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Pokemon: Reds afterstory


This might sound made up and cliché but please bear with me I’m going insane. You see, it all started when I went online and found this sale for the newest games of Pokémon on craigslist and I thought it was weird because it was only 5 days from the release date, but went with it thinking that it would be okay, only if I knew how bad it would become. The seller only wanted $10.00 and was fairly calm until, I asked why he was selling it only a few days after the release date and I saw a flicker of fear quickly hidden by a small smile saying that he had beaten it and found all the secrets, so I took the deal. Later when I got home all my feelings of anxiety were lost by the feeling of excitement. I booted up the 3ds and watched the intro and started the game with my friend watching. The weird thing was that when I beat the first trainer the ending text was ‘how could you do this to my poor Pokémon, you’ll pay!’. Thinking that was odd. I continued on thinking that was normal until my friend told me the text was way different. Later when we got to the big city Lumiose and got one of original starters the Professor said ‘I hope you don’t end up like … no never mind.’ After that when I had my first battle with my starter Charmander a text box opened up and said ‘where is red?’ then at that moment I knew something was up. How could he know something from the first Gen. Things went on normal until 8th gym where my team was way over powerwered and after I beat him he said ‘another trainer lost in the way of power’. Then when the final thing happened, it drove me over the edge. The story is that instead of Diantha, it was Red. And instead of an ellipsis he said ‘you have taken what is mine… and I want it back’ “what could he mean.”I asked myself. Then It all came together. Red was consumed by becoming champion and went to challenge the others, and won but lost the companionship with his Pokémon and even abandoned the baby charmander he had received as reward for winning, but soon he saw the error of his ways. Seeking redemption he waited for me to arrive so he could take the Charmander back. A text box appeared saying’ give it back and a yes and no option to the side. Obviously I picked no and it said ‘ wrong answer’ and then I was enveloped in a white light and suddenly I was laying in white room and I asked where I was receiving an unexpected answer that Red had not only sucked me Into the world but into his head. And now I sit waiting…waiting…waiting. Now I know that there is no such thing as being a champion when you let it consume you.

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  • Tetsujin28

    Well. This was. Interesting…

    I can’t really critizese this…

  • Wondrer

    Oh God, this is bad. First of all, the ”I bought this incredibly cheap game from x” thing has been used a million times. Give me a break. Even if you said ”I found this game laying in the middle of the street for no fucking reason” it would still be better.

    Okay, so you bought the game from Craiglist, but you didn’t specify whether you actually met the seller or if you just had it delivered to you, therefore I don’t know if looking the seller in the eye and seeing his ”inner fear” was possible. Also, how DUMB can you be to buy that game? If somehow the seller got his hands on an yet unreleased game, he would sell it for a fuckload of money. Why would he even sell it? The game isn’t old or anything, and it certainly wasn’t left in an attic for an eternity. And who knows, he might want to play it later, so why sell it?

    Okay, you started playing with your friend. Wait, you didn’t even get a fucking Pokemon, yet you defeated a trainer?… What the fuck? How would your friend know if the text was different? The game wasn’t even released yet. Did he have a copy of it, too? Well, HURR DURR, ‘key then, I’ll just go with that for my sanity’s sake. Then, you receive a Pokeman. After defeating a trainer. Sure. How did you even get to ”the big city of Lumiose?” I mean, chances are you would encounter a few wild Pokemon, which you wouldn’t be able to fend off because at that time you didn’t have any Pokeguys. You got a Charmander as a starter? I thought Pokemon X and Y didn’t have Charmander as a starter. I’m assuming that you’re playing Pokemon X and Y, because it’s the only game what you would be able to claim to play during this time period.

    Boring shit happens, and you end up in Red’s head. You might as well end with ”And then I died”, because it makes as much sense.


    • Mark

      Well, in the actual game, Prof. Sycamore does give you the 3 original starter at lumiose city. But still “my first pokemon”… is just straight -.-

  • John Cena

    “This might sound made up and cliché but please bear with me I’m going insane.”

    ^ The moment you put this out here is the moment we know this is ‘CLICHED CRAP’. And I haven’t even read it yet.

    “You see, it all started when I went online and found this sale for the newest games of Pokémon on….”

    ^Okay, i’m done. Repetitive, cliche, AS IF IT NEVER STARTS LIKE THIS.

  • Hannah

    Once, while walking through a chuck-e-cheese parking lot with my parents to be dropped off at a birthday party, I actually found a pokemon red version on the ground. I kept the secret damned within my soul to avoid its owner’s reclaiming.
    Sadly, it wasn’t possessed by an evil redemption seeking game protagonist.

  • No. Just no.


  • Harry

    Look this was my first one and I wasn’t trying that hard and to the Wondered guy its pretty much implied that you get a pokemon at the begining so yeah just saying dumbass

    • Servonator

      I’m sorry, but just because it is your first creepypasta that doesn’t excuse you from not using proper spelling and grammar nor does it excuse you from looking up other creepypastas to tell what is cliché and what isn’t. I have seen tons of Poképastas like this floating around without even trying to look that much, and nearly everything that was done here has been done in many other Poképastas.

  • FellowZerglingWithShoes

    This story has such bad grammar that I could barely comprehend the story.

  • I_Eat_Tables


  • Killer the Jeff

    So much nope.
    I could go on for hours about how many errors are in this, but I feel like you don’t need me to at all. This has been done God knows how many times. Thank God it belongs here where it deserves…even if some half-decent pastas are on here too.
    Oh well, at least it’s not a Blank the Killer pasta where some 13-year-old girl writes about a psychotic chick who kills some people because of her dumb “tragic past” or whatever.
    (…why did I even write this? ._.)

  • Adolf Hitler

    Just by reading the beginning of the pasta I can tell it’s going to be bad even without reading the story nor looking at the comments.