Well, I never expected something like this to come from Nintendo.
I hadn’t played Animal Crossing : Let’s Go To The City in a while, and I decided to play again, it’s not something I play often, anyway.

Of course, my character had bedhead and townsfolk were asking where I’d been. It was all normal, until Chester asked. it was an option thing, so I picked travelling, because I did go to a few different places in the time I had since last playing. I didn’t expect him to ask where I’d been, but he did, and a keyboard appeared, like when someone has told one of the characters to pass on a message.
I typed in ‘Cadbury World’, because that’s where I’d been (It was fun and tasty.) and he asked another question.
“Was there a theme?” What? A theme?
Another keyboard. I typed in ‘Chocolate’. He stopped talking, and didn’t reply. Well, okay. I began to walk away, but he followed me. I kept walking, he kept following.
I thought ‘Maybe if I go into my house he’ll stop.’ So I did. I walked to my house, and went in.

When I was inside, he was also there, still following. My character turned around, and looked shocked. It was the shocked expression from the Marquee.
Chester was holding something as he walked to my character who walked backwards until hitting the wall on the opposite side of the room.
He did something with the item and my character fell to the ground, red on her clothes. Was the item a knife?
Chester slowly walked from the room, red knife-item in his hand.
I saw the outside of my house now, and there was an ambulance. My character was being carried out of the house on a stretcher. The game faded out to the title screen.

I wasn’t sure if it saved because it didn’t say saving, or anything. I decided to play some more, just to see what would happen.

It came on as usual, Rover asks who I am, and I select ‘Mae’ because that’s my name as well as my character.

Rover doesn’t say anything, and it goes straight into the game.

I see my character in a white room, in a white bed connected to a drip and life support. It’s a hospital.

I try to move. I text bos comes up saying ‘You can’t move’ with the same sound that plays when you try to move furniture in someone elses house.
I repeat this a few times, hoping I’d be able to move at somepoint.

Chester walks in.
He walks to the life support and unplugs it.

The game fades out to the title screen, no music was playing.

Needless to say, I’m staying away from Animal Crossing for a while.

Credit To – TheMaebunny
Credit Link – http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMaebunny

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