It’s late at night, and your eyes are drooping heavily from sleep. Your parents had just left the house and gone into the garage to try and get the old car started so they could go out. As you sit in front of the Laptop, finishing an essay for class the next day; you decide to get a little snack to help you stay awake and refresh your mind. You go into the kitchen and rummage around in a cabinet, looking for a bag of chips, then you go to the fridge and grab a can of soda. You leave the kitchen light on, as your parents are out and you feel a little afraid of being alone (you’ve been like that since you were little).
As you cross the kitchen making your way to your bedroom, you see a quick shadow glide across the ceiling. You get startled and feel a rising sense of panic, fully alert, not knowing what that thing was. You look around searching for an explanation, when you suddenly face the wall behind you and see… a cockroach! ‘That ugly bastard!’ you think to yourself as you quickly grab a shoe and smack at the wall, squishing the life out of the godforsaken creature.
You return to your desk and save your work, before opening your can of soda. As you raise the can and press it gently on your lips, you hear a noise coming from the kitchen. You stop and listen closely; looking for a reason to dismiss it as something else, but then you see a shadow out of the corner of your eye, passing quickly in front of your room and into the bathroom. The faint sound of water dripping from the sink starts soon after, and you feel your heartbeat rise quickly.
With no other choice than to close the faucet before the sink starts overflowing, you slowly get up and head towards the bathroom. The door is slightly ajar, so you open it fully, walk towards the sink and close the faucet. Only then did you look up at the mirror, for usually it frightens you to look at your reflection in the dark. You take a moment to stare at your features, and then you notice something that chills you to the bone: The door you had left wide open was now closed, and your initials were scratched into the wood…
You throw open the door and run out as fast as you can, close your laptop, shut the bedroom door and lay on your bed with the covers up to your chin. You decide it’s best to stay here until your parents come home. In the dark of your room, you see something move; but decide it’s just the tree outside your window. You get up and turn on the light, so you won’t be able to see the shadows. Just as you’re making your way back into bed, the message tone in your cellphone goes off. ‘Who the heck could be messaging me this late?’ you question as you open the message to see the sender. No number. It’s a media message.
As you scroll down to read what it says, you see an image of a dark room. In the middle of it, someone is on their feet, looking into a cellphone, which is the only source of light. Under the image is the text; ‘turning on the light, will only make it easier to see the shadows…’
The lights in your room turn off. The window slowly slides open and you hear your parents’ car leave the driveway. You hear a faint, raspy noise and feel a slow, warm breath on the back of your neck…

Credit To – Alberto N.
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