero

          Who gives a crap? It’s the internet.

          And I’m not even taking SIDES here.

  • A concerned brony

    That was hilarious. MLP dont come on at midnight btw, change it to 6:00 A.M. "Lost episodes" are lame pastas anyways. Whenever you see a scary story you need to think, "how would this be able to kill me?" so if you are writing a pasta, make it so it can effect everyone. Thats why smile dog is such a good pasta. 😉

    • Rainbow Dash

      Smile dog is not a good pasta. It kept being referenced on 4chan because the author REALLLLLY wanted to be popular in the CreepyPasta world. By the way it’s made from generic Google images.

      • The Operator

        Smile Dog is actually one of the better pastas out there.

  • I have lost faith in humanity

    12:00 PM is NOON you fricking MORONS.
    12:00 AM is MIDNIGHT you fricking MORONS.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Thank-you for finally clearing that up. I’ve never seen so many retards plaguing the comments section. It appears as though MLP does that. Attracting all the little girlies out for their irritating text speak and grammar atrocities.


  • Poodleinacan

    And then, Giovani pops in and beat the shit out of the ponies… Because, if he doesn’t gives a shit about figthing a Chansey with his fist, he shurely wont give a fuck about killing the ponies.

  • discord whooves is awesome

    lololololol…he/she is probably a brony/pegesister/
    you motherfucking haters.
    /)~/) brony!

    • Brerfalque

      It’s “/)(\”, not “/)~/)”.
      Wait why do I know this

      • Rainbow Dash

        Because /)(\

        • sion the rapadant

          i probably benefit in not knowing what /)(\ means but what does it mean? iv never seen that before

          • Anonymous

            I think /)(\ is supposed to be two ponies high-fiving each other.

      • The CupcakeCat

        You would think it’s (\ _ /) because that actually sort of looks like a horse’s head.

        • The Herpiest Derp to Ever Herpy-Derp.

          That looks like a very angry ponie’s head. Which is probably all of the ponies expressions after reading this. Except Derpy. Derpy don’t give a crud.

    • Skyler


      • Simi

        I agree with the gamer part.

  • Shadow0Mori


  • Capitalization

    This is one of the best stories ever published to creepypasta. Really, posting it to crappypasta must have been a mistake because the amount of expertise and time put into this is HUGE.

    • rured

      not sure if troll…

      • bravo104

        It’s called sarcasm.

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        Not sure if thick as shit.

    • craphunter1018


  • The Operator

    @discord whooves is awesome

    I’m fine with you bronies, just not with you guys shoving it down our throat like religious proletyzers. We’re not hating on the fandom, we’re hating on the idiot.

    • sion the rapadant

      i agree. alot of bronies do try to force it on people but if you ask me thats not what being a bronie is about. bronies have that whole love and tolerate thing. forcing something on someone dosn’t show tolerance.

  • CidJo

    Smells like cupcakes

  • UndKeineEier

    Lost on Purpose

  • Pinkie Pie

    You think just because you through it out that it was over? Time to make cupcakes!

  • Hoovy

    TV is spy!1!
    this should be a fad fourum in these comments

    • The Operator

      What? Are you trying to force a meme or saying that we should have a casual conversation forum? I can’t understand you. Please take basic english classes and speak again.

  • Cunt


  • Missy

    The next comment that says 12pm is midnight I’m gonna flip.

  • Capitalization

    Because obviously boxes can throw things and TV channels will broadcast something like that.

  • indoom

    you know, I was OKAY with people liking this show. but to actually call yourselfs.. “bronies” Has society let this fucking decay get to this point? where you had to make a “Culture” over a show. ITS not real. the internet told you to Love MLP and like the weak minded hive mind that you are, you did. The internet could tell you whatever it wants and you will like it. Get a grip.

    • Rainbow Dash

      No, it’s just people like you that make us actually want to watch it.

    • Jillian

      Why do Bronies always get the bad rap? I’ve spoken with a few and they’re all pretty cool, at least the ones I’ve talked to, As a fourteen year old girl I’m not a Brony but I have several close friends who are, and they’re a radical group in a fandom that isn’t any different than the other fandoms.

      And what about us Trekkies and Whovians? We’re fans of TV shows that have made cultures about these things. They’re called fandoms. They’re not real and we know. But it’s so great to just have a very large group of people who are all connected by one thing, be it a TV show, webcomic, anime, or anything else. Watch a convention video, like a fandom panel or something. Fandoms are amazing and lots of us wouldn’t know each other without them.

      • craphunter1018

        The one thing is Whovians and Trekkies stay in their own circles (usually).

        • The Herpiest Derp to Ever Herpy-Derp.

          There’s a real Star Wars religion. Thought I should mention.

          • craphunter

            Oh yes, Obi-Wan Kenobi died for our sins, and the world will end when he, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker come to earth and give all of us our geek redemption.

            Is that what they worship?

          • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

            I’m unsure as to what they worship but people can and do put Jedi down as their religion. Whilst I feel as though many do it as an anti-religious statement I think there are just as many who are being genuine. I prefer to put “shelf”. This refers to a religion I created. I wrote a bible for it and everything.

    • UnacceptableIdiot

      Aww… it thinks its opinion matters…
      Ain’t it just fucking cute, fellow Bronies?

    • Skyler and Emmy

      Skyler: ITS NOT A CULTURE ITS A LIFE STYLE!!! YOU MIGHT WANT TO TAKE A CULTURE CLASS!!!! What has happened to all the nerds and geeks on the internet *sighs* EMMY!!! GET YOUR DEMONIC BUTT IN HERE!!!
      Emmy: What is it Skyler?
      Skyler: Explain the ways of Bronies and Pegasisters
      Emmy: Bronies/Pegasisters called themselves Bronies/Pegasisters to differentiate themselves in the world. They enjoy watching the show and created their own little world around it. Its not a culture its a life style.

  • AssassinNumber7

    Oh goodness gracious…
    I don’t think my poor heart can take much more.
    My 14 year old brother and sister have been forcing MLP fanfiction down my throat for the past three years. I have read some really bad FF, and i have read some even worse pasta’s. But this, this one takes the cake. i hope you’re really proud of yourself. Bitch.

    • poodleinacan

      Poor you…
      It’s all I can say…

  • OMG!It’sBacon

    WTF?! That’s not crappypasta! Also, it doesn’t scares u!

    • Zoidbergman726

      Obvious troll is obvious.

  • AaronDarko

    I began to read this story through in hopes it wasn’t as bad as it seemed and was like, “Man fuck this.”

    • Divites the Fancy Walrus

      Beautiful comment, I love you.