Do you ever lie awake at night, trying desperately to fall asleep? And when it seems that you’re finally going to pass into the world of dreams one of your limbs jerks a bit without your permission? It means that you’re lucky.

You may be thinking “How can I be lucky if sleep evaded me?” Well, you don’t have to believe me, but you are. You see, our world isn’t the only ‘world’. Most people can’t see, let alone comprehend it, but there are different planes surrounding us. You can think of it as there being different levels, or layers if you will to existence. There could be someone occupying the very same space as you are right now.

I know that this doesn’t make a lot of sense to you right now, so just let me finish. These layers of existence overlap in certain ways. Have you ever put down something in a certain spot and then when you want it again, it’s moved? Or maybe it’s gone completely and you never see it again. That doesn’t matter too much, but the point it wasn’t you that moved it. You can blame this phenomenon on a lot of things, but only one explanation is really true. Something on another plane moved it.

It could be you from another point in time, or an alien creature. But I’m not here to explain why your favorite shirt is suddenly gone. No, this is a lot more serious than that. Those alien creatures I mentioned? Some of them don’t know that we’re here too, and some of them just don’t care, but there are others. Others that want to take what we have. Others that want to enslave us.

At this point you probably think that I’m batshit crazy. I promise you that there is a reason for this though. Every time one of those involuntary twitches occur, it’s them. They’re trying to come through to our plane. That twitch was them trying to take control of your body. Fortunately for you, their timing was off just a bit. You were still awake and that little twitch alerted your brain that something was wrong. They have to wait until you’re asleep because your brain can’t fight back.

If you had been asleep, well to put it simply, you wouldn’t wake up. Your body will, and it will go about your day as usual. It will get up, eat breakfast, go to work or school, and do whatever you would. It copies your routine so well that no one, not even your friends and family, will notice that something is amiss. They might think you’re acting a bit distant, but they probably won’t bother with it too much. But make no mistake, this isn’t you. This is your body being taken over by one of them. And during all this you’re helpless and can’t do anything than watch while you’re confined to a dark recess of your mind.

I couldn’t tell you exactly what they’re doing or what they want or why. But believe me when I say you’re lucky. You’re awake now and we can’t get to you.

Did I say we? I obviously meant they. You believe me, right? I’m not one of them, I’m really not. Why would I be telling you the process for how they operate if I was one of them? That would be a rather silly mistake for me to make, don’t you think?

Oh well, it doesn’t really matter now, so I guess I’ll drop the act. Are you surprised? Although that doesn’t matter either, now does it? Just be seeing this you’ve opened your mind to the possibility of the different planes and that means we can come through.

How does it feel, knowing that you’re being hunted, that your demise is inevitable, and that no one would believe you if you asked for help? And even if they did, they couldn’t do anything to save you. Are you in denial? Unnerved? Scared? Terrified? I suppose I’ll find out soon enough.

It might be right now, tonight, tomorrow, next week, but never forget: we’re coming.

Credit: Quuentong

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