you know how you love Pokémon red after this you won’t. so my story begins when my brother and I went to gamestop. he told me to get this game pokemon fire/red I remember most my friends were boring after playing. I looked at rise of nightmares a kinetic game of course. so when he tells me mom won’t like it and we both have to play it. He had a point now we regret he did. so I get home because I hate it he let me have the first turn. wow I loved this game I don’t know why I said no then it was his turn. when he used a cheat to have the Pokémon Charmander when his first Pokémon was squirtle. when we went in tall grass a battle began it told me which Pokemon squirtle or charmander. Ichose my lvl10 charmander. then when I tried to run but it said can’t run from a trainer battle. so I defeated squirtle it said my squirtle has died. so then when I was traveling I saw blood. it said this is squirtles blood. I turned it off and restarted. when I continued I was at a graveyard at the grave of squirtle. why did this happen? all I know is I haven’t played a Pokémon game since.
Credit To – lukesick1

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