Darkrai. The one pokemon that I wanted more than anything in the world and I missed the date of the event where he was dropped. As a veteran pokemon player I actually didnt know about events with free pokemon being given out until Victini in Generation five. To be quite honest I thought that they would cost money so I blew it off as a gimmick for Game freak and Nintendo to make money. That Victini would be about 5$ along with me having to drag myself outta bed and head to the nearest gamestop for a pokemon that i didnt even think was worth the drive or money.

During the promotion of Victini, I actually needed to head into Gamestop to return the terrible abomination known as “Final Fantasty 13” or XIII if you want to be a hardcore FF nerd about it. When returning said game, I noticed that the store was more lively than usual. So I asked the guy at the counter who was putting the game disc back in a “used” container, “Why all the little kids here today Geoff?” I didnt know him personally but he actually was a friend of my cousins who worked there.

He told me about Victini and the promotion that was currently happening. I was shocked and asked “All these kids are willing to spend hard earned money on a little furry fire/psychic type?” He responded with the fact that none of the promotions actually cost money. He said that kids would bring in their DS, have the clerk take their DS and then the kids would eagerly await the clerk to return. When it was complete a brand new pokemon determined by the promotion was added to your roster of pokemon.

I was not only extremely surprised, but a little angry and sad with myself when i went home and reserached all the pokemon that had a special event distribution.

Sure enough my favourite of all time, Darkrai, had previously been given out during these events. I almost felt like i had lost out on a part of something really cool. It also explained why you cant catch Darkrai in the main storyline of “Pearl” and “Diamond.” Scouring the internet for other event pokemon I found that shiny legendary dogs, arceus, and zororak all had these events. All I had missed. All I was furious about leaving behind. To me it was like an ultimate tease not being able to “Catch ’em All.” So having a DS I actually cracked and gave into the “Victini Craze” and picked one up for my Black Version.

When I got back to my place I made myself a sandwich and decided since Victini is a low level pokemon, why not play through black a little differently. Instead of using the starter pokemon, I would just use Victini instead. Besides the combination of Fire/Psychic was more appealing than another boring ass Fire/Fighting starter pokemon. I would move Victini out of the Black that I had it in and move it to my white version for safe keeping while I restarted the game. You know just so i didnt lose the little guy when creating a new save file on Black. When i went to my PC to transfer the little fire mouse, my jaw dropped to see what was in its place. A darkrai. In all of its pitch black glory words couldnt escape my mouth as my luck had finally started to come full circle with pokemon. It was almost like this Darkrai was intended for me. Its nature was Lax and its Bad Dreams ability coupled with Dark void, Nightmare, Psychic, and Thunder made him unstoppable. Instead of starting up Black again this gave me a whole new range of games that I could use Darkrai in. I could play battle revolution and see if we would dominate the round battle arena. I could even transfer him to my Peral and Diamond games where i wanted to find him in the first place. I was so happy. My girlfriend thought I was gonna go insane. She’d say things like “Do you love that Darkrai more than me” Jokingly I would say “YES MY DARKRAI IS MY WIFE AND WE’LL LIVE IN A WOODED COTTAGE WITH OUR KIDS AND GRANDCHILDREN” She always punched me in the stomach after that. Not hard though, just one of those “stop being such a doofus” punches. We always laughed at the goofy things we did together. God i love her so much. Life was actually starting to rock for me.

Being younger I actually had major problems with anxiety and depression. Towards the end of my highschool career, I had lost most of my contact with the outside world keeping only a few friends who i know I could trust close. Things changed when I met Samantha and truly started to feel happy again. We shared all the same interests, hobbies and even personality wise she was my double. It didnt hurt that she was gorgeous and way to beautiful to be with a guy like me. Im not ugly but Im not a hunk either. It was like day and night.

I guess what was missing from my life before was compationate love. Not love that friends or family give but actual love itself. After about 2 years of going out I had asked her to move in with me and she burst with joy at the thought of us becoming our own people in the world. Moving in, sleeping together everynight. Talking one day about marriage and children. My life for once was perfect.

They say depression is an old friend. Its not an inviting or warm friend but none the less I call it a friend because essentially it will always have a grasp on you. My grasp on realty started to slowly deteriorate after I found out that my girlfriend was starting to not sleep properly. It started with her waking up with sore arms and legs. I assumed that this was just her not sleeping in a comfortable position at night. Besides my sleeps were always amazing. I dont know whether it was the mattress or the position of the bed but i digress this isnt the only thing that happened. One morning a very long stand of black hair was found in my bed. This not shocked but worried both of us considering I had blonde hair (ya im in my early 20’s and my hair is still its natural blonde colour go figure) and my Samantha was a brunette. Considering the situation at hand, Samanthas first reaction was “ARE YOU CHEATING ON ME WITH SOME BLACK HAIRED WHORE!?!?!?” I told that was impossible because at that time I hadnt slept a single night outside my house without Samantha by my side. If that hair was in the bed before i went to sleep I would have felt it under the covers. She agreed and apologized for acussing me over betraying her trust. I told her it was ok and quickly grabbed her for a kiss. Her kisses were the best. My lips fit hers perfectly. I know that sounds weird but hey they say love makes you say crazy things right? Even stranger than the hair was what this hair seemed to be made out of. The hair waved like a strand in the breeze but when touched felt somewhat like pudding? Jello maybe? In any case it astounded me and I actually picked it up to throw into my car and have it tested at the university in which i currently took up classes at. However the most odd occurence that day was when I went to get the hair sample checked out. From the time I had been driving from my place to the school, the hair had mysteriously gone missing in my back seat. I tore up every inch of my car but to no avail. The hair was gone. Coming home with no answers and a missing object made me furious. I wasnt one to lose things and I hated it when things became missing for no good apparent reason. Sam knew I was troubled so she began to rub my back and talk calmly in my ear. She always knew how to relieve my stress. She asked if the lab at the school came up with anything. I told her that I had acctually lost the thing and never knew where I would find one again. She kissed me and said “You worry too much my handsome man. Now cmon you’ve had a busy and stressful day. She was right. Other than going to the university for that test sample, I also had an exam in biochemistry that very afternoon. To be quite honest I was worried about my results on the test because my focus was on that stupid hair. Little did I know that stupid hair would change my life forever.

The next morning and the following mornings after that were to be my worst ever. I tried to wake her up but she just lay there motionless. Oh god Sam. Why did you leave me? Why so soon? Why so sudden? Why couldnt I protect you from whatever took you from me. I slept next to you and for all I know I could have kicked your corpse in my sleep and I wouldnt even know it. Oh dear god. No you know what. Why am I praying to God? Its obvious he doesnt care about me. And thats how my depression began again. My rock, my solid, my babygirl. My everything. Gone. My spiral began with me leaving the appartment to move in with parents. I cant sleep in that bed. Now knowing its where my beloved perished. My parents were nothing but sympathtic towards me but it was no use. My mind had essentially snapped in two and there sure isnt any super glue for the brain.

Therapists will say they help with stress. Dont believe them. Ive been seeing them all my life and I can assure you that “encouraging words” dont rid people of depression. They need to experience hapiness again without just being givin examples of joyful situations in the therapy session. I became a recluse. Only coming out to see family or close friends. Although in this time frame i guess the only thing positive about it was my love for videogames began to blossom again. When Sam was around we would always play Xbox but since her death, I havent touched it. Other game consoles kept my interest like my Ps3, my gamecube. Hell I even still had my N64 working perfect condition. The Nintedo 64 was probably my most played system to be quite frank. I’ve had it since I was 4 and it spoke a special nostalgic voice to my childhood. one day when I was playing pokemon stadium when something completely caught me off-guard.

D-D-Darkrai? Yes to my amazement he was there. For those who dont know, when starting up stadium the intro to the game plays and then a title screen is displayed showing “Press Start.” Along with every pokemon from the first generation, there smack dab in the middle was that black embodiment of terror. this was of course impossible. Darkrai hadnt been added to the Pokemon universe until late in the 4th Generation. What was doing in a game that featured only the original 151? My curiosity began to grow as i was actually able to select drakrai in the pokemon team selection screen. He was at the very bottom as I had expected. During the selection though something was even more odd than a gen 4 pokemon being in stadium. Where Darkrai’s moves or move set should have been four moves were replaced with a phrase. “Why did you leave?” At this point I was really starting to get angry. Had my stadium become corrupt? What in the hell was going on? Then I thought to myself “OOOOOOOOO MAYBE IM ONE OF THOSE CREEPYPASTA VICTIMS” I laughed for a while but the game still perplexed me. Then I remembered this isnt the first time a Darkrai has appeared to me without explanation. The Victini mix up was just as odd and unexplainable as stadium. So without hesitation I bolted to my pokemon Black version to see if anything was screwy or out of order.

On the surface my Black version wasnt even remotely strange. it played normally and didnt glitch out at all. I was almost expecting to see a 6th generation pokemon in my Black version. With my life the way its running I almost half expected it. Its not like things arent already weird enough as it is.

So with that said and done I pulled out Pearl to see how MY Darkrai was doing. I really wish I hadnt. My Darkrai was always at the head of my team but when I checked his stats, I nearly threw up. Replacing Darkrai’s moveset were four more words that spelt out the phrase “Sleep can be Dangerous”………….This sick fuck was trying to toy with my emotions. How in the world did this game know that my most traumatic experience in life happened when I was asleep next to Sam. I began talking to the game or rather i screamed at it “YOU SICK FREAK HOW DO YOU KNOW?” It took awhile for me to realize but the words in Darkrai’s moveset began to change again. “She was no good” It continued “I love you more” “Come Play with me” “Dreams set you free” “Together we will be” “Suffering in the Eternity” I had no idea what any of this meant but I was certain that this couldnt be considered a pokemon game anymore. Hell it couldnt be considered rational. My situation was one of my own. I probably would have alerted my parents with all the yelling and screaming had they not already left for cancun for their 2nd honeymoon 3 days earlier. I shouted “I COULD NEVER LOVE SOMETHING SO CRUEL. DO YOU THINK YOU’RE BETTER THAN MY SAMMY” I could feel at this point I wasn’t just yelling but crying as well remembering her soft face and kisses. Now I was not only beyond raging but also losing control of my sanity. Its moments like this that make me realize how much i needed sam in my life. Stress led me to sleep. With my dreams normally being calm and stable, this night showed me how terrible the human imagination can be.

I was placed in a dark london street. No cars, no noise. Just one person. Sam. I didnt know whether to be happy to see her, to be sad that i knew it was all fake, or to be angry for not being able to say I love you one more time to her. Her face was fragile and silky smooth just how I had remembered. I threw my arms around her as quickly as I could and began to sob unbelieveably hard. My heart-felt moment soon turned into pure horror. When I hugged Sam, her body felt like… that goddamned hair I found in our bed. Opening my eyes I saw what I was now actually hugging. Replacing Sam was Darkrai himself. “Shes all mine now” I began to sob even harder. Had my love been killed this black entity. “Why?” Thats all I could say. Instead of speaking only in fours like he had previously done he exclaimed “You ever wonder why so many people die playing pokemon? Im that reason. The suicides in Japan? Me!”

All of this made sense. The kids probably were controlled to suicide in their sleep. Their own willpower must’ve not been enough to stop Darkrai’s assault on their minds. “Every event that distributes pokemon to you foolish humans, is another gateway from our realm to yours. You dont even know that every so often Darkrais like myself are incorporated into every event.” “But you said you loved me. What kind of LOVE IS THIS??” I said while wiping tears from my eyes. ” We Darkrai like giving false hope. We arent meant to be played. We were made TO KILL!”

…………………………………………….Hello this is Wilfred French with the 11oclock news. Police today are still trying to patch together how a young man aged 24 died in his parents house late last night. No signs of forced entry were found. The toxicology reports havent come in yet but the most peculiar thing in the house was a long black stand of hair next to his bed. Before the Police could use it as any evidence, one officer said it vanished.
Credit To – Hunter Rebizant

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