I use to love Pokemon pearl when i was 12 i played it on the way to church all the time one day I got out of the car and it fell out of my pocket into a puddle of water I was crushed I tried it out immediately nothing. So the next day I went to my aunt who live right down the street in a old run down house she calms to be good at fixing electronics so I left it with her over night not I don’t like to admit this but I only talk to my aunt when I need her to fix something its kinda sad I’m the only family member who still talks to her. I picked up my game the next game she told me she worked on it all night
I took it home lock my be room door and began to play I noticed on the opening screen the palkia was a darker pink than usually I ignored it I started and I was oddly in heart home city which is weird I was in veilstone when I dropped it, I walked around the town was normal no npc tho I check my pokemon to see if I could fly a little note poped up when i check pokemon is said “you left all your pokemon the the poke center”
So i walk to the local poke center no one but nurse joy was in there I talked to her she said.”… I’m sorry I couldn’t save her.” i wondered what she was saying
“shes in a better place…now you don’t have a way out now do you go check for others meet me back here by midnight.” I realized the game was changed but it was so compelling I couldn’t put it down.” I managed to save the  2.” Joy said she did the little exchange animation done after the heal I checked my pokemon, a level 20 roselia  and a level 24 prinplup this was my old team only minus  pikachu,beautifly, and a newly caught ponyta … what happened to them? the way joy talked they had died i walked out of the poke center the screen was a purpleish tent my character walked slower than usually i wondered around town for a while looked for others like joy said no one is the buildings or at the poffin kitchen i next went to pokemon park no one there no one stopped me i didn’t need cute pokemon
i went in the park the pokemon were there if u talked to them my character would say ” its dead” the screen was a darker shade of purple here i looked around for a minute nothing at all i then made my way to the gym the shade of purple was normal again after i left the park in the gym the i took the elevators up the first door said “team rockets gone to far this time” there was one door to choose this time. I read the second door ” everyone’s dropping like flys, and the pokemon are going even faster I fear i won’t make it” the third door said,” all the exits are blocked … I don’t want die…” the final sigh reads”… its over Joy will never finish in time, its hopeless.” i walking into the room Fantina was in she was lying down I walk up to her “… is that you joy have u finshed?” my  character then respond ” Joy will be done to night.” she answered “splendid..” the screen went to black and it show my character and joy stand outside of the poke center joy said “I hope this works” and then a bird picked up joy and my self, as if she used fly(she built a robotic bird) then Fantina walked slowly up to the poke center a text said ” they forgot me, they left me here to die.” Fantina then felt on the ground and the screen faded to black and stayed, why did my aunt do this I told my mom that aunt Amanda hacked my game and mom informed me aunt amanda passed away 3 weeks ago… I ran and got the game and shut it off and back on and show my mom I was in veilstone again with all my pokemon… then is hit me no one visted aunt amanda she died all alone “they forgot me, left me here to die.” everyday I visted her grave as if to say sorry, sorry for using her.
Credit To – me?

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