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Slenderman Records


Day 1- Recently I’ve heard about something called the Slender man. A guy said something about it at school and it intrigued me. I found out it was a creepy pasta and was made for the ‘something awful’ competition. That means its fake. However, some people think that Slender man is real, and have claimed to see him. Lies. I gave up in fairy tales and ghost stories along time ago… But, some people really believe its true, that the tall thin man is stalking them, hunting them down. They sound sincere, to the point I almost believe them! I can’t. Ill keep searching the web and looking for proper cold hard evidence. Until then, I’m not convinced…
Day 2- I’ve searched for 3 hours today and all I’ve found out is what he looks like. He apparently wears a black suit and shoes. As his name suggests he is very tall and thin. It’s said he is twice the size of the average man and can sprout large black tentacle-like things out his back. They say he has no hair and no facial features, just spheres where his eyes should be. Even though I know what he looks like there’s still no proper evidence. Yes there maybe pictures, but they could have been easily photoshopped in! Although, I’m on the verge of belief. Maybe, just maybe, I’m wrong, that the Slender man is real. That he snatches people out of their beds and steals their souls! I don’t know, but I need to stop searching. I’m scared and if he is real he’ll come for me… Don’t be stupid! He isn’t real…is he? Is it even a he? She? IT? I don’t even know anymore! I’m being paranoid. I need some sleep and Ill keep searching tomorrow after school. Who knows, maybe Ill find something…
Day 3- Nothing. Ill try tomorrow…
Day 5- Still nothing interesting. Only thing I found was he was first recorded in Germany. NO EVIDENCE! Nul! But lately I’ve been feeling uneasy. Like someone’s watching me. It’s probably my imagination. Ill stop searching so much now. I’m tired and need sleep.
Day 7- Again I’m uneasy. I feel like someone’s following me and I find myself constantly looking over my shoulder to see if anyone’s behind me. There isn’t…
Day 9- I, I think I saw who was following me! It was a foggy day, so I couldn’t see his face, but I saw what he was wearing. It was a black suit and a red bowtie. I was walking home on my own and I looked up the road to my right and I caught a glimpse of him. He walked away as soon as we made eye contact. But, what bugs me is, I didn’t feel his eyes on me…
Day 10- I saw the man again, but this time he was closer and at the gates of my school. It seemed no one noticed him or chose not to. Odd. Maybe he was a parent? Trouble was he left on his own and I couldn’t see his face…
Day 12- I saw him again, closer to the gates this time. I once saw him at the top of my close. Maybe he lives near me or is curious about me. Why though? I’m a normal school girl with normal stuff, nothing special… I think.
Day 15- I’m scared. I saw him again in school. It was English and we were reading. I looked out the window and I saw him looking in. No one had noticed but me. The worst and most terrifying thing however is… He, he had no face. It was Slender man. He was wearing a black suit with a red bowtie, just how I saw him before. He’s been following me… Another thing is I found out that if you invoke or taunt the Slender man he is more likely to come for you. It would have been nice to know that before huh?! Well, I don’t know what to do. Watch my back? Tell my parents? Huh! They’ll never believe me. There to busy up the pub or sleeping! I could ask my friends… If I had any. No one likes me as a friend or child. No relatives, no friends. Hell! My parents don’t even acknowledge me! I have no one to turn to… I’m doomed.
Day 20- I took a break. He’s still following me. More often, but not as close, like he’s taunting me. Sometimes he follows me home and I smile and wave at him. People walking near me think in mad, waving at thin air, but there wrong. Very, very wrong.
Day 24- He’s getting closer now, and my waves and smiles are fading. He has to stop. It’s starting to REALLY scare me. There must be a way to stop him!
Day 26- … He’s at my window. He was there yesterday and now he’s there again. I can’t take it anymore. I tried to tell my parents, but they pushed me away and told me to stay in my room for the rest of my life… Life. Death, death. The only way out…
Day 27- He was in my dreams haunting me. He strangled me with his tentacle arms and ripped my head off. When I went back to sleep it happened again, but more graphic and longer. Then it happened again and again and AGAIN! I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I need to escape! But how? I found out a few weeks ago, before this nightmare began, that my dad keeps a gun under his bed with one bullet in. Tonight, tonight is the end. I’ll get the gun and wait for him in my room. Ill use the gun and use the bullet. Only one of us is getting out tonight, but I fear it’s not going to be me…
Day 28 12:00pm- Where is he?! I can feel his unearthly presence, but I can’t see him anywhere. Play by the rules Slendy! I’m sitting on the floor with my back against the wall. My gun is in my hands with my fingers on the trigger. Chicken Slendy? Scared of a teenager with a gun? Bad for your reputation… Come out and say HELLO! … Before I say goodbye…
Day 28 3:00am- I’ve been awake for so long. I can’t sleep with these nightmares and I can’t let Slendy sneak up on me. I’m finishing this now. This is his last chance… Wait, I see in the corner of my eye, a shadow that’s darker than the rest. It almost reachs the ceiling. About a few centre meters away. It’s coming closer… It-It’s Slendy! I need to aim my gun at his face, no his head. His ballon face. Ha! My finger is on the trigger ready to fire. He’s so close now and-and, I’m so tired. I needed to shoot but my body’s turned to jelly. On last once of energy left for this shot. Aim… FIRE!
Day 28 3:15pm- I returned from school. I’m not tired anymore. I shot the Slender man… And I haven’t seen him today. I-I did it! I KILLED THE SLENDER MAN!!! HA! I’ve saved so many people’s lives! The world is free from the Slender man and its all thanks to me!
Day 29- No. No! NO! How?! I shot him! I shot him dead! I slept straight after I shot him down! How is he still here?! WHY?! In the head, through the brain. There’s black blood stains on the carpet from him. No, IT! IT’S STILL HERE! It still lives… I-I can’t take it anymore… He poisoned my dreams when I fell asleep at school. I then saw him at the gates again, and at the top of my road. The gun has no bullets left… Dad’s angry with me for using it,even though none heard the bang. I’m continuing with my original plan; death. I have a skipping rope, one of the only few toys I have, and my room has an unstable banner going across it… I pray it doesn’t brake before I am done… Well, this is the end. My last goodbye. At least I know I won’t be missed. Not many people even know I exists! The rope is secure and long enough to work. Done! The rope fits tightly around my neck. Ill jump of my stool and end it. But there is one last thing I want to say; Slender man, I hope you get swallowed up into hell for eternity. Goodbye…

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  • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

    I didn’t bother to read this.

    Fanfic does nothing for me. I just wanted to ensure this got off to the start it deserves. 1/10 and a downvote.

    Come up with your own plot or don’t write at all!

  • Jewinator

    Another insta-no. Same crap, different asshole.

  • Ryan

    Durp, first, this deserves “Kill the killers.” Senderman does technically kill people, so it would fall into the category along with Jeff. Also, this is horrible, mixing a journal Mary with a slender story, Good God that was atrocious.

  • mr.crappypasta

    I don’t think it deserves this category I think it deserves needs more scary sauce.
    I love the story so I gave it what it deserved 10/10 and a thumbs up also come up with a different character and I think it would be a great creepypasta. good luck getting your story on the creepypasta .com! 😀

    • The Operator

      Silly author, proxies are for Marble Hornets!

    • Alfred Frederick Dinglebottom

      No, no, no.

      So your the kind of idiot that rates shit at its’ highest possible rating just because you quite fancy Slenderman.

      It’s not anywhere near the quality to be uploaded to creepypasta. Good job I rated this as 1/10!

      I really hoped it was going to be a story about Slenderman attempting to break world records.

      The man with the longest finger nails
      World long jump record
      World triple jump record
      Most baked beans in a bath tub whilst a man is sitting in it
      Quickest to complete a rubix cube in the world
      Largest pancake made by a single chef
      Most nipples pierced in under a minute

      You get the idea. I think that would be a fun little story that would be much more suitable for your age group.

  • The Operator

    What? Me, trying to kill you? No, man, I was just telling you not to research shit about Slenderman and make bad creepypastas about it.

  • Broken

    ‘centre meter’

    I’m just going to leave that here.

  • Faith

    It was a black suit and a red bowtie.

    Slendy borrowed the 11th doctor’s bowtie to stalk the author.

    Sounds legit….

    • The Scatophile

      Please don’t suggest that crossover ever again, don’t give them ideas…