You know the feeling. When you are in your house. Alone. And you are playing something. Solitaire? Trains? And while you are sitting saying to yourself i love this game. I wont leave this room. Your mind speak’s otherwise.
Tap Tap Tap
a small sound. From outside the cabin you live in. Tap Tap Tap a bit more noticeable this time. You say to yourself ”I am a respectable 13 year old living in the 20th century. I will not be scared by towns children running around having ‘fun'”. A louder Tap is heard. I stand up walk through my dimly lit corridor filled with mementos of my fathers hunting. and i see the small cloud of condensation on the window of my door. A small Hand is on the cloud implanted on the glass. My fear subsides. The Children were looking to scare me and i had won. I would wait for them to try again then catch them. After what must have been 5 minutes a small tapping is heard i charge forward and pull open the door into my garden. A small crouching figure sits on my doorstep. Two large silver eyes glowing with satisfaction stare up at me. A small scowl explodes into a large grin as it plants its wet hands onto my door. I stare as its large smile exposes teeth that glow yellow in the moonlight.
I tried to imagine a cause for this creature. A costume?
“What Are YOU Dressed Up As?”
“I Came as a Human”
I fall back my fear expands as a grim realisation occurs. This is the end. I cry i Scream as its Tapping becomes Knocking then smashing.
“Open Up”
“I want to meet you”
The Thing preaches and prays that it would be allowed to enter. i crawl away and hide as it bangs on the walls the roof. All of the pictures are shaking and i hear a clammer as one of the dear stuffing’s fall off the wall. then suddenly i hear a more respectable knocking.
“Simon open this door”
i slowly creep through the corridors of my home to see my mum and dad standing outside.
But the knocking continues. It Fucking continues  i open the door and usher my parents in and just as the door closes the figure stares at me through the crack and i could have sworn it was reflected off the mirror in my hallway. For an hour my parents pleaded for me to sleep and then a third voice joined in. Outside my window someone was wailing for me to come out. i clamped my hands over my ears. Closed to the world.

“Hello Uncle?… Uncle?”
“I am afraid patient 236 does not respond to stimulus. As much as i would like to help him 19 years inside the hospital hasn’t been kind to him.”
“Can you… Can you at least let me in.”
His head jerked up at that and stared at me as i walked in. “Uncle its me Joe. Your Nephew.”
“He cannot come in He cannot!!!!”
“Do not worry No one can get in we are alone just me and you uncle.”
At this i look up at my uncle, and behind him on the single window to his room i see a hand print.  “Uncle who did that?” remembering the pictures that he always drew of a creature always there but never seen. “Uncle?”
“He did….” then i realised it waited in the family it runs in the family.
A third voice rose behind me “So are we alone?”

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