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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

The Gore Orphanage

I’ve thought long and hard about sharing the following story in fear of repercussions. I hate to say it but the following is completely true and the occurrences can be followed up by witnesses. The following story will be about my visit to the Gore Orphanage in Vermillion, Ohio.

A few months ago I became addicted to abandoned places and wanted to visit a few. Well since most abandoned places are owned by a private owner or company we didn’t visit any legitimately abandoned buildings. Instead we looked up haunted places and my dad brought up the Gore Orphanage and his experiences there as a teenager. I looked it up and was intrigued by the history.

The big thing that made me skeptical is the fact that there is multiple stories stating what happened. Ranging from an old man who hated children to the place never existing. The chances were the Gore Orphanage never existed, but I can say differently based upon my experiences.

Historians say the building never existed. The name apparently comes from the name of the road, which is in fact Gore Orphanage Road. I guess it was originally just Gore (as the landscape, not the bloody type) Road but the legend stuck and somehow it’s name changed. Anyways, the main story goes along with the story that a fire started and killed many children, if not all of them. As I said before many versions exist I just wanted to tell you the base of the story.

When we decided that we were going to go I became excited. I had always been a fan of ghosts and the paranormal but this brought it up a whole new step for me. I had done ghost hunting in my grandma’s house which has a history behind it but this was my first true ghost hunt. The trip there was the most nerveracking experience I had had in awhile. I could feel my insides churn up and tighten up the closer we got. My brother was also with us. The closer we got the more talkative and nervous he got. It was hard holding in the emotions but I actually was pretty nervous.

As we pulled up on the bridge that we need to cross in order to get there we stopped and took a look down as the last bit of light escaped the sky. We drove across the bridge and followed the road about 150 more yards and pulled off to the side of the road. We all got out of the car. Got a few candle lanterns, one flashlight, and a camera. A camera, not a We all got in a circle and said a small speech to protect us.

As we walked into the woods my nerves became less and less noticeable. I was having fun and my adrenaline was rushing. We stepped down the hill to the empty space in the woods which held all the old stones of the building. They’re immensely large at about 8 foot long and 1-2 foot thick. We sat around them for about 10 minutes, collected our thoughts and we headed on to the makeshift trail that past visitors had carved out.

When we stepped about 10 foot into the trail there was an old down tree root that made for good scenery but that’s it. Before we ducked down underneath it I heard a child cry and as soon as it sounded my brother and I glanced at each other thinking “Did you hear that too?” My dad was leading the way and he got a little ahead as me and my brother listened to hear it again. 30 seconds later we were caught back up and nearly half way through the trails.

The trails looped around to lead you back to the empty space and nothing happened until our second time around. This time it was just my brother and I. We went underneath the tree root and then went to a place where the trails split. He took one and and I took the other. It sounded like he sprinted back up to the empty area while I walked slowly and nervously back. I stopped and took a few pictures with nothing abnormal appearing. After I snapped the last picture I heard scuffling in the brush near me. I shined what light I could over towards it to maybe scare off an animal. Nothing moved and I stood there dumbfounded. Soon after more sounds occurred in the bushes. I became very nervous now and I couldn’t move. I took a step forward to move on because it felt as if I was going to have a heart attack, and no sooner did a loud slam happen. It sounded like a huge door had been shut. I tried to sprint forward but the sounds of pitter pattering feet followed me and suddenly it felt like I had hit a brick wall. I so badly wanted to call out to my brother or dad but I couldn’t.

I sat down and tried to block out all the sounds of what I thought were the kids following me. I could literally feel them all around me wanting attention and wanting to be acknowledged. Then everything stopped. No kids. No foot steps and no idea where I was. I heard my dad calling my name. I looked up and scanned the darkness looking for the flashlight or lantern in the distance. I didn’t see anything. I started taking random pictures to try to attract them to me. Still nothing. The deep voice said my name again and I realized that it wasn’t my dad. It wasn’t anyone I knew in person. In fact, I don’t believe this thing was a person. I honestly believe it was Joseph Swift, owner of the original orphanage.

I lost track of time and I had no clue where I was. I just sat down and waited for my dad or brother to come and find me. It felt like hours and hours of all these noises. Soon enough I could see the shining of a flashlight and I started called out for them. It took me awhile to tell them what had happened because I wasn’t sure they’d believe me.

The lasting effects I have from these experiences are; nightmares where I see an older man surrounded by small children. In this dream I walk toward them and then through them. I fall straight into a pit of fire and crying children. I rarely sleep at night due to this. People around me, such as my best friend have died. (I wish I could say I made that part up to make the story better but I cannot. I would disclose his name but that would not be right of me without permission from the family.) Weird sounds happen when I’m in any sort of wooded area. I think this is my brain replaying that night. I would wish to go back to get some good pictures of the place and maybe discover a little bit more.

**Note** The sounds of children crying is accredited to passing semi-trucks of the Ohio Turnpike. I will tell you first hand this is not true. I could tell the difference between a passing semi nearby and a child crying. Since I had heard the rumor before I went I made sure I listened carefully. Ultimately the sounds made are not made by the passing trucks.

**Note 2** This story is true. These things actually happened to me and I do not wish for attention. I seen that the discussion post for April is Urban Legends and this place is one of them. I thought I’d share my experience to others and maybe intrigue them in some way.

Credit To – Gunner Keith

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

Plague Doctor

The Circle drawn on hallowed ground

The beaked mask stay safe and sound

Within it put perfumes so sweet

Set inside as welcome treat

Our chants were raised to heaven high

As sun descended through the sky

Our hearts did pour into our cry

Our fate to change we hoped to buy

The ground it shook as form did take

Our life was forfeit for it’s sake

A call for one to heal the globe

Seraphim in blackened robe

Bodies broken but quest complete

A healer called to walk our street

This dire plague it must defeat

Stuck on earth if incomplete

Summoned form looked once than walked

“Plague Doctor” the whispers talked
Credit To – And2ew
Credit Link –

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

A True Story

This is a true story. I know a lot of Creepypasta stories claim they are true, but are really fictional stories based on a true event, but this is an actual account of the event that made me a complete believer in paranormal activity, without embellishments or additions.

Now the event I’m going to tell you about, happened to me personally, but I will also include the description of an event that happened to another employee. As well as what was told to me by the head housekeeper at the time, when I told her of my experience.

This happened to me when I was working at a hotel on Vancouver Island. I’m not going to give you the name of the hotel, because they don’t like advertizing the fact that the old hotel is haunted. In fact if you were to ask they would probably deny it. Now this hotel is unique, as far as I know, because they have the old original building that was build in 1926, right across from the brand new building that was built sometime in early 2000 and opened in 2005. The old building was a private residence for a long time, before becoming a hotel and restaurant, with the rooms upstairs and the restaurant downstairs. It’s quite a magnificent building; the entire exterior is covered with fir slabs on which the bark was left. The rustic effect is heightened by the porches and balconies built of tree trunks of various sizes fitted into place. The front entrance has a large staircase leading up to the front doors, and going down these stairs will take you to the courtyard that runs between the old and new hotel.

The head housekeeper was training me to do her opening duties, because she was going to be away for the week. One of the things she had to do every day was go and check on the old hotel, and make sure the rooms are clean and ready for a guest, if one were to stay there. The old hotel wasn’t used much, in fact the whole time I worked there, there was only 3 times we had to ever go over and clean up after a guest.

The first time I had to open THAT room, the one that most of the activity I was told about happened in, I stuck my key in the lock, and got what I can only describe as a feeling of dread shooting through me. All of a sudden, the last thing I wanted to do was go into this room. But I knew the building was empty, and my boss was right behind me, so I couldn’t do anything but turn the key and enter the room. Once I was in the room though, the only thing that seemed odd to me was the amount of dead bugs in the room. Now when a room hasn’t been used in so long, you’d expect to see some bugs, but out of all of the rooms we had checked, this one seemed to have twice as many dead bugs, especially spiders.

The thing that really shook me up though happened after my boss was off, and I had to go to the old hotel and clean a room (luckily not THAT room). I was finishing up, and I had three trips up and down the front stairs I had to make, to take my cleaning supplies and the dirty laundry back to the main hotel. On my first trip down the front stairs, carrying the vacuum, about half way down, I heard someone call my name “Heather”. So I look around, and call out “Hello?” but no one was there. So I continued carrying the vacuum across the yard, to the main hotel, and head back up to get more stuff. On my second trip down the old hotel stairs, with my bucket of cleaning supplies, I heard it again “Heather”. By now I think someone is messing with me, so I put my bucket down at the bottom of the stairs and walk around the yard a bit, looking around and calling “Hello?” but can’t see anyone. But then again on my third and final trip down the stairs, carrying the dirty laundry, I heard it again “Heather”. Now the weird part is that every time I heard my name, I was about the same distance down the stairs. This time however I just ignored it, I still kind of thought someone was messing with me, however that all changed when I told my boss.

When my boss got back, I told her about it, and a little reluctantly she told me that numerous times, during her checks of the old hotel, the bed in THAT room quite often had an imprint on it, as if someone had been sitting on the bed, and she would fluff and straighten the quilt, and then come back in a few days to find the imprint again. She also mentioned what I had noticed, about there being so many more dead bugs in that room. Also the curtains on the attic window will be alternately open or closed, but no one goes up there, ever. In fact the entrance to the attic is, you guessed it, in THAT room.

Then she told me the story of another girl who worked there, who also had an unusual experience. She was a front desk attendant, and was working the night shift, when she heard her name coming from one of the walkies we used to use to talk to other staff members. Now this wouldn’t be so unusual, if not for the fact that she had all the walkies on the desk in front of her. Needless to say she did not work the night shift again. And an even stranger thing, though this may have been a coincidence, her name was Heather too.

Now I had always been a little skeptical, but after that I was a believer. And I might have been willing to admit it was my imagination, if not for the fact I heard my name, not once, but three separate times.

Anyways, I know most people reading this will dismiss it as just a story, but it’s a true one. And it is the experience that I have found the most unsettling, perhaps even more so in hindsight, thinking about all strange paranormal experiences I’ve witnessed over the years.
But, then again, maybe you just have to experience something yourself, before you are truly a believer.

Credit To – Heather Pinske

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

Many things scare me…

I wrote this down with the mind that it would be a sequel to the story I submitted to Reddit’s own r/nosleep, but it seems like it would be better as a standalone story instead of a part of a series.

My name is Leo, I’m 19, and I’ve always been afraid. I was born prematurely, and I think that may be why I’m not quite… okay. I mean, I still function in society, but I have a lot of fears. Some are straightforward (fear of heights, fear of the dark), and some are abstract (fear of pain, fear of death), and some are just, well, odd (fear of bathrooms, fear of coffee). But I remember all of them being triggered by something, including my fear of forests.

I was 10, and I had been adopted by a nice couple when I was nine. My dad’s father just had his 60th birthday, and he loved the outdoors. We decided to rent a house close to a forest (I hadn’t ever been to a forest), and drive to the forest to hike and fish.

The first 2 days were pretty much just lazy days. We arrived and collapsed since it was a long drive, and the second day we woke up at 10, had lunch, and just talked about what we were going to do the next day. The house had several other people in it, and we talked with them about the woods. They shared nice places to go, and some stories. It was boring for a 10 year old me, though. My adopted grandfather told me exciting stories about how he caught a shark in the ocean once, and how he rode a deer through the woods another time. It was all made up, looking back, but I believed it.

I fell asleep excited for the next day. We woke up at 8, a reasonable time, and started packing for a hike at 9. We started driving into the woods, and we stopped for some wildlife we saw. We parked in a place with other cars. There were a lot of the same make and model of car. It was weird. There were only paths with no signs of where they went at all, but the people staying at the house told us this was where they usually went. We picked a path and started walking, we could always go back the way we came. There was so many animals out then, we saw rabbits everywhere. There was deer running through the forest and frolicking in groups of 4 or more. Birds chirped louder than car alarms. It was like nature had gone crazy.

We arrived at a “lake”. I say that because it was a huge ditch filled with water. It was a dug out rectangle that was filled with unmoving water. You could see straight to the bottom. We decided to take a break and photograph some trees and the lake, and so I went with my grandpa up to a group of trees. We sat and drank some water and ate some snacks. He was talking about how this was like no forest he’d ever seen, and he was in wonder of what we saw. I started playing with some of the trees, bending branches and collecting leafs. I tripped and fell face first into a tree, and it crumbled. Not all of it, it just crumbled where I had hit my head. It was like styrofoam, it didn’t hurt. There was nothing inside the tree, just a completely hollow tree. I ran back to my parents and my grandpa, and they had asked where I had gone. I pointed to where I had gone and told them about the crumbling tree. My parents looked confused and my grandpa looked scared. He told us to not go over there again. I asked him if I had done something wrong, and he just told us to keep walking. We didn’t question him, it was his birthday gift. We decided to go back to the path crossroads and pick another path. We picked a path that hand lots of footprints this time. This path actually had people walking on it. I waved, but they didn’t wave back. They avoided us. We got to a huge rock on a slope off the side. There were a lot of people staring at something off in the distance.

Suddenly, my grandpa pulled me off the path, and just started running through the forest with me. My grandpa didn’t look that healthy, and running was straining him. My parents chased after us. After we couldn’t see the path anymore, my grandpa stopped. I looked down and there were holes everywhere. Just 3″ holes in the dirt. They were perfect circles. My grandpa looked up for a very long time. There was silence. No wildlife, no wind and no people. My grandpa suddenly punched a tree, and it crumbled. He screamed and collapsed.

My parents looked shocked. They carried him back to the path, and then to the car without saying anything. I looked back at the people. They were staring at the rock, now. I walked back to my parents, and we drove to the hospital. My grandpa just collapsed from exhaustion, and the doctors said he would be okay as long as he doesn’t do strenuous activity. We packed our things and went back to the city. I just slept for the next few days, I felt so tired. I never asked my parents about it.

My grandpa disappeared a year later, and we didn’t see him for 4 years. He just showed up one day, in his own house. He called us about his birthday, and asked why we didn’t show up at the house he rented. He had rented the same house we had rented years ago. I don’t know what happened in that forest, and I really am too scared to go back. Something was unsettling about the activity of the people and the wildlife.

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

You’re Never Alone

Jerry woke up with another cold sweat. He panted, shaking his head as he wiped his forehead. He was getting tired of these damn nightmares he’s been having. It all started with the death of his close friend, Gage.

The two had planned a camping trip weeks in advance. They brought everything needed for the two of them. A tent, lanterns, food, matches, flashlights, batteries, anything you could think of having with you on a camping trip, they had. It was supposed to be a great vacation in the most spookiest part of town. Friends and neighbors told them not to enter the grounds of the old campsite but they didn’t listen.

There was an old tale about the campsite stationed near the lake. A bunch of friends had hung out there years ago and experienced horrifying things that were indescribable. It was said some of them had been killed on the site. Now whoever went there would wake up to their stuffed packed up. A sign for them to leave before anything horrible happens and another victim is claimed. Since this was an old tale, the story didn’t bother either Gage or Jerry.

When they got there, they instantly unpacked their stuff to set up their site. The tent only took a few minutes to hitch, and the fire took less time to start. Once they finished, it was near ten at night. The dark didn’t scare them as they laughed by the fire. Since stories are usually told around campfires, Gage offered a story Jerry happily listened to.

“I don’t know if you’ll believe me, but sometimes when I’m alone I feel like someone is still there with me. Like I’m never alone.”

Jerry laughed and shook his head as he sipped his mountain dew. “You realize that no one is ever alone, right?”

“You’re one of those skeptic believers, so of course you’d say that, but this is different.” Gage picked at the fire to keep the flames alive. “I’ll be sitting in my living room, watching random movies and then I’d feel a gust of wind on me. The gust is frickin’ powerful too. I probably would have fallen over if I wasn’t sitting on the couch.”

“Come on. This sounds like a cliché ghost story.” Jerry laughed.

Gage ignored his friend and continued. “At first I thought I had forgotten to close a window and would check all of the windows in the room. They were shut and sealed. Not a crack or crease was emitting drafts such as the one I could have felt. I would shrug it off and continue watching movies.

“Later, I noticed that noises were coming from the kitchen. Frying pans clanging against pots. That’s what it sounded like. I know how much of an imagination I have, so I let it go, figuring that my ears were playing with me. I know I wouldn’t be the only one to say I’ve heard weird things. Hell, sometimes I feel like someone is calling my name but I don’t see anyone when I turn towards them.

“Usually around this time I will get up off the couch, turn everything off, lock every door and window, because you know how I’m paranoid about burglars getting in by an open door and window, and went upstairs. Now, you remember how you used to point out about the dark bags under my eyes?”

“You looked horrible and exhausted those days.” Jerry bit into a slim jim. “I figured that you just stayed up really late watching movies.”

“Well, I would stay up late, but it wasn’t because of movies.” Gage looked at his friend, the light from the fire causing his face to look dark and menacing as he told his tale. “I was fine. Sleeping soundly and everything. Then I would wake up from a nightmare I couldn’t remember, panting in a cold sweat. Then I would hear things again, but this time scratching and light pounding from downstairs. The pots and pans were loud as cymbals too. I would shake my head and try to sleep.

“The noises would die down around 3:28 in the morning. Nothing would make it peep. It’s always such an eerie silence though. My skin crawled with goosebumps as another draft floated from my feet to my shoulders. I don’t know how, but I would soon fall asleep.” Gage stared at the fire again. “That kept happening for a few more weeks before I moved into that apartment closer to my family.”

“But it followed you?” Jerry gazed at his friend, kidding and jokes forgotten as he listened to his sleep deprived friend.

“Yes and no.” Gage let the stick in his hands fall into the fire so he could change his sitting position. “I say yes because the draft still bothered me every night. I say no because the noises were different. Instead of pots and pans, I would hear the clicking of the stove’s gas wanting to ignite and the sputtering of the dispenser in the sink.”

Jerry cringed as he thought of the masher in sinks. He hated those things since he remembered horror movies where if you stuck your hand down it and it turned on, your hand or even your entire arm would be chewed off. He always made sure those things were uninstalled from his sinks if he had any where he lived.

Gage paused to think as Jerry did. “I hated the sound of the dispenser, so the fifth day in, when I could acquire the right items to take it out, I ripped the thing from my pipes.” He shivered and rubbed his arms. “Though I took it out, the noise stuck around.”

“That’s…creepy…” Jerry commented quietly.

“You have no idea.” Gage tried to chuckle but it was dry. “The other thing that stayed the same was 3:28 in the morning, every noise that bothered me would stop and the draft would come to my shoulders. Every time I feel that draft, I could swear a pressure is going up my body. It feels like a fucking hand is coasting up my leg to my arm and soon rests on my shoulder before letting off.”

“How the hell can you sleep after feeling that?” Jerry’s complexion was pale, but not as much as Gage’s.

Gage shrugged. “I just do. There’s also this nagging feeling in the back of my mind that right as I fall asleep, a voice calls out to me or says something.” He shivered again.

“So the noises… They usually start up when you try to sleep?”

Gage nodded. “Yeah.”

Jerry glanced at the flames, thinking up more questions. He himself shivered, but blamed the chill in the air. “When did all that start?”

The other male was silent at first. He thought it over and sighed through his nose. “Honestly? I think it’s been happening ever since my mom’s passing.”

“Could it be your mom?” Jerry of course believed in the unknown, but had no experience with any such things as ghosts.

Gage shook his head. “I thought that at first but I remembered my mom never did any of those things at night. She was always the first to bed and sleep. She also was the first to be awake though she looked exhausted and didn’t get any sleep.”

Jerry hummed and mulled over that bit of information. “Do you think she could have experienced those things as well?”

“How the hell would I know?” Gage’s face scrunched up in annoyance. “She barely left her room, too paranoid sometimes to the point where Dad and I thought she was going through some sort of depression.”

“Did a relative pass away at that time?”

“God dammit, stop asking questions!” Gage glared at Jerry.

Jerry raised his hands in defense. “I’m just trying to figure out if it’s a trait in the family or something.”

“You’re trying to find out if I’m crazy.”

“Dude, everyone is crazy. There is not one sane person on the Earth.” Jerry glowered. “I believe in the shit people say don’t exist, remember? And when the hell did you get easily angered?”

Gage continued to glare until he blinked, realizing it wasn’t like him to get annoyed or angry at Jerry like this. He frowned, sighing. “Sorry Jer. I think this…sleep deprivation is getting to me.” He leaned back and stared at the starry sky. “To answer your question, no. None of our relatives or friends had passed during that time. It’s just so…weird. She could have gone what I’m going through and I don’t even know…”

Jerry patted his shoulder. “Don’t feel too bad about it…and who knows? Maybe since you’re not in any sort of house and with someone else, you won’t hear or feel those things.”

“Yeah… Maybe.” Gage didn’t peel his gaze away from the sky.

Jerry sighed through his nose. “Let’s get some sleep.” He suggested, standing from the ground and wiping the dirt from the back of his jeans. He quickly got into the tent and changed into some warm night clothes. After five minutes he popped his head out of the tent. “Gage? Are you going to sleep?”

“Soon. I just want to look at the sky right now.” Jerry nodded and receded back into the tent.

Hours later, Gage had joined his friend in the tent to sleep and no sooner did he shut his eyes did he hear it. The guttural sound of the kitchen sink dispenser and clicking of gas. His eyes snapped back open and saw Jerry. He was passed out, snoring. No luck getting him up. Right as Gage slowly sat up, the noise changed instantly. Now he heard splashing and the popping of flames. He feared he would never be rid of these noises.

Two hours after dawn, Jerry woke up and yawned, stretching his arms out. He looked around the tent and saw Gage was sleeping. Awkwardly. The inside of the tent felt chilly as well. “Morning air.” He mumbled quietly to himself.

He slipped out of the tent, trying not to wake Gage up and stood shocked at what he saw. Their stuff that was unpacked had been packed up again and put in the pickup truck they used to drive here. A smile etched its way onto his face. “Maybe our neighbors were right about a lurker being here.” He was full of energy and excitement.

Jerry unpacked everything again and when he finished, Gage exited the tent with a yawn. He looked at Jerry with a confused expression. “Are you packing up?”

“No. Unpacking.” Jerry panted a little as he tapped the cooler’s top, smiling at Gage. “Someone packed our stuff up except the tent. They must want us to leave or enjoy watching us work.” He chuckled. Gage tried to smile. “So,” Jerry started, sitting on the ground near the extinguished fire from last night, “did you have any nightmares this time? Sleep well?”

Gage shook his head and collapsed on to the ground. “No. Since I went into the tent very late, I didn’t wake up from a nightmare. I didn’t even get a chance to sleep and the noises started up. I wish I could sleep like you do. A frickin’ rock.”

Jerry chuckled a little, frowning. “What about the draft?”

“I thought it would be hard to distinguish the draft from cold night and morning air, but I was wrong. The pressure was still there. The hand…” He shivered. “God, I wish this could stop. I need sleep.”

Jerry sighed through his nose, ruffling up his friend’s hair. “Well, let’s get you something to think about other than what happened in the night.” He smiled. “Wanna go swimming in the lake?” Gage shook his head. “Fine, but you’re missing out.”

The energetic man quickly changed into some swim trunks and didn’t hesitate to run on the dock and jump off the end. Gage shook his head again, this time with a small smile playing at his lips. He walked over and sat on the edge, feet in the warm water.

Half an hour passed. Jerry was still in the lake, floating on the surface and letting the sun hit him. His ears were covered by the water, so when he heard something fall into the water, he didn’t pay any attention to it. He was a ways out from the dock so if Gage decided to jump in, he wouldn’t have heard it. He popped up straight and shook his head, looking around as he moved his arms and legs so his head stayed above the water.

Gage wasn’t on the dock. He smiled and looked around the water. Jerry couldn’t spot his friend. He soon worried for him and swam back to the dock.

“Gage?” He called out. He pulled himself up on the dock and grabbed a towel before checking the tent. He wasn’t in there. He stood out and turned around. The pickup truck was still there so Gage didn’t leave him behind. He was puzzled. “Where could he have gone?” That’s when he heard a splash.

Jerry’s eyes glanced at the water again. He still couldn’t see anything. He walked closer to see if there were any ripples in the water. There were some coming from the dock in the water but nothing else. He scoped the entire lake, making sure his eyes weren’t fooling him.

Another splash. This time is sounded like an object was washing up on shore. Jerry check the shore line. Suddenly, he jumped at a thunderous thud against the underside of the dock. He stared, frightened. His body reluctantly stepped closer so he could inspect the water through the breaks between the wood. His eyes saw something in the water, but he wasn’t sure what it was. He leaned closer to where his eyes were closely pressed against the gap. When whatever it was resurfaced, his eyes widened and he backed away.

“Gage!” He dove into the water and tried to fish his friend from under the dock. When he pulled the drenched, paling body of Gage, he turned it over and gasped, pushing himself away from it. Gage’s face was wrought with fear, mouth open wider than a mouth should open. His eyes were rolled back because Jerry couldn’t see any sort of retinas, just old blood vessels. The neck muscles were pushed in and stretched, marks of fingers around it. Gage was drowned and Jerry didn’t know how.

Horrified, Jerry packed everything up and placed it on the back of the truck. He wanted to leave Gage’s body there, but felt horrible and guilty at the idea. He searched around and reluctantly pushed Gage back under the dock. No one went to this area so it was unlikely anyone would find him.

When Jerry was back into town, the neighbors instantly noticed his pale skin and horrified, scared looking face. They also noted how his friend hadn’t returned but didn’t question him what happened. They had their assumptions that Gage must have been dealt a bad hand and suffered from that. Jerry would have agreed with them.

Shaking his head again, Jerry cradled his head as he relived the memory. After gaining enough courage to tell Gage’s father that his son was dead, he learned that Gage’s mother had also been found in such a way. She wasn’t drowned though. The man told Jerry that she mumbled nonsense about noises in the night keeping her up, and the last noise he remembered her saying she heard was static and water splashing. She died by electricity.

Jerry didn’t want to think the water splash could be a coincidence, or the static. Gage never mentioned the noises he heard during that night and was thankful he didn’t. He still wondered if the first noise Gage heard was water splashing.

The last thing he didn’t want to dread upon was the idea that Gage was right. Jerry lived alone like Gage did, and when he returned from the camping trip, he never felt alone again. There was always that feeling that someone was there with him, watching him. He felt he was being toyed with.

His ears twitched at a door slam and glass shatter. He covered them, chanting words of “Leave me alone.” or “Shut up.” but to no avail. The noise progressed. It was when he heard a spark of fire and ripping of a lawn mower that his head instantly shot up.

This noise was different. Was this significant? The noises of fire and the lawn mower looped until everything stopped. Eerie silence. He glanced at the clock and saw it was on 3:28. He gulped. His ears twitched as he heard something again, but it was different from the noises that were deliberate. He turned his head and sniffed.

Jerry’s smelt smoke. He panicked and leapt out of bed to his door. “How the hell did my house get on-?!” He pulled his hand back when it connected with the doorknob. He shook his head, slowly putting a hand on the wooden cased, metal door only to feel heat. “Oh my god…” He ran to his bedside table to call the fire department, coughing as smoke and fumes entered his room. “Dammit, where is the phone…?” Realization hit him. He left it downstairs again. Such a stupid, forgetful action.

He pulled out a cloth and wrapped it around his nose and mouth to keep the smoke and fumes from choking him to death. He crouched down and felt a chill. A gust of wind pushed him over and pulled the cloth away from his face. Jerry freaked as he tried to get back up, but the pressure put on him wouldn’t let him move.

Then he felt something grasp his ankles. The door to his room burst open as flames pushed their way in. He kicked at the invisible force, trying to pull away. It was all futile.

The next morning, an article in the town news mentioned how a house was burned down to the ground. The source of the fire was still a mystery but they knew one thing. One body was found in the charred mess of the first floor living room, grasping the leg of a broken table that held odd dents punctured into the wood. The dents were said to form a wide curricular shape. A bite. But the marks were not human based. When the fire fighters had entered the only room with less damage to it, they found a strange message written across the wall in red that made most of them feel a chill run down their spine. The message read, “You’re Never Alone.”
Credit To – ChamirianBels

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

Elegy for Devil’s Lake

Sit tight, my friends, as I weave a tale of magic and exploration, discovery and night. Let the fire burn low as the shadows crowd in, listening through the trees as my voice carries far and wide in the darkness. Let the wind howl through the ridges of this lake as the muses sign unto me… And the night speaks with my voice…
There was once a young man, no older than any of us. He lived, worked, slept, and ate along the ridge that you see just behind us… And he fished, drank, and explored along the coast of the lake not far below. He was a wild man, in harmony with nature, loving the day and night, the dusk and dawn, the dead and the living. But nature was not in harmony with him.
The man lived in peace with the world for many years, watching each sunset with the joy of someone seeing it for the first time. But one night was different. The sun set, just as it had for millennia, singing its song at the end of the day. The night settled in, and the wind whispered through the trees like a heavenly choir. All was at peace. And the moon rose, a bright eye high above the earth… The moon, this night, was different. It glowed orange.
The young man sat on his stone pedestal, high on the cliff above our Devil’s Lake, and watched this new moon rise with trepidation. He knew this was a natural occurrence… but this was not a natural day. The veil between this world and the next was thinnest on this Hallow’s Eve, and the man did not know what terrors this might bring. The ominous moon bearing down on him did not ease his fear. It must have been a bad omen, for it appeared as though the moon, this night, had a face. And it watched… and waited…
The ridge of stone over the lake seemed to glow with the light of the moon, sparkling like a sheet of frosted glass. The earthen chair that young man sat upon trembled as the earth seemed to heave a great sigh. Something was coming, the man knew. But he did not know what. And for the first time in his life, he was truly afraid of the dark.
The lake below shimmered, still as the sky above, and reflected the shore it harbored. The man could even see himself in the reflection of the lake, for his eyesight was strong; strong enough, perhaps, to see a worm on the other side of the earth. But there was a ripple in still water, and something below the lake moved. The reflection of the hallows moon far overhead broke into shard of glass, and the wind stopped humming. Everything was silent.
Slowly, ever so slowly, something appeared to be rising out of the water. The lake rippled and the reflections shook as the… thing (the man had no better name for it), slow as ice, stretched its way higher and higher into this world.
Describing the beast after the fact would be impossible for the man, as the sheer appearance of it was enough to drive him to insanity. But I shall describe it for you as best I can, for the night knows these details. What undulated out of the water was, at first, nothing but a single tentacle, sharpened into a spear at its tip. It was red like fire, and spotted with dark blotches of night. It wiggled slowly, quietly, almost unnoticeably as it slid between worlds. It shimmered in the light, stretching up to the moon.
The man quaked, watching this monstrosity carefully. It was the first time he had ever seen anything really pass between the worlds… but this was Hallow’s Eve, and he knew the danger of living so close to the lake. He prepared himself for what else was to appear above the water, fastening himself in a protective leather suit and wielding a heavy stone axe. The wooden handle felt rough and grainy in his calloused palm. But he knew that there would be nothing he could ultimately do. A feeling of deep dread settled in the pit of his stomach, and he waited…
Eventually, after what felt like weeks, the young man saw something more substantial than a tentacle float out of the water. The man tried to forget what he saw, but it was forever burned in his memory… Present, yet not quite… Accessible, but not really. It left an everlasting fear within, a terror he could not shake, but could not name, either. However, the night knows. The trees remember. The stones do not forget. So let them speak through me, and I will describe what happens next.
It was at first nothing more than a red lump, the base of the tentacle. It, too, was covered in patches of nothing. Then the mass grew, and space itself seemed to spread apart to create a void for the beast to pass through. The young man saw one of its ten thousand eyes… and screamed.
The eyes were intelligent, large, and a deep yellow. They had slits like those of cats, but these slits were deeper, and showed a way into unimaginable horror. They darted around, watching everything, absorbing information about this new world. The ten thousand eyes circled the monster’s great head, and blinked in unison, observing everything coolly, learning best how it could be destroyed.
Then came the smell, a scene like rotting fruit and decaying flesh. It was so potent that it reached up into the young man’s nose, all the way from the lake. The great fingers of stench reached down into his throat, causing him to gag and stop his screaming. He tasted something awful, something sulfuric and evil, as if the very power of the thing rising from the water radiated outward in a tangible form. The sheer size of the devilish creation locked the man in place, unable to move from his stone monument as the creature came closer and closer. He could feel a very real pressure in the air, like something building and growing…
A cacophony like metal scraping on metal poured from the spot broken in space within the lake, a sound like one hundred billion screams of torment and anguish. It was if Hell itself outpoured the very noise within, out into the world for anyone who cared to listen. Perhaps this sound is always here, though, just in the background, just out of our range of hearing… but the young man heard it now. And if the monster rising from the deep hadn’t broken his consciousness to pieces, what was to come next definitely did.
The beast climbed higher and higher into the air underneath the light of the orange moon, hauling more of its horrendous body out of that other no-place and into this plane. It became less red with dark splotches and more dark with red splotches, almost as if the bottom end of the creature was decaying gradually. This was not what drove the young man to insanity, however. The rest of the abomination is too horrible to describe, and incomprehensible to our minds entirely… If I were to describe it to you, I would put all of you at risk of losing your minds and descending into darkness, having learned to see evil. It is a form to horrible to even utter, let alone openly converse. And most of it cannot even be described in English, or any human tongue. There are no words for parts of the beast that rose ever slower out of our very own Devil’s Lake. But I will leave your imagination up to creating the picture, though there is nothing we can do to compare. The truth is far worse than anything we can imagine.
Finally, after what the young man must have seen as horrible, horrible years, the fiend reached the apex of its flight, and shuddered. The air, the very fabric of reality seemed to shudder with it. The moon was at the very tip of its climb as well, and now began to descend. And the monster lowered with it, as if tied to the celestial body, the monolith of stone above us. The young man watched, and breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that he was not in any danger now. The worst was over. Or so he believed.
The single tentacle of the brute, the one that had first broken the surface like shattered a mirror, felt the man’s change of heart. Taking this opportunity, for the split second the man let his guard down, the creature struck. It lashed out like a whip, stabbing the man through the chest with the expertise of a master marksman. The young man choked on blood as his eyes grew wide with horror, looking down to see a lava red tentacle impaled through his chest. Crimson droplets of life splashed carelessly onto the rock cliff, poisoned by the creature’s filthy skin. The tentacle relaxed, and pulled out of the man’s body. It may not have killed for any purpose other than to kill, for sometimes horrible events do not need a reason. Destruction for the sake of destruction is enough for far too many. But that was not the case for this beast.
The young man fell to his knees as his essence seeped away slowly, saturating the stones he sat upon. His gasped through the blood in his throat, and his eyes watched the demonic atrocity as it slid, silent now, beneath the still waves of the lake. One of its great eyes flicked around one last time, terrible fury reflected within, but also a great mirth. It did not have the opportunity to get fully into this world, but it was able to send… something in. One day, though, when the stars are right and the rivers run red, when a hallows’ moon shines orange on Hallow’s Eve, then, maybe, the portal will open wide enough for the harbinger of destruction to slip through again, fully this time. The young man knew this, and cried silently. He died, having never known anyone other than himself.
Quietly, quieter than the grave, the beast sunk back into its lair. But, in its last moments in the world above, it watched its handiwork come to life. And it laughed a deep, evil laugh. The blood of its victim slowly began to gather in one spot, like a ghastly bubble. It swelled and swelled, growing in size as the blood, poisoned by the beast, flowed out quietly. And it swirled, changing in that gory mass. Finally, when it was about the size of a human head, the bubble burst, with a single, definitive blast. And it released hundreds, perhaps thousands, of small droplets of tainted blood into the night. A droplet landed near the man’s glazed eyes, and changed. It was no longer blood, but now the same color as the leviathan that had birthed it. It swirled and spun on its axis, and a single yellow eye, miniscule in size, rose to the surface of the droplet. And this happened over and over again, each and every droplet forming an eye. Innumerable yellow eyes, blinking in unison.
The beast is patient. And it is waiting, while out in the darkness, they grow in number. They wait. And they bide their time. And they find more sources of nourishment. Just how many there are now is impossible to tell. And they’re too small to ever be noticed; the size of a drop of blood, but more dangerous than any weapon. As the man’s body finally ran cold, drained of blood, the droplets blinked as one, and slunk off into the darkness to find their next prey, and to wait. Wait for their chance. And the trees and the moon and the sky watched. The darkness watched and listened, silent and unchanging, but interested all the same. The man’s body slowly decomposed over many days, and the rocks and trees grew around him. He was absorbed by the plants he loved, forever protected in their stems and in their roots. He became part of the earth that he loved. But the same cannot be said about his blood. That is a different story.
It is said that sometimes, on some nights then the moon is full, if one stands in just the right spot on the cliff just above us, one can see a ripple when no wind has blown. The lake quivers, as if something massive beneath its surface is waiting, watching, for an opportunity to surface. And on some Hollow’s Eves, when the orange moon coincides with that dreaded night, it is spoken through the trees that one can see a red tentacle rise from the water to this very day. Sometimes a single eye will poke out of the water, patiently awaiting a new chance to stretch into this world. The times haven’t been right yet. But someday they will. It’s only a matter of time.
The young man died alone of the ridge, and the earth reclaimed his body as its own. No one has spoken of him since, but all this has been recorded faithfully by the omnipresent night, the watchers in the darkness. And all this I relate to you, the dark’s grim listener. Let this be a message to all of you; the night does you no harm. As the fire dwindles down into nothing, do not be afraid of the dark. Be afraid of what lurks within it.

Credit To – Andrew Sova

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

Annie Lied

Sometimes, it is rather hard to explain why things happen. Why do the wicked receive gifts and luxury while the good suffer in severe poverty? This is not the case always, fortunately, but in many cases, it is quite true. I happen to think of myself as a decent human being. I obey those in authority. I do not steal.
But still, there is always a pinch of hurt here and there in life, whether you be a king or slave. And it is my job here and now to deliver one of those pinches.
My name is Annie Garza. I live a normal life. I am your everyday average high school attending girl, as far as your knowledge spans.
I am not too large, nor am I too thin. I am not too smart, but I am not dumb, either. I do not think of myself as a god, nor do I see myself as dirt. I have a personality. I have a heart and soul. I breathe. Just like you. I blend into the crowd more so than for my own good.
My character traits, both good and bad include being pessimistic, quiet, patient, deceptive, strong, and tough. Those who pay enough attention say I have never cried. They are right. Either something is severely wrong with my tear ducts, or I am simply that kind of person. Or perhaps something else entirely.
Even those who choose to spend time around me know that they cannot trust me to keep secrets. I am not reliable, loyal, or in the least bit, honest. As previously stated, I am surprisingly deceptive. I could be lying right now and you would never know it.
Anyway, I am here to tell you a story. I trust you will not judge me too harshly? Very well. I will begin.

It all started on a clear autumn evening. Birds were chirping and grasshoppers buzzed around in the green grass. Leaves were just beginning to fall from the trees and onto the ground. The grass was just turning to a dead, dry brown.
My family and I lived in a log cabin, deep within the woods in a little town beside a little lake in a little state. I lived with my mom, dad, and younger sister named Krista.
At the time, Krista was brushing out my pale blonde hair with her pink plastic comb while quietly singing the tune of a familiar nursery rhyme.
“Three blind mice, three blind mice,” she chanted to herself. “See how they run, see how they run.” She skillfully twirled the strands of hair together and bunched them up. “They all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife.”
I listened to her familiar voice as she pulled back my hair into a ponytail.
“Have you ever seen such a thing in your life, as three blind mice?” She twisted the rubber band around my hair and stepped back to make sure it was straight. “There you go, Annie.”
I stood up and looked at myself in the small mirror in the back of her closet. “Thank you, Krista.” I sent her off and wandered into my own room. But as I opened the door, I had the strangest feeling I was being watched. I checked over both shoulders (not seeing anything) before proceeding into the room.
My nightstand and bed were always the first things I saw upon entering, for I would be looking directly up the bottom of the queen-sized bed when I opened the door. The window was beside the nightstand. I put my nightstand in front of it so long ago, I barely remembered why any more. I did not even remember what I used to see from my window. The curtains were covering the outside view with their dark purple tint.
I tried not to think about it too often. All I knew for sure was that I had put the nightstand up against the window for a reason when I was still a young child.
But as I drifted off to sleep that night, I heard a creak, then a loud tapping on the window. I wondered how that was possible, for my room was on the second floor of the house. Unless someone had a ladder, it should have been impossible.
So like the child I was, I went back to sleep.
An hour later, another tapping. Again, I put it aside and lay my head down on my pillow.
But the third time happened at 5:31 A.M. And this time, it sounded like someone was beating on the glass of the window. It startled me so much, I nearly fell out of bed. I was so fed up, I stood up and ripped my nightstand and curtains away from the window–and nearly jumped back in surprise.
It was Krista. And she was levitating. Before I could even ask how she was doing so, she forced open the window and grabbed my wrist.
“Come on, Annie!” She squealed happily.
I probably stood there for a good minute or so before working up the guts to slip my feet outside the window sill. My heart was racing and my eyes burned from lack of sleep, but all I could think about was reaching Krista. “How in the world are you flying?” I asked, awestruck.
“Before dawn comes, I can do this. My friend told me I had to tell you or something bad would happen to me. I told you, so now it is your turn to tell someone else or you will get in trouble with him.” Krista answered casually.
In only my nightgown, I slid out until the only thing keeping me from falling was my fingers. “How?”
It took all my nerves, but eventually I took the risk and leaped backwards into the sky. I dropped for a second, and my heart jumped into my throat, but it was like the wind caught me and lifted me back up almost instantaneously.
“Krista!” I yelped happily. “Your friend told you this?”
“Yeah. His name is Willowis! I hope you can meet him soon.”
“Did he teach you?” I asked.
“Willowis told me this. He said, ‘Krista, you can fly! You just have to believe it will work and jump out the window. But if you do not tell someone about this in two days, something terrible will happen to you! You don’t want that to happen, do you?’ When I said no, Willowis giggled. Then he said, ‘Good! Neither do I! Once you tell someone, you have to give them the same warning or the same will happen to them!’ Annie, promise me and Willowis that you will tell someone else. Please?”
I nodded, and Krista squealed happily and spun around in the air like a fairy.
Something sounded familiar about the way Krista said “Willowis”. She said it like it was a normal thing that everyone could fly. I didn’t know why, at the time, but it made me feel uncomfortable.
“Oh! Willowis is coming, Annie! You can meet him now!” Krista said, taking my wrists again. She led me down until we were just hovering over the ground like bees over a flower.
From the forest, a blue light appeared and began moving our way. I felt uncomfortable immediately, like the light was giving off some kind of dark energy.
“Willowis! I told my sister! Just like you told me to!” Krista said proudly.
The light emerged from the forest. It was not a light, but a small blue flame. It floated gently in the air, occasionally giving off little squeaks and chirps.
Then, it occurred to me that Krista was not saying “Willowis” at all. She was saying “Will-o’-the-Wisp”.
For those of you who do not know, Will-o’-the-Wisps are known all over the world as little unexplained floating lights. Of course, the name varies on nearly every continent, but the description remains strangely similar.
Krista spoke to the Will-o’-the-Wisp until the sun began to rise. But once the sun had reached the base of the tree trunks, the Wisp gave off a single high-pitched squeal and darted back into the forest, where its light dimmed, shrank, and eventually faded from sight. And we were dropped onto the ground like the sky had released its hold on us.
“Krista, how long have you been speaking to Willowis?” I asked once we returned to the house.
“I dunno. But didn’t you think he was so cool? Now, remember what you promised! I don’t want you to get hurt, okay?” And with that, she twirled around and skipped into her room.
I wanted to get back to my own room as fast as possible. I scribbled down a few notes in my journal and looked around.
The nightstand was still tossed to the side, the window still wide open, and the curtains swishing in the gentle breeze. I closed up the window and locked it and put the stand back in front of it.
The Will-o’-the-Wisp incident still made me feel strange. I made a silent pledge that I would not tell anyone about the levitating despite the fact I had promised Krista I would.
And it was that mistake that unleashed the following chain of events.
Two days passed like lightning, and still the occurrence was fresh on my mind. The night of the second day, I was lying in my bed drawing in my notebook. I heard a light tapping on the window, but I refused to answer Krista’s call.
An hour later, I heard it again, a little louder. I was wide awake, but I still wasn’t giving in.
But at 5:31 A.M., the loud banging came. I ignored it, and rolled over in my sleep, putting my head under my pillow.
Five minutes later, I became extremely cold. I sat up about to adjust the vent when I realized my window was open and the nightstand was on the other side of my bed. The locks on the window were snapped off, and my drawing supplies was scattered all over the carpet.
I was fully awake now, and I stared around in the darkness, expecting Krista to begin screaming at me. Instead, what I heard chilled me to the bone. A delicate, soft voice echoed about the room, “You broke your promise, Annie.”
A burning sensation erupted in my chest and spread to my limbs, setting my blood on fire.
“Did you forget about us?” Willowis murmured. “It has been two days. This is the way we Wisps survive. We steal your sanity to keep our own.”
Something inside me snapped as the burning sensation faded. “Three blind mice–a mother, father, and sibling,” Willowis’s taunting voice echoed. “Let’s see how she runs,” And with that, his voice vanished.
I pulled the strap of my nightgown back and examined the skin where I had felt the burning. Just as I had expected, there was a burn mark. But it was no ordinary burn mark. It was as if I had been branded by Willowis himself. Where the burning had disappeared was a fresh mark, glittering like blue flames.
After that, I forgot what happened. I woke up on the floor of my room, with a horrible feeling in my gut. I stood up and ran downstairs. When I entered the kitchen, my breath caught in my throat.
Krista stood over two dead bodies–my mom and my dad, both with their eyes forever frozen in that last shocked stare.
Three blind mice–Mom and Dad were now blind. Forever. But who was the third mouse? What was it Willowis had said. . . “A mom, a dad, and a sibling”?
The Wisps had killed them. I knew this because I could see burn marks on their bodies.
Krista’s hands were stained with blood from caressing her mother’s lifeless face. “Annie lied.” She spat with hatred when she saw me.
Willowis’s words echoed through my mind, “Let’s see how she runs.”
I ran. I ran from the house. As I ran, I could feel my sanity being sapped.
They all ran after the farmer’s wife, who cut off their tails with a carving knife.
I was considered the farmer’s wife, for after that very moment, I’d spent my days cutting off the ‘tails’ of the Will-o’-the-Wisps. They wouId chase me, thinking they had the upper hand, when I would catch them in my hands and cut the ends of their tiny bodies off with a butcher’s knife.
Have you ever seen such a sight in your life as three blind mice?
One day, I found Willowis. But as I caught him, I realized I was the third blind mouse. I was blind because I had blamed what happened on the Wisps. They did kill my parents, but I was blind because I had ignored the curse and brought this fate upon my family. I was not blind because I was dead, forced to stare in horror forever, but because I had ignored such a simple warning. It was my fault. I had not spread the word. I had been branded by Willowis, and I could never change that.
I spared Willowis that day. I cannot see him anymore. But all the time, I have the feeling I’m being watched.
And as for Krista, poor, sweet, young Krista, she still hates me to this day. She chases me as the Wisps used to, except with a knife in her fist. I can never see her smile at me ever again.
But perhaps you can learn from my mistake. All you have to do is spread the word. Tell them. Tell everyone, and you can keep your normal life.
I know who you are. I was branded by a Wisp. I am part of the Wisps now. But it is my job to help you evade such a horrible fate. There is no hope left for me, Annie Garza, in this entire world. Once my body fades, I will be forced to spend eternity on this horrible planet, luring people into the same fate I stumbled upon.
Please, I beg of you, now that you have read this, you have been subjected to this curse. I had no choice but to warn you of the fate that will someday consume mankind. Protect yourselves. Arm yourselves with knowledge.
I pray for you.

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

The Ashen

The old woman falls to the ground, crying in desperation, begging her killer to let go of her three month old daughter. She lets out one last plea as her spinal cord begins to rust, and she becomes completely paralysed. The shadow of the killer slowly looms over the weak light of the bedroom candle. Throughout the night, neighbours reported hearing a loud shriek in a house nearby. The same house that harboured the grim remains of what used to be a mother and her child.

Two weeks have gone by and no one has any lead of who the killer might be; the murderer seemed to disappear in thin air. Even so, the townspeople of Accrington were not about to let the criminal escape unpunished. The criminal has claimed many lives in this area, an estimate of 300 people have fallen victim to this unknown menace in England, since 1897; it has been two years since then. Many of the locals have become paranoid and the government has implemented a curfew no later than 8 o’ clock. And if that isn’t enough, all doors and windows of the neighbourhoods are locked down throughout the long hours of the night. And finally, the town’s guards have also been quadrupled over the years. However, even with all these security measures, the heartless menace still manages to claim a victim at least once every few weeks. There is little the people can do to end the reign of this blood thirsty beast.

The Ashen, that is the name I’ve given this monster after seeing its appearance on that fateful, moonlit night. The Ashen, its skin as pale and colourless as the void from which it came from. A creature of malice, it is intelligent but emotionless. The only time it would feel anything is the joy when it stalks and kills its poor victims. I know this creature well because I too was once a victim, and I am most likely the only individual that was lucky enough to survive and recover. Ten years ago, in 1889 was when I first encountered this creature. It’s dark curse fell upon me one night, as I was walking in the forest, enjoying the environment around me. As I slowly walked up the man-made forest trail, I noticed a large figure shrouded in a black cloak. It was moving at an amazing speed, and in it’s arms it carried the bodies of my wife and children. My heart stopped, as it screeched aloud. It stood in front of me, with the heads of my beloved family, and right at that moment it lunged forward. Many things went through my head; Is that my family?Am I dreaming?Why can’t I move?Why can’t I breathe? None of my questions were answered as the Ashen’s long claws swung at me.

When I awoke, I found it near impossible to move my body; I couldn’t even open my mouth to gasp for air, as I was having an extremely hard time breathing. I eventually gave up trying to haul myself upward, and diverted my attention to my environment. My eyes darted about trying to get a clear picture of where I was,.The moment I realized my location, tears were gushing from my eyes, only one word came to mind, as I wept, the word repeated itself a thousand times in my head, this was hell. Atleast I thought it was, my mind was very fuzzy and lightheaded. Time went on, for what seemed to be hours, until my eyes closed shut.

A loud screech suddenly awoke me, and before I even knew it, I got up and started running faster than I ever would have imagined. The wind rushing past my head, covered up the sound of my heart pounding. That thing was right behind me, and I could feel it close in. I heard it emit a deep hollow shriek, at that moment, I knew I had to do something. I quickly ducked, and the tip of it’s claw just barely pierced my elbow. My instincts took over,I quickly turned and grabbed that things arm with all my strength and bit into one of the ligaments in it’s hand. It jerked up on it’s hind legs, grabbed me, and with a smooth motion of it’s claw, my left arm fell to the ground. The pain rushed through my body several times, getting stronger each time it cycled through. The menace then threw me at the base of a nearby tree. It stood up and screeched one last time, revealing it’s exoskeleton, and an acidic substance that covered a majority of it’s chest and back. As the substance fell to the ground, the dirt around the area began to rust. This substance started to ooze uncontrollably, and the creatures body began to rust slightly. It then turned around and disappeared into the darkness, leaving me in shock and confusion.

Four days had gone by, and I mourned the death of my family. I continued to cry for many months to come, and after the third month, I decided to hunt that monstrosity down. Ever since then I called that creature the Ashen; it’s skin resembled the colourless dull shade of ashes. I began the daunting task to hunt it down, and for ten long years, I longed to encounter it once more.

Over the long years of searching, I found a small and secluded town in Switzerland, this was once home of the Ashen’s creator, and the birthplace of the Ashen. This creature was created 60 years ago, and Dr. Edwin Braun is the scientist responsible for the existence of the Ashen. Dr. Braun passed away many years ago but his damned creation lives on. The Ashen was created with the intention to serve humanity, Dr.Braun used the philosophical theories of magick and science, as well as the corpses of three humans and a wolf, to produce this creature. However, this creature bowed down to none, it killed Dr.Braun and fled the town. This is all the information I have been given by the elders of the town, the same people that witnessed the Ashen`s birth all those years ago.

Even though I know how this creature came into existence, I still do not know it`s true purpose. This abomination is completely irrational, promoting the insanity in an individual`s mind. I am starting to realize that the Ashen might possibly be a paradox of never ending madness, consuming the sanity of its victims. It might have had a beginning, but it may not have an end.

Credit To – HamtheGreat
Credit Link –

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

Tenebris Se (Please don’t actually do this, it is for informative purpose only)

Let me begin by warning you [color=#FF0000]NOT[/color] to try this; from what I have experienced personally or found out through external sources this is not something to play around with and the consequences can be fatal. This ritual became popular in the olden times were not everyone had the luxury of being able to stay in a warm home for the winter and have enough food for themselves and their family to get through the year. They were hard times, the rich became richer and the poor stayed poor; too an extent this still happens to this very day. But what many don’t know is that these rich people don’t obtain their status through “legitimate” and hard working ways, no most if not all perform something called “Tenebris se”, this ritual was commonly know back in the olden days however it has been buried under the weight of history and faded to the present day; so don’t go around on the streets screaming and yelling at every rich person you see shouting “Tenebris se!”, because they most likely got where they are fairly and with hard work.

However this does not mean the ritual is no longer around, no it is the exact opposite. One must just dig deeper to find it. Before I bore you with all this back story and lore nonsense, let me tell you what the ritual actually is. Now, the way it works is simple; you think of something you deeply desire and then perform the ritual, sounds easy right? Well not quite. You see the way the ritual gives you what you want is you have to follow the rules of it’s game. The game is played out by two people, your self and a demon who’s name is unknown. Before we begin the ritual you must first set up protection. You will need…
- One bag of salt
- A bucket of water
- A lighter
- Four books (three are used for the ritual)
- A mirror (must be relatively large)

Now that you have these things begin by pouring the salt in a circular fashion on the floor – note you need a large open space for this. Once the circle has been made, place the bucket of water in the middle of that circle and the mirror directly opposite to it; making sure that the mirror is facing you. Some things to watch out for are: making sure the circle of salt is complete and not broken at any point in the ritual, the salt will prevent the demon from escaping the “playing field”. Another thing to watch out for is that the bucket is not spilled at any moment during the ritual, the water acts as “holy water” during the summoning and prevents the demon from using its full power. [color=#FF0000]YOU MUST[/color] make sure not to look away from the mirror whilst carrying out the ritual, if you do the ritual will end, the game will not be played and your wish will not be granted; the mirror itself is used to contain the demon and prevent him from coming into your reality. If you follow these rules you should be safe.

Now that the safety procedures have been carried out we must actually perform the ritual, feel free to stop the ritual now if you are feeling uncomfortable or nervous; these things will seriously effect your performance during the game. If you feel confident to continue start by placing two candles on each side of the mirror so that it is illuminated, making sure to actually light the candles- remember darkness is what certain demons thrive off. Now proceed to place three books in front of you, it does not matter which books they are as long as it is not the “Holy Bible” and that they are at least 90 pages long, lay the books out so that they are separated with equal spacing and making sure that you are still facing the mirror. The layout should look like this.

OK, the whole setup is now complete and the only things left to do is to follow the rules to start the game, you must not have any lights on apart from the candles mentioned earlier. You must not be recording since for some stupid reason demons seem to be camera shy and only want your eyes to see what no one else can. The last rule of thumb is that you [color=#FF0000]MUST[/color] and I repeat [color=#FF0000]MUST[/color] not leave the ritual after the summoning has been commenced. If you feel uncomfortable or nervous leave now. Simply blow out the candles and without saying ANYTHING leave the room, close the door, then proceed to leave the house; go find a hotel or a friends house and sleep immediately. When you awaken in the morrow go back to the house and before breaking the circle of salt remove all items within it. For those who are brave enough to continue however, read on.

Now that your are in complete darkness and silence the ritual may begin. Start by repeating these four words over and over again, “Et ego prouoco te ‘”. If you turn on the lights or a camera at this point, end the ritual. If you feel nervous, end the ritual. If the circle is broken, end the ritual. If you so much as have any doubts about whether this will work or fail, end the ritual; because after this you will no longer be able to leave. If you still feel confident then proceed by skipping to the 66th page in the middle book making sure to continue reciting the words. Now turn to the 66th page on the left book, once again do not stop reciting the words. Finally turn to the 66th page on the right book; DO NOT STOP RECITING THE WORDS ELSE END THE RITUAL. Now light all three books on fire and count to ten, then stop reciting the words and shout “Venite quartum!” once done so you must quickly shut your eyes and after five seconds open them…

You will be presented with a figure of you deepest fear, do not leave the game; for if you do the demon will come fourth and slip into your reality and from that point only god knows what horror he will bestow upon you. Do not look away from the fear, as it is the demon trying to catch you out and make you look away from him; if you do this he will disappear once you’ve looked back, he will now be behind you. If you have built up enough courage to look at your worst feat and not tremble then the demon will proceed to ask you a question “What is your deepest desire?” you must now answer honestly with your deepest desire whether it be wealth, power or love etc… once you have answered the demon will reach out with his hand and go through the glass, take his hand; don’t worry whilst you may think he is taking you to where he has ultimate power, demons have to follow rules just like you do, so he can not hurt you as long as you stick to your side of the rules.

The demon will take you to a room were he will be standing opposite to you, the room will be plain and quite small; you may or may not receive a chair to sit on depending on how much the demon “likes” you. Do not fall for this, the demon is trying to trick you, once you sit on the chair you will be stuck on it and will no longer be able to “play”… The game will now commence, the rules are simple, the demon will count down from ten and when he reaches zero begin to chase after you, the goal is to go through the door randomly placed around the room and then enter the next room were you will do the same thing – note you can run through these doors before the demon counts down to zero to give yourself a head-start. You should avoid the demon from even sight if possible as even his glare will ware you of energy. The objective of the game is to run from the demon until you find a black door- unlike the white doors that you have been running through. Once the door has been opened and you have passed through [color=#FF0000]MAKING SURE TO CLOSE IT BEHIND YOU[/color] you will return back to your room and your wish will be granted. You must now end the ritual the correct way (this is was already explained, look back to make sure you have memorized how to do it)

Some things that you should be aware of… If you are caught by the demon then you will lose the game and what will happen to you is unknown. If you do not close the black door after stepping through, the demon will return with you and what will happen to you is unknown, If you see a red door and not a black one [color=#FF0000]DO NOT ENTER IT[/color] this is another trick the demon it trying to play to get you to lose, make sure to enter only the white doors and a black door if you see one. This is just some advise and is not necessary but try not to make too much noise as you may or not attract another entity and make matters a lot worse for yourself. LASTLY if you are not awake at 12pm the following day then your wish shall not be granted.

Thank you for reading and [color=#FF0000]PLEASE[/color] if you have any curious wonders that want you to try this or are being pressured by your friends to try it. [color=#FF0000]REFER TO THE TITLE[/color].
Credit To – JokerDayz A.K.A: Seb

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July 2, 2014
by derpbutt

The Dentist

The dentist takes out his drill and slowly inches it closer to me face

“You may feel a slight pinch” He tells me. The whirring sound attacking my ears gets louder, and the instrument gets closer

I begin to sweat, I go to pull his hand away from my face when I see that my arms are strapped to my chair by leather bindings. I start to thrash around like a dying fish in a hope to escape the horror that awaits me.

“Now now, don’t make this harder than it needs to be” He whispers through clenched teeth.

The drill moves even closer to my mouth, so steadily, so viscously. The instrument is about one inch from my tooth, and in one swift motion, the dentist shoves it hard down my throat. The drill goes through my neck and pierces out the other side. My grip on reality quickly fades and the world around me begins melting. The last thing I see is the dentist’s ironically disgusting smile, and the harsh brightness of the overhead light.

I wake up.

This is a reoccurring dream I’ve been having leading up to my dentist appointment. I’ve always had a fear of the dentist ever since I was a little kid. The thought of them accidentally slipping and shoving a toothbrush through my uvula gave me the chills. One could only wonder why. My appointment is today and I have to face it whether I like it or not. I’m about to get ready to go get some errands done before my appointment when I’m startled by my phone’s ring.

It’s a pre-recorded message from the dentists office telling me my appointment had been moved from three to six this Tuesday. This is not an uncommon thing, the local dentistry is the only one within fifty miles, so it’s usually very busy. They probably had to reschedule it because of the number of appointments they have.
That means I have time to do my errands, get home, and relax for a little while.

I finish up my grocery shopping and I plop on the couch the instant I get home. I watch TV for what feels like five minutes before my watch tells me that it’s fife-thirty. Time to go.

I hop in my car and drive off to the Waugh Chapel Dentistry and Orthodontist Center. I enter the building and there’s an unusual silence. The waiting room that’s usually full of screaming adolescents and children is completely empty and the television that usually plays CNN non-stop is off.

I must be the last appointment of the day.

After a few minutes of waiting in one of those uncomfortable plastic chairs the desk lady calls my name. As I walk through the door to the dentist’s room she gives me a surprisingly large smile. It seems almost…sinister. I sit down in my chair and wait for the dentist. He comes in a few minutes. He is surprisingly friendly and helps to get some of the stress that I’m feeling off of my shoulders. The dentist is very social and doesn’t make me feel nervous at all. He tells me about his favorite baseball team while he cleans my teeth and how they’re doing this year. He even tells me about his coworkers and gives a few amusing anecdotes. I guess my fear of the dentist is just a stup-

My phone rings.

The dentist stops cleaning my teeth for me to answer but by that time it’s already gone to voicemail. The dentist looks over as it plays out loud.

“This is Sandra from Waugh Chapel Dentistry telling [Sam] that you have missed your dentist appointment for 3:00 today. Please call to reschedule. Our hours are from ten to five. I hope you have a flossy great day!”

I feel a leather strap tighten around my wrist.
Credit To – Sam St. John

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