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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt
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In The Cellar

It’s a dark, cold night. I was on my way home from work when I decide to take the short cut through the park, towards an ally way. If I cut through the ally way I could get home earlier than what time I’d usually get home. While traveling through the ally way, sounds of metal colliding with the ground and even sounds of rustling leaves echo in the quiet. A small gust of breeze picks up and I shiver. If I continue walking towards my house in this weather, I’ll catch frost bite and I’m really tired. Maybe I can stay at an abandoned house, I think to myself. I walk on over, away from the ally, to a block with all condemned or just abandoned houses.

I glance up at one huge mansion that looks run down and no sign of life anywhere in the mansion. The door lays wide, welcoming people in. I sigh in relief. I enter through the open door and look around for a switch. I find one and gladly flick it on. The mansion lights up like a tree on Christmas eve. The chandeliers are covered in cobwebs and dust. The floors are also covered in dust. Spider webs occupy most of the corners in this room. I close the door to this house and walk up the stairs. The stairs creak and my footsteps echo throughout the empty, large house. I make it to the upstairs landing and flick on another light. The hallways light up and the light shines down on the walls. I smile to myself. Sure, this house is a little cold but it seems like everything’s working. I walk into a room. The door is open, unlike all the other room. I flick on yet another switch and the light turns on. The light is dimmer than the other areas of the house, so far. It is almost freaky. Like, at any given moment, something was going to jump out at me. But, then again, that’s just my paranoia speaking.

In one of the corners of the room laid a bed. Maybe a twin sized bed. The walls are a shade of yellow. It wasn’t too bright or too dark. It was just right. A black blanket laid perfectly neat on top of the bed. Of course, like probably every other room in this place, in the corners of the rooms, where the walls and the ceiling meet, were cobwebs. Dust laid across a desk in the opposite corner of the room. I pull my shoes off my feet and pull the blanket off the bed. I place my phone on a wooden nightstand next to the bed. I lay in the bed and pull the blanket over me. I try to keep my eyes open for a little while longer but I instantly fell asleep.

Thoughts flood in my sleeping mind. Feelings flooded through from the previous day. I was just on the way home from work. It was a late night, yet again. I have been working my ass off for about two weeks. Working until fucking 11:00 at night! It doesn’t help when your car breaks down in the middle of the road and your mechanic can’t help you at this time of night! I had to physically move my car off the road onto the side into an area for free parking. It takes me, from there, about an hour and a half to get home. I don’t have a jacket because I left it in my office without knowing. Walking for an hour and a half in 6 below zero degrees will make me catch frost bite. It’s either keep walking home and probably pass out from how tired I am or stay in an abandoned house. I went with the shelter.

Suddenly, my brain snaps into place. Something in my chest makes me feel paranoid, even though I’m sleeping. I feel as if I was being watched. I arise from my slumber to see the same room I had fell asleep in. Everything is in order except for the closet door that I swore was closed when I was asleep. Maybe the doors broken. Yeah. That’s it. Nothings going to hurt me. There’s no such things as ghosts. But there’s such things as humans trying to kill one another, said my paranoia. I shiver. What if something bad happens, though? I started to get an anxiety attack and my brain felt like it was on an overload. I am panicking and stressing out now. I can’t stay in this room any longer. I bolt up and grab my cell phone and slide my shoes on. I stand completely still suddenly. I feel hot breath on my shoulder. I start to shiver and cry. I’m so terrified right now that tears are literally streaming down my face.

I turn around and scream. There is a person standing right before me. This figure is dressed in a black robe. The hood of the robe hides the face of this person. I start to regain my sanity and stop being so afraid, until this thing pulled off its hood. She smiles widely, showing rows upon rows of sharp teeth. Her eyes are a deep red color….but she isn’t any vampire. She looks more evil. More sinister than a vampire. Sure she may have the sharp teeth and red eyes like a vampire but that means nothing. Her greasy brown hair lays in a heap on top of her head. She pulls up something wooden and smacks me over the head with it.

I can feel my body being dragged somewhere. I snap open my eyes and see this thing is dragging me down some type of stairs, maybe cellar stairs. I can smell rotting meat in the distance. I start to sob and the thing growls at me. She tosses me into a room that completely petrified me. It’s a dimly lit room with barely any light. The only light that is on keeps flickering. The walls are smeared and splattered in blood. The floor has marks looking like someone was trying to hold on for dear life with their nails but was pulled anyway. Bodies lay around in awkward positions. One body…was covered in bite marks. That body looks like it was attacked by a zombie. The body looks like the girl who had disappeared months ago. The paled skinned killer, who I can guess is a cannibal-by the bodies that look like they are half eaten, slowly walks towards me with tape and rope. She takes the rope and grabs my wrists back. I wiggle my hands free from her grip but than she instantly pulls my wrist back in an awkward angle. My wrist, than, makes a sound of bones breaking. I howl in pain and tears sprung out of my eyes.

“W-why are you doing this to me?” I cry out. The killer gives me a look and ties up my wrists together. She licks her lips and brings her thumb to my cheek to stroke my skin.

“Because….I’m hungry and my favorite food……is humans!” The cannibal laughs louder and her laugh is so sinister I almost scream. The smell of corpses than makes me vomit at the killers feet. She hisses and shoves me to the ground. She hovers over me and she taps up my mouth. She finally leaves the room and I’m left in a room filled with corpses and the smell of fear illuminating all around me.

It’s been two days without food. I’ve been only surviving on the water that is provided by a faucet in the corner of the room. At first, it was hard to turn it on with my wrists being tied up. Eventually, I got it and was able to get the tape off of my mouth and drink some water. Another body was tossed down here with me. He’s still alive but looks really badly injured. I want to help him and he could help me but I’m too frightened to talk. Yesterday, I realized I had my phone. I got it out of my pocket and attempted to call someone by butt dialing them but as soon as I managed, the phone told me there was no service in the cellar. Out of frustration, I stomped on the phone and it crumbled into tiny pieces on a body I didn’t see laying on the ground. I screamed and that attracted the killer. She came down and glanced at a survivor i couldn’t see in the dark. I was petrified to confess. I had to watch as the cannibal ate the poor woman. I kept my mouth shut as I watched. If I survive this, I’ll probably will never see a more gruesome sight than what I had to watch. Blood being splattered, guts being tossed and the sound of skin breaking.

It all happened a day ago. Me and the boy have been waiting around and also surviving off of the tap water. The killer would come down every hour to eat off of a dead, rotting corpse. As hours pass, I keep losing the ability to talk. This killer also seems to barely speak. She only speaks when we ask why she’s doing this to us. It’s always the same answer, “Because…I’m hungry and my favorite food is humans.”

Now, me and the boy are alone in the dark cellar. The light is starting to get dimmer and dimmer as time passes by. The killer keeps coming down to check on us and just waits. I’m so scared. I’ve been silently crying for about 5 minutes now. It’s no use. I’ll never get out of here.

My wrists are in pain as my rope burn becomes to get worse and worse. My stomach is so empty. I think I lost a good 5-10 pounds so far. I cannot sleep without having the fear of being killed. I look at the boy and wonder what to say.

“Hi.” I say in a raspy voice.

“Hi.” He replies with a shaky voice.

“What’s your name?” I question.

“Tom,” he starts, “and you?”

“Julia. Why did you get thrown down here?” I ask the most stupidest question of the world.

“I was just trying to help Alison.” He states as tears run down his dirty face.

“Who is Alison?” I raised an eyebrow.

“The killer.” He replied darkly. I shudder.

“What happened!?” I yell but still whisper.

“She was my best friend. We’d go to the movies together and we’d sing songs together. When we finally went to highschool I found out a lot more about Alison. I didn’t know anything about the girl I thought was my best friend. It turned out that she was abused at home and bullied by everyone. I was her only friend. She was beginning to go insane. I tried to help her but she turned her back to me. I haven’t heard from her again until now. I saw the lights on in this house and I thought it was abandoned. So, I wanted to investigate. I finally saw Alison. I was shocked at first and then I realized she wasn’t the same.” Tom started to cry.

“Don’t cry. Maybe we can help her.” I suggest.

“I think it’s too late.” He cried then looked at me a little closer.

“I know you! You bullied Alison before! You and your group of friends!” He shouts at me but still whispering.

“I-I did? I don’t remember! Honestly, I don’t remember! I graduated two years ago! How do you remember!? Maybe it wasn’t me!” I say to him. Did I really abuse this girl? No, It can’t be.

“You would torture my best friend! How could you?” He cried out.

“I don’t know. I..” I then trailed off. I remember Alision. She was a lot more happier. She would wear red eye contacts to make her eyes look red. She would laugh at a lot of things. She was really nice but I ruined her. No wonder why she wants to kill me.

I feel as if my body is getting weaker and weaker from hearing all this. I shook and tears slipped down my eyes. I made a girl go insane and want to kill me in revenge. And I know it’ll be my time up soon. The rope is digging into my wrists and I can feel blood is starting to drip down my wrist. I try not to move much so I don’t have to worry about ripping my hand off my body! The killer hadn’t been down here since yesterday. But as I try to find hope I realize something…I know she’s going to be down here soon and she will want to kill me. I’m scared. I don’t want to die! Not yet!


I woke up suddenly. A loud crash sounded throughout the cellar. Oh no. Alison’s here! She’s here in this cellar! I can hear her movement. I can hear her eating someone’s old corpse. She’s making her way towards me. I can see her shadow. My breathing is become to get shaky and hot, salty tears stream down my face. Tom is awake too. He keeps giving me dirty looks and after our conversation last night, he hasn’t said a word to me since he found I was the bully. The cut on my wrist from the rope keeps getting deeper and deeper. I’m getting really dizzy from not eating or drinking. If I fall asleep again, though, I’m afraid of being eaten in my sleep. And if I do fall asleep, I’ll probably never wake up.

I hear Alison’s footsteps grow near. Hot breath hit my shoulders like a whip. I turn my head towards the girl. Her mouth is covered in blood and her sharp teeth are also covered in the red liquid. Her dark robe, however, doesn’t have even a speck of blood on it.

“So…Julia. You remember now. You remember beating me? Do you remember when you told everyone rumors about me? Do you remember that? Do you remember making my life a living hell?” Alison yells and leans over me, scanning my now fragile and thin body.

“Yes! I’m sorry! Please, let me help you! Please!” I plead.

She ignores my pleads and inches her head towards my neck. I shove her back with my feet and she stumbles back. She growls and pounces on top of me. I fall back and break my wrist, blood from the wound starts to run down my hand and splatters everywhere. I yell out in pain and see Tom smile widely. What’s going on? I get up and run towards the cellar door. Tom grabs my arm and yanks me back to the ground. He looks at me than to Alison and backs away.

I start to whimper. I thought Tom was on my side. Tom makes his way to the exit and glances at Alison and me and laughs evilly.

“Do you want me to find more food, Alison?” He asks.

“Yes. Thank you.” She smiles widder. The cellar door closes and I scream.

Alison brings her mouth towards my neck and her teeth grab onto my skin, instantly breaking through. Blood smears all over her face and my eyesight begins to blur. She rips out my throat and cuts my stomach open with a knife I didn’t know she had. I try to scream in horror and to find help but I can’t. She ripped out my throat. I fade away as I hear the rest of my body being shredded into nothing but leftover flesh and bones.

Credit To – Jessica
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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt


I feel like I just need to get everything out of my head. For those of you who read some of my other stories such as “Steps to Survive Your Insanity,” my novella or “My Dream” poem you’ll notice something they all have in common. “Steps to Survive Your Insanity” had a dark figure with white eyes stalking the reader. In “My Dream” the narrator was being watched in his sleep by a mysterious man. In my novella the character Gabriel is plagued by an unearthly voice in his head. This story will show all of you exactly who and where I got the inspiration for such a nightmare. Sorry for the complete lack of detail in this…

I was ten years old, living in my old house on West Madison street. As far back as I remember I always had problems sleeping, even today. One night I found myself lying awake in my bed. I scanned across my room, seeing dirty clothes scattered across the floor. The glow in the dark plastic stars glued on my ceiling glowing a dim green and broken rays of moonlight entering my room. My room was covered in a blanket of shadows, giving me only a limited amount of vision. I saw something towards the back wall of my room, sitting up I look towards my bedroom window and see my dad ominously staring out the window with his back to me. I was a little startled at first but not terrified, after all it was just my dad.

“Dad? What are you doing?” I called out, my dad didn’t so much as turn his head. “Dad?…” I whispered. Still no reply, I felt fear run it’s way to my throat. The man was completely covered in shadows, almost as if it was a silhouette of the man I called father. I was too scared to make any kind of noise. My legs felt frozen in place, paralyzed by fear. To scared to run or scream I hid under my covers, hoping I wasn’t noticed by whoever was in my room. I heard his heavy footsteps turn to face me. I bit my lip hard, trying to pretend I was asleep. I heard his footsteps get closer and closer to me, kicking aside any dirty clothes in his way.

I felt my tears rush down my cheek and onto my bed sheets. I struggled to hold back my silent sobbing, trying to convince him I was asleep. I felt a weight on my bed, he was sitting next to me now. I’m not sure if he was watching me silently sob or if he was blankly staring at the wall. I didn’t care however, I just wanted him gone. I carefully eased my hands up to my face and prayed to God to make him leave. I prayed and prayed for what seemed to be hours and hours on end but I still felt his weight right next to me. I soon gave up hope on praying and I just hoped someone would walk in my room and see him. Thinking hopefully, I wanted to see if the sun was out yet, hiding under the covers made me completely lose track of time. I carefully peeked my eyeball out of the blankets and looked for any sign of day. I looked to the window, and saw him… staring right at me… his face completely hiding by the night. I quickly crawled my head back under the covers, quietly sobbing to myself. As I fought the uprising yelps of terror rising up my throat I felt the man’s weight shift. I could feel his lifeless eyes pierced the back back of my head. I solemnly prayed to God one last time and then, I heard my morning alarm on the side of my bed. My head quietly peeked out from under the covers and saw the warm glow of the sun come running through my window.

Was it all just a nightmare? No i woke up under the blankets, but I don’t remember falling asleep. Nightmare or not I’ll always remember that night. You may think that’s when this ghost story ends but no.. this goes a lot deeper than I first thought. After that night I started to have frequent nightmares, still do occasionally. One dream in particular had me drowning in the neighbors pool, feeling my lungs contract and my consciousness slipping. When I woke up I found myself sitting up right and gasping for air. I stayed there for maybe two minutes just breathing heavily, trying to get my lungs inflated again. I don’t remember any other nightmares in detail but I had them frequently because I found myself always waking up in the middle of the light or early morning.

Things… things escalated quickly after that. One day, my cousin Angel spent the night at my house. I was watching tv when Angel walked over to me and asked.

“Hey, could you ask your dad if we could go outside?”

“Angel, my dad’s at work right now.” I replied,

“But I just saw him in the hallway right now…” Angel replied…

Weeks passed without anything too serious happening, a few nightmares here and there but like I said, nothing too serious. Until I saw, it, I woke up in the middle of the night like usual and thought nothing of it. But in the corner of my my eyes I saw a strange white mist, right next to my door and the edge of my bed. The mist had a vague human shape, no definite head or even body but more of a stick figure in real life. At first I was terrified, unsure of what I should do. I tried calling out my sister, Ariel’s name, who was asleep on the top bunk. After a couple quiet shouts I realized she wasn’t going to wake up. I looked back to the white mist figure and my terror was replaced by.. a childish curiosity. I brushed my fingers through the mist, the fog breaking apart then reassembling again. I felt… safe… not scared by it, as if it was some harmless animal that wandered into my room. I layed back down on my pillow, closed my eyes, and fell asleep…

After that night the nightmares stopped and I wouldn’t have to see the man by the window ever again. Five years passed and I moved to an entirely new home in that time. It was during last summer when I had another nightmare. I didn’t think anything of it, after all, those hellish nightmares happened over five years ago. I simply took it as a sign that I’ve been watching too many horror movies on netflix.

As the weeks went on I found myself more tired and exhausted than usual, me and my girlfriend at the time were still in the “it’s complicated” stage so I’ve been taking in more stress than usual… but then the nightmares returned. One nightmare I dreamt I was entirely alone, no one was wandering my home. No faculty or students at school, no cars passing on the street… nothing. Another dream I pulled all the teeth out of my gums, disposing of them down the drain. I had more, gruesome dreams too.. one dream I had sickening holes on my arm. My arm looked like a bloody honeycomb with loose flaps of skin hanging off.

It was early July, 2013. My dog, Raina, (a small chihuahua) was starting to crap on the floor and my mom was getting impatient with her. She knew to paw at the back door whenever she neede to go to the restroom, if we didn’t notice she usually ran to me, bounced off my legs then run towards the door to get my attention so we found it weird that she was having accidents now. One night Raina crapped all over the living room carpet and my mom completely lost it. She started screaming at Raina for what she did, Raina reacted with hostile barking. I rolled my eyes at the fact my mom was screaming at an elderly dog… until I heard the savage barks. I rushed to see what was wrong. My mom was completely taken back by the barks, she simply stood there, idle for a few seconds. Raina was low to the ground, knees bent, ears cocked back and her sharp teeth glistening in the low light.My mom then composed herself again then immidiatly started yelling at her again, saying that she shouldn’t bark at her like that. Raina started barking again, her bark didn’t sound right though. For those of you with pets at home you know what I’m talking about. Your dog doesn’t sound the same as your neighbors dog, even though they might be the same breed. And this, this didn’t sound like Raina, Raina’s barks have always been quick and high pitch… these.. these sounded deeper, more gurgly. Each bark ending in a vicious growl that subsided then quickly escalated back up into a bark.

Mom quickly got fed up with her barking, obviously not as concerned as I was. She tried putting her in her kennel but Raina wouldn’t listen to her, she just barked at her, making sure to show her teeth. My brother and sister tried putting Raina in her kennel but they were all greeted with as much hostility as my mom. My mom tried forcing her in there but Raina snapped her teeth at her everytime she got within arms length. So eventually they decided that I should try to put her in her kennel, Raina always liked me the most so they thought she’d listen to me. They were right, Raina listened to me without a problem, though her eyes never left my moms. After she was in her kennel my mom looked at Raina intensely, examining every inch of Rania’s little chihuahua body. My mom walked over to the cross we had hanging on the wall, grasping it tightly in her hands she moved it above Raina’s kennel. Raina immediately started barking ferociously again, her eyes locked on the cross. The first words that escaped from my mom’s mouth were

“It’s like she’s possessed.”

Now don’t get me wrong I believe in ghosts, demons and all that creepy stuff but I’m a skeptic when I need to be, I told her that it’s simply the fact that she has something in her hand. We tested that theory and not to my surprise, Raina barked just as much when she had something else in her hands. Though I did think something was definitely wrong with Raina. The next day Raina was back to her quiet, independent, somewhat moody self. We still don’t know what happened that day

Around mid-July Raina sitting on the edge of my bed. Raina never did this before, she’s always been independent, only interacting with us when she had to go outside or when she needed food. I thought it was weird, very weird but I didn’t think anything was wrong, so I just assumed she really needed to go outside. So I got up and lead her outside so she wouldn’t have an accident on the carpet. Right when she saw the glass door slide close behind her she went wild, barking at the door and scratching at the glass door. I ignored her, after all she is a chihuahua and they’re known for their non stop barking. As I walked away from the door I heard her barks grow urgent, savage almost. It sounded like she was barking at a cat who wandered into our backyard. I tried to ignore it but it was just too early to hear a dog’s insane barking. I let her back in, her little feet pattering on the tile floor. I was going to walk away and go back to sleep but she started following me. Like I said before, Raina usually minds her own business most of the day and to see her suddenly glued to me was pretty strange. I rolled my eyes and just assumed it was a coincidence, that me and her just wanted to walk the same direction.

I walked into my bedroom and lazily closed the door behind. Raina’s paws scratched at the wooden doors and tried digging under the door, her claws digging at the carpet. I opened the door and she ran in next to me, her head moving all around the room. As the day went on she never left my side, when she couldn’t get to me she simply followed my brother Alex. Around noon that day I got a text from my dad, it read:

“Hey, how’s your day going? Is Raina still acting weird?” My heart jumped up out of my chest when I read that. I looked down at Raina who was laying on the floor, her head still rotating around the room, her ears panning back and forth like tiny radar dishes. How long had she been like this?

“Yeah, why is she following me?” I replied, I waited around ten more minutes for a reply.

“I don’t know but she woke me and your mom up this morning, around midnight she started barking at us to wake up. Ever since then she’s been following either your mom or me.”

Scared and unsure of what to do I texted my girlfriend if she could think of anything. She told me that she could have seen something that scared her spiritually, she told me to walk into every room of the house and watch Raina’s reactions.

Kitchen… nothing

Living room… nothing

Ariel’s room… nothing

Restroom… nothing

Garage… nothing

Parent’s room… her ears are cocked back but nothing else.

Hallway… nothing

Backyard… nothing

Near her kennel… nothing

Me and Alex’s room… she’s more alert now. She’s closer to the ground and her ears are cocked back. What is she looking at? I followed her her eyes, looking from the ground up… she was staring, straight at the window, and that’s when the memory of the man who was in my room came rushing into my head. My eyes shot open, a sudden chill ran through my veins and I ran out of the room, Raina quickly running after me.

I didn’t go in my room at all that day, I even avoided going to sleep for as long as I can. I was prolonging going to sleep by watching tv with my mom. She’s the one that brought up Raina and how she was acting today, she said how she thought there was something in the house but I rolled my eyes at her, knowing how superstitious she could be, that’s when she mentioned the house on Madison street, our old home. She told me about a time she woke up in the middle of the night and felt someone, choking her. Only now, writing this story do I see the similarities between her experience… and the dream I had when I felt myself suffocating. After she was done telling her story I told her mine, about the man in the window. Then… after a brief silence, I asked her why it suddenly stopped, She told me that while me and my brother and sister were at school she had driven down to the church and got the house blessed, and that’s why it stopped…

It’s been months since anything significant has happened but.. the nightmares are starting again, last night… just last night I dreamt of a girl with black hair, I remember her hands above her head being chained to the wall of a red room. Her stringy, wet hair covered her gray skin and concealed her rotting green eyes. I don’t remember why but, she was after me, looking for me. I ran and I ran all over town but that image of her always popped up in my mind like a video tape flashing to static . I wasn’t fast enough, she found me. Instead of the image flashing like it normally would it locked, like a picture being shoved in my face and i found myself locked in that red room with her. She didn’t try to torture me or she didn’t start speaking in some forgotten language, she just, sat there… with her head down. Not doing anything.

Another nightmare I was completely blind. I couldn’t see smell or touch anything, however, I could still hear. What I heard however was.. unsettling to say the least. All I heard was my little brother’s soft, choking sobbing. It sounded like he was trying to stop himself from crying, trying to keep quiet. It sounded so real though that when I woke myself up I stood up for an hour, listening if my brother was actually crying.

Sorry I had to stop writing for the night, this may be a little late but I honestly couldn’t stand writing about this for the rest of the night or in the morning. Last night, last night my mom was reading this while I was typing. So me and her started talking about it and, she has the nightmares too. But remember the nightmare I told you about earlier? The one with my arms looking like bloody honey combs? Well… my mom told me about a dream she had when I was just a baby. She told me that I lost my arm, I don’t know, maybe it’s just a coincidence but she said she’d seen the silhouette of the man another time. She said she’d seen him sitting on my bed one day, she’s never seen his face though. Sorry for the lack of detail in this last paragraph, I just need to get it this done.

Last night while me and my mom just finished praying when we heard something fall. We went to go see and we saw that me and girlfriends picture at homecoming had fallen down. The pin holding it up was still there, hell I tried pulling it down and it wouldn’t budge. The windows weren’t open, the fan wasn’t on so no wind. I didn’t get much sleep last night, I had to sleep with the door open and the hallway light on. I can’t express how, afraid I was, I only got around 4-5 hours sleep. I fell asleep around 11, woke back up at 12, fell back asleep at 3, woke up again at 5. This morning I had to keep the tv on and Raina close to me, I don’t want to go back, sorry there’s no climax to this, sorry not everything makes sense and there’s still unanswered questions… but… that’s just the way life is… this isn’t some campfire story… this is my life… and it terrifies me.


March 20th, 2013.

My cousin Angel told me what happened when he woke up this morning. He um. He couldn’t breath when he woke up. He doesn’t know why he couldn’t breath. Um one thing that I didn’t mention in this just because I thought it was pure coincidence was during the summer whenever my nightmares stopped, my girlfriend started having nightmares. I think I’m just being paranoid now but.. I guess it can’t hurt to over look things now. What if… “he” can get to the people I care about? If that’s the case… I’m praying for you all…


November 24th, 2013

My cousin told me the reason he couldn’t breathe was because he has anxiety attacks. At first I wasn’t entirely convinced but he told me that anxiety runs in his side of the family. His mom has it, his dad has it, his grandma too. I need to stop over thinking these things, I’m starting to make things a bigger than what they actually are. Doesn’t change the thought of “him” being able to get to other people though. I mentioned my girlfriend having nightmares when I didn’t. I also mentioned a picture of both me and her falling over. No, no, I’m over thinking again. I’m thinking of uploading this to I’m sure someone out there is crazy enough to believe me and maybe they’ll provide a different perspective on who “he” is and what he wants. For those of you in my creative writing class, if you know a lot about ghosts spirits and all that junk and you have an idea on “his” motives please tell me.

My mom told me she wants to get the house blessed again. Maybe that’ll finally put an end to all this. Until then I’m going to pray every night for a restful sleep, seems to help a lot.

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt


In North Bay, Canada on the winter solstice as sunset arrives at the exit of the woods that is all around the town, an elderly couple can be seen walking out they are wearing traditional Inuit attire. It is said that if they look you in the eye and their eyes are blue that they have blessed you yet they have also cursed you with the images of their demise. But if by chance their eyes are black or red, run! You must be fast because they have the speed of galloping gazelles. If by chance you cannot make your way to a home or if the owners do not invite you inside you will die of HIV or of an infection of the heart. If by the rare chance their eyes are of any other colour then red, black or blue and they smile at you, you are to smile and approach the couple. When you do this the woman will speak in Inuktitut you need to watch her facial expressions as she talks, if her eyebrows go up consul her but if she stays with the same expression put out your hand for a hand shake then turn to the man. He will not speak aloud if you do not see images flash before your eyes of happy families but images of murders flash you must run to a home and be invited in as you have angered him with your ignorance. This couple are known as the travellers every child from North Bay is tough how to act in their presence. I have seen them once but with my good nature I greet anyone and smile that day I had forgotten it was the solstice of winter and done what I would usually when I passed someone even if my mother warned me many times to be careful at sunset during winter. When the woman looked at me her eyes were white so I waited for her to speak yet she didn’t, she grabbed me by the arm and hugged me. I saw the end of the world during that hug I saw women, children and men being slaughtered by, God even on this site you would believe I am insane! They were being slaughtered by acid snow! Houses, hospitals, army tanks, everything became liquid by the touch of the snow flakes yet the animals the trees the natives weren’t affected by the snow and then I saw my family being liquefied before my eyes… I now live here in this asylum they say I can have an hour a day on the internet. My hour almost up, I just needed to tell my story and worn others. Stay away from the travellers!

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

Sounds of a Silent Garden

My name is Joseph, I am 18 years old. I just graduated from Azul High School a few months ago. I don’t know why I am in here ; I miss my old room. I miss my art supplies , my manga and even favorite show. Each time I am here…I feel like I am being forced to endure the sounds I am hearing…these sounds they hurt my ears. I-I-I can’t tell where it is coming from , but it sounds like wind…a very strong wind. You know?
You are probably wondering ….when did I start hearing this sound. If you have time, we can have a walk at the garden. Yes? Oh, good, I get to walk around for a bit ,stretch out the legs. Now..don’t worry, I am used to walking with my hands to myself, I have to if not I don’t get to go to the garden at the top of this building. It is a rule they told me to follow, if not I have to go to sleep.
Now, why would I go to sleep during a beautiful day like today? The garden is just glowing outshines the city lights below us. Do you see it? Beautiful, isn’t it? Mm.. smell this rose, delightful isn’t it? Oh where was I ? Oh yes… How did I end up here in this garden? Well it all started when I was born.. a little over 7 pounds born in a cool winter’s night of December. Nothing unusual, just another baby born in another hospital; except that I was born semi-deaf; only in one ear, the right one.
As years went by I could sort of understand and hear things, but it was difficult for me to concentrate on anything and I always ended up in danger. Usually it would be from my right side. A dog chasing me, a car or even a train. My hearing was distorted, everything was pure echoes. I couldn’t pinpoint where they were.
Not until I became 16 years of age did I get the opportunity to gain complete hearing. A surgeon from England was able to perform surgery and was successful at giving me the gift to hear. The only problem was that during the night….I heard whispering. It sounded like a whole group of people whispering something really quick. I could never make out the words. I decided to ignore it, I thought to myself. ” Maybe the doctor gave me superhuman hearing, like a super hero.”
Was I so wrong. After months and months of randomly hearing the voices. I was able to catch just one simple phase here and there. They tell me to do bad things.I do not want to hurt anyone but.. the whispering was becoming louder and more constant! To the point I was screaming ” STOP!SHUT UP! SHUT THE HELL UP!” in the middle of my graduation. I couldn’t handle it anymore.
I talked to a therapist, he recommended I visit this place of peace and quiet. Well, here I am . I am in my garden on top of this building. Every time I am in my garden, I hear nothing but just the plants.. The plants here are my friends. They love to whisper nice things to me. See this is Margaret, she is a tulip. She tells me she knows how to stop the whispering and wind blowing, that everything can get quite so I can sleep peacefully. Her friends the roses, daisies, sunflowers and even the pesty weeds won’t tell me, they say “It is a secret”.
Gr….I am hearing them …the whispering. Make it stop ! No…no! I won’t destroy them…I don’t want to kill anyone! I don’t want to kill them, they are my friends! My ONLY friends! Why! No…it can not be…The flowers here are the ones who been whispering in my head this whole time! I recognize the voices once they whisper . What are they saying?
No…I am not crazy. Shh..let me hear them.. I think I can understand them.
” Kill them….push them off the edge. Everything will be quiet , trust me. It will stop the sounds.”
Yes! Yes! They told me how to stop the whispering and the wind! All I have to do…is… ….PUSH YOU!
You dissipated in thin air..I went through you but how?! As I am falling from this tall building, my body does some sort of flip; so now I am facing the skies. The whispering it is gone…all I hear is the wind …that annoying sound! Then suddenly it is gone! The last thing I hear…was the cracking of my bones . My head limps to the right. With my eyesight becoming red I see a sign that said ” Azul Asylum.”
Finally…some peace and quiet…so…I… can…sleep.
Credit To – Wolvina399

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt


No one knows, I’ve killed him. No one knows he even got killed, but I do. No one suspects anything. How would you feel , if you had to see someone everyday living a life that you wish was yours? He had everything I wanted. He had the looks, a few houses, a few exotic cars, a perfect job, a newborn son and his beautiful wife. He would stop by my uncle’s restaurant each day and order his black coffee and leave. He never once spoke to me . He was never rude and always left a good tip, even if the coffee was only a dollar and thirty- five cents.
This man, was more of a saint. He would donate to hospitals, schools and even rehab centers. Why? Why did I killed him. I just wanted what he had . I wanted my own house, cars and family. I could never afford any of that…as a matter of fact, I can’t even afford a cup of my uncle’s coffee. I don’t have a single penny under my name. Why not ask my uncle for help. Easy , right?
Since last winter, my uncle has not even acknowledge my presence, he hates me now since I pretty much bankrupted him 3 years ago. I called out to him at his work, at his house and even when I see him out in the streets walking his dog. He does not even know I am there. He acknowleges everyone but me…he even started talking to the rich guy. It looked like they were getting along. Months went by ,my uncle and the guy were best friends at this point.
At that moment, something inside me snapped. He just took the only thing that I ever had in my life. The only thing I could say I had…he took my only family away; he took my uncle away from me.I knew that I had to get rid of him, I had to take everything from him. Just like he took everything away from me, I will take his wife, his child, his house , cars…and even name. Yes!
That’s it! I will become him! I will become” Mr. Perfect”. I just have to lure him into a deathtrap…how should I kill him? So many ways… Painfully? Humanely? Slow or Quick? Just the thoughts of his heartbeat ceasing to beat , made me the happiest guy alive.
One day as I was peeking into the man’s house from outside, I’ve overheard him say he had to go out of town for a business trip. This was it, the moment I been waiting for. It will allow me to kill him and take over his life. The days that lead to his demise, went very, very slowly. I had this feeling….it was a mixture of butterflies, a headache and power that surged in my body. It was overpowering…soon I will become Mr. Perfect.
The night before when he and his wife left for a date, I went into their house . I know what hotel he will staying at…his room too. I will left that night and waited under his bed. Hours… I did not care . My senses at this time were increased tenfold. I could hear his steps as he went inside his room, the room was filled with the scent of his expensive cologne and aftershave. Soon I would be smelling like that.
I heard the showers running and moments later I felt the bed cave in a little at his weight. I just need to hear that one noise… that simple yet assuring noise. An hour passed….two then three. There it is! He started to snore. That noise…oh that noise will soon stop. As I slid from under the bed, I got up and saw the clock; 2:56am. Perfect time to die, if I do say so myself.
All I need is this pillow he pushed on the ground, how convenient. I grab the pillow and pounce on him. I made sure I was quick, I made sure he wasn’t able to fight me. All I had to do is put my weight on the pillow and make sure he was dead. He is struggling , muffled screams is all I could hear. My mind went into ecstasy at the sight of him fighting for his life, yet moments later his arms fell to the bed. I held the pillow for another minute to make sure he was dead.
I looked at the clock, it was 3am now. My mind was still spinning with strong emotions, my heart beating quicker than it ever has. I took a deep breath and got off him. I need to get rid of his body….I will dump it in the nearby river, I saw it on my way to the hotel room. It was perfect. So i wrapped his body in the bed sheet and dragged his body in his car. This is easy…ten minutes driving, just dump his body and drive back.
Once I closed the hotel room, I took a deep breath. I locked the doors and went to shower. I was out of the showers when I heard the phone ring. ” Hello, Mr. Aurik, are you okay? Do I need someone to check on you…should I call the poli-” “No, no I am fine. I just had a nightmare, sorry .” I answered in a cool voice. I am in character now… I am Mr. Aurik. I put on his clothes, they fit perfectly, I sprayed on his cologne . I looked great. I went to go to his…I am sorry my meeting. I can not be late for that.
The meeting took all day but we were able to discuss plans for my oil company. I .Yes… my oil company.was greeted like the real Mr.Aurik I am Aurik, CEO of the Black Well Oil Company. I have a son and a wife at home. I can’t wait to go home. No one suspects a thing. I’ve stalked him for months, I know what he likes and dislikes, how he acts and talk.
Once I got home, I got greeted by the wife. She doesn’t seem to care that I replaced her real husband. She planted a kiss on my lips and told me dinner was ready; steak, patatoes, asparagus and red wine. Delicious. Everything is perfect…everything is wonderful. I have everything I wanted and even Mr.Aurik’s life. It is all mine.
A few days went by and I decided to visit my uncle’s….I am sorry. Richard, the guy who sells me my black coffee. He greeted me with a smile and sat me down at my usual place. He had my coffee ready. He started to small talk about my wife and kid. Does he not realize I am his nephew? He does not recognize me anymore. I asked him casually about me….the old me.
” Jamie? My nephew? The boy died last winter. He committed suicide after he realized he was neck deep in dept and even bankrupted me. I was angry at him…I should of not been. I should of helped him…if only I knew he would of committed suicide ,I would of never said all those bad things to him.” He broke down into tears.
My head started to spin, I excused myself and ran for the bathroom. I splashed cold water in my face. I looked at my reflection, it was not me… It was Aurik staring back at me, but how I had killed him. I touched my own face, the reflection did the same. Out of nowhere memories flooded my mind. I did not kill him physically, I did not throw his body into a river. I never did any of that. As he was sleeping , I slipped into his body. I did kill his spirit, it allowed me to take over this body. That explains why no one suspected anything, why no one questioned me, why everyone acted normal. I killed Aurik and possed his body. That means…. I did die.
I looked into the mirror, those blue eyes are now mine. Jamie…died a long time ago, I remembered. I finally have everything.” Hello, Mr. Aurik.” I said to myself with a twisted smile and walked out of the bathroom, to live MY life.
Credit To – Wolvina399

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

The Mover

The blood created a slippery surface on the long wooden stairs. Gee, being a murderer is such a dangerous business! For those how do not know of me, my name is Dave. However, you may know me by my nickname. They call me “The Mover”. I did not create that, of course. The newspaper gave me it. Read all about it sometime! There are hundreds of articles to choose from. If you have never heard of me, (which is truly unrealistic) let me describe myself to you.
Ever since I was ten years old, I had a fascination with the individual parts of the body. That is probably because my lovely dad was a morgue worker. So, naturally, I wanted to investigate them. I was fifteen when I acted upon it. I was chopping some wood when a child, around six, was walking home from school. She interested me. I grabbed the axe and struck her. It felt… great. She was so powerless, so defenseless. I had hit her stomach. She lay on the dirt, writhing in pain. I kept hitting. Her body began to disassemble. Such lovely memories. Blood splattered with her strike. It was very interesting. This excited me greatly. The kill was sensational. The body is mesmerizing. From that day forth, I dedicated my life to exploring the hundreds of body types.
So that explains why I do it. But why am I called The Mover? I take their dismembered body parts and scatter them. I take pleasure in frustrating the cops.
I walked up the stairs with great caution and looked at the woman’s shocked face. Her eyes were stunning. Such beauty needs to be preserved. I grabbed the kitchen knife and accidentally plunged it in her eye. Blood shot out of her eye.
“Damn it, madam! Do you see what you did to my new shirt?” Some people have no regards for others. I grabbed her head and punted her head outside. A blue car flashed by and hit the head. The car stopped. What a great mistake I had made! The sixteen year old girl ran out of the car. I smiled excitedly. This is my favorite part! The scream. She began to cry and scream. This was my cue. I rushed and hid behind her car. I grabbed a knife that I put in my bag. I stealthily crawled under the car. The girl was oblivious! I took the knife and plunged it into her foot. The scream was sensational. I then jumped out from behind and dragged her into the back seat. I took the bloodied knife out of her foot. She called for help! I caught her, how dare she try and escape! I won! I quickly took her tongue and cut it out.
“Try now,” I teased. I took the tongue off of my knife and began to dissect. Just before I cut her stomach, I saw her eyes wander to see what I was going to do. “No peaking!” I grabbed the knife and cut her eyes out. “Not as good as the other woman’s, but these can do. Now enjoy!” I began to plunge my knife deeper. I felt her intestines. Not what I need. I went slightly higher and found the prize; the heart. I grabbed it and pulled it out. I gazed at it. I took my knife and stabbed it. Blood rushed all over the car. I loved it! I began to cut off every part of her body, when I saw something move out of the corner of my eye. It was a dog.
I jumped out of the car and walked towards it. It was a very small dog! My favorite type of dog! Something you should know in advance, I love animals. Not in a murderous way. I picked it up, and it allowed me. I looked around it. It was a skinny dog. Malnourished, I would say. I saw a collar. “If found, please call 683-9000,” I muttered to myself. I quickly called the number and told them to pick it up. I set the dog down and fed it some food I found in the woman’s home. She did not need it.
When the owner came over, I picked up the dog and my hatchet. An obese woman sat in an old pick-up truck. The woman called to me, “Bring that bastard over here!”
I walked over to her and set the dog down. I intended fully on having no deaths, mind you. The woman decided she didn’t want the dog and just drove off. I heard a yelp and looked down. The woman had hit the dog’s paw!
“HEY, YOU PIECE OF SHIT, STOP!” I grabbed my hatchet and threw it. It hit the tire and she skidded off the road and hit a tree. I ran over and threw her out. “This one will hurt.” Yells surrounded the forest.
Just another day in the life of The Mover

Credit To – Kyle the Killer

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

The Darkness

I was walking. I didn’t know where, I just was. I was going deeper into the abyss, closer to an impending death. Then I stopped… I saw nothing but darkness, as it engulfed me. I cried for help, but none came; that’s when I woke up. “Just a dream”. I said to myself in my head.

It was 12 pm on a quiet Sunday afternoon. I was busy looking through old ‘paranormal’ related newspaper clippings on the internet, as I was keen on the subject of the supernatural, and all that. I was randomly browsing, and I came across one that caught my eye for some reason. It was dated 5th January 1997. The main headline was; “Man shot during armed robbery”. I had a strange sense of deja vu. So I looked deeper into the story. The story explained how a man in his late 20s, was shot trying to protect his betting shop, ‘Betting Hill’ from armed robbers. I still had the deja vu, but as with anything else I didn’t fully understand, I simply shrugged it off as an “unexplainable event”.

It was 5 pm now, and the Sunday air was thick. I left the house for a walk to the betting shop; which I happened to own. As I entered, the shop, as it turned out, was shut down. “Great. The only place I ever had to make a living… is gone”. How could it be shut down? Who shut it down? And why? These were the questions that were constantly running through my head, as I examined the now closed betting shop.
On the front door, was a note. It read; “This shop has been closed down. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused. For further information, please call this number.” And below that, was a phone number in bold letters. “0125668071″. I dialled the number in on my mobile, and waited until someone picked up. After a few minutes, a voice came in on the other side;

“Hello, this is Andrew Stanton Betting ltd. How may I help you?”
“Yes I would like to know why my betting store, ‘Betting Hill’ has been without notice, shut down.”
“Of course, sir. I just need to know your name to I can check you own it.”
“Richard Liones.”
“Okay sir, one moment I am just running your name through the computer…Err, I don’t know how to say this, but according to the files you don’t or have never owned the betting shop.” Richard was shocked, how was this possible?
“Excuse me? There must be some sort of mistake. I have owned that shop for 7 years. Who is the owner?”
“That’s the thing, sir, the last person to own the betting store died In 1997.” Richard just stood there, motionless, how could this be possible? He hung up, and walked slowly away.

That night, Richard was looking through the old newspaper clipping again.
“Is this for real? It must be”. Richard said aloud to himself. “Was I supposed to have died in 1997?”. Richard put down his laptop, and went outside. He walked up to a random group of people, they didn’t pay any attention to him whatsoever, like he wasn’t even there. He tried talking to another person, they completely ignored him. If it was true, if Richard really did die in 1997, then why was he still there? Richard knew the subject on the supernatural well, but he just couldn’t come to terms with this.
Richard walked to a secluded spot, where no one went, where there was just darkness. In front of him was a massive wall of darkness; he knew what he had to do. He had to return. Slowly, Richard began to walk towards the dark. He was surprisingly not worried, as he knew he would not die, but return to the afterlife. He was almost there, he could feel the darkness already wrapping itself around him, and before Richard knew it… he was gone.

Now I wasn’t a believer in the afterlife, the supernatural and all that nonsense before my death, but then when I returned, well… that changed everything. Some things will never be explained, but if you really think about it… other things can.

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt
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Call Me

Jacob looked at Rin as they pulled their sleds through the thick snow. Both brothers could feel each others’ nervousness, but didn’t say anything for fear of being ridiculed. Because of the thick snow, Rin and his high school friends had thought it would be the perfect day to sled down Coyote Ridge, the steepest, roughest hill in all of Shiloh. Jacob had wanted to go too, and Rin had kindly taken him along, even though he was in the eighth grade. Rin was a senior this year, and he and his friends had decided to celebrate his eighteenth birthday by doing something crazy, such as sledding down the ridge.
Jacob gripped the front of his sled, fear coursing through him as he looked down at the thick, snowy trees below. Rin knelt down next to Jacob and placed a gloved hand on his shoulder, giving him a reassuring smile as he pressed a walkie-talkie in Jacob’s hand. “If you run into any trouble, call me.” Jacob nodded, clipping the device to his belt. Rin walked away, the snow crunching beneath his boots. He sat down on his sled and waited for his friends to mount their own. “Is everyone ready!?” Rin called. Many whooped and hollered, while others sighed and nodded nervously. On the count of three, the sleds and their drivers slid over the brink of the ridge.
Snow and sleet stung their faces as they weaved through the trees. Their sleds hopped over snowbanks and barreled through thick drifts. People were screaming and shouting, their eyes wide with fear and their eyebrows knotted in concentration as they dodged rocks and trees. Henry Dewast was the first to make it to the bottom of the hill, followed by John and Peter. Jacob finally made it to the base of the hill, sweating and breathing heavily. He looked around anxiously for Rin. Henry jumped on him, roughing up Jacob’s hair. “Well, look at you, squirt, you beat your brother down the ridge! Say…I wonder what’s taking him so long…” Jacob pulled the walkie-talkie off his belt and held the receiver to his face. “Rin…Rin, where are you?” There was static on the other end.
Three days passed, and Rin was finally found. His body was impaled on a thick, sharp branch. Dried blood was crusted on his lip and around the tree. His brown eyes were glazed over and dulled. The sled lay in splinters underneath him. Jacob had run home, crying and screaming. He would never forget his brother’s still body, when the authorities had pulled the stiff body off the branch, or when his coffin had been lowered into the ground. His mind was shattered with grief after the incident, and the pieces were never fully pieced back together.
One year later, after much therapy and counseling over the shock of discovering his dead brother, Jacob was able to cope more with life, even though he had changed from a happy-go-lucky middle school boy to a quiet, depressed, and reserved freshman. Even one year after Rin’s death, Jacob still missed him terribly.
Jacob lay down on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. It was dark in his room. The fan whirred quietly and sent cool breezes through the room. Jacob closed his eyes, listening to the humming of the fan blades slicing through the air. His eyes snapped wide open as he heard static in his ears. He sat up, his body twisting to look around the room.
“I’m here, Jacob.” Jacob cast his eyes to the shelf and gazed at the walkie-talkie he had kept from so many months ago. The walkie-talkie beeped again. Jacob’s skin crawled and his breathing was ragged and rushed. He waited with bated breath for another sound. “Am I imagining all this?” Jacob stared wide eyed at the walkie-talkie. The screen lit up, casting a green glow around the room. Jacob frantically pulled the device off the shelf and yanked out the batteries, tossing them on the floor. The screen continued to glow, and Jacob dropped it on the ground. “Jacob…can you hear me?” Jacob shakily pick it up and held it to his ear. “…Rin?” Jacob whispered, his voice quivering. “Hello Jacob.” Jacob froze, his spine going numb. “It is Rin. I recognize his voice. It is him.” Jacob held the walkie-talkie closer to his ear.
“R-Rin… you died a year ago.” There was silence on the other end, followed by a soft laugh. “I died? Really? I didn’t notice.” He said sarcastically. Jacob smiled uneasily. “Where are you, Rin?”
“I’m in a wonderful place… you should join me.” Jacob looked out the window at the stars. “I miss you so much, and I would join you if I could.” Jacob replied.
“You could join me now, you know. It is true that death hurts, but only for a little bit. I think you’d find the feeling of death fascinating.” Jacob swallowed uneasily as Rin continued.
“There’s a revolver under my bed. It’s your ticket out of there. I know you miss me. I’ve felt your pain and grief.” Jacob shook his head, his vision blurring with tears.
“I can’t do that Rin. It is true that I love you and miss you, but I have to live out the remainder of my life – if not for my own happiness, then for the benefit of my friends and those that I will meet in the future…I’m sorry.”
He could hear Rin breathing on the other end, pondering what had just been said. Finally, he answered. “It would be unfair for me to cut your life short. Go and enjoy your future, bother. Rest assured that I’ll be here waiting for you. I miss you too, and I love you so much.”
“Goodbye, Rin.” He whispered.
Credit To – Sluis

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

The Something.

“No way.” Dan thought to himself in a chilling tone. His thoughts were so ripe by the excitement of his brain, processing all this information so quickly he could hear his thoughts as if it was another person. The only difference being that whenever Dan thought, his mind made the head voice sound like a whisper, or quiet humming voice. Quite eerie indeed, this made Dan even more jumpy. The scenery was very dreary, Dan was walking home from his friend Alex’s house. It was very late, cold and very damp, Dan could feel the damp nip of the rain from before passing through the air silently, only to be lightly touched by the cool, yet cold brush of the night time fog.
“There has got to be some sort of explanation for this.” Dan thought yet again. He was on his own, and his thoughts started to echo due to the fact he was aware of this loneliness. Dan was beginning to feel quite nervous. The constant delay of sound the puddles made after he stepped on them made a strange after sound, as if he was being followed. Occasionally, he would challenge his rational feelings by swiftly turning his head 90 degree’s behind him, nothing was there, obviously. He was fine nevertheless. Dan made these trips quite frequently, he lived with his Grandmother whom was too old to drive him home, therefore Dan was accustom to walking around the town late at night. For some unknown reason, however, Dan felt rather ill. Not ill in a physical sense or a mental sense, but he was feeling a certain way that had no other describable or defining word other than just simply ill. This unnerving feeling in Dan managed to manifest in his stomach.
“Just gas.” He immediately thought as he clenched his jacket area over his tummy. “I ate a massive Pizza before I left, come on Danny, stop messing around.” Dan’s walk would not be so bad if it wasn’t for where he was. The edgy damp environment was easily passable for someone like him, it was where he was that was the dark stage for Dan’s confidence. It was a long abandoned cycle path that was covered with dead tree’s (It being Winter) that overlapped their branches to each other, like a natural archway made by tree’s, a beautiful sight in the spring, nightmarish by night in the Winter. The cycle path was old and ruined, the ground had slight potholes or complete patches of wet muddy grass slapped across certain areas of the path. Dan was fine with this normally, but once again something was eating away at him, something uneven. It felt like a sinister imbalance of what he normally felt in a known situation, and that is what was worrying him. He began to mutter to himself, reciting humorous songs or starting easy debates with himself, but deliberately going off topic to put more focus on his words than the outer world around him. Dan began shiver. It felt as if he walked into a new space, a new place filled with some strangeness to it. It was creepy.
The ambiguity of Dan’s mortal mind was mentally killing him. He edged slower into the depths of paranoia, hearing things that would not really be there, voices and whispers, calm yet hostile to him. Dan knew that something was going wrong, but being a human he shrugged it off and continued with his path. All was going fairly well until Dan came across an aura of a murky orange light, it was a lamppost, the only one next to the pathway. It was tall, yet rusty and the light was shinning surprisingly bright but it was drowned away in its crispness colour by the plaguing fog, which was growing stronger.
“Curious.” Dan said out loud. The sound of his own voice startled him as he had not been speaking for what seemed like months. Dan stopped in his tracks, his legs were aching from the constant potholes and quicksand like mud patches. He looked up at the lamppost and began to feel warm; he knew he was near home. “Not long now.” He thought with confidence. “Another 15 minute walk and I’ll be at my street.” With that exact silence a chilling breath of wind flew into and past Dan, it made his big green coat flap like never before, he gained Goosebumps. Dan tried desperately to not steer away from the light and look in the direction of where the wind came from, he felt what every paranoid human feels, a dark creation of the mind that is only visible in the corner of your eye, bleeding the brain of its health, moving back and forward, hoping that if you don’t look it can’t hurt you. Dan began to squint his eyes at the light, sweating even though it was freezing. It went silent, nothing was there, but something was and its intentions were far from good. Instead of adrenaline, Dan felt terror and fear poisoned his veins; the mere sound of a breezy shrub would cause him to hinder his poised stance at the light.
Moments passed but Dan was still keeping eye contact on the light, never looking around, his fear was too much. But his overwhelming feeling of dread and terror soon passed, and he giggled. “What am I doing?” He laughed to himself intensively. Dan, only at that moment realised how silly he was being, there was no reason for him to delay his journey, he wanted to go home, and staring at a light to evade an imaginary entity or force was just folly. He hesitantly but with haste looked away from the lamppost light and gazed around the foggy landscape. It looked like a wasteland of death and decay, in a different world, like an abandoned hell. The fog was gaining on him so much that Dan could only see a medium sized circle of the floor around him, the fog was beginning to eat him.
“I need to go home.” Dan said loudly, he had enough of the constant delays and turned to face the way he was walking. He went to lift up his left leg to walk but was welcomed with the ambient sound of scratching. There was something beyond the fog scratching on the floor, it made weird screeching sounds and it hurt Dan’s ears. The sounds were circling Dan in some sort of strange trap sensation, but Dan did not believe it, he was over the medical issues he used to have, Schizophrenia was gone and he was a healthy man, so he thought. As the scratching and the screeching got louder, in the distance Dan could hear the faint noises of whining and groaning, as if there were groups of people like him wondering around the foggy landscape, trying to find a way home.
“I’m here Daniel.” Grunted an unknown voice from the distance. Dan froze instantly, the terror rekindled and he froze rock solid and closed his eyes.
“I’m dead.” Dan muttered in fright
“have a look.” Groaned the voice in a desperate way
“I’m so dead.”
“Look baby.”
“I should never have left the house.”
“It’s okay to be ill.”
“Go away, please.”
“I’m always going to help you.”
“Leave me alone.”
“Shred like a little pig.” The voice said. It’s voice turned cold and vicious. The voice was mimicking voices and words said by Dan’s former friends and family and loved ones, mocking him. Dan opened his eyes and gained control and focus, he turned around quickly expecting the figure to be gone, but it didn’t. It was a shapeless, eccentric black shadow that had recognisable features of a human, only one arm would be extended far greater than the other, and its neck was long but hunched like a back, whatever position the figure was in it would change is shape again, still maintaining a human pose, but different stance.
“Do you want me.” The voice begged him. As the voice groaned at Dan is moved forward through the fog, it gained more of a visual appearance, it was disturbing. Dan did not answer the figure, he merely stood in silence and watched the figure move.
“I’m not afraid of this, it’s not real.” Dan yelled as if he tried to convince himself. He put on a brave face and watched as the figure made itself more visable. The figures face was bright white, but had bumps and holes as if it was a molded clay head, there were two extremely small dots pierced in its head as eyes, too small to have any pupil in, but the most terrifying sight was the mouth. It was a large grin, as if a child had got a knife and carved a curve along a clay face. The smile was dribbling and the grin became larger and larger as it approached, Dan was too horrified to make any movement.
“Do you remember me baby?” The voice asked him, the voice started to echo through Dan’s ears. The face morphed into a faceless white clay head and stared vacantly at Dan. With no thought of what to do, Dan gained an aggressive stance and shouted.
“Who are you!” The fog shrouded more over the figure and Dan could hear quiet giggles in the air, all laughing at him. The figure then grabbed its head with the overly large arm and hand and began shaping his face. The fog passed completely over the figure and when the fog passed completely, the figure was gone. Dan was shocked, he was switching his body and turning his head around to any sudden movement, frightened for his life. He took a deep breath and calmed down. As he did he received a pat on the shoulder. Dan turned around to be faced with the figure, right in front of him, noses almost touching, the difference is that the figures face…was Dan’s.
“Remember you yet?” The figure shrieked with a mix of pleasure and pain.
“No fucking way, what the fuck!” Dan became hysterical, he ran away from the figure but the figure did not pursue him, it only stood and waved. Dan ran as fast as he could, although he could not see in front of him due to the fog and his concentration was on the floor encase he fell into any potholes. As he was running he saw chalk writing on the floor, although vague, he could make out what they were. They went in order of sentence, reading;
The endless
Of hell..
“Drawings of satanic symbols”
Chalk in the pocket
I am chasing myself
I am ill
This is my
Dan fell over a pothole after reading the last message. His fall was brutal and he bumped his head very badly. In pain, Dan reached into his pocket for his phone but all he found was a thick stick of white chalk. Without question or thought, Dan wrote on the floor as quick as he could. It read, Punishment. He turned over, laying down on the floor and began to laugh. His laughing became so hysterical he started crying at the same time. His eyes started stinging and he fell asleep.
“No way.” Dan thought to himself in a chilling tone. His thoughts were so ripe by the excitement of his brain, processing all this information so quickly he could hear his thoughts as if it was another person. The only difference being that whenever Dan thought, his mind made the head voice sound like a whisper, or quiet humming voice. Quite eerie indeed, this made Dan even more jumpy. The scenery was very dreary, Dan was walking home from his friend Alex’s house. It was very late, cold and very damp, Dan could feel the damp nip of the rain from before passing through the air silently, only to be lightly touched by the cool, yet cold brush of the night time fog. Dan wasn’t feeling well either, his head was hurting and he didn’t know why.
“Just a headache.” He confidently answered.

Credit To – Connor Kendrick
Credit Link –

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

Silver Girl

Silver Girl
The bodies of 2 maiden high school students have been found out back in the nature trail of the school. The students have been identified as 16 year old Alexis Hamilton, and 18 year old Jacob Corby. There are no witnesses. The condition of the 2 students are said to fit the MO of the deranged serial killer “Silver Girl” who has been active since early 2012. The students Jacob and Alexis make her 5th and 6th victims, and hopefully her last. More on this story at 5.
At first, to me “Silver girl” had been just a story to me. Something you would see on the news and worry about only for a minute before you get back to your life, something that exists only to send a town to hell for a few months; or years in this case. The Silver Girl was just some insane bitch everyone was dealing with. From what I have seen, she’s not only insane, but she’s also intelligent in the worst of ways.
Seeing the report back in 2012, I didn’t worry much. No one would go after a guy like me, right? I had worried for a while, but overall, I didn’t really care that much. The MO though, that’s what made me worry to begin with. She always decapitated her victims, carving roman numerals in their forehead. She’d ‘decorate’ the body with thin long cuts that seemed to be a pattern. The weirdest thing is how she could be poetic in the weirdest ways.
The Alexis girl she killed a few months ago, was known for being loud and rude to everyone. Alexis’s body however, was quite with her mouth sewn shut, and her eye balls gouged out, only to be found later in Jacob’s tongueless mouth. Jacob on the other hand, had been known for being quiet, but still, like the other, rude and a bully; his eyes where sewn shut. The stitching quality on both of them was amazing and overall, made the gore strangely pleasing to look at. I hated myself for even thinking it was beautiful; I wanted to throw up. At the beginning, I didn’t care much, that changed last month.
It had been 12:02 at night on a Saturday. I had just been hanging out with a few friends, having a good laugh. My apartment was really quiet with the exception of the TV I kept on every night. The drinks I had where starting to get to me so I stripped down to my boxers and laid down on the couch, watching as Jerry, once again, slipped Tom’s cartoon grasp. I had almost fell asleep when I heard a loud stomp coming from my bedroom. Being on the 3rd floor of my complex, I was confused as to how someone could have gotten into my room. I was scared. I got the bat that I kept near my front door and moved to stand in front of my room, bat ready. I guess you can say I was tense, and opening the door to see a girl 10 inches from your face didn’t help the fact. She had wavy brown hair with piercingly light blue eyes. Her face had patches stitched to them that reminded me of a ragdoll. Her face was almost split in half from the corners of her lips to the back of her cheek bone, the skin held together by crossed stitches. What made me realize who she was, was the dress. Her dress was silver, starching down to mid thigh, and the sleeves to her elbows with a hand opening that stretched down to her hips. It was covered in blood. Some dry, some not. Even with her slightly chubby form, she scared the shit out of me, causing me to fall backwards.
I landed straight on my ass and froze. I didn’t move ever a millimeter as she straddled my legs, pressing a sharpened shovel to my throat; I can’t recall where she had been hiding the shovel, but seeing as it was horribly bloody, I didn’t want to question her and add to it. It was enough to keep me from screaming. After a moment of looking at me, Silver Girl leaned down next to my ear and whispered something I couldn’t catch. It sounded like she was praising me for something. She patted my back and stood up. I didn’t move until I felt something metal hit me in the back of the head; probably her shovel. Just as I was about to pass out, I heard the most horrible noise. I heard a scream of bloody murder, cut off by a choke and a thump. Everything faded as I blacked out.
When I woke up the next morning I had thought it was all a dream. I got ready, had a shower and made myself some breakfast. I spotted something odd on the living room table from where I was cooking.
Thanks for not screaming! I got the wrong apartment!
p.s. Check the woods, 7 and 8 are there
The Body of a Mr. Greg Shannon was found mangles in the woods of an apartment complex in Charlotte North Carolina. He is the 7th of 8 victims of the Silver Girl. More on this story at 5.

Credit To – Destiny Clayton
Credit Link –

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt


His eyes were an icy, stone grey. So emotionless, no guilt being held in them, just completely blank. And day after day, these eyes would stare out the window of his room on the fourth floor, in the big grey, four story building, surround by large black gates. He was one of the ‘special’ ones, as his mother use to say. And because he was so ‘special’, the young man got to be on the top floor above all the other people. It did get boring though, being up there with no one to chat or play with. You couldn’t do much with your arms pinned around you. So all he could really do was stand there and look out the window. Seeing the people walk by every now and then. One time he even saw, or at least he thought to be, his mother. Now this boy was sixteen years old, and never had he had a birthday party. Heck, he couldn’t even remember his own birthday. So when he ‘saw’ his mother, well that was the only time he showed emotion. That was also the last time he saw her. Sure his mother wasn’t the greatest parent , she might not even care about her son anymore, but that didn’t mean he didn’t care about her.

“Viktor you have a visitor today” said the lady dressed in white, “Lets go see who it is, shall we?”

Two men dressed in grey came into the room. One was pushing a wheel chair up the back of the boy’s legs. The other wrapped an arm around his waist and helped, or more like forced, him into the chair. Once seated, they strapped him in and started wheeling towards the visiting room. It was grey just like the rest of the building, even the chairs and tables were. There was a girl there, sitting by herself with a cup of coffee in her hand. She was quite beautiful with her long dark hair, that she pulled behind her ear each time it would fall to cover her face. Her skin was pale, but it looked good on her. But it was her eyes that Viktor was really looking at. An icy grey much like his own, but only her’s were gentle with expression.

“You have about an hour,” the lady said after they made sure Viktor was strapped to his chair tightly. “The guards will be at the door” she said before leaving.

The door slammed shut and the room was left in silence.

“Hi,” said the girl “Do you remember me?”

No response. Only more silence.

“Of course you don’’s been a while since we’ve last seen each other” she frowned.

With a raspy voice, Viktor spoke. “Chelsea..” The girl looked up from her coffee, had her name been called.

“Yes Viktor, Chelsea, your sister” the girl half smiled.

“What’s your favorite color, Chelsea?” Viktor asked, to which his sister looked back at him confused. Normally people would ask question’s like, “How have you been?”, or even a simple “Hello”. Only Viktor wasn’t normal for normally.

“I like the color Grey, Chelsea” he spoke slow, turning his head to look out the nearest window “It’s the color of my eyes, the color of these walls, even my last name” Viktor looked back at her “Everything is grey”

He grinned at her but it was still an emotionless action. His eyes were still dead. A tear rolled down Chelsea’s cheek though she smiled back at her brother nonetheless. Or what was left of him.

Days went on and not one was missed without a visit to Viktor. There was still no “Hi” or “How are you?” but at least he was talking.

“How come mother doesn’t come?” Viktor asked after six months of visits.

Chelsea frowned, she felt a lump in her throat. How could she explain something like this to him, without having Viktor go into a fit?

“Viktor, don’t you remember?” The sister began, “Mom isn’t here anymore, she’s some place else..”

Viktor furrowed his eyebrows together and looked down. It was silent for a long moment. “Viktor-”

“Can I have a hug” he cut her off.

She hesitated, but then nodded and slowly got up to walk around the table and hug her brother.

“I want a real hug..” he demanded with closed eyes.

“Viktor..I can’t unstrap you..” she looked at him, pulling away.

Viktor turned his head to the side, facing the window, and then opened them.

“You don’t trust me, you don’t care for me” he said, expression stone. Again Chelsea hesitated, but reached around the chair to unstrap his chest and legs. She then slid her hands behind him and unbuckled the belts to his jacket. Stepping back, she watched her brother stretch out his arms causing his elbows to pop. He was tall, just about a head taller than his sister. But he bent down, not knowing how to hug, and awkwardly wrapped his arms around her waist. She returned the hug by wrapped her arms around his neck. Viktor smiled, but not because he had got a hug. It was because his plan had worked. Having her not notice, he carefully grabbed the fork the nurse had left for their lunch. Never had Chelsea thought her brother was feeling-less, which is why she trusted him. That however led to her death.

“I really hate the color grey, Chelsea” he said to the lifeless body in his arms. “It’s the color of your eyes, the color of this prision, even our last name”, he looked out the window. “Everything is grey” Viktor looked back at her, stroking her hair, “it was even the color of her.”

October 6, 1997, an interviewer came to stop by a hospital that was home to hundreds of said to be mad men, a home for the insane.

“Hello Viktor, I’m a interveiwer from James Town news, and I’m here to ask you a few questions.”

Viktor stared at him for a long time without saying a word. The interviewer got frustrated with the lack of progress, and was just about to leave until..

“What’s your favorite color?” Viktor asked, staring out the window. “I like the color red” he kept his eyes on the window, “It’s the color of love, the color of hearts, even the color of them.”

The reporter looked down at his feet, putting his notepad and pencil in his bag.

“Everything is red, Mister” Viktor smiled “Even the nights I will never forget”

Indeed everything was red. It was the only thing he could remember now when he couldn’t even his own birthday. Red was a nice color, it was better on them than dull boring grey. Red. Everything was red.

Credit To – DevilInWhite
Credit Link –

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt
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James the Survivor

Short stories

The day he returned

This was the night I’d never forget. It was a cold, winters night in Chicago. We lived in an old house, supposedly in the neighbourhood of a crazed killer’s house. Jeff or bob or something. It was Jeff, I know that now, unfortunately.
Anyway it was late at night and I was in bed, restless and unable to sleep. I was listening to the TV downstairs trying to imagine weird scenes to accompany the sound when it happened. I heard the front door click shut. It was only faint but at first I thought I’d imagined it. My room was at the top of the stairs and I just took a quick peek out of my room to see a dark figure in a white hoodie sleek down the hall. I dived back into my bed freaked to the bone, (I was only 9) I had no idea who or what had just entered my house. But what I did know was my sister and parents were downstairs, unaware of the strange being creeping about. I thought it was a burglar at first and thought of what I didn’t want to be stolen, when I heard a loud shriek followed by an eerie silence down the stairs. There were some muffled cries which intrigued and scared me, but I had to go downstairs to face what would soon find me. I used my inner spy to sneak onto the landing and peer under the stairs, (We had those stairs that don’t have backs). But soon regretted my decision, I should have stayed in bed. But no, I witnessed the man slit my parents throats. My mother still gasping for air whilst my sister stood there, frozen with shock. She wouldn’t move even when he came closer. That… That ANIMAL seized her by the throat, cutting off her oxygen supply, she turned purple and he lifted her almost to the ceiling. Then violently slammed her into the floor. She struggled on the floor, paralysed, as he picked her up by the scruff of her top and launched her through the huge window, onto the front yard. My mother gasped loudly as he thrusted his fists into her stomach, coating the cream carpet with thick, red blood. He then turned, hesitated, and looked directly at me. I froze as the murderer made eye contact with me; his next victim. He had horrible eyes, they were huge, wide and glassy. With that distinct look of death far inside them. He grinned at me with his bloody, cracked lips and slit cheeks. I tried to run but my body wasn’t responding. He just looked at me, whispered “Go to sleep James”. Wiped a speck of blood from his hoodie and disappeared out the shattered window. That was that last I saw of him, until last night…

I was 16 by this time. I was living with my aunt and uncle happily, All the events of that night were never spoken of in this household. I knew now that it was Jeff who took my family. I swore to get revenge someday… My aunt took me in and treated me as their own son. I could never forget that night though, why me? I know now. Anyway It was December 20th 2013 and I was getting excited for christmas, hoping for a new BMX. I had just finished my christmas shopping and was heading home when it struck me. Where was everyone? What I didn’t know was Jeff had been sighted in the neighbourhood so everyone was indoors, watching their children and keeping them safe. Except me, I bet my aunt would have been worried sick. My uncle would be trying to calm her when I didn’t show up. But there was a good reason for that. I was nearly home, taking a shortcut round the back when something struck my side, sending sharp pains up my back causing me to fall to the floor, dropping my bags. A shadow slipped down from the trees in front of me. Those beady eyes with black rings stared me in the face. His cracked lips and scarred cheeks grinned that horrible toothy grin. Jeff.

I pulled my retractable knife from my belt but as I did he drove a fist into my chest and knocked it from my hand. I threw a counter punch, my hand hit something hard and he laughed again. I winced as he punched me again in the jaw knocking me down again. He kept kicking me until he finally said “Well well James…” I turned and spat at him. He simply laughed again and replied “I’m not here to kill you”. I made a grab for my knife again but he stamped down on my wrist hard, I let out a small cry. “What do you want from me?!” I shouted at him. “To join me” he said with a chilling grin on his face. “Never! You killed my family!” I screamed back at him, but he wouldn’t take no for an answer. “How dare you!” He cried and thrust a knife into my chest. I struggled on the floor, barely conscious as he said to me; “James the survivor eh? Well done” he slid a knife from the centre of my eyelids down to the edges of my mouth causing a big gash on either side of my face. He ruffled my hair turning it red. I didn’t react. I was barely alive, my cuts were weeping blood and I was moaning on the floor. My wrist was deformed and my green hoodie was covered in thick blood. I don’t remember what happened next but what I do know is:
My name is James the survivor, I am Jeff’s partner in crime. We kill who we want to, and if you’re reading this, you are probably next. So whatever you do…
Don’t look behind you.
Credit To – James the Survivor
Credit Link –

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

Black Hail

Digital Journal Dan Hash 11/12/14

There’s a legend i’ve been hearing about around school…the Black Hail monster. I wanted to dig up some stuff, like research, and I found out some pretty disturbing things. I found a police report and a note from some kid in Germany. I’m just gonna copy and paste it in here. Oh and by the way, these digital journals are working really well, they’re awesome. Ok so here’s the note. (I’ve translated it to English)

Dear Mom,
I have a problem. Remember how I wrote to you about that one kid? Well, I’m having problems with him again. Last night he woke my whole cabin up. He just walked in and screamed “BLACK HAIL!!” And then he left. It was really weird. I tried to talk to Randall about it but he’s always just playing poker with the other counselors.
Can you please come pick me up…I hate it here. There’s this weird guy who walks around here at night, and he wears all black, kinda like a ninja. His clothes are really thin though, it’s almost like he’s made of black spandex. But anyways, he just looks in the cabins and stares at us, then he leaves. I’m also starting to have nightmares. The guy is in all of them…it’s almost like he’s sending nightmares to our heads.
Well anyways mom, I hope your’e doing good in Chicago
Love you,

Here’s the police report. It includes a description of the same creature.

LAPD Police Report on Black Hail double murder
Transcribed from the tape recorder of Josh Handersun

I want to preface this entry by saying I’m in my closet, hiding from whatever is in my house, whispering into my old tape recorder. It is November 6th, 2013, and i hope someone finds this.
I was sitting in my bed. I couldn’t sleep because I had a huge headache, and my father had recently passed away. I decided to pick up a book and start reading. A few minutes passed and then I heard a loud crash. The sound was very shrill…it sounded as if a window had been broken. I’m surprised it didn’t wake my wife, Barbara.
I was scared at first…I’d never had one of my homes invaded. I grabbed whatever I could find to use as a weapon, and the closest thing to me was a lamp. I decided it would have to do, and I started down the hall and approached the stairs.
As I hit the first step with my foot, I heard a bang in the kitchen. At his point, I was scared, and I mean scared. I started to sweat, despite it not being hot. I was so frightened that I almost ran back upstairs…but I knew I couldn’t let this man rob me…but I don’t think robbing me is his intention.
I started to creep down the stairs again, profusely sweating, gripping the bedside lamp that I took with me. I spotted a shadow, and stopped. I started to go back up the stairs facing backwards. I tripped, and the shadow approached. Suddenly whoever this figure was started to dart towards me. I quickly got up and ran upstairs. I started to realize that what i saw wasn’t a shadow, but some sort of being, that was completely black. I couldn’t make out any deta- *At this point a loud bang is heard in the background and Josh’s voice is cut off. After a few minutes, he begins to talk again*
I can’t believe my eyes. I just looked out of my bedroom and saw the creature that is in my house. It was completely black, and I don’t mean African American…I mean black….black as night. Oh God, it’s eyes…if you could even say it had eyes. They were just….sunken craters….covered by skin. It might have been the most terrifying thing I’ve ever seen. Besides its face, it looked like a normal body. Oh God..Oh m- *Josh’s voice gets cut off once again. We her a very loud banging sound, and then silence for approximately 49 minutes. We hear Josh wake up*
WHERE AM I. *We now hear Josh struggle, obviously frustrated* WHO ARE YOU. LET ME GO. WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS. *At this point, we hear a woman’s voice, presumed to be Josh’s wife* Black….Hail. Josh: Honey? What are you talking about? Barbara: Black….Hail. *We hear footsteps, then Josh resumes talking* Stop. Put that down. What are you.. *Josh’s voice is cut off by a slashing sound and followed by some sort of gushing.* *End of Tape*

Follow up Report by Detective Joseph Downey

Josh and Barbara Handersun’s bodies where found in an abandoned warehouse on Plain St. in Los Angeles. Several bruises and cuts, centering around the abdominal region.
The dust for fingerprints have come to no avail. The crime scene will continue to be searched until some form of evidence is found.

I’m just reading these over now and I’m actually kinda scared something is gonna happen to me now. Guess i’ll just have to wait and see.

Credit To – Zach Matthews MA

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt

Nightmares Do Come True

In the shadows, I lurk. Under your bed, I hide. Outside your window, I watch. When you take a shower? I am right outside your curtain, waiting for you. Nevertheless, you just grab a towel and dry off, not noticing prying eyes.

When you sleep, I caress your smooth skin; Skin a monster like me can’t have. You don’t notice, you continue to sleep in dreamland. You don’t see me sitting at the end of the bed, staring at you in awe.

As you put another piece of food in your mouth, I watch your every movements. The way you pick up your fork and open your mouth shoving a piece of bread in, The way you chew slowly, The way just a bit of crust sits out of place at the corner of your thin pink lips. And the way you swallow, how it slides down your throat then taking place in your stomach.

I watch as you hike your blue book-bag on your slightly bony shoulder, walking home. Your footsteps silent and soft, yet I can feel you. Feel the tiny vibrations beneath my bruised and bloody feet, the tiny insects scampering away as not to be crushed.

I can feel you. I breathe you. However, I am not you.

You don’t notice me. No one does. Have you looked over your shoulder but see nothing then think you’re safe? You’re not safe. You’re never safe. You can never get away from me. I am similar to the air; you breath me, Need me, and you can never get away. There’s nowhere to hide. You can run but not for long; eventually you’ll get tired. Then what will you do? You’ll gasp, taking in big lungful’s of air. Of me.

Oh, don’t you see? Children fear me. Adults think nothing of it; they laugh it off, deeming it as a child’s wild imagination. But little do they know it’s much more than that, much worse.

True, No one can see me- Temporarily. Oh, But I’m not all that mean. Once you see me, Though, It’s the end. Your eyes will roll in the back of your head but you will keep consciousness. Your eardrums will burst and bleed. Your skin will become wrinkled as if you’ve aged in less than two seconds. Your legs will give out and your arms will burn as if they’ve been submerged in flames. That pretty hair of yours? Will all fall off in large clumps. You will want to scream but you can’t. Why? Because I’ve crushed your voice box. In addition, would you like to know what the best, the funniest, Part is?

You won’t die.

You will forever suffer. I won’t let you die, Oh no, you will walk this earth- But… You can’t walk! It’s quite interesting isn’t it? Fantastic? Yes, I’d say so myself.

Who I am, you might ask. What am I, you might think. Well, it’s simple. But I can’t tell you that. So for now…

I am all of your nightmares, all of your fears, come true.

Credit To – Kayla Legrone

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April 14, 2014
by derpbutt
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Satan’s Harvest

She reached out her hand, and I grasped it with mine.Today, we highschoolers had a Saturday Religion class. It wouldn’t last long.I loved going to those classes, because we would talk, play, hear a word from the priest, then later we played again. I arrived there anxious and excited, to see my girlfriend, Tanya.I had a crush on her since the beginning of the high school, and we coupled only two weeks ago. Since then, we became undivorcable.I arrived there 10 minutes before anyone, as I always do. The priests land was simple, yet enjoyable. Next to his big house was a chapel, and then he had a big tract of land. Over there the little kids would play hide and seek, tag or similar, but we…We had our own playing style. We would play soccer, wrestle, compete on our NES Emulators (yes yes I know, but that is what we do) or hold epic debates. Those who had partners would…well, you know.

Next to the chapel is a tiny tool shed. I noticed that the priest had a hunting rifle in it.No,not that with a sniper scope or something. It was a double-barred shotgun, like those that appears in cartoons. Next to it there was a complete handmade wooden toolbox, with a lot of tools.Also,there was a shovel, a hoe, an axe, and a big cross. The priest never let us there,because of the dangerous parts.Father Jalhovich was an old priest,who was kind to anyone,who served the people,and always had a good piece of advice if you would ask him.He had numerous tales of his time back then,when the Partizans ruled the Balkans,and before.He was a good and a humble man,who did numerous deeds.He was in charge of rebuilding the old elementary school,cleaning the nearby suffering forest,and even saved a group of kittens.He was a pretty much good man.

In the countryside,there is a number of opportunities for a guy like me.You may wonder how can I go to high school when im living in the countryside.Bus station,the city,you do the math.I had great adventures as a kid growing here.Sport events,fights,romance,fear,and others.I even recall visiting a “haunted” tank,but this is not the point of the story.

People arrived together,as one of them bought a ball alongside.Its going to be a good game,but not for me.My knee was hurt for few days.Sure,I can run fine,but any good impact hurts like hell.It is healing of course.The chatty girls found a corner and start chatting.Some of more sporty ones either played soccer with the boys,or played volleyball,sort of.Those philosophical boys and girls like me found ourselves a wall and climbed on it.The today’s topic was that TV movie from last night.I can’t clearly remeber the name of the movie,but it was an action,or a thriller…I dunno.I know Tanya was curled up beside me and defending my opinion.”It was the crappiest movie I ever saw!”.Boos and whistles followed by it.”Explain why it was crappy”,”Easily,cheap movie props,bad story,crappy actors and a completely illogical dialog!”stated Ivan.”Come on,the movie was completely good.Especially the romance scene…”replied Jakov,”Thats for pussies like you and Anna,or Boris and Tanya,or Gordan and Marya…”,”You say I AM A PUSSY!?”,and a fight broked.Me and Tanya saw this like an opportunity to sneak onto the shades of the trees in the yard and…Guess.

The boys eventually calmed themselves and forgave each other.Croatians during the early middle age were originally warriors and mercenaries,so fights weren’t such a big fuss like in the USA.I hardly waited for her touch.Her face was shining with beauty and life,that even makes a Cehian supermodel look like a dirty little whore.We were cuddling,and when we were about to kiss,a man camed from the priest’s house.Instead of an old face with a white beard we were greeted by a face of a young smiled man.He welcomed us into the priests house.What an oddball this man was.

“Good morning,kids.My name is Toma Dervanich.I will be your substitute for today.Apparently,Father Jalhovich is busy at the moment.Is he attending the funeral or similar i don’t know.Also,last time you talked about…?”,”We talked about the Prophets”,”Yes,did you had any in mind,any prophet or saint in mind?”,”We talked about Jona”,”Ah,the one who was in the fish!”,”Da,that one.”,”Well,young boys and girls…”.He started talking.Normally,Father Jalcovich would throw an interesting word or two,and let us talking.But the voice of this young man…You could say he was in late twenties.He had these alluring green eyes,sparkling with safety,like they are promising peace.His voice was comforting,and very earpleasing.As he told this story of Jona and his three days in the fish,and Jesus’s three days in earth.He was explaining the importance of his sacrifice,and how he is happy for his sacrifice,while maintaining the same cold face.I was enjoying his blissful talk,until something snapped me back.That sign clumsly hidden at his neck.Was it…a star?!It could be David’s Star,like the jews have,but what is with the circle around it?I brushed it off until i fully saw it.The pentragram,Satan’s sign.

I tried talking to Tanya,but she was mesmerized by his voice.I started poking her,but the only reaction I got was:”Bory,it’s not the time.”.She called me like that,Bory,when she was comfy and with me,but it was creepingly cold.I tried to invoke her feelings for me,like at the tree.I started touching her knees,but same response.I tried closer to her intimate spot,but the same creepy response.Other lads and girls acted the same,with that creepy smile and solid stare.Tanya was a pretty much right shaped(I mean,she has a good front and back,and the hips were kicking),and besides,I knew the trigger spots.Today she was wearing her white blouse,or shirt…i dunno,and jeans.She had slightly brown and dark blond hair.I would sometimes think im way too lucky to have someone like her.I know the trigger words,one that would arouse her,return from the boring Tanya to exciting Tanya.As i put my last hope into these words,i leaned over her and whispered into her ear:

“Tanya,it is time for the Rockin Sunshine.”

She throwed a smile over her beautiful face as he heard that phrase,but it’s no more the creepy glaring one,but the one sincere,true,lovingly good smile.”You got my attention…” she whispered,but i whispered to her:”Tanya,look at his neck”,and her lovingly smile turned into a shocked face:”Holy Mother of God.”.

He looked over us,as the most of the possesed boys and girls did,their creepy smile not moving,and their eyes locking onto us.There’s been a disturbingly long moment of utter silence.”That’s right”, he spoke”Mary,the mother of Jesus did…” he returned to his previous stance,and other possesed younglings did.I used the Morse code me and my Tonya learned and used.I took her hand and used the finger to tap on her:”THE GUY IS CREEPY”,”TRUE”,”WHAT 2 DO?”,”RUN”,”USE THE DOOR?”,”YES”,”WHEN?”,”DONT KNOW”,”NOTIS HIS MOVE ROUND ROOM?”,”YES”,”HES TALKIN ABOUT MARY,MARY PIC OVER THERE”,”HE WILL LOOK AT PIC AND WE SNEAK”,”YES”.As we waited him to turn over to the Virgin Mary picture,I looked at the nearby exit.Noticebaly we were closest at the door,and room was a big one,we could easily sneak out,without beign noticed.As I was to look though the window,my Tanya tapped to me:”HES STRING RRIGH AT YU,TURN BCK”.As I turned back,my eyes met with those green,lurking,cunning eyes.

He was so near me,i could feel his breath,I tried looking right at his eyes,but I was afraid.Then Tanya grabbed my hand in support:”DONT WORRY,IVE GOT YOU”.I felt relief,but the creepy look of those eyes didn’t wore off.”Excuse me sir,I thought I heard something.Outside.”,”Okay,then”.Then he returned to his previous stance.I looked nervously at the eyes of once my dearest friends.They were blank,almost without color.Then,the climax hit:”Jesus sacrificed himself to save the world of the sins,and Im sure he wants us to do the same,so dear children,prepare to meet your Lord.First of all,you girl here.”.He took Petra first.He layed her over the table while the others watched it with the same expression.Firstly,he started to chant in Latin,and me and my love were scared shitless.I saw this as an opportunity to sneak by,so I took my Tanya and quitley creeped through the open door.We were silently running when we heard a scream,saying:”DEAR LORD HE IS THE SATAN’S SERVANT!!!” and a jumble of screams.Front door then loudly closed as well as the windows,as the sotonist chased our friends over the house.I could hear some slashing sound,crying,then Father Jalcovich arrived:”Boris!Tanya!What are you doing here!”,”Help us,Father,a madmen claiming to be a priest is sacrificing our friends to the Devil!”,”Hold on,children,I will get my gun and crucifix for you two.”.He ran alarmingly fast to the shack,as all we could do was to watch as the shrieks and blood ran in the house.If I didn’t noticed it,we would be there too.Thst was close for sure.Father Jalcovich returned:”Here,take these.The Devil is afraid of him.”As me and Tanya holded our crucifix,Father throwed holy water over the door,and the opened.

What did I saw was shocking.Blood almost everywhere,and some dead bodies of our friends,and barely breathing Jury said:”Behind…you”,as I felt shivers at my chest.I felt a sudden sharp pain at my unhealthy knee,as I fell to the floor,and I was immediately turned over.It was Him.I saw hell in his eyes,the ultimate evil in his smile,and depression in his words.He was slowly raising his shiny dagger over me while chanting his pray,and at the moment he was about to strike,his head backed.What was anomalous about it that there was a huge hole in his forehead,and he started spilling his dark liquid,but it didn’t look like blood,all over my shirt.Suprisingly,he was still holding on,and started to rose his dagger upon my heart.I felt teribbly cold and scared,and I could hear my soul slipping,as the second bullet pierced his chest.He lay next to me,as Tanya lifted me up when Father Jalcovich throwed a handful of holy water on Him.His body started to burn,but not that red consuming fire,but some blue,slow fire.Instead of smoke,some humanoid forms emerged from his cavities.At the end,He finally vanished away.

Tanya redirected to me: „Are you okay?“, „Yes—”.I was interrupted by her kiss. Even after looking directly at the devils eyes, and almost been his food, Tanya still spirited me up. Love is a wonderful thing. But the next facts weren’t so wonderful: They were 4 dead people,12 heavily damaged,16 slightly, and 8 complete teenagers(incl. me and Tanya).4 of them given away to the Devil…Four innocent teenagers, just like that, snap and the devil shalt rape your soul…!God, I was so happy I survived! As we scavenged the house for the aforementioned survivors, we noticed that the guy had a strange book, with a bloody pentagram.The book sent shivers to my chest and neck,so I backed away.Also,in the living room,there was this strange circle,with chalk and blood mixed together and I think 500 lines were on it,Gordan,one of the survivors,started counting the lines while waiting for the paramedics.When me and Tanya went to the stairs,a horrible odor was heard,like millions of rats dying in a soap factory(I don’t really know how does it smells,but I guessed).Tanya was deeply shaken about the event,and hugged me.I throwed in a word of comfort,stating simple:”It will be fine.”.We looked over to Gordan,as he was finishing the count:”…664,665,666!Wonder what the number meant…Oh,God.”As he said that,Father Jalcovih bashed in and erased the circle with a sponge,rubbed with holy water saying:”The evil in this house is expunged” and he chuckled”Expunged by the sponge!”.He redirected to us:”You managed to survive the devils possesion.You two are truly blessed,here take these,in case if He comes back.Now God bless you”.We got ourselves two small steel crucifixs.I could feel blessed and safe when I put it around my neck.I was amazed by the situation,and happy as ever as I took her hand. Then,me and my true love walked away with joined headphones and listened to David Guetta and Avicii on her phone,stopping for a good kiss or similar.I might get lucky tonite.So what if we are from Balkans,that doesn’t mean we couldn’t be modern teenagers.Love is a wonderful thing.

Now you may wonder what’s the catch.Well,each time I go to sleep i experience some shitting terrible nightmares,like a demon of sort raping me,or a pale face with black eyes screaming at me,or a hellhound with bloodshot human eyes barking and charging at my ever slowing corpse,so I have to wear…well I am very ashamed to say…diapers.Yes,now I wet in bed.Yeah,yeah,frickin’ haha,a dude has to wear diapers.But,come and talk to me when you get almost possesed by the devil.And,the problem is I always forget about the nightmares every three hours before sleep,so I easily drift into my night terrors.Now,Tanya is waiting me,tonight we are going to a movie.Because its time for the Rockin Sunshine.

The Survivors have escaped!

Haha,funny.Just to make you look at the bright side if you are dissapointed because of the lack of horror,but,this is based upon a true story,so that throwes in a chill.Good bye!

~ By Dancin’ Creapa
Credit To – Dancin’ Creapa

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