It was my seventh birthday when it started.I got pokemon Blue for my birthday and got exited.I had just gotten my first pokemon game.So as soon as I got the game,I popped the game into my gameboy color,and started playing.I noticed something was wrong as soon as the title screen popped up.The first pokemon that appeared was Squirtle. But this squirtle was different.It was missing an arm and half of it’s tail.I pressed start,not really worrying about it.Oak let me pick my starter,squirtle, and a potion. I still remember his face.I could chose to take the potion or not.I took it.I still regret that desicion.The game started as normal,then I got to pewter city.The buildings were on fire and so was the gym.As soon as I entered the gym,Brock walked up to me and said it all my fault.I had no idea what he was talking about,but I still had to battle him.He only had one pokemon.Onix,who was level 67.I had a level 12 Squirtle by that point,so I got scared. His onix was to afraid to move,and squirtle had a new move.Soul Taker.I used the move,and it said onix died. Brock was on the floor dead after the battle. Blue,my rival,walked in.Saying “Good job,now only seven more to go”. This scared me.Am I really killing the gym leaders?This thought ran through my head as the other gym leaders and towns went through the same thing.I only got one pokeball and that was the master ball.I just caught a ditto for fun.I bought another pokeball and caught another ditto.I trained my ditto up to level 80,and decided to take on the elite four.It was normally easy.Then I went to look at the badges I collected. The character was missing limbs.I thought it was just a glitch,so I shrugged it off.
I went and explored the world(even the islands).I found you could mate pokemon.I put blastoise and one of the dittos in the daycare and fought the elite four.It was easy.After destroying the elite four(literally),I got into the hall of fame.But my picture was missing one more thing.My head.I ended the game dead.I could play as Oak for a while.I then put the puzzle together. My pokemon zombified as I did so I figured that my pokemon had it first.So Oak is the one who gave me the poison.The potion was the poison.After a month passed without playing Blue,and I then remembered that I put blastoise(zombified) and ditto in the day-care…

The egg hatched 2 days after.All it was was my head. MY HEAD.
Credit To – My childhood nightmares

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