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Pokemon Evil Emerald


In 2005 My brother and i bought the games
pokemon ruby and sapphire.On my brother 9 birthday he was given pokemon emerald.
My mother and father bought it from our local garage sell the man they said who was selling it and said they where leaving.My mother and father asked where he was going and didn’t respond and stayed silent.But my brother much didn’t care where it came from.He just wanted his game so later that night he played the game he didn’t speak all night and was glued to the game he didn’t let go I was i little worried for him but I ignored him.As I was going to sleep I heard low whispering through the wall I left my room and walked to my little brothers room and put my ear against the door.I heard the whispering coming from inside his room.He keep repeating Help me Help me…….I ran inside my brother yelled bloody murder and repeated 17 badge 17 badge 17 badge…. .My mom and dad ran to his room to comfort him.My mom sat and hugged my brother and my dad started the car and took my brother to the hospital on the way their way there and in the hospital and keep repeating 17 badge.The doctors soon calmed him down and when my mom and dad left the room my brother told me am I safe I nodded he said the 17 badge and fainted later that night I went back home to find the gameboy right in front of the door I pick it up and powered it up and the pokemon party chilled me the players name was my brothers name was the players name but I couldn’t play so I went to the title screen and let the demo play with a hyper realistic picture of my brother on the edge of sky pillar with his eyes closed and fell off the edge as soon as that happened the house phone rang it was my mother in tears she said hes gone.

Credit To: [email protected]

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  • Poodleinacan

    Since when 16 bit from a GameBoy Advanced can make a "hyper realistic" thing?
    This sucks!

  • Yossarian

    Okay, this is for those who do not play the pokemon games. There are only eight badges to be earned in any given pokemon game, so I would assume that "17 badge" is actually referring to the 17th badge overall. That would be the very first badge in the game, i.e. the reward for beating the first gym/boss of the game. The first gym in Emerald is a rock-type gym, so I guess the little brother chose Torchic, the fire-type starter, because fire is weak against rock. That was why he needed help, clearly.

  • TheRaptorCat

    How could it have hyper-realistic if Gameboys have pixels?
    :/ Could’ve been better.

  • aidan lamb

    dude with some spicing up this could be big, i mean a little bit longer, but has a very core idea, yes this is about pokemans, but this one should be able to get on the main site

  • Grog the Chef

    Do you know what "hyper-realistic" means, or are you just taking words from other stories that you thought might somehow apply here?

  • joseph

    this sucked bad there is not 17 badges do better

  • OMG!It’sBacon

    I didn’t understand the story.

  • Basty

    I would say the story was alright but dang boy, the grammar and spelling.
    You seriously need to get it down.

    Also, just drop that “hyper-realistic” and insert “pixelated version of my brother”
    which also sounds more realistic.

  • Firemonkey4000

    They said, “Sell that man!” Man, your parents must be TOTAL control freaks!