This is the story of Sakura EMELY Drowned, BEN’s secrete twin sister… Until now. A pair of twins were born one day… But only for one to be forgotten. One of the twins is known as BEN Drowned, the other one as EMELY Drowned or Sakura. They lived with a happy family until the twins were 5 and there brother was born, and their mother died. They were left going to a new school with a brand new family but not for the better. In school they were bullied, at home their father abused of them. But the day came when they were 12. They went to the forest to their favorite lake, not knowing that the bullies followed. They were playing in the side of the lake when the bullies grab both of them and drowned them. However, a hour later they woke up like nothing happend and went home only to be stopped by a spirit. The spirit was going to grant one of them a wish to be in the leyend of zelda but the other one was to be forgotton by the rest of the family and have a new past. EMELY was the one. She was forgotton bye the others and name was changed to Sakura Haruno. However, She kept both names, one for her creepypasta life, and the other one for her other life. Now she helps BEN haunt majora’s mask, but sometimes she haunts her game: Skywards Sword. Just remember that…

She’s Always There, Watching..
Credit To – Sakura

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