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Pokemon Dead Yellow


A girl named Jessica finds pokemon fasinating and wants to find more pokemon games to add to the collection. She merly found this pokemon Yellow game in her nabor’s yard. The nabors said she could take it but they seemed confussed as if never seeing it before. She dashed home and put it in her GameBoy as the screen loaded up it seemed normal until reaching the title. it said “Dead Yellow”. Well damn it is a hack but she stilled continue forth. She found you could only do new game. She clicked the button and when she was in the screen to meet prof. Oak she found that it just said “Are you a Boy or Girl?”. She clicked girl and she put in her name Jessica. Her starter was a squirtle named Shelly but her level was 15. that was odd. But she kept in mind this was a HACK so it would be changed. as she continued forth she also saw the NPC’S wouldnt talk to her at all not even her mom. but when she got to the gym she noticed that the pokemon brock had were… diffrent. His sandshrew was missing its back pines and claws and were they were supos to be there was black holes with blood out of them and it’s eyes were red with black dots for puples. His onix’s body made of rocks was chipped badly and noth pokemon knew one move “FEAR” that would kill themselves quickly with animation. SandSlash burried himself in the ground and died and onix turned into dust from the remnates of his body. Brock only said “…” and gave me the badge. The rest of the gyms were like this too and when i got to the elite four the first one said “turn back or youll face our pain…” the second “turn back please! you must survive this horror!” the third “this is the last chance for you to run away from this place! use it now!!!” and the last one “youll be doomed like us too now…” and the screen snapped to black with a loud snapping noise. Jessica took out the camp and hid it so no one would find it. And before leavig her room to go she said “Dead Yello should have dropped dead long ago.” and she left the roof.
Credit To – Lisa Herber (me) For storyline and Alisha Hogarth (my bff) for ideas

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  • indoom

    Uh… UH ?? And before leavig her room to go she said “Dead Yello should have dropped dead long ago.” and she left the roof.

    A roof? DROPPED DEAD LONG AGO? LOL. Holy shit Is there a way to even…help..? ah yes. DONT MAKE POKEMON PASTAS

  • psychosmiley


  • Aswerty

    um… in yellow you start with pikachu. did nobody pick up on that?!

    Supos, merly, nabors…. what interesting made-up words!

    • Pokeman

      Did nobody pick up on the fact that you can’t choose “boy or girl?” on yellow either?

      • ThatGuyGamer

        I was just about to comment about that

  • poodleinacan

    I wonder how you managed to get an HD version of Pokémon Yellow…

  • Jammy

    WHY…? just WHY the hell was this made, it’s stupid as fuck…