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it was 2 days after my 13th birthday and i was going into my local gaming store. i was browsing through the games wehn i found Super Smash Brothers Brawl, it was
perowned and was only $67 well $66.99. i had $72 with me so i got it. i went home quickly to start playing. it was fine, 100% Condition… half a year later i got my
friend Will around to play as we allways were fighting over who was better but never had a in game fight. when he came over he wasent happy when he saw i had not unlocked
his favourate charter, wolf so he had to use fox while i picked meta knight. by then end of the 10 min KO feast. it was a draw, so then it came to sudden death. i lost
so then we had lots more fights after that untill he had to go, 10 min after he left i heard the sound of skype. my friend was calling, will. i walkled over and
and started the call.he said he found a disk on the side of the road with the game title called Skaquaker, it had a picture of a shadowy ghoast.

Will” i think is a horror game”
Me “i think it would be safer to just leave the disk”
Will” what harm could it do…”
Me ” it could be packed with viruses”
Will” your allways so careful…”
Me “yea but you doant know what virus are capable of doing”
Will ” Destroying computers i know…”
Me ” and spreading the virus to computers around you with LAN conection, stealing Bank info…”
*Cuts me off*
Will” i know i know, well if it stuffes up my computer and bank stuff how can it effect you?”
Me ” hmmmm….. alright if you want to give it a try then go ahead… share screens and rember to stay in the call”
Will” got it”

Will turned off the webcam and then opened share screen so i could see everyting on his screen.

Will” ok disk is in”
Me ” allright, lets open it”
Will” allright”

he runs the game, it looks like a 3d high graphics skyrim horror mod

he plays for 2 hrs and then says he is tired and he goes to bed. i suprisingly want to play the game. after 2 weeks he says i can have the game to try. i play the game
for a very long time, i got scared alot as its a horror game. i gave it hack after i had finished the game and then he came to my house so we could play minecraft. but
everytime we tried to run it. it would say “No” all the games they tried to play said it, even Skaquaker… they finaly got 1 game to work TF2 but the only surver was
Doom racer HUD54, they both went in it loaded fast. the world was just a huge void or nothing and then a message poped up “do you want to live” yes or no they both pressed
yes. there computers suddenly shut down, they would not turn on…so they went to play SSBB, but when they turned it on all they saw was Skaquaker,s face… and nothing

1 year later, Will was killed by a unknown cause, but he died with a smile and blood dripping from his face

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