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June 11, 2015
by derpbutt

A Game of Endless Death

My entire world is ending. I’ve been watching my back for the past few days, and even though I thought I had gotten rid of it, it is still behind me! It watches me and I know it does. I’ll just be sitting in the library on campus when I’ll notice a feeling of being watched, I’ll turn and see it. I need a way out of this. I should probably explain a little more of what I mean.

Back in September of 2014 my friends and I all went to the fair for some fun. We did games and rode in the sky lift. It was when I got home I decided to go online to look at those “haunted games” you see. Like for example, the Midnight Game is one a read a lot. Then I saw a new one, this one says that you need a person from the opposite sex to play it with. So I got my friend Hannah to play it with me, she came over and sat on my bed while I read the instructions aloud. All we had to do was sit back to back and say on simple word every other second. The word was “**********” and it was not easy to mess up on. We also had to close our eyes and have lit candles all around the room. We sat on my bed and closed our eyes after lighting the candles. Then we both said “**********”. We waited for something to happen, I had also read that we were not supposed to open our eyes until we’ve said the word 10 times. So we said it again after four seconds. And again until we had said ten of them. I know for a fact it was ten because I would open my palm and place a finger on my chest after each time. So I opened my eyes and all of the candles were out. I turned around to see Hannah and she was crying.

“Why are you crying?”

“I…I’m sorry…”

“Hannah, did you put out the candles?”

“Wallace I’m so sorry…”

“Hannah, what did you do? Answer me now.”




“Now, Hannah! NOW!”

“I opened my eyes in the middle of the game!”

I stared at her, I didn’t know what to say. She was still crying very hard and looked as if she had died. I turned on the lights and opened my laptop back to website.

“Hannah, what did you see.”

“I barely saw anything, I swear! It was too dark for me to see anything!”

“Hannah, tell me what you saw.”

“I…not now.”

I got back to the web page and searched up the game and what happens if you opened your eyes during the game. It said nothing much will happen, but it is only applicable if both opened your eyes. If only one opened, it’s not good. Obviously this was a very scary situation, not only was I going to get hurt from this, but Hannah was going to get an even more severe punishment. I kissed her on the forehead to get her to calm down, then I walked her back to her dorm room. I told her goodnight and then headed back to my dorm room. I was halfway back when I heard what sounded like footsteps behind me, I turned around and saw nothing. I shrugged it off and continued walking in the night back to my dorm room.

The next day I was awoken to the knocking at my dorm room door. I got up and walked to it and opened it to see Hannah standing in front of me. I let her in and she sat on my bed. I sat on my chair and we sat there quietly for a good ten minutes until she spoke up.

“I saw something.”

“Saw what?”

“A figure, it looked human, but I couldn’t tell completely. It was putting out all of the candles when it would look at us to make sure we had our eyes closed shut. I didn’t see anymore until it walked up and started breathing on me. That was when you said it was okay for us to open our eyes.”

“That sure is something.”

“The worst part was this morning. I was walking with my friend Amelia and I heard some footsteps coming closely behind us. I turned and saw someone I didn’t know. I asked Amelia what she thought of that girl behind us, she turned and said she saw no one. I turned and she was still there. I asked her if she was joking and she looked completely serious.”

“I had something like that happen to me last night! I was walking back from your dorm room and heard some footsteps, I turned around but saw nobody there…”

“You’ve got to be messing with me. I can’t believe it. Please, stop.”

With that she dashed out of the room. If only her last words to me weren’t “please, stop”. The police found her body mangled and destroyed a few miles from campus. She had been missing for two days until they found her near a supermarket parking lot. Her arm was broken, her bone in her leg was completely shattered, and her throat was slashed. I was terrified for this. I was one of the last people to see Hannah, so I knew the police were going to ask me about what happened. I heard a knock at the door, so I went to go check it out. I looked out and saw a man in a track suit just standing in front of my door. He wasn’t moving, he was just staring at my door. He knocked again.

“Get the fuck away from me!”

That got some other people to turn their heads. They walked up to my door and started asking if I was alright in there. They didn’t notice the man in the track suit. I ran to the window, after grabbing my cell phone and keys. I didn’t want to know what the man was going to do, but I sure as hell didn’t want to find out. I opened the window and slowly moved over to the rain gutter and went down both floors and managed to get away. I got into my car and started to drive away, I didn’t know where to go and I looked up. I saw it in my rear-view mirror. It kept walking towards my car. I sped up more and got off campus and away from it. Since then I started doing research about the game Hannah and I had played. The game is detailed as a vicious attempt of immortality. If you can manage to avoid the temptation of looking at the creature, even when it gets close to you, you will be granted immortality. However, if you gaze upon it, it will try to kill you. Nobody will see it, only you and the other player. No one has survived looking.

Now that I’ve gotten to the point of my story where I needed shelter I’ll tell you this. I am not rich, so I have to go to a dollar store or a fast-food restaurant for anything. I went to my friends’ place to crash and they said it was okay. I took the extra bed that was in their room. Then it came back. It was a woman this time, it wore a blue dress and was banging on the front door. I knew what it wanted, so I tried to get back to sleep. This was only until I heard a scream come from downstairs. My friends and I ran down and saw that it had murdered their mother by ripping out her tonsils. I ran back up the stairs, hoping that it would follow me and not them. I got to the second floor and realized that the hall seemed longer than it should. I turned the corner and saw my friend Alex was being hung. I ran out of that room, she was getting closer. I ran into another room to see my other friend pinned against the wall. I kept seeing everyone I knew and loved dead in each other the rooms. I wanted an escape, I got into a room where I saw Hannah’s dead body and I jumped out the window. I waited for the fall to kill me.

I opened my eyes screaming as the last candle was put out, the creature stood the hunched over my bed it smiled and then vanished. Hannah turned around wide eyed and crying.

“I…I’m sorry…”

“Hannah, I saw it too. There’s no need to be sorry.”

I hugged her as she started sobbing into my shoulder, then I heard footsteps down the hall and banging on my dorm room door.

Credit To – Semoponume

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June 11, 2015
by derpbutt

The Suit on the Window

If you find yourself near a salvation army or good will, I recommend looking for suit jackets that look worn out, something that’s chilling to the touch. Something that gives off an unpleasantness that only death can cause. Why someone would want to “waste” 3.75 on a garment worn by a dead stranger will be explained.

I bought a coat like this on a hot summer day, taking the creeping cold as a boon rather than a warning. The clerks never told me why it was so cheap, nor did I care. I needed to look presentable on my court day to get out of traffic tickets. Afterwards it lingered in a dust jacket waiting to be used again. Seeing as I was moving, I saw opportunities for it.

I substitute curtains for other objects often, using blankets, towels and clothes to cover windows. When I unpacked my suit coat from storage, I realized my curtain was missing for the laundry room window. Came like that with the house me and my girlfriend moved into. Since I hated how flimsy cheap curtains were, I decided to hang the coat on the curtain rod to block the window.

At night when I come back from work, the room’s light made the suit into a scary silhouette, almost like a thirteen foot man was sitting by the window, his head just out of view. It would take me off guard often, believing that something was wrong with the house.

Apparently it scared my neighbors too, because they would always tell me that they could see a giant man in a suit staring out through the window at them, when I was at work late. I considered this a blessing though, as no hoodlums ever tried to kick in the back door. Me and my girlfriend, Mara, paid no mind to it for a couple weeks.

More stories from my neighbors reached my ears. It was a haunted suit coat. It was the boogeyman. It was the devil, or slender, or any of the many fictional monsters they knew. I was getting sick of the rumors despite the scarecrow like presence the window coat offered, and assured them all that nothing malevolent lived here. It made me wonder how they could even see it considering you would have to be in my backyard to know where it was…

I never see a man walking around in my house when I drive back at night. The suit never moved, never showed signs of occupancy or wear. It just sat at the window and assured nobody could peek inside, just like a regular curtain. Aside from noises outside, we never had to worry.

One night though, me and Mara pulled up to the house after work. We noticed there was something else in the house too, visible past the jacket. Apparently a crack head teenager finally decided to break in. As our headlights revealed him in the laundry room, he locked eyes with us, the glint of a knife in his sweater and a backpack full of our belongings inside.

He rushed through the house to flee out the front door, and I jumped out of my truck, in hopes of cornering him. As soon as my feet were on the ground, the suit shifted. It inflated, and turned to its side as if to look at the intruder. It strode out of sight to the front door. Me and Mara screamed in surprise as our makeshift curtain morphed into a figure of black in the shape of a sneaking giant.

I hesitantly fled around the house, wondering what the hell was going on. I noticed after edging the corner of the house that the door was de-hinged, but the intruder’s backpack still remained. He wasn’t gone yet. I twisted up and peered through the open door.

On our living room floor was our uninvited guest, sprawling across the floor like a rat in a tape trap. The suit had grabbed him, invisible claws digging into his neck and arms, pulling him into a macabre yoga pose. He looked to me as if he wanted help. I would have if I wanted to try and pull him from a coat that just sprung to life and is now in the process of eating him. He reached out for me, and a guttural roar stunned him, and drove me back. It pulled him close like a transparent predator, tightening it’d grip against the terrified teen.

Mara came inside and beheld the horror with me. The intruder was hoisted into the air, one of his legs already being twisted and drawn into the suit’s abysmal exterior. He was being broke apart, turned into a bloodless mush that drained through the collar’s opening. He squealed in a tone nobody could hear but us. The suit coat wheezed and gargled, then bent the boy in half, the cracking of ribs and vertebrae being silenced by its breathing noises as it began to inhale him. Like a starving anaconda it enveloped the twitching broken boy through the top, the arms resting on the protruding body, holding him in place as it crushed him. He was no more in mere seconds, swallowed into a lightless cavity within the buttoned suit. It stood, as if there was a man we could not see wearing it, and glided back into the laundry room with demonic grace.

Mara and I drove far, we drove until the sun rose, and we didn’t say anything to each other, trying to convince each other that none of this was real. We were so hardwired to flee we almost drove 200 miles, refusing to look back out of fear of seeing a disembodied suit pursuing us.

We slept at a rest stop and drove slow on the way home, stopping by a gun shop and buying the deadliest weapons we were allowed. I told the clerk we were going to kill a demon suit. It wasn’t the weirdest reason he heard. The dialogue stabilized our morale, calming us enough to continue.

When we made it back home, it was left just as it was before. Wide open doors, lights still on, and a creepy looking suit hanging on the curtain rod. A suit that looked like a thirteen foot man when in the right lighting. We hung around the suit for awhile with our guns, but never got the guts to fire. Mara said it protected us. It could have killed us years ago in our other homes, but it didn’t. I always treated it well despite it being second-hand, so maybe it spared devouring us for that reason. I put the gun away, and doing so the tightness in the air left. The suit exhaled, it’s shape flattening and de-wrinkling.

Mara and I inspected the suit, the floor and everything else in the house. There was no sign that the intruder was ever here except for his backpack. No blood anywhere in the suit or on the floor, even after a human being was broken in half and devoured by it. We saw flyers at Wal-Mart about a missing teenager who looked exactly like the suit’s victim, but we told nobody. If it wasn’t for the suit he may have stabbed us. We don’t know who used to own it, where it came from, or if it’s even a real coat at all. All I do know, is that it’s fresher, softer and more comfortable to wear since that night.

There are nights where I see it float around the house and it scares the shit out of me, but it only does that when strangers come around at night. We have kept it for years now, and we never have to lock the doors anymore. There are still instances where we know it devoured somebody who decided to pay an unsolicited visit, but we are okay with that. people go missing all the time here, most of them being burglars and drug addicts. They make my suit more fluffy and sleek every time they try.

a word of advice to my readers, don’t wander too close to homes with a suit hung in the window. Should you attract the attention of one of these sharp dressed man-eaters, know you’ll never be seen again. Know that you will be eaten alive, broken backwards in a way where you can see your own ass before you die.

If you come across any creepy inexpensive garments in a second hand store, that just don’t feel right, buy them anyway. They are cheap, and if you’re lucky, and treat them right, they’ll impress the traffic court judge, and they’ll save your life. Just keep them well fed.

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June 11, 2015
by derpbutt


When I was younger I was a pretty fearless kid. I didn’t mind the dark and pretty much nothing really scared me. I lived in a nice house in the countryside and as I was an only child life was pretty quiet, there weren’t many kids nearby so most of the time I had to amuse myself.

One summer when I was 9 I decided to attempt to build a den in the trees at the end of the garden, a task which for a kid of my age took a very long time! After about a month of dragging old boxes and plastic sheets etc. to the den and getting everything perfect, it finally looked awesome and was ready to play in. I spent a week or two just playing in their mostly on my own, it was the best thing I ever did! We had a family friend come and visit us not long after it was complete and she bought her young daughter with her (let’s call her Sarah) who was about 6 at the time, so a bit younger than me. She was a quiet kid who didn’t really say or do much, but she was quite fun when she came out of her shell.

One day, about a week into her visit, we were playing in the den and it starting to get a bit dark. Now as I said before, this didn’t bother me at all, but the darker it got, the more fidgety Sarah got. After about ten minutes of her looking around and fidgeting I asked her what was wrong. She went really still and I got the strangest feeling as she just sat there and stared at me. After about three minutes I was ready to get the hell out of there and started to collect all the toys we’d been playing with. As I was walking away from the den I heard Sarah shout something and next thing I knew she was running past me, after I caught up with her I asked her what was wrong and she simply said ‘They don’t want you to be my friend.’ I stared at her for what seemed like ages and eventually she just walked off.

Throughout the whole of dinner she was staring at me and muttering to herself and at this point I was pretty creeped out. After dinner we just watched some TV and went upstairs to bed while the adults stayed downstairs. I remember locking my door, which was weird for me as I usually left it open, but something about what Sarah had said made me feel uneasy. The rest of the week she stayed at our house, weird things were happening… toys I left around were moving to different places, doors were slamming in the night and I’m pretty sure I could hear someone breathing outside my room at night. This continued for the rest of their visit but didn’t really escalate and eventually Sarah left.

Now I continued to play in the den for the rest of the summer without disruption. Eventually as time went on, I grew up and lost interest in the den as I thought it was childish now I was at the grand old age of 13. I made more friends who lived close by and had a pretty normal few years, until Sarah came to stay again. Now this visit I remember much more clearly than the last time due to the downright creepiness of it. When Sarah came to stay we were at awkward ages where I thought I was too cool to hang around with a 10 year old and she just wasn’t interested in all the things a thirteen year old was interested in. One night we were eating dinner and I was trying desperately to make conversation with her, after much effort she finally started to talk back to me a little bit and told me what she’d been doing and all that sort of thing. Eventually she asked me if the den was still there. I was a bit taken aback by this as I had almost forgotten the weird evening in the den the last time and for some reason I got that strange sensation again. I told her it was too dark to go right then, and I would take her there when I had some friends round the next day.

The following day my friends came round and we spent the day just hanging out in the garden and forgot about taking Sarah to the den. Later on in the day when it was just me and two of my friends left, I decided to take her to the den and took my friends along with me. It had become a bit overgrown over the years, but the general structure was still okay, so we sat in there for a bit and had a picnic and played some games with Sarah. As it started to get dark I noticed that Sarah was doing the same fidgety thing she had done the last time she came over, I took this as a cue to get her back to the house where it was light. That night I locked my door again – I hadn’t locked it since Sarah’s last visit – and even though I had friends with me in my room, I still felt uneasy.

I woke up at around 2am from the worst nightmare I had ever had, at this point I felt the need to wake my friends for a bit of support (very unlike me). As we were sitting on the bed, trying to take my mind off things, I noticed that the door was open a crack. Neither of my friends had seen me lock the door and I had a bathroom in my bedroom so there was no need for it to be open. I asked them if either of them had been out the room and they both swore they hadn’t. After I had convinced myself it was clear for me to run out and shut the door I jumped out of bed to go and lock it again. I ran back to the bed as fast as lightening and started laughing at my stupid fear. I looked up and realised the looks on my friends faces were looks of pure terror. I had no idea what was up and they were both just staring at the door refusing to tell me what was wrong in case they scared me even more. We all stayed in bed and eventually must have fallen back to sleep. I woke up again about two hours later and this time my friends were already awake. One of them just whispered to me that I shouldn’t move and I instantly felt this insane wave of terror go through my body. They were hugging me close like they never had done before. After about ten minutes I felt the compelling need to look out from under the covers and see what all the fuss was about, that’s when I saw Sarah standing by the door. I screamed and sat bolt upright as did my two friends and we just sat there staring at her not really knowing what to do. Eventually I got my torch from the side of the bed and shone it on her, she was shaking uncontrollably, smiling and staring at something above the bed.

Me and my one friend looked around to see what she was staring at behind us and one kept her eye on the door to make sure Sarah didn’t do anything weird. I wish to this day that I hadn’t turned around. As I shone my torch over the wall behind us, in massive writing there were the words ‘She’s not your friend.’ written in a child like scrawl. At this point I got hysterical and so dd my friend so obviously our other friend turned round to look and started screaming as well. When we turned back around – still screaming – Sarah was gone. At this point it got too much for us and we all got out of bed and ran over to the door, I pulled the handle expecting it to open as Sarah had obviously got in and out somehow, to my utter confusion it was still locked. I unlocked it and all three of us ran to my parents room downstairs. I burst through the door and practically dragged them out of bed, they must have seen the genuine terror on our faces because they were out of bed and following us in a matter of seconds while we were breathlessly trying to explain what had happened. when we flipped on the lights in my room we stared at the wall – nothing was there. At this point my parents were extremely angry that we had woken up the whole house and dragged them out of bed for no reason and automatically assumed we were doing some sort of ridiculous prank. We didn’t sleep for the rest of the night.

The next morning when we woke up, we all had random little cuts and bruises on us and we had no idea where they came from. When we went downstairs we all had a decent telling off, but then Sarah’s mum came downstairs and told us that Sarah was ill and they would probably be going home that day so she was more comfortable. They eventually left and my friends went home, I had terrifying nightmares from then on which seemed too real to ignore, my friends said they were experiencing the same, we agreed to never speak of what happened that night again. It may not be the most scary story in the world, but to this day I can’t get the image of Sarah being in my room out of my head. The things that happened that night could not be explained and there was no logical way my door could have been opened and closed so quickly. Eventually the nightmares and strange noises in the night got too much for me and once my parents started to hear weird things we decided it was time to leave the house. I haven’t seen Sarah again and my parents have told me that whatever illness she had when she was here had really had a damaging effect on her, in my mind it wasn’t an illness she had, there was something evil in that girl and I didn’t want to find out what it was.

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June 11, 2015
by derpbutt

Cabin 7

The summer after freshman year of college, I became a camp counselor. During training, a two-week period, many stories were traded around the campfires. There were two counselors that held back though. Two that seemed to keep to themselves, and talked in hushed tones. I was quite curious about this pairing, but being one of the new arrivals, I kept to the other newbies.

The first week of camp went without a hitch. The second week of camp is where things began to be a little bumpy.

The second week was the first week that all staff had been working at camp. We all received our assignments, and I was placed with another new counselor in cabin 7. This was the youngest girls cabin, housing 7-9 year olds. We quickly set up our stuff and headed out for meeting. The pair that had distinguished themselves in my mind earlier seemed to eye me over. They started talking to themselves about the first week of that cabin’s use this summer, and wondering if “She” would show up.

Later that evening, my co-counselor came to me, nearly shaking. She had heard that our cabin was the haunted cabin, and that she was afraid of ghosts. This wasn’t my first rodeo, and knew that sometimes, fear itself can be a powerful motivator for spirits.

After putting all the kids to sleep, I told my counselor to just sleep it off, and all would be fine in the morning.

In the middle of the night, I woke up. Something had caused me to stir.

I rolled away from the wall and saw a girl with her back to me, holding my fellow counselor’s hand. They were both turned away from me, and next to my co-counselor’s bed. I tried to make out the figure, as it was taller than my normal co-counselor.

Slowly, it dawned on me. This was the girl that the pair had talked about. This was the one known for haunting this cabin for so many years. Having to keep my cool so that none of the little girls were freaked out, I shut my eyes and rolled back towards the wall. I kept thinking to myself, go away, go away, go away. I could still feel her presence there, but I willed myself not to look.

The morning came and I brought some of the girls for the pre-breakfast run. While they went running, I went upstairs for a cup of coffee. The pair was up there; seemingly everywhere I went I found them. They stopped talking once they saw me.

I walked up to them and described the girl that I saw the night before, and all that had happened. Their mouths dropped open, and they quickly glanced at each other. One asked, “How is this even possible?”
The other answered, “I don’t know….”

The first turned to me and he said, “You have the veil slightly pulled from your eyes. You can see her when she wants to be revealed. This is dangerous. This girl died here years ago, and has slowly been going dark. She has also been growing stronger and stronger.”

“Wait, why is it dangerous?” I asked.

He replied, “Because. That was meant for your co-counselor. She admitted to being scared, and so the girl wanted to ‘play’. But now she knows that you saw her, and she will come after you now. She has been ignored for so long, that she just wants to ‘play’.”

“I don’t see how playing can be bad. Why can’t we just talk to her?”

“NO!” the girl of the pair piped up, “We tried that. We tried exercising her. We tried everything. While you were only here for normal staff training, we came early. She has electricity under her command now. She is a poltergeist.”

That last line loomed in the air. Poltergeist. I slowly collected my kids from running as what I had been told rolled around in my brain.

I didn’t see the girl the rest of the week. But I heard her. Every night.

One girl always fell asleep first. She hadn’t snored before, but from that one night on, she always fell asleep first. When she did, she didn’t end up snoring. She ended up screaming. A high-pitched, blood-curling wail. And I was the only one who could hear it. Everyone else seemed unfazed. I just curled up into a ball, dealt with the torment, until the end of the week came.

By the end of the summer, I learned to stay away from cabin 7. I wasn’t the only one who experienced her that summer. My boss, while walking his dog, started approaching the cabin when his dog started to go crazy. His dog started bouncing all over the place, barking and snarling. My boss tried to calm him down, but then the dog grew frightened but kept up the incessant barking.

He looked up to see what it was.

The curtains in the entire cabin slammed shut, and he started to see the lights flickering through the curtains just as he heard a small girl scream, “GET OUT!”

He dropped the leash and ran.

The camp was empty that week, save my boss and his dog.

The camp remains open today in Minnesota.

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June 7, 2015
by derpbutt

Fog People

News and radio stations told us of a fog that had covered north america over the course of one evening. Being that is was summer time, unfortunately the death count was high due to the fog rolling in through open windows. Let me explain. This fog, comes in the evenings, and is gone at dawn. People who come in contact with the fog, disappear. If you are not engulfed completely, that body part will suddenly be gone, you wont feel it until you pull it back from the fog. I saw this on the news one evening when a news anchor reached his hand out a window. Triumphantly he pulled it back in and screamed staring at his now missing hand. It was quite gory honestly. Things still function but a lot of people are missing. Animals too. The news is the only show on and you can now only watch it around noon. All they talk about is the fog, and tips on how to survive. We have been urged to stay indoors as much as possible especially at the end of the day. Electricity stays on but with no one to man the power station in the evenings it promptly shuts off at five pm. The news anchors are hopeful that the military will take care of this, but with no word from any government officials, not even the president, hope is bleak. I haven’t seen anyone in a while. But i do mostly stay at my house. One evening, while i was lighting some candles, i saw a figure across the street. It looked like a person, it stood outside of my neighbors house looking up at the window. I saw the curtain shift and an old woman peeped out. Her smile was huge and she threw open her door seconds later. “Henry!” She yelled throwing her arms open to embrace him. Then she was gone, him as well.
I was quite shaken up the next morning. With the power back on i started cooking my frozen beef patties, and beer in hand i looked out the window. I gasped and dropped my beer spilling it onto the floor as i gazed upon my neighbors open door. I turned off the heat and strode over there, the house was fine and looked as if she had just left to go to the store or something trivial. I had hoped what i saw last night was something of my imagination.
I went inside closing and locking my doors and windows. I didn’t feel safe anymore. It took nearly a week for the news to catch on to the people appearing in the fog. they had a moment of silence for a fallen comrade, who had went to greet her deceased husband, and disappeared. I had seen what i believed to be figures moving through the fog nearly every night. But none of them were clear, just human like grey blobs moving in a thick fog. Then one evening about two months after this had all started, i heard it. “Jamie” It was spoken an almost malevolent way, but by such a sweet voice. I blew out all the candles in the house and although the dark scared me a great deal i moved throughout my house, moving from window to window, until i saw that standing outside of my front door was a figure. I assumed her to be one of the fog figures but this one was clear to me. It was my most recent ex girlfriend, one who i so passionately loved. I was heart broken when she moved to Paris only telling me she wanted to see other people. “Jamie, i’m back, please let me in” I stared at her, wondering if she knew i was staring at her since she had not turned her head. I was yearning to toss open the door and embrace her, but i remembered that lady.
“Jamie, please, i’m scared” The thing in my front yard said, so innocently, so sweetly. I tore myself away from the window, picking up my headphones from the coffee table. I drowned her out with my music and when i woke up the fog was gone. It was morning according to my clock it was almost noon. I wondered if i was going stir crazy as i went outside. I hadn’t seen a plane since this all started, if this was real why wasn’t she affected by the fog, it had to be fake i thought. I saw no traces of her in the yard, i breathed a sigh of relief. Coming towards me i saw a small girl, she was crying and walking around aimlessly. She appeared to be about 13 but i was never good with ages.
“Hey are you okay?” I called out to her. She smiled and waved, running up to me. “I’ve run out of food at my house and my parents haven’t been back in a long time. you are the first person I’ve seen and I’ve been going house to house for a week. Would you mind if i stayed with you?” Desperate for some company i agreed and showed her inside. I gave her the grand tour and she went up into the room i told her i could have. I made her food immediately I deep fried the last of my french fries and opened my last beer. The power shut off just as i was finishing up. We ate in silence that night and for many nights to come. My ex girlfriend was out there every night for weeks. Eventually being joined by my mom, who had died long before the fog pandemic even happened. Then one night as i had just went to sleep, headphones on to block out the beckoning, i was shook awake by the girl i now lived with.
“They found me” She said. My first thought was i knew this girl was trouble, probably got into something with a boyfriend or gang and that’s why shes been living here. I said “Who?” To which she replied “My parents” I looked at her in stunned silence. “What?” I looked at the time on my dying phone and it read three am.
“My parents, they are in the fog, they call my name, they want me to go out there. They tell me i’ll be with them in heaven but i don’t like they way they say it. I don’t want to go to heaven.” She said teary eyed. I shushed her and went to the window. Besides my ex girlfriend and mother calling my name and pleading for me to come in, i saw two featureless fog figures. I didn’t know if these were her parents and if they were, why couldn’t i see their faces like i could see the people i knew. Emily, which is the girls name by the way, was clung to me pretty tightly. I let her use my headphones and although i knew she wouldn’t like any of the music i had on there it was better than hearing her parents. I let her use the headphones at night from now on. She became zombie like, and at breakfast in the morning when i asked her how she slept she always told me she was having nightmares.
I had grown used to the beckoning from the outside, but Emily grew worse and worse. It was not six months after the fog had started. Every night figures were outside, calling for us. This particular evening the fog had just rolled in and for once Emily was looking outside, i think she was crying but i wasn’t sure. She had the headphones on like usual so she wouldn’t have to hear them. I was cleaning up in the kitchen when she laid my phone and headphones on the coffee table. I looked at her quizzically, “Sorry” She said as she bolted for the door, throwing it open she screamed, if she said anything specific i could not distinguish it. I ran dropping dishes on the floor, i made it to the stairs as the fog started rolling in. I made it upstairs and shut the door behind me, locking it was well. I checked making sure the upstairs window was closed. I breathed a sigh of relief, i was now in what had become Emily’s room. It looked the same as before, except lived in. It was a guest bedroom with a couch and a bed. There were a few other furniture items of insignificant detail. The only thing looking out of place was a notebook on the bed. It was one i recognized as it had come from my downstairs office but, on the front was now written journal.
I picked it up and sat on the couch, wanting to read it. Outside of the door i heard the voices of my ex girlfriend, and mom, begging me to come out. I left the journal on the couch and lay in the bed trying to sleep it out. In the morning i checked the window and saw there was no more fog, cautiously i walked out of the room. The fog had indeed left my house by now, i gathered my phone and went outside. There was no sign of anyone from last night, not even Emily. I closed myself in that day keeping myself busy with household chores, making sure to watch the small, and understaffed news team at noon. That night i made sure everything was locked and closed. As i was flipping through songs and getting ready for bed i heard a third voice.
“Jamie, it’s me Emily.” It said, I tried to play my music only finding that i had neglected to charge it that day. I tried to go to sleep but i was having trouble, knowing she was now out there. “Jamie, it’s not that bad, its a sweet release.” I looked out of my usual window to see if it really was her. Unlike my usual two apparitions she was looking directly at me. This was far too creepy for me. As i stared she asked, “Have you read my journal Jaime?” I went from the window back into my room and laid back down. “Please do Jaime, i left you a note” I tried to fight it, but i was already so curious about what she had written, i knew its not like they would get me if i read it. The fog could only hurt me if i went outside. I climbed upstairs candle in hand convinced that if i read it, i would be more confident in dealing with Emily’s apparition at night.
Her journal was updated at least once a week, dates and everything. It told of her time spent with me, how she was desperate for food and at first only saw me as a provider for that. She had grown quite fond of me it seemed, her even describing me as her best friend in one entry. The day she saw her parents was the day the journal changed. Instead of writing stories of that days events, she would only write nightmare and a number at the top of the page. She filled the pages with pictures of the fog, and fog people. The last page there was a letter.
“Jaime- If you aren’t dead when i do what i am about to do i hope you take my advice and follow me. There is nothing here for you. I see in my dreams that the fog will only keep us in fear forever. A life, with little to know people interacting with one another, where we are kept in the dark at night. I remember how good life used to be. I’m tired of being scared Jamie, i know you are too. I’m sure going into the fog isn’t that bad, my parents say its not. If i can i will bring you a message, a message telling you its okay. Remember the day we went to the store to get more food, and we pretended like there were people there? Remember the fake lady taking our money for the food we stole, and how you pushed me in a shopping cart all the way home? That day was the best day for me since this whole this happened. Ask me what the message is and i will tell you about this memory. Thank you for everything Jaime. -Emily. ”
I went downstairs and threw open the curtain. “What is the message?” I screamed as loud as i could. Now everyone was staring in my direction, all speaking at once. Emily spoke, not of the memory, but if i remembered correctly, she began speaking the journal verbatim from page one. I listened because now i was so full of panic and sadness i didn’t even feel tired anymore. I hated when she got to the last page. In her creepy voice that was hers but at the same time sounded as if it were not. I cried myself to sleep by the front door. I had nightmares that night, but they made the fog look wonderful. It showed my life now how it is, life wasn’t good anymore, life sucked. The fog enveloped my body and let me into its warmness. I could live in the fog forever with my mom, ex girlfriend, and Emily. I could be so much happier.
The next morning I took the journal and wrote my own note goodbye, maybe this fog would end and one day humans would find the note and know how we lived, in fear and in sadness. Took multiple pages actually which i took from another notebook. Leaving this here for you, who is now reading this. Tonight, before the fog rolls in, i am going to lay in my yard. And as the sun sets i will be feeling the warm fog and hopefully, i will swiftly disappear, much like others before me. Goodbye reader, until we meet again.

Credit To – Takozilla

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