so about a year ago i learned about the infamous Slenderman and i thought it was total garbage, its-a-fake-mom-and-dad-scare-tactic was my initial thoughts towards it. after about a month or so i started to notice that ever picture i took of myself out in the woods my face was ether completely blurred to the point that you couldn’t make out my face or had a large black line going through my face, i didn’t think much of it until i was out with some friends and a man walked by her house at like midnight(or so). I can’t tell you why i looked i just did and then she came up and said “holy shit he is really tall”. When i noticed it i realized why she said that, the Man was at least nine feet tall but right when i looked he turned and pointed at me which was really scary because i was in a house that was kinda far from the street. Anyways when he turned i thought i was tripping at the time because it looked like the mans face was non-existent. three or four weeks went by and i hadn’t seen anything so i figured it was over. i was sent to a rehab center that was very lax and we would go to the YMCA and a few lakes and stuff like that. Being that it was the middle of summer the people that worked there took us all to go see fireworks on the fourth of July. At the show i saw the man again and this time he had a teenage boy with him the boy looked mixed but had long straightened hair that was dyed a bunch of different colors and was wearing skinny jeans but the man looked the same all black clothing no hair NO FACE, I saw him and he turned towards me and pointed again and then the teen looked at me and smiled.

So a few more weeks went by no sightings no eerie feelings nothing. I was released back to my parents and almost instantly started hanging out with my friend i stopped hanging out with in ninth grade. I was hanging out with one of them and he started telling me that he saw the same teenager that I SAW at the fireworks. I couldn’t believe it because my rehab was fifty plus miles away. We kept talking about the different things that happened to us. A few days went by and i received a letter in the mail that was full of papers covered with the circle with a X in the center of it. i went to my friends house and punched him in the arm and blamed him for sending it to me just to freak me out and he kept saying he didn’t and we went out to a nearby park with another friend of ours and all of a sudden all three of us felt this feeling of utter terror i turned and less than six feet away standing against a tree was a man, THE MAN. my friends turned and they didn’t see him and when they said the didn’t see him i took off running they followed after me and i ended up on these train tracks and at the end of what i could see of the tracks was the man again hand out as if he was offering it to me and this time my friends saw it they tapped me on the shoulder and we ran back to the car got in and went back to the house. we sat around and from the kitchen one of my friends yells the mix kid is out side and i take off out the house after him with my friend when i get to a street lamp and start coughing incredibly violently and i looked up to see the man not two feet away and i ran back into the house and hid.

its been a couple months since then but i still see the man randomly he seems to not want me yet or wants me to do something first and i’m absolutely terrified that he will take me but at the same time i don’t care if he does i just want it all to end

Credit To: Jacob Noble

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