I was waiting for season 3 of my little pony fim but then while I was surfing through my charter box guide I saw an episode that said new it was on
Saturday then I waited until Saturday 12:00 pm i turned my channel to 222 it
was about to begin I was sitting on my
bed. But when it started the hub logo started to bleed I thought to myself
“nah” but when I thought nothing would happen I saw pinkie pie holding a knife
and the background music was smile but a very creepy version then i heard rainbow dash in the background saying in a sad voice tone “help me”. I was like “man fuck this” i tried to change the channel
but it would not let me then after a few attempts i heard pinkie pie say in a scary echo “i wouldn’t do that if I where you” then the episode ended then when i went to on demand I saw the layout of the on demand screen was red.
But then a picture of pinkie pie was shown and she was laughing and she said
“I told you not to do that!” i unplugged
my box threw it out in the dumpster.

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