The Sims CreepyPasta

Courtney sat down at the computer desk to play a round of the Sims. Not any of the fancy expansion packs of today, but the original that came out over a decade ago. The ancient modem whirred as the startup screen loaded.

Courtney had been craving the Sims fix for several days now. It was therapeutic to take a break from the stresses of life and play this old, familiar, predictable, yet challenging game. Once the main screen popped up, she selected one of the many Sim families. It was a couple with a baby. She rather absentmindedly played the game, going between gameplay, messaging her friends on facebook, and other tasks. Suddenly, the game demanded her full and undivided attention.

Now, Courtney was not new to this game. In fact, she had played it more in her 22 years of life than most people will in a lifetime, and had been playing for over a decade. She had read every walkthrough and cheat sheet imaginable, and had never seen anything like this.

Raela, the couple’s baby, had been cared after for the allotted three days, and turned into a child. The female child itself looked normal, with blonde hair, a light complexion, and the school uniform outfit. It was the child’s avatar that made Courtney jump. The face was upside down, with an eerily light, almost lifeless skin tone. Its eyes were a piercing red, and its hair was a flowing brunette. It looked nothing like the child, or even like a child in general. Courtney was quite disturbed. She racked her mind for any recollection of such an occurrence, but found nothing. She had seen every cheat, every glitch ever mentioned in any internet forum, but nothing like this.

Courtney almost quit playing the game, but this new character fascinated her. The more she played, the creepier it became. The avatar’s background was pure black instead of the traditional blue, and the avatar’s facial expressions changed along with Raela’s mood – something that did not happen with any other sim. Courtney checked the personality bars for the child, and there were absolutely no personality points there. Raela had no personality.

Raela had an identical twin. The twin had appeared when Raela made the transition from baby to child; Raela was next to the crib, as usual. The twin appeared out in the yard, cast off and forgotten. The twin was an npc, unnamed, and the sims of the household could not choose to interact with her. However, she was far from unnoticed. She had the needs of a child, eating out of the refrigerator, playing with Raela’s toys, and sleeping in the parent’s bed when they were away. She was constantly intruding on the household, and Raela didn’t get along with her at all. Courtney guessed that perhaps she was Raela’s mirror twin, having all of her personality traits filled. That would explain why the two did not get along. Courtney had no more than guesses to go by; she googled this phenomenon several times and found nothing. Had she been the first to experience this?

Courtney’s curiosity diminished; she was now just plain freaked out. This was not what she was expecting when she had sat down to play a round of the sims, and she could not bear to quit the game with this thing still intact. Courtney quickly decided to kill Raela.

Courtney got Raela and the twin in her bedroom. She then went into build mode and put a fireplace in the girl’s room, and commanded an adult sim to come in, light the fire, and leave. Back in build mode, Courtney replaced the doors to the bedroom with walls, and put as many flammable pieces of furniture in the room that could fit. Soon, the room was engulfed in flames. Courtney listened as Raela and the twin screamed in terror and watched them flail their arms and try to run to safety. Raela went first. Her death was the only normal thing about her virtual existence. She went through the normal motions of burning, screaming, curling up into a ball, and turning into an urn. The typical sympathy message popped up, and the automatic picture clicked, captioning, “Raela has burned to death!”

Raela’s twin was still darting around, avoiding the flames. Finally, there was nowhere safe for her to go. She burnt up, but stayed in her sim form. Courtney watched, confused, as the old “they’re dead” music played over and over again. After several “deaths”, the twin’s ashes finally appeared. Courtney checked the picture album: the twin had died a total of five times.

That was enough sims for the day. Courtney saved the game and shut off the old Mac. Soon after, she went to bed.  Unsurprisingly, she experienced some terrible, vivid nightmares. In the dream, she was forced to kill small animals in front of her family members. Courtney woke up feeling physically and mentally drained. Courtney briefly pondered over her dreams, and chalked it up to the Cymbalta she took for her depression. It was not the first time she had a nightmare. She quickly shook off the memories of her dreams, and went about her day.

The next day, Courtney was babysitting her cousin. The little boy wanted to play games on the old Mac. Courtney booted up the computer, and it crashed the second she clicked on the Bumble Bee game icon. Slightly panicked, she called her dad to tell him the bad news. When he got home, they tried everything they could to revive the old family computer, to no avail. It was completely dead. When they ejected the sims cd from the disk drive, it appeared to be literally fried. The computer had bit the dust for good. It was disappointing, but not particularly surprising; it had gone through many years of use, after all.

That night, Courtney dropped her cousin off at his parents’ and drove home tired. She walked past the sad-looking computer and went to her room. She readied herself for bed and laid down.

The next morning, Courtney’s parents found her dead in her bed, her body burnt. The police led an investigation and Courtney’s death was ruled accidental. A candle left burning had fallen off of her mantle, burning her in her sleep. Her depression medication caused her, a naturally deep sleeper, to sleep even deeper and not wake up. Her parents insisted she was not displaying normal character. Courtney was very careful with her candles and would never leave one burning after going to bed. She always slept with her head facing the headboard, not facing the other way as she was found. She certainly didn’t go to bed without taking her makeup off, and she hadn’t even worn her red lipstick that day.  All of these points were considered seriously, and chalked up as trivial arguments displayed by grieving parents. The community slowly recovered from what they believed was an unfortunate accident.

Credit To – Courtney L. Nay

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