Officer Jenny

You may have watched the story of Nurse Joy, but now its time for Officer Jenny. It all started one day in the Sinnoh region. The cities were invaded by thieves stealing Pokémon, items, and food. These robberies lasted a long while until, the old champion (before Cynthia) realized that they can’t all be stopped by one person. The responsibility can’t be put on only one person. The champion realized he needed someone or something to assist him with the bad-guys. Then it hit him, he needed a tip-top police force. But he couldn’t have just anybody, no, he needed them to be perfect, he needed them to know crime just as good as the criminals. But how? For days he thought and thought about how he could make this happen. Until finally, he had an idea. He went and bought costumes- wigs, tops, bottoms, shoes. Then he went to the bad guys he had already caught. He brought them to the basement of his house.

“You guys thought you could get away with your crimes, well; now you’re going to correct your actions and stop others from doing the same as you once did.” He said to them.

Across the table in the middle of the room, lay wigs, and tops, and fabric. There were also plastic legs and arms. He made each criminal sit and put the parts together-attaching legs, bodies, and arms. Then the blue wig. They put boots, a jacket, and skirt on. They were all life sized dolls of the same character. The 3 criminals presented their doll to the champion. He took them and said, “Even so, you can never erase what you had done.” He sat the dolls against the wall and tied the 3 criminals in chairs across from the dolls. The champion left the room, lights turned off. They were left sitting there for days and days. No food, no water. Nothing to do, but stare at the creepy dolls they had just made. The smile on their faces, the long blue hair, and the straight brown eyes staring at the men. All 3 staring directly at the 3 criminals. Within 4 days, the Champion came back. The criminals were dead. The 3 dolls stay sitting against the wall. He disposed of the human bodies, and took the dolls back to his living room. He stuck a buzzer inside each doll, and whenever a crime was being committed, it would buzz. The noise would ring inside their heads and beet. It would send a shock of alert to the dolls. Every time there was a crime, the dolls would come alive. They could walk, and talk. They would go to the crime, and bring the criminals back to the Champion’s house. He would make the new criminal make another doll, exactly the same. Then tie him up to the chair, with the doll he made sitting across from him, staring into his soul. Within the 4 days, the criminal would die, and the Champion got rid of the body. Eventually, there were so many dolls. They all sat in different spots in the Champion’s house. One day, the Champion couldn’t control them anymore. They all surrounded his bed while he was asleep. They had weapons. They killed the Champion. And brought him to the basement, and put a wig on him, and the boots, and the jacket. They lay him on the floor and put a knife next to him.

Everyone in the city thought that the Champion committed suicide just after he went insane. The house became abandoned and was turned into the Old Chateau in the Eterna Forest. Now, Cynthia is the champion. When there is a crime, the dolls perform the same process, but Cynthia does not know the real story behind it, as nobody else does. Nobody questions why there are so many identical officers; they just assume they are sisters. But now you know the real story, but don’t tell anybody, or else they will do the same to you…..

That’s right, they will tell your secret too, that you were the old champion of Sinnoh, and YOU created Officer Jenny……

Credit To – D.A Leer
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