Site Suggestions & Discussion

As it sounds, this page exists for the Crappypasta community to bring up and discuss any issues they might have with the website. If you have suggestions for the main site, you’ll want to use the Contact Us form over there instead.

Dealing with certain commenting trends, category fine-tuning, bug reports, new rules or guidelines you’d like to see, etc – if you want to talk about these types of issues, this page is the place.

Please be respectful to each other – overly aggressive and rude comments will not be approved. This is not the place to work out tension from a bad day or carry out petty grudges. If a comment thread gets out of line, I will stop approving comments on that particular topic, so think before you post.

Thank you for your input!

  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    Perhaps this would be a good place to write down the crappy rules in their entirety.

    I’ll await TO’s input as I think he has more of an idea as to what they are.

    • ‘The crappy rules are more of a guideline.’

      I think Jack Sparrow said that. Or something along those lines.

      But yeah, to be honest, they’re just a basic guide of what not to put into crappypastas. You guys can probably guess most of them already. A few commenting stuff would also go into it as well. And of course, the most important rule –

      Rule #1 – The shittier the pasta, the more stupid comments on it.

      Maybe I’ll write all of them down a bit later, when I have the time to hunt down and think about all of them.

  • madinverse

    Maybe I was premature with my objection concerning the ‘white knight’ comments. After reading the comments for “Sakura EMELY drowned”, I’ve had a change of heart. It’s bad enough when submitters don’t read the FAQS and follow the guidelines, but when commenters don’t it’s just double the trouble. Shits and giggles is one thing, but telling someone to die because you can’t handle criticism over your or your friend’s poorly written pasta is another. If people really cared that much about their story then it should show in their writing, not in the ferocity of their comments.

    I’m still an advocate for banning fanfiction (if only temporarily). I know there’s the potential for some good fanfic out there (where? I haven’t a clue), but most of the crap seems to revolve around serial killers; with dustings of rape, molestation, abuse, bullying and pubescent infatuations with murdering thrill seekers and psychopaths. I’m finding the trend to be more than unoriginal, it’s getting damn right unhealthy. Young, impressionable writers should be looking for inspiration in places other than reality television shows and Playstation games where causing acts of violence is as nonchalant as taking a stroll through the park. This might sound hypocritical coming from someone who enjoys writing and reading fear wresting tales, but I believe there’s an invisible line between the horrors of the imagination and the horrors of realism, and once you cross that line it’s a real bitch to get back to the other side.

  • derpbutt

    Okay, guys. As I’m going through the submission queue, I’ve noticed that we have far more ‘submissions’ than usual that are not, by any definition, creepypasta. They’re just flat-out fanfics of some video game/show/whatever with some gore or a Jeff/Slenderman cameo shoehorned into the plot.

    On the next open period, I plan on amending the rules and making an announcement that states that while CREEPYPASTA featuring some sort of pop culture element is allowed, this sort of fanfic will not be considered for either the main site or Crappypasta; rather, it will just be deleted. Multiple strikes of someone trying to treat Creepypasta as a proxy will result in a ban.

    That said, since this is a new rule, I feel obligated to process the fanfics currently in the queue according to the previous rules – that is, I need a category name to dump the “this isn’t even a creepypasta, why did you submit this to me?” type submissions into for the time being. That way I can link this category when making the above-mentioned announcement so that people get examples of what NOT to submit.

    So any ideas for the name would be greatly appreciated.

    • madinverse

      Fanfic Fettuccine?

      Crapped Out?

      Crapped, Wiped and Flushed?

    • I’m going to recommend Didn’t Order Pizza, or something of the sort, to show that they’re not even creepypastas, just fanfics.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Fanfic pasta = NO!

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        I have just looked through a few pastas. Thank god you’re doing something to curb these white nights. I didn’t realise just how silly it had become. One or two every now and then is annoying but is not a major problem. The amount we’ve had recently however is definitely a problem. I don’t understand how someone can come to a site and not understand what it’s for.

        People seem to think it’s for joke pastas. I know that there is a wiki site that exists for that very purpose. It’s full of stuff far worse than any of the trolls do on here. It’s not funny or clever.

        It’s a shame we don’t have tags for commenters.

        For example if someone is incredibly rude or vicious they could pick up a tag telling them that there post is just nasty rather than constructive.

        As for the white nights, just tag ’em with read the FAQ.

        Keep up the good work and don’t let the imbeciles get you down.

    • Jaff

      I love this. Finally get rid of all of the straight up fanfic entries that don’t even belong here. For the category name, how about something simple, like, “Why?” or some other variation of the sort. Most of the time when I read the straight up fanfics, the first thing that goes through my mind is, “Why are you doing this?”

      Another thought is “This Doesn’t Belong Here.” It may not be a clever or funny category name, but it gets the point across to the author and any other authors thinking of posting their fanfics on this site will see the type of entry that truly doesn’t belong here.

    • Paul

      “Pasta With No Creepy Sauce.”

      “Where Is The Creepy?”

      “Terror Not Included.”

      “That’s Not Creepy.”

      That’s all I can think. I’m kinda happy we’re losing the fanfics, ’cause at least I will refrain from skipping half the submissions in fear that they’ll just be how the ceremony on Slenderman’s wedding went.

    • Demonicus

      I think I got one.

      “My three year old yawned at this”

    • Sirqster

      How about “No Pastas here, just us fanfics.” (Doctor who joke)

    • Second addition: What about Fanfic FAQwits? I’m guessing you can all see the pun there.

      • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

        That’s the best idea for the tag that I’ve seen thus far.

    • derpbutt

      Given how often it’s been pointed out that Pasta Poseur was an outdated and unused category, I’ve gone ahead and just rewritten the category description so that it now applies to the sort of submission that I described above:

      “For some inexplicable reason, some people seem to get confused about what sort of things are appropriate to submit to Creepypasta. Submitting a not-creepy-at-all ramble about your how misunderstood you are, sending in fanfictions about your favorite video game/cartoon/anime, even decently written stories that, while entertaining, aren’t creepy in any sense of the word – doing this is utterly pointless because such things have no chance in hell at making it on the main site because they’re NOT CREEPYPASTA. Our site caters to a very specific niche; if you submit something that doesn’t fit into said genre, you will be rejected. After the Dec/Jan submission period is processed, this category will become dormant as such submissions will no longer be processed at all; it will only remain as an archive of examples of what NOT to submit.”

      • Shall I begin recategorising, then?

        • derpbutt

          Go for it!

          Sorry for the long delay, I’ve been putting off dealing with the comment situation here – somehow we’ve suddenly attracted a mass influx of roleplayer comments, to the tune of like a 50:1 ratio of useless RP comments where the author makes absolutely no contribution to the point of the site to actual, real comments involving feedback. It’s getting beyond annoying logging in to see 600 comments in the queue and knowing that most of them are nonsense. My mistake was that I originally tried to read them all and let through any RP comments where the author gave feedback, but now I think I’m at the point where I’m just going to spam them all in the interest of getting the real commenters’ stuff approved at a decent pace.

    • Rileyk64

      You could possibly name it “THIS IS WHY I HATE MY JOB”

    • Rileyk64

      Just Say No To Fan Fic.

    • Frost

      Hi, my pasta was recently posted, titled “Journal (July)” (which I’m 99% sure was not the name I chose), and I’m very frustrated with the categories. I think it’s very unfair that even before pastas are read, they are editorialized by you before they are submitted. My pasta was labeled under “Lazy Writing” and “Just Say No to Journals”. I think it’s very ignorant to say that an entire genre of pastas, in this case journal entries, are lazy. Maybe they aren’t too lazy to write scene transitions, but instead, that’s just what they thought was right for the story. As for lazy writing, I would be fine for some random person on the internet to tell me that my writing was lazy, because I know it wasn’t, but for the admin of the page to label my pasta as lazy before it is ever read? It’s just plain unfair. It’s just plain unconstructed criticism, and while I love having my pastas that weren’t approved for the main site posted on here, I do not enjoy this kind of thing happening when you put a lot of work into a pasta just for it to be smashed together with a bunch of uncreative pastas written by someone who can’t spell correctly. This site should be about creative criticism on how a pasta could be made better, not bashing people. I understand that there are a lot of lazy writers out there, but not everyone is, and I highly recommend that you stop pre-categorizing crappypastas, at least in this way. For instance, why not just list crappypastas with a few of the less bashing categories, such as “undercooked pasta” or “that’s just sad”, and change “Just Say No to Journals” to Journal Entries. An entire genre of pastas cannot be called bad just because a few of them were.

      • derpbutt

        Please follow the FAQ instructions on the main site if you’d like your pasta to be removed.

        In the future, perhaps you would benefit from not checking the Crappypasta option. If you dislike how this site operates, I’m unsure as to why you still insisted on checking the option to have your story posted here.

        Lastly, stories are not automatically categorized. I read your story and labeled it with the tags I personally felt it deserved. There is no such thing as ‘precategorization’ and I’m unsure why you felt the need to come and lecture me for using a tactic wholly of your own invention.

        I use humor here to help deal with the workload, quite frankly without the community over here at Crappypasta, I don’t think I’d be able to continue running the sites. The category names are largely community created and reflect the sense of humor we have here. As stated above, if you dislike how this website operates, please contact me to have your story removed and resist checking the Crappypasta option in the future. I ask people to visit the site before checking that box, and reactions like this are a big part of the reason why I wish more people actually listened to that request.

        • Frost

          I checked it because last time the labels weren’t so annoying. I get that maybe it’s supposed to be funny, but a lot of times it just comes across as rude. Of course you labeled them, I know there isn’t some system that randomly tags pastas. It was not my invention, I just became part of the community and I already don’t like how it’s run. Now your default answer is “lol don’t like it leave” but just listen to me and I think you’ll understand what I’m trying to say here. There’s a line between funny and discouraging. This should be a place to get creative criticism, and that can include having fun and making jokes, but there really is no constructive criticism, just a bunch of tags and very few comments because it seems like the threshold of crap as sky high, and pastas on the main site are often far worse than the ones on here. It’s just ridiculous. I just feel insulted is all and it pisses me off that anything can just be passed off as “funny” or “our sense of humor”, but whatever.

          • derpbutt

            I don’t really foresee continuing this being a useful way to spend my time. You may reply, of course, but I won’t be indulging you with any more responses – I hope you understand that it’s nothing personal, I just have a lot of other things to get done and once I say my piece here, I think that should wrap things up on my end. Obviously if you follow the FAQ procedure to get your story removed I won’t ignore that, but I’m not going to engage in any future comment slapfighting.

            I’ll reiterate, though you may decide to miss my point and write it off as ‘lol don’t like it leave’ – but this site has been around for awhile, and while we’ve had some issues with some comments getting out of line (you may visit the announcements tag for more details), this site is for people who want criticism of their stories with a dash of snark and no sugar-coating; it’s also so that if I mistakenly reject a pasta that the community actually likes, they can upvote it enough to the main site. That’s it, that’s the concept of the website. The reason I ask people to come and look around first is precisely to avoid situations like yours – if someone objects to even light snark in the tags, it follows that the person just won’t like the website in general and it’s simply not for them. That is okay. Not every online community or website will be to your tastes. We know this, and that is WHY I try to warn people to pay attention and make sure they know what they’re getting into before they check that box.

            While I do listen to community feedback – you can see this all over both of the sites – I don’t really consider what you’re doing here to be particularly valid. I don’t consider you stupid or a lesser person or anything for not finding the site and community to be what you’re looking for, but I do find it unreasonable for you to ignore the warnings and then come and basically tell us that we should change everything about the site setup simply because you specifically didn’t bother to look before you leapt and are just now realising that this site isn’t your cup of tea.

            My advice is honestly that if you dislike the tags, you will probably hate the community and you will probably not find any feedback received here helpful. Feel free to reduce that to ‘lol don’t like it leave’ but I’m not trying to be as flippant or rude as you’re trying to paint me.

            Bottom line: the tags will remain. I do suggest that you have your submission removed here (and make sure that you don’t check the box in future submissions) as I get the feeling that you won’t find your posting here particularly helpful. I’m not going to forcefully remove your stories as you haven’t, in my opinion, been obscenely rude or anything, I just do question how well you’ll take the type of criticism that you may receive here. If it’s not going to be a tolerable process for you, we might as well save you the experience and our commenters the effort of leaving feedback that will likely be ill-received.

            I usually point people to /x/ and TerrorTortellini, but let’s be honest – if you don’t like us, you’ll hate /x/ with a burning passion – so I’d stick to trying TT or the Creepypasta Network if you want other possible places to post your story and receive feedback.


            I hope that you find either of those sorts to be more your speed, atmosphere-wise. Good luck!

      • Hamster

        Sorry, I accidentally gave your comment 5 stars when I meant to give it 1. You didn’t get the tag “Just Say No to Journal Entries” just because you used journal entries. If someone were to write a pasta using journal entries that was written well and made sense they wouldn’t get that tag. You can see my comment on your story for more information.

  • RiathLaz

    How about “What did you just send/say?”

  • Yossarian

    I think this is a much-needed page. Thanks, Derpbutt, for making it. As for the story tag, maybe “Forsaken Fanfiction”?

  • CandleClock

    I know that this idea might not end up very popular, but I think some stories should be posted with comments turned off (of course, if it’s possible). I’m talking about the obvious trolling attempts and most of ENOBV Darkness Dementia The Killer kind of stories.

    The thing is that these pieces get much more comments than actually decent efforts (see how many comments got YoeI the homicidle maniac and compare that to any story in Shows Promise category).

    I think that the authors would understand that’s wrong with their work just by looking at the tags – “Stop”, “This is stupid” and “You didn’t even try at all” say pretty much verything that should be said in these cases.

    The experience of the old Creepypasta forum there comments like “Gargle bleach” or “Die in a fire” were pretty common shows that this sort of negativity doesn’t lead to anything good.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      Also these god awful fanfics seem to attract a lot of traffic. A lot of people do seem to use this site as a comedy site. The more people that come here, the better it is for Derp.

      With the comments turned off it’ll reduce the nasty comments from regulars, white nights and the illiterate comments that appear on almost every fanfic.

      I think that could be the best way to control the situation. It does mean that Derp will still have process all those awful pastas but he won’t keep having to go back to moderate the comments of stupidity that will inevitably get posted at the moment.

      If people are trying to post a genuine attempt and it ends up in this format (comments off) then they’ll at least try and make it considerably better just to get some feedback.

  • Faith

    In response to your re-pin of your post on Writer/Commenter Resolutions, I think now it is evident there must be strict rules for commenting. Before you’ve always left us pretty open and able to express our opinion. I’m all for freedom of speech, as most writers are, but because of the onslaught of hate and false white knights we need to consider stricter rules.

    I know as it is right now it is solely up to you whether you approve comments or not. This has been seen by people as you being biased against them. I know this is not true and that you have specific reasons for why you don’t approve certain comments but I do believe this needs to be made public. The idiots who refuse to read said post and insist on breaking the rules will just have their comment deleted. Of course, this is my opinion and I want everyone to feel free to comment back (including you Derp) so we can decide if this will help.

    I can say honestly that the hate and the false white knights are destroying my love for this site. I don’t really want to check it anymore, the comments from both sides make me sick. It makes me sick that the ones I can’t see, Derp has to read and be appalled by.

    We all have things we can improve on and those of us who are truly in the Crappypasta Community want the site to be the best it can be.

    P.S. – I don’t think fan-fiction should be submitted here. Creepypasta is for frightening, original monsters. Not for pointless reheats and plagiarism.

  • Demonicus

    I think that Crappypasta should come with it’s own guidelines.

    Instead of restricting the new years resolutions to one announcement, I think it should be something at the top of the site.
    That way, new commentators and authors on THIS site will know what is expected from them. Although, most of the authors and commentators didn’t even follow the announcement.

    Hey Derpbutt, does my story count in the fan fiction thing you are talking about? You know, Jeff the killer: His true origins and intentions?

    • derpbutt

      No, your story is completely about a Creepypasta entity and it came off as if you were actually trying to expand his universe/mythology rather than self-insert or do a ham-fisted [insert franchise here] x Jeff crossover fanfic.

      What I’d like to lose is all the copy/paste “reader proxy meets Jeff and falls in love” or “X the Killer” spinoff type stories, as well as the MLP/whatever fanfictions that really have no place here whatsoever.

      • Demonicus

        Oh, sorry Derp. I got confused because of the “Oh look, more fan fiction” tag. Plus the regular’s comments about somebody making a story about an established character. Anyway, my parodypasta commemorating the many works of everyone here is well on its way.


    I’m going to speak very honestly. I believe people have lost all respect for this site since the threshold of crappy has reach an irredeemable level. Sure, the intention was for this place to be an incubator of sorts for pastas that were quote on quote “premature” but its now become the exception. Just look at the ADMIN FAIL category – twelve successes… TWELVE. Out of thousands.

    What I can’t quite figure out is the immense hostility – authors and commentators alike. Yes I’m guilty of it myself (and I do try to save the dickish one-liners for the irredeemable entries) and perhaps it’s vented frustration from the constant crap or some sort of sadistic filter, but I suppose if our admin has so far managed to keep it together after reading through EVERY SINGLE ONE then us commentators got to follow the example. For the authors, having to psychotically defend their clearly no-effort entries is perhaps the Krueger effect at its finest, but I believe they’re mostly very very young people who can’t quite decipher what is good and what is theirs. We do have to be mindful of that and that is why I try to point out whenever derpbutt misses to edit a “too much personal information” type entry.

    I believe the only way to get this site back on track is basically to reorganize the criteria – and that is a very slippery slope since it could easily delve into a vicious circle (and since this site is for the entries that already miss the criteria for something else!). This whole dynamic has gotten a little out of control; yeah it was fun for awhile with Crappypasta Storytime and the awards thing, but this site will never be treated the way it was meant to unless there is a complete overhaul of what goes through and what pre-teen crap stays in the trash bin.

    If maybe the community can perhaps set a list of suggestions for how to do that, and we’re actually serious about this, and if derpbutt ever actually has the time to do it in the first place – then I believe that is the only way to quell these problems of hostility and disrespect for good.

    • derpbutt

      I’d be interested in hearing some specifics about what you think needs to be done.

      • Weighing in my opinion on here, I’d say we just take it one step at a time. That first step should be banning shitty Jeff-clones and other things that aren’t creepy at all. There’s a line between ‘trying to be creepy but failing’ and ‘completely understanding the purpose of creepypasta’.

        After that, the pastas will probably clear up a lot, seeing as many of them fall under said ‘not even creepy’ range (HELLO JEFF SELF INSERTS), and therefore, will bring greater attention to stories that people actually put work into.

        After that? I’d say we just wait and see what happens.


        Derpbutt, you might not like it since it will be similar to when you had to crack down on the main site and left that huge red print post that’s still there today. And I know for a fact the community here won’t like it either. Also I don’t know what measures you are taking already aside from that helpful front page post – but here are a few suggestions and I hope others will join in to help.

        1. This is largely aesthetic, but a different front page format. Keep the whole system, but different colors – the brown/yellow doesn’t warrant the seriousness of the main site black/red, but give it its own flavor. Also rearrange the link tabs so that there is more emphasis on the writing resources rather than the categories. Maybe put the writing resources higher on the main site too since that is where the authors more than likely are initially looking.

        2. Reduce the categories. I admit, it’s fun we can name them and I’m glad it’s a community input, but there are way way too many now and it’s more of a game of “see who can get x-amount of categories!” rather than “these are the things I got wrong.” The fact that categories are made when a certain ‘trend’ occurs kind of defeats the purpose. I suggest going back to the original basics with some community input – and if no one wants to reduce them then at least put as much effort in making GOOD categories than making clever names for bad ones.

        3. This is going to be obvious, but a more harsh criteria (for now). I know it may seem like this defeats the purpose of the site – where here they couldn’t meet the criteria for something else! – but in fact it reinforces it. Anything that fits into the really really bad categories (that according to me shouldn’t even exist) are deleted altogether, and anything that has a chance to be upvoted or edited will be posted with full military honors. This will require a lot of work on your part derpbutt (I do not envy your job), since you will have to make that conscious decision on the fly – and perhaps any community input on how to make this easier on our admin would be appreciated.

        4. To piggyback on three, and you’re already working very hard on this derp, but put more focus on constructive comments. If it gets SO bad that you need to put criteria for comments also… well, that would just become a mess. But SUPPOSEDLY if the pastas are of a biiiiit higher quality then us commentators wouldn’t find reason to rage-bash them, right? AND LIKEWISE FOR AUTHORS. I’m just hoping if step 3 works then this will just come naturally, but here’s hoping it doesn’t get so bad that artificial means are needed to quell this.

        5. Finally, and this might backfire, but put more sway on the Caesar vote rankings. Lower the sufficient vote level (to, I dunno, plus twenty? plus ten?) and give authors an incentive to put their hopes on the community to upvote it to a satisfactory level. And before you give me the zergrush possibility, here’s an idea. Any pasta that is upvoted sufficiently will be either put to a vote by the Crappypasta community if it belongs to the main site or the personal decision of the admin himself. And no it’s not going to be extra work – there’ve only been like five pastas upvoted successfully, the rest were rewritten.

        Alright, those are my suggestions. It’s not solid or perfect, so any extra input from community members that are interested in reforming this site would be greatly appreciated. Thank for listening derpbutt.

        • Disagree with 1 and maybe 3, agree with all the rest.

          I don’t think the site needs a change in font – it’s good the way it is. As for deleting the really bad pastas, we shouldn’t delete ones that are already here, but as Derpbutt has been planning, delete the ones that aren’t even creepy.

          Reducing the categories sounds like a good idea to me.
          -SCP: Stupid Crappy Pasta
          -The Holder of Crappypasta
          -Pasta Poseur

          Those are probably the first categories we should remove. The first three because they have nearly no pasta in them. and the last one because anything in it can slot into We’re Not Your Dream Dictionary, MEepypasta or That’s Just Sad instead.

          I’m expecting 4 to come naturally as the shitpastas are filtered out and the attention is drawn towards mediocre pastas.

          5 really doesn’t matter at the moment, because there are no crappypastas of that quality to have warranted ADMIN FAIL as of recent. But when we do get one like that, having the community members decide whether it goes or not sounds pretty cool.

        • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

          You have some good ideas there but it sounds like a lot of work for one person.

          Don’t forget Derp has a day job as well as maintaining these websites.

          Rather than deleting tags etc. Perhaps just put them into a seperate hyperlink to reduce their attention on the home page. I like the idea of putting the writing tools higher up so that they are more accessible.

          I think it’d be a good idea to put the best pasta of the week/month on the home page. This’ll allow the authors more recognition and allow the commenters more oppurtunities to give cronstructive comments. Obviously if the top rated pasta of the pre-determined time period is just a troll pasta go for the highest rated genuine attempt of the period.

          If you did this monthly we could do a poll at the end of the year (start of January) with crappypasta awards. There’d be twelve decent pastas already up for nomination. The winner of this could win a prize. Hopefully this’ll give people more of an incentive to try harder when they submit their work.

          My only worry with this would be those people who purposely try to get their pasta on this site just so they can get crappypasta of the month.

          • Faith

            I really like all your ideas, but I agree with AFD. It’s way too much work for Derp. I wish we could help in some way. I feel like sometimes we make it worse and I really don’t want us to do that.

            I don’t know about criteria but something needs to be done. It is really strange how often we get a commenter saying

            “YEAH! I was accepted to Crappypasta!”

            and everyone who’s a regular is going *facepalm*

          • Just a thought, when a pasta gets upvoted enough it can make its merry way to the main site, correct? What if we did the inverse with downvotes? Once a pasta passes a certain threshold of downvotes, it gets removed from Crappypasta. That way, derpbutt doesn’t have to make the decision on what to post and what not to post, and commenters can give the “clearly didn’t give a shit” pastas a downvote and just move on.

          • But then… what’ll happen to Youtube is Waching? Or ‘Did you stumble across herobrine’? And all those deliciously horrible pastas?

          • Well, we can always keep the “classic” crappypastas in their own little archive 😛

          • Alright:

            1) Deleting the lowest rated pastas seems like a bad idea, it doesn’t add anything and just takes more time.
            2) I’d rather not delete the categories, since, again, no harm in keeping them. (Sidenote: IF the SCP category gets deleted, it will surely be the most depressing category of all time: not only did it only stick around for the least time, it also never got a category description.)
            3) Agree with lowering the threshold to turn Crappy into creepy, it currently needs an insane amount of upvotes. (33 was the lowest I could find; I also noticed stories with higher ratings than this that had to be rewritten to get on the main site) There are only even twenty one pastas above the +15 plus limit.

          • derpbutt

            The threshold isn’t particularly high, I just don’t make it explicitly known in order to avoid dishonest voting shenanigans – if people knew the specific number, I’d bet that we’d see a lot more pastas suddenly making the threshold via unscrupulous means. Also that some of the pastas you’re probably looking at kept getting upvotes AFTER they were already moved to the main site, which is more than likely skewing your perception.

            Also, as I’ve stated before, I don’t count obviously fabricated votes. I can’t remove them, but I can see when a pasta gets a surge of voting activity within a short time frame (Supermarket Monster is an obvious one where people were directed here to inflate the votes) that points to either one person getting around the mechanism that limits votes or several people being directed to vote via link/IM/whatever. When that happens, I consider it a sort of forfeit on the author’s part. I don’t reward dishonesty.

            I’m also not sure that I agree with the idea that lowering the threshold would even solve the perceived problem. If stories aren’t getting enough upvotes, wouldn’t that imply that the community at large simply doesn’t believe it’s upvote-worthy? In this case, lowering the threshold would only serve to let through more mediocre stories, which isn’t really the point here. Improving the rejected stories is, with the possibility of rescuing stories that I’ve incorrectly discarded as a bonus. What actually needs to change – assuming your goal is only to get more stories in the success category via upvotes alone, not to give feedback or receive improved rewrites – is that either more people need to vote and/or the stories need to be good enough to motivate people to upvote. Crappypasta only averages around 70k unique visitors per month, which means that just a small fraction of Creepypasta visitors make the leap over here, and of course we can’t force even those who do end up here to actually understand and use the site for its purpose.

            If you feel that good stories are getting passed over here, the best remedy is for you to consistently upvote the ones you feel are main-site worthy. If enough people do that, it works.

  • FlibbleLibble

    A couple of things…

    First off, I’d like to thank derpbutt for opening my eyes on this matter. Before now I have only posted negative, unrelated or sniping comments at commenters/authors. I see what I have done and apologise.

    Second, I think that tags for commenters is a really good idea. This is because some of the regulars are really funny, and it’d be worth just reading them instead of shifting through what is note English but more of an alien dialect known as toddler talk. It would help with the banning scheme, allowing you to ban people using that email for a timespan(And/or username and website) from commenting/submitting. However, profiles would be required.

    Third, a sub-section of the site (The toilet?) would be required to house all those bad horrible pastas that are irredeemable and/or are the offspring from banned authors.

    Fourth, for the fanfic names, here are a few off the top of my head;

    1. For every good pasta there is, a million more spawn.

    2. We may fight them in the comments, we may hit them in the FAQs but the fanfic writers will never surrender!

    3. Copypasta just got cut.

    4. X the killer meets his match.

    However, these are not brilliant and I don’t recommend using them.

    And finally I’d just like to say that there is no excuse for writing without reading. I am typing this on my iPad mini and I haven’t made a single mistake so far. I’m rushing but my autocorrect is giving me the speed I need. And when I’m finished I’ll proofread for spelling errors or Americanisms (English commenter here) and make sure that all the grammar is right before I post. I repeat, there is no excuse.

    Thanks derpbutt, it’d be appreciated if you took most of what I said here and from other commenters to improve crappypasta’s website for the better.

  • FlibbleLibble


    God I feel such a complete derp

  • 1. I agree with anyone who claims fanfiction does not belong here. However the site needs to clearly state what constitutes an actual rewrite as opposed to fanfiction. Which brings me to my second suggestion, why stop accepting pastas that net the “You Didn’t Even Try At All” tag. If you want a reason, it’s because it only serves to make you more busy and distract from pastas which were written with effort.

    2. Again addressing fandoms of whatever character or show; it would be best to make a general FAQ section for that. These people need to know exactly why fanfiction has no reverence to creepypasta. They probably won’t read the FAQ, but at least you can say ” I already addressed this in the FAQ”.

  • derpbutt

    Just a note that I’m reading and considering all the input so far, but I’m going to wait to take any action (beyond being more strict with comment moderation) until I get more feedback and opinions. So please keep discussing these matters, I just don’t want anyone to feel ignored because I’m not immediately replying!

  • madinverse

    One of the most troubling and most mentioned offense I see is a lack of proofreading and editing by submitters. Some (too many) of these pasta attempts look as if they were texted by halfwits on their cell phone while riding a roller coaster. Seriously, derp, I don’t know how you can read some of these without running for the Excedrin (extra strength). A bad premise, stale dialogue, grammatical and tense errors, cliches, these can be understood if not condoned. But the miserable spelling, punctuation, and capitalization can only be chalked up to pure laziness. (Unless all the submitters of these typo-train wrecks are still wearing diapers. And, no, not the adult kind with elasticized waistbands for easy removal and extra comfort).

    I’m all for deleting any story from the queue that has multiple typos. Why should laziness and a total disregard for the English language be rewarded? Of course, not every submitter uses English as their primary language, and that has to be taken into consideration. But I’m sure you’ve got a good grasp on who’s sending in their stories and from where. It would be another way to help ease your workload, as well as causing writers to think before they submit.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      It’s a difficult one.

      I think those who are bilingual are normally quite easy to spot. They often write in the way that they speak as most people learn to speak English without really learning how to write.

      I think the majority of the pastas that feature text language are troll and self insert pastas. I agree that these shouldn’t be allowed through anyway.

      The problem with doing this purely based on writing ability is that there are people who have genuine reasons for their inability to write. Whether that be dyslexia or another learning disability.

  • Demonicus

    Starkindler has something good going on with the down vote option. I had to do it here because the reply button has disappeared…

  • Jaff

    I like Star Kindler’s idea with the downvotes, however I think instead of just removing pastas that receive a large number of downvotes, they should be put to a vote whether to be removed or not at that threshold. The reason for this being what the purpose of the downvote is. A downvote doesn’t mean the pasta is terrible, it just means it isn’t ready for the main site, but COULD be main site material with some adjustments. If a story is good, but not good enough for the main site, it gets put here, of course, and when read by the community, if we agree it’s not main site material, it gets downvoted.

    That’s why I think, instead of removing the pasta after, say, 15 downvotes, why not put the pasta to a vote whether to be deleted. That way the community can decide whether or not the pasta deserves to be removed, so we can weed out trollpastas or fanfics or what-have-you, yet keep the honest attempts that may have a future on the main site if rewritten.

    In that respect as well, Derp, have you considered enlisting help from the regulars here? Making some of them moderators or something. Maybe not to help with the posting of pastas you receive, but they could help with enforcing rules, monitoring comments on pastas, or helping with what I stated above; namely initiation votes to have pastas removed if they receive a large number of downvotes. It would take some of the workload off of your shoulders if you plan on enacting some of the suggestions listed here.

    Just a thought.

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      As you say, downvotes don’t necessarily mean the pasta is awful. I downvote nearly every pasta on this site. If a pasta is not ready for the main site it will get a downvote.

      I don’t think there’s any need to remove the pastas we’ve already got. That’s just creating more work for the sake of creating more work.

      As much as I’d love to help Derp, I think in order for us to have any control over the site (moderating comments etc.) he’d have to give us access to more content than he’d feel comfortable with. He has mentioned this in the past.

      • Hamster

        The biggest issue with upvotes and downvotes is how many people don’t seem to understand the concept of the site and what those votes are for. How many times have we seen someone post a comment like, “OMG I thought this was hilarious! I gave it an upvote for the lawlz.”? I’m not talking on the stories that are supposed to be parodies either. I’m talking about the stories that look like madinverse’s analogy of a story written on a cell phone by a half-wit on a roller coaster.

        Then you get people commenting on how much they loved a story but they didn’t bother to give it an upvote.

        As far as deleting stories goes I have been advocating that for, I’d like to say years but I don’t know how long ago I first asked Derp why some of the stories didn’t simply get deleted. To be honest I have no idea how Derp does it. Until yesterday I hadn’t been on this site since before Christmas because it seemed like every story that ended up on here was a troll trying to be funny. I couldn’t take it anymore. As long as trolls are rewarded by having their stories posted here more and more of them are going to submit.

        I seriously started out coming to this site looking for stories that were written by authors who really put some effort in to their work but they just needed that little bit of help to make it better. There have been a few of those stories but it must be a ratio anymore of about 100:1 when comparing those stories to the rest of the stuff that’s been submitted here lately.

        TL;DR version- People need to learn to use the voting system before you can really tie anything to it and Derp should just trash the obvious trolls and fan fics.

        • derpbutt

          I think you’re right.

          My current idea is that we keep all the past posts and categories as a sort of ‘this is an example of what we will no longer accept’ guidepost, but starting with the next open period (sometime in March), I’ll change the rules so that the only stories that get to Crappypasta are ones that I feel actually have some potential, whether it’s due to the author’s technical skill or the story itself. The Jeff filler pastas of the world (Jeff the Fillers?) will just be outright rejected.

          To be frank, I don’t expect the actual level of Jeff/Poke/Slendy/etc pastas to go down until either their trend passes or their authors are given another outlet for their fandom. I’ve toyed with the idea of using the FMyLife-style script to make a sort of self-contained ‘creepypasta fanfic’ site, where they could dump and upvote and discuss their X the Killer/Adventure Time crossovers until they’re blue in the face without it spilling over to the main network (theoretically) or needing any sort of vetting process beyond an after-the-fact reporting system, but the problem would be – I sure don’t want to be involved in the day to day moderation there (just making sure that people aren’t posting obscene things or doxxing 10 year olds, etc), but I can’t really think of any regulars I trust enough that would find that job appealing, either!

    • Ahriannah

      I feel that people helping derp is going to be a bit of a Catch22. You would have to go with people who are the most loyal. However, then you have to think about people who have their own websites or blogs that they run, and weather or not it will interfere or even cause a biased perspective from the other forum moderators.

      If that were the case then I would suggest a tier system. (If you play Evony you will understand what I am suggesting) You have Officers who can partrol forums, they would have power to say, chastise the commentor for being against the rules. Then you would have the Prybesters who could have the ability to do a temporary block, say 1 hour-1 day from the forums. The Vice-Hosts would then be able to permently block certain participants, and the Host who (being Derp) Over-sees all of the inner workings.

      So Officers report to Presby who report to VH Who report to the Host.

      It would be a more legit system of checks and balances as compared to giving a ton of people free reign over others.

      • derpbutt

        I wish the site platform gave me the freedom to do something like that!

        As it is, it’s pretty much [Can only moderate comments] then [Can only moderate comments and their own posts] and then a MASSIVE jump in permissions to being just about Admin-level. If I could have a rank where someone could moderate comments and edit tags/categories on posts (but not the post content) as their only permissions, that would be fantastic and there would be a couple of people already at that level. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be possible for now – though maybe we’ll get lucky and someday they’ll implement such a tier in future builds.

        • Ahriannah

          Could it be possible to pick maybe two or three people who you trust (the super long timers) and give them the permissions of an admin level with the understanding that they are only to moderate the comment forums?

          It seems like a streach to trust someone that much, but then they can still have people they know and trust watching the forums, and reporting to them. You would be able to do it, just think outside of the box?

          • derpbutt

            I don’t think that’s a good idea. I apologize if this comes off as hostile, but I need to be blunt to convey just how bad an idea that is:

            To give an example, there have been a number of frequent commenters who seemed nice enough, but I eventually caught them attempting to inject malicious code via the comment forms. Now imagine that I had given one of them admin access. I run backups and do my best to prepare for disasters, but when that happens it’s extremely stressful and time-consuming – during the hacks in 2012, I literally didn’t sleep for days and spend almost all my time working with my host to find and clear the infections. Opening myself up to MORE of that if I pick the wrong person is just – not to be offensive to you – a ridiculously stupid idea. Also, with every user account that exists, that’s one more vulnerability. Admin accounts, in particular, increase that tenfold. Please understand that the sites are under near constant attack by people looking for exploits, not a day goes past that I don’t at least get one hacker attempting to inject base64 or something.

            So, in short, there is not enough “no” in the world for that suggestion.

          • It’d be, effectively, a game of Russian Roulette if he did. The risk is simply too high.

          • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

            It is a shame that people need to be so wary of one another.

            I know for a fact that I would not do anything malicious if I had some minor control. But if this was the other way round I would be very cautious when it comes to giving someone else some control over something that I’ve spent a lot of time on.

            I don’t think you need to worry about coming across as “hostile” Derp as I think most people completely understand your reasoning.

          • I agree, It was just a thought. I wish I could come up with a way to help however, It just seems so unfair that you run both sites, and put up with some of the flaming I have seen. I dont even want to begin to understand the massive migrane that comes from reading some of the stories you do.

            I have to wonder at just how many dont even make the cut for Crappy Pasta.

        • Rileyk61

          Maybe you could do something along the lines of letting people flag comments.

          • derpbutt

            I’ve mentioned this before, but we used to have this function.

            It was abused to the point that I had to disable it. People were going on reporting sprees just because they didn’t like a person.

            There are a number of frequently-suggested things that I actually did implement, they just earned removal because the community at large proved that they were incapable of handling them.

          • Rileyk61

            Yeah, that’s what I figured. I’m replying here because it won’t let me reply to you for some reason.

  • I’m aware this is off topic (I feel weird about contributing to the larger discussion as I’m relatively new here), but I just wanted to say that I love the new mobile layout! I use my tablet a lot for reading, and it makes it a lot easier for me to see if new stuff has been posted. Plus it just looks super snazzy. Thanks Derpbutt!

    • derpbutt

      Thanks, though it appears it’s still giving some people various issues. Please let me know if anything bugs out for you.

      Also, to everyone: is the mobile color scheme okay as is, or would you guys prefer a different set up?

      • Rileyk64

        I think you should change it to the desktop color scheme. I honestly don’t really like the color shading on the mobile version. It just looks a bit bland.

      • FlibbleLibble

        Layout is fine, still got the replying issue. Another issue is the fact that sometimes you can’t comment, especially if you have the web app (If you don’t know, that’s is a shortcut to the internet). It says you have to enter all the required fields..

        • derpbutt

          The only required fields are name and email, I presume you’re inputting those correctly?

          If it’s only happening on mobile, it might be some new bug that emerged with the most recent update – but if it’s happening on both, is it possible that you’re typoing the email address (as in, perhaps it won’t accept it if you actually write “” or some other typo?) or is there any chance that you are using any words that might be triggering the instant comment deletion (many slurs are blacklisted)? I’m not trying to accuse you, I just want to rule out the most obvious possibilities first.

          If it’s only on mobile and not possibly caused by human error, It makes me wonder if the mobile plugin and one of the anti-spam plugins are suddenly at odds. The mobile plugin is supposedly optimized to work with the spam plugins that we use, but I’ve noticed that a number of devs seem to bug up the relationship and forget to double-check that they remain working smoothly together on new releases sometimes. Happened with the submission form once or twice as well.

          Get back to me and if you can be sure that you’ll be able to check and test for me over the course of a day-ish (just try commenting a lot from the platform you’re having trouble with), I can disable the anti-spam comment plugin for one day to see if that’s it. It will just make the moderation queue a bit bloated for one day, but if that turns out to be the culprit I can report that to the devs and it will be much more useful than me just telling them “something’s broken and I don’t know what, help!”

          • FlibbleLibble

            Ok, well thanks for getting back to me. On terms, I still can’t reply. However, I haven’t come across a glitch post yet (Just a nickname for posts I can’t post), so that may be fixed. As of yet, I haven’t spent too much time on mobile devices, as I have been doing a bit of hopping around my city (Name not mentioned for obvious reasons). And, I’d just like to say that I know my email address (Which you will probably know while you are reading) is absolutely legitimate, and it is almost certainly not human error. While typing this, I had a thought. Does internet have a say in the matter? I know that to load this page and likewise is internet required, but maybe if you are connecting back to my system it either runs into firewall, internet traffic or simple ipad security if it cannot confirm that you are authorised to me.

            Thanks for reading.

            (Btw, if it is internet issues, then I am sorry. I’d like to know if anyone else has commenting issues similar to this)

          • derpbutt

            I temporarily disabled the spam plugin, I’ll leave it off for a couple more days. Let me know if you run into the comment error again, I’ll post here when I re-enable the plugin.

            It’s interesting actually SEEING the spam comments for once, usually they are immediately trashed and cleared. They’re mostly in French for some reason. The French spambot also seems to be really fond of leaving comments on this specific pasta:


          • FlibbleLibble

            I think the comment bug is fixed, as I haven’t run into it for a while, so I’m presuming that because I comment a lot, the anti-spam plugin decides that I’m spamming, and gives me a hard time. Or maybe just because it crashes if lots of people ‘text’ (Commenting from a mobile device) comments at around the same time.

            When’s reply button going to come back? It’s no longer any fun just posting 4 or 5 comments below the relevant comment.

            Thanks for reading!

          • FlibbleLibble

            I had a really long comment typed up just now, I pressed submit and it gave me the comment bug. It must not be the anti spam plugin. Interestingly, on desktop version, before now it has only glitches on mobile.

            Typing this on my iPad, so it might be just me.

            Oh yeah and the go back option doesn’t work.

          • derpbutt

            I’m confused. Was the ‘really long’ comment the one where you told me it was fixed? Because I’m seeing two comments made within 5 minutes of each other where you tell me completely opposing things.

            That said, I have re-enabled the anti-spam plugin, but removed the requirement for an email address when filling out the comment form. Those of you who get the comment error, please try NOT inputting your email address and let me know if you still get the error.

          • Rileyk61

            This bug happened to me too. I found that you can fix it by reentering the criteria. I haven’t had any issues with it since. (In case you’re wondering, it happened on the mobile version.)

    • I can’t speak for anyone else, nor is it really my place to say but you are welcome to contribute anytime.

      Welcome to crappypasta, here’s your gift basket and some anti- depressants. Trust me you’ll need those at some point.

  • Yossarian

    I just thought I’d weigh in on the fanfiction discussion. I find that it doesn’t really fit in this creepypasta community because most of the time it requires knowledge of the source material (hence the name “fanfiction,” I guess). The general readership here doesn’t know this background information and, in many cases, does not care to find it out. I’m not going to google what redstone is supposed to do in Minecraft just to read a boring and cliche story about Herobrine, and I don’t expect others will, either. This kind of thing belongs on a site where the readers already know all the background and can thus enjoy it. There’s nothing wrong with writing for a fandom you love, just submit it somewhere that other fans of the subject can appreciate it instead of here.

    As for writers that genuinely want to make a good game/TV show creepypasta, I would suggest you make up your own fictional game or show. That way, both the author and the reader are starting from the same knowledge point. It might even cut down on the number of stories we get about “OMG BLOOD EVERYWHERE,” which seems to be the real crippling factor in these types of stories.

  • Rileyk64

    I think a random pasta button would be nice. Even though there is a list of random ones, I think a button would feel a bit better. I don’t know, I just guess it’s more of a surprise when you can’t see the title immediately.

  • hmmm i like a lot of creepy but not anything with useless rabble here and there explaining unnecesary facts

  • Ahriannah

    Sadly, I have to wonder; Is there anything that can be done about the teenage girl/fall in love with/ marry/ have [insert vivid images here] with, JtK/Slenderman/Laughing Jack, Pasta’s? (sorry for the grammer there I had no idea what to do with all of that.)

    Now I get to hear it at home as well, I introduced my kid sister to the world of CreepyPasta, she is now enamoured with JtK. I thought oh she is, she is 16, she wont be that scene/emo to be in love with him….I was so wrong.

    I feel like it is not even FanFic material, Let alone Pasta. Half of these stories that I see are more suited for Literotica and even on that site they would be revoked for either how disturbing the content is or how horrid the grammer is.

    I know your policy is that the box was ticked and they were trying for a pasta, but when you get phrases like “He finished inside me” (Slenderman: Personal) It is horror but for a totaly different reason. I just feel like it is a waste of everyones time to have to scroll through it to decide if it is even worth commenting on.

    Again I am sure my comment on this thing will probably get a different response than I would hope for, but they are pretty terrible.

    Best Wishes
    o)(blessed be)(o

    • derpbutt

      No, I’m really coming around to that line of thinking as well.

      • Ahriannah

        After reading more of them today; (first off i feel truely horrible for you and I promise to always triple check for stupidity before i submit.) I have come to the conclusion that the JtK lovers out there are officially Worse than the Beliebers in the world (yes the beiber fans) and the stories are actually worse than Twilight. Atleast in Twilight Bella is 18….

        Any ways I was inspired to create a Kill the Killers Blog, I would not Depict the Title of the Story or the Authors name but Just the day it was submitted, and Why Their “Killer” Story sucked.

        May I have permission to link to this page?

        • derpbutt

          Feel free to show us the link, just remember that reposting the content here is a bad idea since the authors didn’t give permission. I’m not entirely clear on if that’s what you’re doing or not, but I wanted to get that warning out there.

          • Ahriannah

            No problem, Derp. No, I was not going to repost the content here. I am all for protecting creative rights. Merely do a summery of why a specific story on here is not bad, and then a Link to crappy pasta.

            If you feel for any reason the blog violates something tell me. I can take criticism pretty well.

  • madinverse

    Love the new ‘Random Pasta Roulette’ button, but I think it would be funnier if instead of saying ‘Surprise Me!’ it said ‘Crap Chute!’

    You know; like, because it’s Crappypasta, and chute instead of shoot because . . .

    Ahhhh, never mind. It was funnier when I was drunk.

  • Rileyk61

    I might just be plain stupid, but how do I change the picture next to my name?

    • derpbutt

  • Mockingbird

    Alright, I’ll try to be brief here. I personally think that any fan fics about a popular creepypasta character(ex. Jeff, Slenderman) should just get the shaft. Creepypasta is about stories that were meant to scare you. Hell, even one of the worst creepypastas on this site, Youtube is waching, had at least SOMETHING that was meant to scare the reader. But in stories like Charlie the Killer, Insane Serenity, and Sera the Killer, I don’t see a pasta that was meant to scare you. All I see is a pasta that was meant for the author to live out their sickest fantasies. And this site was meant for the main purpose of criticism, so what kind of criticism are we supposed to give out in those types of stories? Although I will admit, if no more fan fics make it through to this site, there will be less good material for me to rip on endlessly.

    Just my two cents though.

  • OctopusRave

    Derp, I’ve been encountering a bug on my Mac lately. Whenever I comment, it says that I’ve already posted the comment. The comment still appears, but it’s a bit annoying.

    • OctopusRave

      Nevermind, it stopped. I think I just double-clicked on the “Post Comment” button and the site thought I was commenting twice.