it was a lonley night commando is 9 and he is slender the thing is weird things happen to him all the time he thinks it is his enemy but no just a moth so then there was a night when he was alone and he got on his computer and played level up he was cold scared and distraced at the same time he wanted to play something else and he found slender he died….alot and then the moment came he had all 8 pages slenderman got him and he thought there would be credits but instead he heard a deep deep voice it said “im glad you beat my game so ill give you a prize a fight” so commando looked behind him and there it was a tall thin ya that it was the slenderman slenderman grabed commando by his face commando head butted him in his faceless face and slenderman let him go then commando ran to the pool slenderman teleported to him commando grabbed him by his suit and threw him in the pool slenderman was burning melting commando watched him knowing it was not enough to kill the slenderman so he blessed the pool and it was holy water slenderman burned and burned he sat and watched and slenderman died commando saw the souls go back to there bodies and the bodies go to there homes and commando knew that he saved the world but your wondering who or where is commando well hehe im commando

Credit To: commando
Credit Link: slenderman

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