At first everything is quiet but the drips and drops of the water in the corner of the long dark alley. I don’t know where I am. I want to explore, but I stand in one spot. Fearing that if I move even very slightly, I will be harmed by something unknown. I then see something far ahead of me. Like a bright light shining waiting for a visitor. My curiosity gets the best of me. What if its the light to the end of this alley leading me to an exit out of this stray darkness? But then again, what if its not? I slowly walk toward it. Then I hear the sound of foot steps behind me. In my head im thinking – Dont look back. Dont look back – I just keep walking. Everything changes soon changes. The footsteps get closer, i walk faster, the footsteps are louder, my heartbeat it faster then ever. Soon my walking becomes running. The faster I run the longer the distance to the light seems to get. My legs grow weak. I soon just give in. I fall on the floor. Slowly turning around to see what i have been running from. Nothing is there. Everything is quiet. Now all you hear is my heavy breathing and my heart beat going faster then ever. I am trembling with fear from head to toe. I get up slowly still looking for any sign of something abnormal. I turn back around to the light. Im only a few steps away. Once again, my curiosity got the best of me. I walked closer. What I thought was bright and heavenly was now dark and evil. You then wake up. Realizing that it was all just another nightmare. Or was it?

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