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pokemon yellow: death of pikachu


Hi ive been going to yardsales to look for cheap stuff over the years and came across a very old game of pokemon yellow version. the old man that was having the yardsale said that it was his son’s old game and showed me a box with red,blue and a gameboy. the old man was very nice and told me that his son passed away after he had moved out and the old man was going through his stuff that he had left behind. he said his son loved that game. i asked the man why was he selling his son’s game. he said he was moving and didnt want it to collect dust in a box.I asked how much he was selling it and he said 20 for all 3 games and the gameboy. it was so worth it. i bought them and talked with the old man for a few mins and found out his son was a programer and his dream was to make a pokemon game one day but shortly after he moved out he died in a car crash. the old man also said he had his son’s computer but was selling it too much for me to afford. I then went home to play. As i got home i went to my room and laid on my bed, put pokemon yellow in the gameboy. i wanted to see the old man’s son save game but it was corrupted, so i started a new game. it had the same intro with prof. oak but after that intro the game started at lavander towns pokemon tower in the first level. there was ash his mom, gary, prof. oak and a few npcs, all in black. There was also a gravestone, no music was playing. prof. oak walks to you and said *im sorry..* and leaves with gary and the npcs. So its just you and your mom, both look at gravestone. Your mom then turns to you and says *ill be at home dear….* and leaves. you can now walk around,and go to the gravestone and press A, a text appears saying *RIP trainer ketchum…*. i was in shock but kept playing. I went outside the pokemon tower and prof. oak was outside. (and yes lavender music was playing ) prof. oak then tells you that your father was a great pokemon trainer and friend. he then asks you to follow him to his lab and then uses fly and takes you to his lab. He then tells you, your father left this for you if something were to happen to him. You then recive a shiny pikachu. prof. oak says that your father left that pokemon for you to raise and train. The game is normal after that just ash has his hat black and coat. Untill you fight gary at the end but his pokemon are too storng to beat, once you loose he tells you *its what you get for killing mine…* after that you black out and end up in the pokemon tower next to a gravestone which reads *RIP pikachu…* after you read the gravestone a ghost sprite of your mom appears saying * I can no longer live in this world…* and fades away. you then blackout again and wake up in your room. As you go outside a texts appears saying * your beening watched*. All your pokemon are gone and there are no npcs or grassy areas. After you walk to the first town another text says *getting closer…*. it says that in all towns untill you are in lavender town. once you are there and go into the pokemon tower, theres nothing but gravestones and a path leading up stairs as you go up to the top there are four gravstones. Three are next to eachoher and one is by itself. The three have a texts reading *F,P,M *and the last one* ASH*. After you have read these gravestones the game cuts to the credits and after the credits it shows pikachu with ashes’ hat and a texts saying *GAME OVER..* while playing a song ive never hear before death of pikachu. I was uneasy after the game was over. I went back to the old mans house to ask about the computer thinking his son had mod the game but the old man was no longer there. i leave the game in a box in my room too creeped out to open the locked box as everytime i see the box i hear the song at the end with pikachu.

Credit To: miguel angel gomez

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  • ReeceRox2

    Not good.. Probably could have gotten somewhere if you put more thought into it.

  • predhead

    Probably not though.

  • Joseph

    did i just reread lost silver

    • michala


  • predhead

    We get a ton of rewrites, often with people inserting whatever cartoon/video game they are into.

  • Mimi

    This isn’t even scary. It’s more of a rewrite. I had read the same story yesterday, but with a different game. I’m sure you could write a much better pasta if you put your mind to it.
    Best wishes,

  • dizzy

    Less than generic. Not much effort put into this pasta.

  • matt

    when i read the first sentence to this pasta it reminded me of the zelda game story i forget which one

  • Legend

    This is so pathetic. It’s a rewrite and quite inaccurate – shinies didn’t even exist until Gold and Silver.
    @matt – Yes, it really reminded me of BEN.

  • Snow

    So, let me start with the title.

    “pokemon yellow death of pikachu”

    Yeah. Death of Pikachu. You really ruined the element of mystery. Honestly, they would already know that your story is about the death of a Pikachu. “Oh look a crappypasta. Hm. It’s about the death of a Pikachu! Well now that I already know what it’s about, that seriously ruined my taste and it also showed how pathetic the author is. I’m just going to close my tab now.”

    Your story is a big block of text. I can’t even read it. The only thing I got was “and its all ur fault pikchu dide.” and “im sory……….”

    There are so many grammar/spelling errors. I don’t even know where to start. Oh wait, i do! The very first sentence!

    And your beginning. Don’t they teach you in 6th or 5th grade that your STORIES DO. NOT. BEGIN. WITH “oh hai my name is bob i like pikachus and btw i was a normal boy who loed pokemon yelow”.

    Your lack of knowledge in the game is amusing. I might be wrong, but ASH is in the anime, and so is Gary. I think you’re talking about RED and GREEN.

    This is utterly pathetic. I cannot even form words to show how pathetic it is.

    (I’m just a reviewer reading crappypastas. I’m bored. Don’t mind me.)


    I fucking hate pokepastas.

    • TheScaryMurder790

      TVATR if you don’t like pokepastas then why are you here?

      • derpbutt

        …This website is NOT a pokepasta fan site.

  • DiamondEyes_DawnDog



    Zoidberg, is that you?!

  • mark1237889

    ok first it changes from first person to third, how do you miss that?
    and also its not detailed you said the com was too much how much was it exactly? the save was corrupt? how what did it do?

  • SomeDude

    Ok not bad but it feels like a walk through and he is telling us where to go

  • robert

    actually your wrong, shinies WAS in r.b.y
    just had to transfer to gold/silver to see

  • http://[email protected] lickmytwinkie

    All you other commenters need to stop bitching

    • BlueFox


  • UndKeineEier

    Red Ring of Dumb

  • jayden

    PICKACHU is not scary at all biscuits

  • Lily

    I’m tired of everyone being little bitches about Pokemon pastas. If you don’t like don’t read it’s that fucking simple!

    • Servonator

      If you don’t like the comments people leave on these pokepastas, then don’t read them.

  • TheScaryMurder790

    That was horrible it was not creepy at all you need to make better creepypastas!

  • David

    I didn’t know that Professor Oak could fly.

  • assassincj


  • assassincj

    I am speechless

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Are people really defending this abuse of the English language.

    To those pokefuckwitfans, this pasta would belong on creepypasta if it was…um…well…creepy, that’s a pretty big part of CREEPYpasta.

    If you don’t enjoy genuine writing talents and brilliant displays of the imagination I suggest you bugger off to another part of the internet. You’re certainly not going to be welcomed with open arms here.

    • The Operator

      I’m in the pokemon fandom myself, but being in the same fandom as the pasta =/= a good pasta. This pasta was beyond terrible.

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        I was reffering to the idiotic members of the fandom. In other words those 12-14 year olds who defend this crock of shit.

        Each fandom will have its’ fair share of twats it seems. The world is full of ’em.

  • The Operator

    Let’s match this up with my ‘How to write a Video Game Pasta’ parodypasta/guide and see if it fits!
    >Name: [Computer game name] [Creepy term] vs Pokemon: Death of Pikachu: check!
    >Gets game from yard/garage/market sale – check!
    >Some glitchy things happen that aren’t supposed to? Check!
    >Player writes it off, continues playing – check!
    >Uses ‘hyper-realistic’, ‘demonic’ etc. multiple times? – Not check, but oh well.
    >Player gets too creeped out and gets rid of the game somehow – Check!
    >Typing quirks – check! (no punctuation, no (well, almost no) capitals)

    Yep, the guide proves accurate yet again!

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Don’t forget that the person who sells the game is reluctant to do so. That happens in most of them.

      These guides should be published somewhere more visible so that people can see what NOT to do!

      • The Operator

        I’ve already made it into a full pasta and am ready to submit it the moment I can!

        (Crappy News, however, isn’t going as well. I need a stroke of inspiration – When I try to make it into a full story, it just feels a bit uninspired to me. Maybe I’ll have another shot later – I’ve got two months, after all.)

        • Demonicus

          Actually, my parodypasta stars you and your crappy news. Maybe I can give some inspiration to you?