One day, I was on my computer, going through pokemon ruby gba mods for a rom I had. I couldn’t find anything in most popular that looked interesting, so I decided to go to recent. I found one called “scar”. That’s it, just scar. This one looked interesting, considering most pokemon mods were named things like “violet” or “diamond”. It had no pictures, which I didn’t find unusual. It was a new mod. So, out of curiosity, I downloaded it.

The first couple things were normal. A few bugs, glitches, like my character sometimes having the right animation for a left turn, and people sometimes had their halves switched, but nothing too major. I walked to route 1, and the music changed to what sounded exactly like the regular route melody, but sounded a note lower, like all the notes just moved down a line. There weren’t as many trainers, just two, Alissa, and Joe. Then, more glitches started happening as I made my way to the next area. There was an old man who made every step I did, and a shopkeeper outside. The music, this time was playing backwards. Seeing that Pokèmon mods usually have a bright, cheery tone, this made me a bit freaked out. But still, nonetheless, I went to Dad, the gym leader, and beat him. But, instead of saying something like “you’re becoming more like me!” He said, “Do you remember Lavander town?” And then said I got €1000 for winning, like he usually does. This made me think back of my horrible time in Lavander town.

After this battle, I went on to the next route. But it looked different. The trees had what looked like graphical problems, and flashed gray and green, back and forth. This could have been a color glitch, but I just decided to ignore it. The routes path was different, taking only one long road, but there were trainers all along the sides, so every step I took I had to battle them. When I went versus the first trainer, he had one pokemon called “ghost”. I knew who this was, but I just decided to pay no attention to the name. When he was defeated, he said “Why are you attacking me?” The next trainer said, “I’m only trying to help you.” After battling 14 trainers, I went into the next town. The music changed once again, but to a GBA 16 bit version of the Lavander town theme. There were graves everywhere. They had names on them, like “Here lies Pikachu 1998-2005”, and “Here lies Rattata 1999-2005”. Every grave had a pokemon born in the 90’s, and dying in 2005. What made me scared was the fact that 2005 was the year Game Freak had said they would move on to the next generation of Pokemon, making the old ones harder to find. There were three people in the town, and they all said, “Do you Remember?” I found one grave that had a cross on it, and it said, “Here lies RED 1996-2005”
I quickly shut off my computer, and told myself I would never play he game again.
Credit To – Nintendo, Game Freak, Wikipedia

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