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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Unknown Planet

When you sit in a quiet room with no noise and you start hearing a ringing sound, that’s how quiet it is out here. There is absolutely nothing. You know how they say that in space nobody can hear you scream? Well, take my word for it. I have tried. I have screamed my lungs off. I’ve been trying to tell mission control to get me the hell outta here but the transmission is always fuzzy. It’s my 788th day out in the dark nothingness they call space. I’m an astronaut, if you want to call it that, and I’m supposed to be on the “unknown planet” right now. Actually I should have been there 400 days ago.

My partner, Stanley, is asleep right now. I’m trying to manually control this damn rocket to get me the hell home.

“Ugh! Come on! You sorry piece of-”

“Connor, wha- what the hell are you doing?!” interrupts my co-pilot.

“I’m trying to get this stupid thing working so we can go home!”

“Uh, you- you can’t do that. W-Why don’t you just go into your room and uh… go to sleep?” he says frantically.

“Sure. I probably need it,” I say, a little confused to his antics. Why was he acting so weird? Our whole time being up here I’ve never seen him act like that. I get into my room when I see a circle with what looks like a camera inside it. It quickly shuts.



“What in the Sam hell is this thing?”

Stanley comes over and looks at the metal covering. He turns back slowly with his eyes down.

“I-It’s probably nothing,” he chuckles, “just go to sleep, you need it.”

Stanley’s acting suspicious. I lay down and pretend to go to sleep. As soon as he leaves I hop up and I look at the metal circle. I tap it, try opening it and nothing happens. What is this thing. I eventually really do fall asleep and two hours later I walk out of my room. I hear Stanley talking in his room.

“Yeah. Yeah, no he doesn’t seem to notice anything. No. Okay… alright, I’ll continue doing that. Yeah… yeah. No problem. Okay. Bye.”

“Hey, Stan who were you talking to?” I say coming into his room.

He turns around in a swift motion, “Um, nobody! Haha, I was just talkin’ to myself!”

“Oh, come on that’s bullshit, Stan. Now, who were you talking to?”

“Honest! I wasn’t talking to anybody!”

“Stanley,” I say, starting to come close to him, “was that mission control?”

He looks around nervously. He’s starting to sweat. He reaches for something on the table.

“Oh, no you don’t,” I grab him and thrust him against the wall, “Stan, we’ve been on this ship for a long, long time. If that was mission control, you gotta tell me.”

“It’s nothing! I was just keeping a daily log!”

“That’s a damn filthy lie!” I yell, throwing him to the ground, “now, you’re gonna fuckin’ tell me who that was or I’ll…”

My voice trails off as he begs me to stop.

“Stan, I’m trying to be calm here. But you gotta tell me who that was. I can’t be on this ship anymore, and if that was mission control they’re gonna get me home!”

“Connor… it’s not mission control.”

“Well then who the hell was it?”

“It was one of our viewers.”

“Stan… now… what the hell are you talking about ‘viewers’ what the hell is going on?”

“I-I can’t. I can’t DO THIS ANYMORE!”

He gets up. Runs out of the room and heads for the door.

“Stanley what are you doing?”

He opens the door and jumps out into a white room.

“What the fuck is going on?”

I head towards the door, look out and there’s a desk with buttons, levers and bright lights. I look at the figures standing behind the desk.

“What the…?”

“Hello, Connor. It’s about time you discovered you’ve been here the whole time. Now it’s time for the real thing.”

“What’s the real thing?”

“Your real journey to the unknown planet. We have found that it’s called planet Earth. You’ll be heading there right away.”

“Ah, Professor Jukta! It took me a second to realize it was you! Alright! Let’s go to planet Earth! Goodbye Mars! See you soon!”

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Room With a View

I was studying at my desk one afternoon, waiting for my roommate to come home so we could break out the grill. Bored with my math my mind began to wander. Just then, two children, perhaps five years old, ran giggling past the large window my desk faced.

How strange children should be running past my window, I thought as I heard their laughter trail away. How very strange, as my room was on the third floor.

Credit To – Sharp Objects

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Channel 3

On a crisp Sunday night I decided to relax at my home for the weekend before Monday started. I regularly train in weightlifting, and my first meet for the season was tomorrow so I rested up for it.

9:00 was approaching, so I tuned into AMC to watch The Walking Dead. It was the midseason finale, and after seeing the previews, I couldn’t miss it.

About halfway through the episode, something strange happened. Rick and Daryl were talking but then suddenly ended their conversation, paused where they were, and stared at the camera quietly. No dialogue, not even sounds in the background. They just stared intently at me, as if they were expecting me, the viewer, to say something to them. Even the zombies in the background stood in one place and stopped growling.

I skimmed through other channels and things were just as strange.

No matter what station I was on, the scenario was always the same. Whoever was on camera just sat still, quiet, with a concerned expression on his/her face.

I first went to a local news station and the two anchors sat there quietly, looking bewildered. Then I went to some Spanish soap opera and a Latino man sat on his bed, staring at me with the same expression.

Even cartoons like Spongebob showed the same thing, with Patrick and Sandy sitting at a Krusty Krab table, staring at the camera, confused as ever.

The most different thing I saw was on channel 3, where it was just a white screen with a red oval floating around in a random pattern. It reminded me of a computer’s screensaver where a body of text or a picture would bounce off each side of the screen. It was also accompanied with a constant, high pitched audio tone similar to the ones you hear with those color bar test patterns.

I shut off the TV and started to text any of my friends who were also watching that night. None of them had anything to say, as they weren’t watching TV at the time.

I felt like an idiot doing it, but I decided to unplug the TV from the outlet before I went to bed. Call me paranoid, but I’ve never seen anything like that happen before.

Going to sleep wasn’t easy. I kept picturing all of those TV characters staring at me accusingly. Then of course the image of the floating red oval was still in my mind, with that high pitched, 1000 Hz tone ringing in my ears.

When I woke up the next morning it felt as if I had dreamt what happened the night before. Cautiously I plugged the TV back in and turned it on. To my relief, things were completely normal. Perhaps it all was a dream last night, I thought.

The rest of my day went great. I was at my strongest for today’s lifting meet, and then I decided to have my girlfriend Allie come over to my apartment for the night.

I was about to tell her what happened the night before, but I didn’t want to sound stupid, nor did I want to ruin the mood. Instead I helped with her studying; she was a med student at the time and she wanted my help with anatomy.

After a successful study session, Allie wanted to watch a movie. I was hesitant on turning on the television at first, but remembered things were normal when I checked this morning. The channel was already set on 3, the one needed for the DVD player to display. I popped in “Gladiator” and we relaxed on the couch.

When the movie ended, I woke Allie up from her sleep and got her things ready. The DVD was back on the menu screen, and I left it on as I walked Allie home.

I got back to the apartment, ejected the movie, and turned the DVD player off. But then it returned: The white screen with the floating red oval. The same high pitched sound rung out of the TV’s speakers. I quickly bolted to pull the power cord out of the socket, but a loud crash sounded from the speakers and I fell backwards from shock.

The ringing was gone, and was replaced with a loud, grinding sound; the kind of sound that a large stone would make if it were being dragged across a concrete floor. The grinding then transitioned into the sound of someone growling angrily. My heart pounded as I froze on the ground in front of the television. The floating red oval then started to take shape.

It first morphed into a 3D image, then it stood still in the center of the screen. Slowly there were two white holes that formed inside it. The center of the oval then bulged outward, and a larger white circle formed underneath that. It was forming a face.

Two small, black dots appeared where the supposed eyes were. The bulging feature twisted into a nose, and the mouth suddenly became adorned with teeth.

Finally, a head of hair, a pair of eyebrows, a mustache, and a goatee finished the transformation. It was a man’s head staring right at me. His blood red skin… those arching eyebrows… those piercing eyes… the rotted, charcoal black teeth…

He opened his mouth as if it was going to say something. I wanted to leap forward and pull the cord right out of the power outlet but I was frozen. I couldn’t even look away.

“Closer” he groaned out. “Need it. Closer.”

I slowly started reaching for the cord.

“NEED IT!!!” He screamed. I shot forward towards the back to unplug the TV but I tripped. I quickly rose up, trying to keep myself away from the screen, but I wasn’t fast enough. I felt his teeth sink into the back of my neck, a sharp, burning pain. I yanked the cord out of the wall as I felt blood oozing down my neck.

I placed my hand on the back where the wound was to stop the bleeding. The pain was too much to bear so I took my hand off as soon as the pain subsided. I looked down at my hand and noticed that the blood had formed the word:



The apparition of Channel 3 stems way back in the pre-Civil War south where he was once a man named Samuel Ford. One particular day, a black slave by the name of Clovis came running into his property begging to be hidden.

Not wanting to deal with any conflict, Samuel let Clovis hide in his house, but no one showed up looking for him. Clovis said he had just escaped his abusive master, and offered Samuel his talents as a worker in exchange for letting him live on his property.

Clovis worked in lumber cutting down trees while Samuel offered him shelter, food, water, and clothing.

However one night without notice, Clovis knocked Samuel out and tied him up in the shed. When he awoke, Samuel cursed at him and told Clovis he never should have trusted him.

Clovis tortured Samuel for three days. He tore large gashes into Samuel’s leg with a rusty knife, burned his skin with a branding iron, and even let off a nest of hornets onto him.

On the final night, Clovis amputated Samuel’s arms with a lumber axe. Before finally killing him, Clovis whispered into Samuel’s ear telling him he wasn’t a slave, but Satan himself.

Severely injured and armless, Samuel still begged for his life. Satan gave him one last chance to live. Before beheading him, Satan told him that his soul would live on if he tormented the living.

So if you have the TV set on channel 3 and you start seeing a red oval floating around in front of a white background, turn off the TV immediately and find someplace safe to hide. It’s the ghost of Samuel Ford attempting to communicate with you, and he wants a new body.

Credit To – PalerLaze

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Jawless Woman

For generations now, my family and I have been plagued by the spirit of a woman with no jaw. We don’t know who this woman is, maybe she’s our ancestor, or maybe one of our male ancestors did something to her that caused her to haunt us with her torturous and murderous appetite. Why this spirit haunts us, we’ll never know. All we know is that she is a murderous spirit. She would kill any person that was told about her existence, strangers who have been exposed to her, and people in our family, only if they were to tell another person about her existence. Since we don’t exactly know the name of this spirit, we all call her the “Jawless Woman,” on account of her missing a jaw. The dangling tongue, the exposure of her upper molar teeth, one could only imagine it being the most terrifying sight, especially when staring at the Jawless Woman, face to face. Besides the exposure of the Jawless Woman’s upper molar teeth and dangling tongue, she also has long crooked blonde hair, eyes that are the color of Chinese jade, deathly pale skin, rust-colored fingernails, and wears nothing but a long white nightgown.

In the past, my family had done everything they could to get rid of the Jawless Woman. They hired psychics, Catholic priests, and paranormal investigators, but none succeeded in getting rid of the Jawless Woman. This resulted in the deaths of the people that were told about the Jawless Woman’s existence and/or being exposed to her. This also included the deaths of my own family members who intentionally exposed the people to her or being told about the Jawless Woman’s existence. Back then, the police in my town were so suspicious of me and my family, due to the numerous deaths of old and new friends, including some of our relatives, that they did an investigation on us. However, due to no evidence of foul play, they ruled the deaths as just coincidence. As you already now know, the deaths of those people were caused by being told about Jawless Woman’s existence and/or being exposed to her.

Knowing that I am telling you, the reader, about the Jawless Woman’s existence will result in my death. I rather be killed by the Jawless Woman than to live with her for the rest of my life. So if you are reading this, please know that there is a chance of the Jawless Woman coming after you. I could tell you right now, I see her staring right at me with those soulless green eyes of hers. Since I exposed her existence to you, my death is not going to be pleasant. So let these be my final words to you, pray long and hard, and hope the Jawless Woman won’t come after you.
Credit To – Chris Saves

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Lucifer’s Mural

A street artist had been working tirelessly all day on a wall mural below the train tracks. A large menacing red door, donning black bolts around the edges. He had also painted demons surrounding the door, waiting to enter.

As he added the final touches to his masterpiece, he stepped back to view it all. He pulled down his scarf which he used to guard from the fumes of the paint. He was proud of what he had accomplished, so he began to clean up his equipment.

As he slung his bag over his shoulder and began to walk away, he heard the creaking of a door slowly opening behind him.

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt
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An Inverse Nightfall

Is there something you truly desire more than anything? Such a thing that your flesh and soul yearns for so badly with every fiber of your being? Surely, there must be. What I’m really asking is, how far are you willing to extend yourself to achieve this thing that your heart yearns for? Maybe, it’s someone you love who has passed away, and you would do anything just to hold them in your arms once more. Or, maybe it’s more selfish, maybe it’s something as frivolous as a material good, or simply a better life for yourself. Bashfulness is worthless; after all, no single soul has died a saint. Given you’ve already been reduced to resorting to black magic, so you may as well be honest with yourself about the matter at hand. You won’t need anything excessively fancy or dramatic to complete this ritual, no baby skulls or Latin incantations required. All that is required is some paper, a regular ballpoint pen, and a mirror. Plus, the knowledge to craft a small paper star, but I’m here to dictate to you how to perform a dark ritual. This isn’t kindergarten arts and crafts. There’s no glitter and macaroni here, and you’ve certainly got internet access if you’re reading this, so google it.

It must be past dusk, but it matters not where this is done, so long that you are not interrupted, and locked doors are always helpful. You don’t want your family or any roommates you might share a residence with to get tangled up in this potentially lethal mess you’re creating. Or maybe you don’t care -regardless, the blood is on your hands now. Grab a pair of scissors, and cut your paper into a strip, write whatever or whomever you most desire to get out of this on the strip, and make your paper star. Prick your finger and bleed a drop and allow it to soak into your paper, so as to offer yourself to them wholly. Set up your mirror in the room you’ve chosen, and one more thing, don’t put away the scissors just yet, you might just find them to be quite useful very soon. Clasp the star in your palm and whatever you do, do not let go of it. Close the windows and blinds and flick the lights off, so you are enshrouded in darkness. Face your reflection. Stare deeply into your eyes until they water and burn and you can no longer hold them open, then squeeze them shut as tightly as you can, and count to ten.

When you open them, everything will seem exactly the same, as if you have failed. Look a little bit closer, and you will see that everything in the room is mirrored. Now, you are on the other side; this is where the real fun can begin. I do hope that you listened and held onto those scissors, because you are certainly going to need them now. What, you didn’t think you would be all alone here, did you? Darling, you are the furthest thing from it right now. The task at hand is to survive the hours between dusk and dawn. I presume you’d dare to wonder precisely where you are. This is the inverted realm; a dimension in which everything as it should not be, a dimension so starved of peace the turmoil is reduced to white noise. The saccharine prospect of salvation metamorphosing all into ravenous, monstrous beings. Those crooked and amiable, indecipherable among the crimson.

Savages claws, all patiently awaiting the opportunity to ensnare some purer entity to devour. You’ve just offered yourself up to your double, and they’re free to do however they please in your world until the sunrises, and if you haven’t perished or been persuaded to stay by entrancing and sickening whispering and murmurs, you’ll return, standing in the very place you began. Maybe, it was worth it. Or possibly, you’re lucky, and a person truly awful enough to actually have a kind and good double who won’t fuck things up too severely. After all, your double is everything that you are not. For your sake, you should hope this is the case. However, if you are a person who is of a more gentle and pleasant nature, may God have mercy on your poor misguided soul. They all have one thing in common, one thing they all desire above everything; your place. They want to be freed from the perdition they’ve been damned to. And those who have traveled this deadly path before you and fallen have, on occasion set them loose. Once they get a little taste of this world, they won’t want to give that up so easily, and if you’re at all decent, they aren’t particularly likely to be courteous about it.

So don’t dick around, and as soon as you see the sun begin to creep onto the horizon, where ever you may be, return to the place you originally stood, and shut your eyes and hope to God that when you open them you’ll be in your home realm. If you succeed, you’ll receive your reward very soon. If you fail…Well, if you’re a good person, be glad you won’t be around to witness the havoc they’ll unleash upon your unsuspecting loved ones in your place. If you aren’t, it stands to reason you may want to question if you’ve been on the wrong side all along. In the event that you are left alive by daylight, destroy the mirror used and I would advise you to be extremely cautious around any type of mirror or other reflective object. Virtuous or wicked, your reflection may grow bitter and resentful nevertheless, they may even stoop so low as to toy with your head. Luckily, all they can do is conjure up ghastly illusions to startle you. Granted, they don’t go through that matter of trouble simply to transform you into a walking low-budget horror film. They’re only harmless until you let them in. You might pass by a mirror in a public bathroom and find yourself ashen with terror and met with a horrendous, gaping gash oozing blood on your cheek, but do not dare pay it an ounce more than a fleeting glimpse. If you do, your reflection may just demand a rematch.
Credit To – Marenthia

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

Pestilence and Famine

Science has gone a long way. A long, long way. It has saved lifes, it has developed the humanity that was once trademarked by an overwhelming presence of sticks, stones and an absolute lack of human nature beyond survival instinct. It has evolved society.
And inevitably, it has wiped it out. Up to the point where only the remnants of humanity remain. This is 2026, with no way of tracing the exact date of the day when this was written. We have reached the pinnacle of nano-science, and the downfall of humanity as we know it.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Waylon Greene, a scientist once in charge of a leading company which researches and develops human enhancements through biological modifications, I specifically led a group of well-trained scientists responsible for research and development of nanobots. Nanobots are as their name implies, small machines on a microscopic scale responsible for duties that a human can not perform, or with much effort. After several years of developing the prototype nanobot which we deemed capable of looking over and maintaining the human body for over a lifetime, going as far as even being developed with the intentions of regenerating parts of the human body that were otherwise forever lost, and thus we had decided that we were now looking at the pinnacle of our project. We had come to a stage which both we looked foward to and feared; the testing stage.

Dr. Isaac Manera in particular, was a devoted scientist who had left his old live, contact with friends as well as family behind in devotion of science, in almost a zealous way. As you may have expected by now, he was incredibly enthousiastic of what we had developed over the years as a group, and was the most avid (and only, mind you) candidate willing to undergo the testing phase.

After injecting Dr. Manera with sufficient nanobots and closely monitoring his bodily functions, we were soon fascinated to find out that the nanobots had a fascinating interaction with the doctor’s body; the nanobots merged with the body, becoming organic beings with full control of the doctor’s body. At this stage, the doctor (now in an isolated space with a one-way see-through glass and a microphone hanging on the room’s ceiling, much like an interrogation room) had remarked to feel exceptionally hungry after three hours of the injections being made into the body.

After 48 full hours, scientists were alerted by the doctor screaming in excessive pain; The skin around his cheeks and arms had begun to dissolve, and according to the doctor himself, he felt the skin around his thighs and chest had started burning as well, implying that more of his skin had begun to dissolve. A mere three hours later, the doctor’s face and arms, along with other parts of his body too being disfigured but much slighter than his face and arms, making for a heavily mutilated and primal appearance. He had stopped showing any signs of pain, but apparently also had lost his ability to communicate. When sound left the speaker mounted on the corner of the ceiling in the isolated space that Dr. Manera inhabitated, he would merely mutter incomprehensible stammering, fully archknowledging that he was being spoken too although not showing any interest to this. Eight hours later, the doctor had deceased, seemingly having died to a lack of nutrition although he had completely ignored the bread and vegetables that were shoved through the shutter of the door between the lab and Manera’s isolated space.

Pondering about the significant flaws of the nanobots we had created, we soon found out that Dr. Miles Walker (the scientist who provided the bread and vegetables to Dr. Manera) had started identifying a burning feel in the areas of his body that stored the most fat of the human body. At this point, I felt my heart in my throat; The nanobots merging with the human body gave them the ability to become contagious, and like every biological being, it seeks to survive. In this case, through means of reproducing itself. The scientists I led were horrified by the conclusion that we had in fact created a deadly, highly contagious ‘disease’, and were in denial, and in search of a cure of what we had created.

I knew better.

We had reached the pinnacle of nanobot science, a point where it had overthrown human life. Survival of the fittest, as a typical scientist would say.

Either way, I knew what I had done, and the precautions I had to take; I had convinced my family to leave Manhattan due to ‘a rapid spread of an airborne disease being noticed’. A pitiful parody of the terror I had created, but I had to take them to a safer place. I could no longer face my responsibilities. After leaving to Ireland, I watched the terror I had created unfold with a heavy heart; People became disfigured and mutilated monsters wilst losing all signs of well-developed humanity. This fearsome ‘evolution’ was protein and water-heavy, which type of food do you think stores these two values most? Exactly, flesh. In this case, human flesh. People had started bludgeoning each other to death, feeding themselves to drive this ‘zombification’ which inevitably led to a disease-ridden fall of society. Evacuation plans were made, cures were in development but none of these proved to be succesful enough in time before people resumed bludgeoning and eating each other alive. In conclusion, this ‘disease’ turned any social capabilities a man had into a primal drive for food and survival, and reflected this in their appearance.

I now live at a secluded offshore Irish Island, having left the live I once led entirely. Not only my job, my friends, but also my family; when they started displaying signs of the disease I was all to familiar with, I had to leave them behind in an act of survival instinct. In the hope that I will one day see the presence of this ‘disease’ dissolve into thin air, and the gathering and rebuilding of a population that has passed these days, the arguably darkest days a man has seen. I have ran as far as I could, and I have watched this deadly epidemy slowly surround me.

You may conclude that I am cold, careless and rather unaware of what I’ve done; I may be cold, I may be careless, but I am aware, and I can, as incredible as it sounds to you carebears, comprehend that I’ve made a fatal mistake. But despite that, I wish to move on, and make up for what I’ve done by seeing the end of this tragedy and assisting into the rebuilding of a society. I am, or rather was, a scientist; a man of facts. I was one of the horsemen that led this apocalypse.

Science is a bitch. A contagious, apocalyptic bitch.

That being said, I must shake off the burn of the nettles I have plowed through today, and continue scavenging the remnants of these barren lands to survive. I’m feeling particularly hungry today.

Credit To – Laurens Dijkman

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt

The Truth Behind The Mirror

I wake up and rub my eyes. I look over to my alarm clock, it reads, 6:00 am. I get up and make my way downstairs while wrapping my blanket around me. I sit at the table and pull my bowl closer to me and reach for the milk and cereal. I eat and go back upstairs. I take the blanket off my shoulders and throw it back onto my bed. I walked into my closet and grabbed the clothes that I would be wearing during the day and head into the bathroom to take a shower. I showered and had the normal thoughts a teenager would have. ‘Should I talk to her today?’ ‘Did I have any homework?’ You know, that kind of stuff.

I got out after washing up, dried my hair and styled it the way i always do, and started to leave the bathroom. As I opened the door I gazed into the mirror and… I saw myself blink. “Wait, how did I see myself blink?” I turned back into the bathroom and watched as I saw my reflection’s emotion slowly fade into fear. He was no longer matching my expressions and movements, he looked horrified. “No…” He said while looking behind him. I went to speak but he cut me off, “It’s coming, now that you know. I failed at my only task and now you know what is truly behind the mirror. Once it’s done with me its gonna come for you.” He kept constantly looking behind him. “You need to run.” He said. Curiosity overcame me, “From what?” I exclaimed. “I dont know what it’s called, hell, i dont even think it has a name.” His personality seemed to match mine quite closely, not exactly the same but close. I guess that is what would happen after mimicking me for 13 years. “Let me explain what’s happening, I don’t have much time but i’m dead anyways.” He said looking down at the floor, he started to get depressed and even more scared, I could hear footsteps, scraping against the floor from the other side of the mirror. “I’m a reflection.” He said while looking at me, as scary as it was, it was still kind of cool to talk to myself. “Unlike you, I wasn’t born on earth, I was born in a realm that you call the abyss. Atleast, it’s something like that.” The more he told me the more curious I got. “A reflections only job is to mimic the actions of their twin.” I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face, “So, you’re my brother?” I asked. “In a sense, i guess but not blood brothers or anything. I’m you, i just grew up in a different place so i learned to react to things differently.” He kept filling me in with information and answering my questions, all the while the footsteps got louder and louder until he almost had to yell so i could hear him. “Ok. It’s time you know the important part.” he said. His previous regular expression had changed into a sad look. “The reflections mimic people and these other things called executioners, they… well i think you can guess…”A choke had started to develop in his throat and it seemed like soon he would cry.

“They kill reflections that don’t do their job?” I asked, he nodded slowly in response. “Is there anyway i can save you?” He looked up and smiled but shook his head ‘no’. “But you can save yourself.” He said after a pause. “You need to run, stay away from mirrors large enough for a man to fit through, he can use them as shortcuts.” I started to tear up abit, i didnt want him to die, and to be honest i didnt wana die either. “So pack your things, you won’t be able to live a regular life anymore.” He apologized for how he had ruined my life, in return i said, “You didnt ruin it, if anything you made it better, now I know the truth behind the mirror. I turned to leave and heard him speak behind me, “I’ll give you as much as time as possible, luckily for us, we are quite fast.” He said this and laughed i also chuckled abit. “Oh, and next time you go to the bathroom… “Dont be surprised if im not there.”
Credit To – Colwyn Zephyr

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt


“Here is the bad boy!” the young veterinarian commented cheerily, handing me over Salis, my black cat. The little devil had yet again jumped through a window to explore the nearby back alleys and garbage, only to step on something nasty and cut his right paw open. Thank god a vet has set shop at the neighborhood and I bandaged Salis up before the wound got infected. Who knows what this damned cat had been up to. Always up with an adventure this bugger.

After some chit chat with the vet, I began walking back home, Salis safely in his carriage bag. The block I live in is quite, without any traffic or annoying teenagers. So, the walk was quite uneventful, as usual. The monotony of my little promenade was suddenly broken by Salis meowing repeatedly. At first I thought nothing of it, I knew that the cat was always restless, but after a few more steps the meowing grew louder and more desperate. Something had surely startled the poor bastard.

So I turned back, and looked around to find anything out of place. I immediately noticed that near the garbage, two huge boxes were stacked next to each other. Maybe this was the cause of the meowing. I stepped closer. Salis moved inside the carriage bag. It was probably a mouse, or some other vermin hiding in the boxes that caught Salis’ attention.

I was about to leave, when Salis suddenly jolted upwards in his bag, making me drop it. The lock holding the little door closed broke from the fall and the cat jumped out, heading straight for the boxes. But he ran right past them, stopping behind the garbage bin. I quickly followed him. I peeked above the boxes, and there he was. He was sniffing at a doll. I chuckled. He always had a thing for toys.

And what a toy! The doll was pretty cute, and even in the dim late-afternoon light I could make out her chestnut hair, big black eyes and pink, chubby cheeks. And it seemed brand new. I don’t know why anyone would throw it away like that. For a few seconds I stood there and watched as Salis observed the doll. He seemed to fancy it. It was actually long since I got him a toy, so I thought -why the hell not- I could take this home.

And sure I did. When I got home, I put her in a self above Salis’ bed. That way Salis can easily reach her, plus she will not get dirty lying on the floor all day. I took a moment to examine her more carefully. This time, under the light from my room, I noticed that she was wearing a white dress with red dots here and there. But when I moved my eyes to her face, I am not embarrassed to admit that I was taken aback for a second. Even though her eyes and nose were normal, her mouth was shaped in a broken smile, like it was cut from another doll and stitched on her face.

I wondered who might have been her previous owner. And why had he, or -probably- she, thrown her out? Maybe because of the smile? It seemed possible that it was simply an industrial mistake and nothing more, but still, the doll seemed… wrong.

But I didn’t pay any attention to that, I mean, who cares? I was tired and only thing I wanted was to go to bed. So I lay down and my body was swiftly overcome by a sweet and peaceful slumber. Even though I was sleeping quite deeply, I was awakened in the middle of the night by an urge to pee. So, I got up, looked at the clock -it was 3.35- and rubbed my tired eyes. I then walked towards the bathroom.

On my way there, my peripheral vision caught some slight movement. It probably was my cat, but I paid no attention. I was used to Salis getting up in the middle of the night. I think this is what cats are supposed to do. That and eat. Anyway, I opened the bathroom door and I went on with my business. As my eyes are sensible to lights, I kept them off.

When I was finished, I turned around to wash my hands. While I was trying to find the soap in the dark, a feeling grew on me. The feeling everyone gets in the darkness. An illogical fear that something lurks in the shadows, just out of sight, watching us. I tried to steady myself. Somehow, just thinking about it, makes the feeling worse.

But now came the worst part about washing my hands in the middle of the night. I had to look up, in the mirror. I don’t know why, but I always have to. My greatest fear is that I will look up and there will either be a creepy old lady, or some other horrific apparition, looking back at me or I will see a murderer right behind me. If I had the choice, I would choose the latter.

With a deep breath and closed eyes, I slowly tilted my head upwards. I opened my eyes. Nothing. I chuckled, grabbing a towel to dry off my hands.

I opened the bathroom door -when did I close it?- and stepped outside. Almost instantly, I heard Salis hissing. I stopped and listened for anything strange. Nothing. Maybe he had seen a cockroach or a scary shadow. I yawned. I moved in my room, got on the bed, pulled the sheets up and slept.

I opened my eyes. I was awake. But the alarm hadn’t gone off yet. It still had five minutes to ring. I tried to savor the few carefree moments left until my day officially started. But I couldn’t help but wonder why had I woken earlier? That never happened. And I had this strange echo in my head, as if someone had been screaming straight into my ear.


I threw out a hand and shut the alarm off.

After going about my daily routine -washing face, brushing teeth, drinking a glass of water- I sat down to enjoy my breakfast. My stomach could never handle much food in the morning, so my meal was lacking, to say the least. A cup of tea and some biscuits was all I have for breakfast, ever since I moved in the house. My house. It might not be much, but it is pretty cozy in here. And it might at times feel lonely, living alone, but I have Salis to keep me company.

He lived with us in my parents’ house for two years before I moved out. But something special had grown between us and I couldn’t leave him behind. So I took him with me. I think he wanted that too. He is five now, and despite the misadventures he gets himself into, it seems he likes it here.

After finishing my breakfast, I went to my bedroom to find something to wear. So, I opened the wardrobe and looked inside. Without giving it much thought, I chose a black T-shirt and a pair of jeans. Very imaginative. I took off my pajamas and threw them on my bed. But something caught my eye.

The doll had fallen on her side. As I put her straight, I noticed scratches on the doll’s torso and right arm. Surely Salis decided to play around with the doll last night. I turned around and put on my shirt and jeans.

Leaving, I noticed that the doll had toppled over again. I once more straightened her up. This time I steadied her against the back of the self, hoping she wouldn’t fall over again. But I couldn’t wait to check, I was running a bit late and I needed to hurry, or I would be caught in traffic. I grabbed my backpack and keys and I was off.

The day at work tired me more than normal, even if nothing out of the ordinary happened. Maybe the day was a bit too ordinary. But now I was just glad I was back home.

As I was entering the apartment block, I bumped into Tim, my next door neighbor. He sometimes took care of Salis when I was away.

“Hi Tim,” I greeted him.

“What’s up mate?”

“Just everyday stuff.”

“Hey, is Salis OK? I heard you went to the vet last evening,” Tim asked opening the elevator door.

“He is fine, thanks for asking,” I replied, pressing my floor number button.

“You know, he was terribly quiet today.”

“Maybe it’s the painkillers. I am sure he is fine.”

“Hope everything’s good. Anyway, see ya around.”

“Sure,” I said getting off the elevator. I took out my keys and opened the door.

Salis was sleeping on the couch. His food bowl was empty. I put my backpack down, I took off my shoes and socks -washing my feet immediately afterwards, a habit of mine- and filled Salis’ bowl with dry cat food, before putting my lasagna in the microwave.

When my meal was ready, I took it and went to watch TV. I love eating while watching my favourite shows, even though people say it isn’t healthy. Yeah, like eating on a table would make such a huge difference! The only hazard is leaving a stain on the couch.

That night, at about one o’clock, I was woken up. The place was chilly. It was mid-autumn, and although we occasionally had bad weather, never had the temperature been so low this time of the year. I sleepily brought the sheets up to my chin, repositioned myself to feel comfortable and closed my eyes. I was beginning to nod off, when I heard whispers coming from the living room.

I tried to make sense of the situation. But as soon as the whispers had started, they stopped. Initially, in my drowsiness, I thought that a sinister ghost was haunting me, or whatever, but I rebuffed this ‘theory’. I was more afraid that burglars had broken into my house.

Suddenly, I heard light footsteps. I froze. I had never faced an intruder before. I felt powerless. My mind raced. I needed a way to protect myself, a weapon I could use to fend off whoever was threatening me. I heard the floor creaking. The intruder must have proceeded in the hallway between the living-room and the storeroom.

I needed to act quickly. I carefully got up from my bed and scanned the bedroom for something to grab. My eyes fell on the lamp on the bedside table. ‘That will do,’ I thought, grabbing it and slowly sneaking up to my door. There, I stopped. I could no longer hear the footsteps. Maybe he had stopped? Or has he heard me and was waiting to ambush me?

Taking a deep breath I stepped through the doorframe and headed towards the hallway. But despite my best efforts, the floor creaked under my feet. I stood still. At the end of the hallway I sensed some movement. For about ten seconds, or more, I waited. But nothing happened. Everything was still, as if time had stopped. I realized I was holding my breath for this whole time. I slowly breathed out, as silently as I could.

Then I heard it. A scratching noise. Something was clawing at the kitchen door. I shivered. The hair at the back of my neck stood up. I stiffened my grip on the lamp and reached for the light switch, flicking it on. And with my heart beating hard and fast against my chest, I saw him. Salis was standing against the kitchen door. I let out a sigh of relief. He probably got hungry and wanted to eat something from his bowl, which was in the kitchen. I just had forgotten to open the door.

So I did just that and the cat sprinted into the kitchen. I turned around and entered the living-room, checking if the door and the windows were locked. Everything was in place. My heart was still beating like crazy, but I managed a smile. It was just my imagination playing tricks on me. I walked back into my room, closing the hallway light and leaving the lamp back in its place. But I tripped over something. I looked down and I saw it. That damned doll. Those jet black eyes always staring at me gave me the creeps. Looking into them felt like staring into an empty sky. And that smile. That sinister grin. I could almost hear a twisted laugh escaping that dreadful smirk.

Pushing these thoughts aside, I bent over to pick her up and put her back on the shelf. I reached with my hand to catch her. But as soon as I made contact, I felt a blunt pain at the back of my head, as if someone –or something- hit me with a plank. I fell on my knees. My eyesight was blurred. Disoriented, I tried to get up, but something pushed me back down.

My face was inches away from the doll. My eyes were fixated on her. I tried to look away, but to no avail. Her gaze was piercing me, pinning me to my place. I had never felt so vulnerable. I wanted to scream, but my throat was dry. A sulfuric taste filled my mouth. I tried to move, but my limbs wouldn’t obey me. My whole body started to ache. I felt invisible hands around my neck. I was choking. I desperately tried to move. I was transfixed by the doll’s face, filling me with a savage sense of dread. I could hold my breath no longer. The world around me was beginning to fade. My surroundings got darker and darker, until my vision was filled with endless black.

My eyes suddenly opened. I was lying on my bed. The sun was shyly shining through the windows. Was that just a dream? It felt so real. I noticed I was sweating. Maybe it really was just a nightmare. I looked across the room, at the shelves. The doll was still there. It surely was only a bad dream.

It was six o’clock in the morning. I still had a couple of hours since I had to go to work. I knew I wouldn’t be getting any sleep, so with trembling legs I got up and went in the kitchen to drink some water. My heart was still pumping against my chest. I had never had such a vivid dream before. Everything had been so real.

I needed to take a cold shower. It would help me shake off the horrors of last night. I let the almost freezing water run against my body, the cold awakening and invigorating me. After a few minutes, I stepped out and got ready for work.

When I returned home, I filled Salis’ bowl with fresh food and set my backpack down, before sitting down to eat the left-overs from the previous day. I hadn’t eaten anything since breakfast and I was really hungry. It goes without saying, I gobbled down my microwaved lasagna in seconds.

When I was done, I put the dishwasher on and took my laptop, heading for my room. I almost instinctively checked the selves on my left. The doll this time hadn’t fallen over. It wasn’t even on the self. It was nowhere to be seen. A sinking feeling overcame me. Not wanting to dwell on it too much, I plugged my laptop’s charger and hopped on my bed.

As I was getting myself comfortable, I noticed a strange bump. Something was under the covers. Annoyed, I pulled them down. I was greeted by two blank black eyes. The doll had somehow crawled under my covers. She was lying on her back, staring -almost malevolently- back at me. I felt like I was being mocked.

I couldn’t take this anymore. A sense of anger overcame me. I grabbed the doll and threw it at the wall. Her head collided with the drywall and for a split second, I thought I heard her neck snapping. I felt my guts churning. It was sickening. I needed air. I run outside and breathed in deeply. I had never acted so violently before. What was happening to me? Everything went from bad to worse since I brought the damned doll in. I went for a walk, hoping I could finally clear my mind.

By the time I got back home, the sun was beginning to set. An explosion of colours had replaced the dull autumn sky, with the deep blue of the sky broken by the crimson and golden hues of the setting sun. It was truly a beautiful sight. Nobody could feel down while witnessing this painting of a sky.

Then and there, I decided I would put the past few days behind me. I didn’t know what has stressed me so acutely, but I was determined to get over it. When I would find that doll again, I would put it back in its place. Maybe that would put my mind at ease and set things back to normal. And after entering my apartment, I did just that. I put the doll back on the shelf.

That night I ordered some pizza and watched a movie it had on TV. But soon I got tired. So, I put the empty pizza box away and went to sleep. But sleep didn’t come easily. Maybe I had eaten too much for the night. I tried to relax, but my mind was racing. I found myself thinking about that doll. And after I had conjured the image in mind, my imagination took over, as I succumbed to a state between awake and unconscious.

The doll was standing in an empty room. No furniture and no windows. Just the doll. I could very clearly see that it had no mouth. Instead of the sickly grin, blood was dripping from the place her mouth used to be. As if it was ripped apart. My vision was gradually getting better. I could now make out that the doll was sitting in a pool of blood, holding a pair of rusty scissors. Suddenly, a spotlight shed light at the back wall. The word ‘Silence’ was smeared with blood on the wall.

Then, out of nowhere, a violin started playing. It was a very sad and sorrowful tune that brought a sense of melancholy to my heart. The doll started swaying at the rhythm of the violin. She raised her scissors at her head, and cut at her neck. Blood flowed down her side, soaking her and tinting her dress crimson red. With her free hand, she reached at her wound and pulled out a handful of black strings. Afterwards, dropping her scissors, she picked a needle she had tucked away in her dress’ folds.

The music was now getting more savage, the invisible player scratching furiously at the strings with the bow. The doll had passed the string through the needlehole and begun sewing at her face, in the place where her mouth should have been. Blood was dripping from the small holes the needle pierced. And when she was done, the horrid smile had returned on her face.

The violin was now reaching its heinous crescendo, a violently high pitched screech. I could feel the strings tearing up under the sheer brutality of the player. And when I could feel my ears couldn’t handle the torturing for much longer, the tune abruptly stopped. My ears were buzzing. I felt drained. I fell on my knees, screaming. Suddenly, from every corner off the room, light erupted, filling everything in a cold white.

I opened my eyes, bathed in moonlight. I was lying down. I stood upright, noticing I was in my room. Another horrible nightmare. But this time, a sense of dread still loomed over me. Something told me this was going to be a long night. I hesitantly got up to drink some water. Going in the kitchen, I noticed that all doors have been opened. I was a little spooked, but I went on. I had just forgotten to close them.

I grabbed a glass and filled it with water. I finished my glass of water and I moved towards my room as hastily as I could. But as I walked down the hallway, I heard a shuffling noise behind me. I turned and looked. Nothing. With a sigh I turned back around. And for a split second, I saw two green eyes staring back at me. I blinked, and they were gone. I slowed my step. I could feel the blood pumping through my veins, as I carefully made my way towards my room, where I had previously seen the eyes.

I leaned on the doorframe, peeking left and right. Again I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I tried to convince myself it was only my imagination, but deep down I knew that wasn’t true. I was now lying on my bed. My room had grown eerily silent. I pulled my covers up. The air was stale, and the whole place felt… dead. Everything was unnervingly still. I had a feeling this was only the calm before the storm.

Out of nowhere, a thumping noise broke the silence. A few moments later a scraping noise followed, as if something was being dragged across the floor. When the sound source reached the edge of my bed, it stopped. I struggled to keep my composure. I pressed myself against the wall behind my bed, putting as much distance between me and its edge as possible. I was terrified. I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply.

When I reopened them, I was greeted with a blood-chilling scene. The doll was sitting at the edge of my bed, staring at me with her lifeless eyes. But this time something else made shivers ran down my spine. She had an old, bloody pair of scissors on her lap. Images from my nightmare flashed before my eyes. I could even feel the echo of that terrible violin in my ears.

I was staring wide-eyed at her for what felt like an eternity, when all of a sudden, the door started closing. At first it went slow, the old hinges squeaking uncontrollably. Then, as if forced by an invisible hand, the door slammed shut. I sensed some movement on my bed. I looked back at the doll. She was now much closer at me, almost within arm’s reach.

Her dead and empty gaze had me transfixed. Somehow she felt more… void than before. My eyes were sharply blinded by an explosion of light. I covered them, but it was too late. It felt like a thousand needles were stabbing my eyelids. I tried to look away, but everything was covered in light. I was now facing the back wall. As soon as I felt my eyes had got somewhat used to the light, I slowly opened them.

Across the back wall, countless bloody handprints made up the word ‘Silence’. It all felt like a feverish dream. My ears were buzzing and my eyes started tearing up from the intense light. I felt a cold hand grab my neck. I needed to act. Gathering what courage I had left, I jumped sideways, hitting my head on the bedside table as I fell on the floor.

Dizzied, I started running. I flung the door open and jolted outside my room. I frantically searched for my keys and phone. I grabbed them and headed for the door. I inserted the key in the keyhole and started unlocking the door. I could hear faint whispering behind me. I didn’t want to turn around. Finally the door was open. As I was about to get out, I remembered Salis. I couldn’t leave him behind. I turned around and looked for him. With the corner of my eye I saw a shadow materializing out of thin air in the hallway. Salis came running towards me. I scooped him up and exited the apartment just as the shadow was taking a human-like form. I quickly shut the door behind me, and all the horrors that lay within.

Shortly after, I was safely resting at a friend’s motel. Sarah is her name. Of course, I didn’t tell her the truth -not that I knew what really had happened myself- but she was kind enough to let me in one of her rooms for a few days, until I sorted everything out. My plan was that I would send someone to collect my stuff when I calm down. I couldn’t even imagine going back in the place.

I was sure that the doll and those horrid nightmares would haunt me forever. I had no idea how I would get over this. But all I desperately wanted now was to calm down. I drank a glass of cold water and went in the bathroom. While I was looking at myself in the mirror, I heard a noise. Something was scratching at the bathroom door. My heart skipped a bit. I heard Salis meowing. Relieved, I opened the door to let him in.

He lied down on the cold floor and I sat down next to him, resting my hand on him. Had he noticed anything back in the house? Was he scared too? I could never know. And in fact, I didn’t care. I was just glad we were over this.

My phone rang. It was my neighbor, Tim. I picked it up.

“What’s up Tim?” I asked confused. It was just 2 am.

“I’m fine bro. I just wanted to see if everything was alright.”

“I am fine, don’t worry about it.”

“Good to hear. Is Salis OK?”

“Yes, of course. But why all this questions? Did something happen?”

“Oh, nothing serious. But Salis came in through my window a few minutes ago. Maybe you left a door or a wi-”

“Wait what? Salis came in? No way, he is right here with me. You probably got another cat.”

“I’m telling you, this is Salis. I’ve been taking care of him for years. He even has his front right leg bandaged.”

I dropped my phone, shattering its screen. When I realized that the cat next to me wore no bandage, the beast –as if it knew I now understood- looked at me and smiled.

Credit To – Antoine Dupin

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December 13, 2014
by derpbutt
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The Man in the Blue Suit

Back when I was little, at an age I cannot conjure into my head, my great-grandfather died. His death, affecting the older specimens around, did not affect me. Maybe because I never knew him, or I was too little to feel. Yet, at the same time, I knew I loved my family and I knew I always had a knack for helping people. Back to the point, even at my age now, (which is 62) I cannot remember feeling for this man’s death.
I live in North Carolina now but this took place in a small town down in South Carolina. Back then, when I was a youngin’, when we had the bad luck of a death taking place, we did not put the body in a funeral home but put it in the house of the family that once gave care to the deceased. So, as creepy as it was, there sat a coffin in the middle of our living room which held my great-grandfather. My family’s house was small and puny compared to some others..and we were definitely not the richest of families. The day finally came for people to come into our house and pay their last respects to dear ol’ Virgil. (My great-grandfather) It was getting dark outside when we had the most visitations.
There was light, of course, but the brooding night was soon approaching. As I said earlier, I never really felt for Virgil. As a little un’, I liked to play a lot. I am not ADHD and never will be but boredness was right around the corner stalking me if I didn’t do anything productive. Everyone was in the living room conversing with a few turning their attention to the coffin every now and again. I was running up and down a long hallway that connected the living to a series of bedrooms with a few other kids my age when this man came up to me.
“Young man,” he said. I noticed how unbelievably tall he was. Maybe 6’9 at my best guess. He voice was controlling, firm, and deep. What makes me remember this man and this story was his suit. The brightest shades of blue anyone could ever imagine that run all over his coat and pants. His shoes were the same way with golden shoelaces. It was so bright. Just everything about him…it gave off a feeling of nirvana. His under-shirt was a nighttime black and the tie was ever so blue with golden striped lining across it. He was also very thin. His complexion was white and his face was long and his head was balder than what my head is now.
“Young man,” He repeated.
“Yes, sir?” I replied after being snapped out of the trance he put me in.
“My appears to have been blown off under your house. The hole on your left side would be where it resides, I believe. Would you ever be so kind and go get it for me?” He asked in by far the most sincere and understanding voice I’ve came across. He was about 70 years old and I felt bad for him.
“Yes, sir I will.”
After my line of inquiry with this man was over, I gave a quick motion to the other kids and ran off. I’m sure they paid me no mind as they were equally in the moment if not more than me. I exited the house and down the old, creaky stairs and went left just as he had said that was where he resided. Sure enough, right at the entrance of a black hole, illuminated a blue hat. It was no less blue and no more blue than this man’s suit. I grabbed gently but spent no time coming back in. At the bottom of the stairs, there he stood. I handed it to him with a genuine smile.
“Thank you, Young Man. A token for your generosity.” And he motioned my hand outwards and dropped a very, very, very shiny silver dollar.
I was speechless. It looked brand new, it was so shiny. He brushed past me in an instant and began walking down the long dirt road that led into town. It was growing even more darker and a pile of dust kicked up around the man. Once it had cleared, he was gone. And my eyes were not adjusting to the darkness. About 15 minutes later, my father catches me walking all over the house flipping the dollar.
“Where did you find that money?” He asks.
“Man gave it to me. Real nice man in a real nice suit. His hat blew under the house and I got it for him. Look, Dad. Its shiny.” I said in my playful voice handing the coin outward.
“No, no. We don’t accept people’s money. Lets go find him.”
After an extended amount of time, we came to no unveil. Most of the people were gone. Finally, my father went to my grandma and asked her about this man. She asked for that dollar. When I showed her, an instant amount of emotions flooded her all at one time. Happiness,fear, relief, sadness etc. When Dad asked what was wrong, she stuttered in her wording…and she said nothing but gibberish.
She left for a short amount of time to only come back with a picture. Her eyes turned sharp and voice was as well just as sharp.
“Is it this man you saw?”
There, in a faded picture, stood two men. One was my great-grandfather…..and the other was a tall man, in a blue suit with a blue hat.
“Yeah! Thats him! Who is that?”
Grandma was silent for the longest time. When she gave me the reply, oh, was I ever so affected.
“That is Ol’Mister Jones. He and your great-grandfather were great admirers of each other…and this family,” she paused. She walked over to a chair in the corner and sat down. Her wrinkles tightened as she said those final words.
“Charlie…you save that dollar. He only gave it to the ones who cared most for other people. And he never gave one away except to your great-grandfather.”

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