Pokémon snaps
I was lying in my bedroom staring at the ceiling, it was the first day of summer vacation and I was beyond bored. But then I remembered something, I have a Nintendo 64. I walked over to my TV bent down to the bottom of the entertainment center and pulled out the gaming system, it was caked in dust because noon had touched it in eons. I wiped off the dust and hooked up the wires. Now were in business I thought to myself I grabbed the first game I found and put it in, Pokémon snap one of my all-time favorite games. I began play threw the levels laughing as professor oak scored the pictures I had taken; I was definitely out of practice.

Finally, about an hour later I got to my favorite level which is titled Volcano. I took pictures of the Rapidash, Eevee, Magmar, and Charmandar. And then something strange happened. I threw an apple at Magmar so he would change Charmandar into Charmeleon and Magmar stopped dead in his tracks and started blowing fire everywhere and at first I thought maybe my memory was just a little foggy so I kept watching and then all of a sudden Charmander let out a wild screech as if he were in pain… and then he fell over and had X’s for eyes, he was dead. Magmar then started laughing a horrible demonic laugh. Magmar then said “Bow to me human I am master, you cannot escape me!” I immediately shut off the game system and ran down stairs but I quickly realized I wasn’t running alone…. Magmar was right behind me, chasing me. I did the only thing I could think to do I ran in the bathroom and locked the door.

Magmar was waiting on the other side of the door for me I started to formulate a plan. Let’s see, I thought to myself magmar is fire so I need water to defeat him. I looked over at the sink there was a cup on it but I don’t know if it will hold enough water to defeat him. After searching under the sink I found a bucket I filled it up with as much water it would hold. This has to work I thought to myself, I took a deep breath and slowly began to unlock the door. As I opened it slowly I seen his eyes looking at me menacingly I immediately threw the water directly at him he stammered backwards and then laughed. “You thought that would defeat me” he said. “It’s your lucky day, as I am feeling generous I will battle you in a game of Pokémon stadium if I win I will take you back to Pokémon snap where you will be destined to spend the rest of your life in Charmandars place. However if you win I will return to the game alone and everything will go back to normal. “Deal” I said so we went to my room and I put Pokémon stadium in the 64 we quickly choose our Pokémon and started the battle. First up was Pikachu vs. Meowth I won this round next Pokémon he pulled out was Squirtle. Pikachu was defeated I pulled out Starmie it was close but I was able to defeat Squirtle. Next magmar released Bulblasaur and instantly defeated my starmie, so I choose Arkanine next and defeated bulblasaur. We were now down to 3 Pokémon each I started to sweat in panic, I half to defeat him I thought to myself. He pulled out Arbok and my Arkanine was soon defeated. I pulled out ninetails and quickly defeated Arbok. Magmar then brought out Polyworth and within 2 moves my ninetails was defeated. I then chose Rapidash who succefully defeated Polyworth. Magmar only had one Pokémon left. He pulled out himself. Chills ran down my spine. “Make your move” he said. I thought for a moment then it hit me I still have one Pokémon in preserve Polywhirl, so I switched out my Pokémon. “You can’t do that!” cried magmar. “It’s not against the rules” I said. I then used the move surf and like that Magmar was defeated. I had one the game. I looked over at magmar he was giving me a devilish grin, “you may have one this time but next time I swear your soul will be mine!” He screamed and with that he vanished and as he promised everything was back to normal, well everything except the fact that my Pokémon snap game had turned from gray to black. I quickly went out to the dumpster and threw it out. “I’m never playing that again” I said out loud to myself.

Credit To – Space Cakes

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