My name is Simon, everything has changed over this one cursed disk. I keep it… to hopefully save my friends from his grasp.

Iit all started on a very sunny day. It was the weekend, and i was taking my daily walk. As a 13 year old boy i was very adventurous. While walking something caught my eye, it was a vacant house. I then decided to enter the house hoping to find something useful to me. As i entered to house i noticed it was very dusty, and that everything was broken.

When i entered the master bedroom i saw a computer that looked maybe 3 or 4 years old. I wasn’t planning on taking the computer, i already had a new 2013 Windows 8 laptop. As i exited the room i heard the computer turn on. i turned around to see the Sonic the Hedgehog 2 start up screen. I ran to the computer and i sat in the chair. To my surprisement i only saw Sonic. When i pushed the enter button to start the game, i saw something… unforgettable.

In one quick glimpse i saw Sonic… with his hands reaching out at me with black eyes crying blood, and red dots looking through my soul. The ocean was now blood, and the wing angelic wings were now stained with blood that looked real.  I immediately turned off the computer, and took out the CD to see what game it was. I didn’t want to believe what i saw next, the Cd was named “Sonic.ExE 2” The 2 looked like it was scratched  on the CD. I took a moment to breath. I then thought about what happened to my friend Tom.All i remember of my friend Tom was that he moved and i never heard from him until that fateful night.

I was watching the news. It was around 10 o’clock P.M. at night. Tom was reported dead, and all that was found was a “Sonic.ExE’ CD and a Sonic plushie with black eyes, and red pupils crying blood.  The realization didn’t feel real, i was standing in the same place the Tom was standing. I thought to myself that this couldn’t be “Sonic.ExE” all over again. After settling down i called my friend Tryston over to accompany me, and to keep from freaking out. When Tryston arrived he asked me why did i call him over, and more importantly why in a vacant house.

Once i started the game, Tryston quickly understood why as soon i turned on the game. When we got to the character select, it looked very similar to “Sonic adventure”. There were 4 characters to select from, Silver, Chaos, Shadow,and Amy. The characters didn’t look 3D, they still were sprites.  I was confused that Silver, Chaos, Shadow, and Amy were in a 1992 game. I then picked Silver because all the other characters were locked. i then heard a evil laughter.

The screen was black for 5 seconds,and then the stage named was called “Long time, you can’t see” As the stage faded in, I noticed it was “Casino Night Zone”. As i made Silver levitate through the stage, I noticed I could only move two basic directions, left and right. As I kept on levitating right, I heard a sound in the background. It sounded like the casino was powering down. After 30 seconds of levitating the lights started to dim in and out,

As I watched I watched Silver, he looked more and more scared. Then suddenly the lights in the background spelt Tails, and burned out. After 5 seconds in complete darkness I saw … red glowing eyes, that were crying blood. I tried to move Silver but I couldn’t, it had to be a cutscene. Then the lights turned back on.  Right there.. I saw Tails standing there. He was standing there, crying blood, he black and white fur, and he head no expression on his face. Then I noticed a shadowy figure  of sonic, standing right behind Tails. After that the lights powered off, and I heard a scream. 3 Seconds after the scream , a mess age appeared. It said “It’s no use to escape.”

As I and Tryston looked in horror at what we just saw, I thought to myself that Sonic was controlling and telling Tails to kill Silver but why? When I was brought  back to the character select, I and Tryston saw Silver’s eyes plucked out, his fur now the color of ash, and a bloody aura. Tryston and I trued to ignore the gruesome image. The next character to choose was Chaos. When I clicked chaos I heard the  same evil laugh from before.

The stage was named “Crying to death”  when the stage faded in there was another cutscene, it showed chaos crying over his dead master Eggman. After 10 seconds I finally had control over  chaos. I moved him away from his dead master. As I walked the stage looked very similar to the Death Egg. I continued walking, and I kept on hearing explosions getting louder and louder, I also saw destroyed robots.

Then chaos stopped walking. Finally a blast come through the roof and knocked chaos down. When the some cleared, I saw Knuckles…standing over chaos with black eyes, red pupils crying blood, and with blood dripping from his dreadlocks. Again I noticed a shadowy figure of Sonic, standing behind knuckles. Chaos looked really frightened. Then in one quick second I saw knuckles throw a blow at chaos, and the screen turned black, and I kept on hearing multiple punches. After 5 seconds I saw a message saying “Don’t’ be afraid of death, be afraid of the torture.”

After see that… I couldn’t handle it anymore.  I ran to the bathroom to wipe my tears away. While in the bathroom I heard a scream. I ran towards the bedroom. Tryston was gone.  I looked at the computer to find Tryston… Pixelated in the game. I then saw a text box appear above Tryston, it said “It’s to late fro me Simon, Finish the game. “  It then went to static. I then sat down in the chair and continued playing the game. I looked at Chaos he was not water anymore he was blood. After seeing that I then selected Shadow hoping he would have a chance against this monster. As I selected shadow there was no laugh this time.

The stage name was called “Death.” The stage looked like Marble zone. As I made shadow moved, I noticed that he was passing sanctuaries and  cemeteries. The lava in the background wasn’t lava anymore, it was blood.  All I heard in the background was the moaning of the souls of the dead.  The red clouds looked like an evil face. After 2 minutes of walking, Sonic appeared in front of Shadow. Sonic was smiling looking down, he had sharp fingers, black eyes and red pupils, with blood coming down his face.  Sonic looked lifeless, but happy in a evil way.  Before I could see Sonic  attack Shadow, I saw Amy push Shadow out the way.  I was shocked because I didn’t even choose Amy.

As I watched I saw Amy crying to Sonic. Then out of nowhere, Tails, knuckles, Silver, and Chaos surrounded Amy and Shadow. I then saw Shadow use Chaos control, it looked like he took their evil souls out. Tails, Knuckles, Silver, and Chaos were now all unconscious. AS I saw Amy keep on crying to Sonic, he was turning from hood to evil again and again. Finally the blood in the background started to shoot up straight into the sky.  I then saw Shadow use Chaos Control again, he teleported himself, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, and Chaos to safety.  Amy stayed with Sonic. Finally the screen  went static. I was speechless, I wondered what happened to Amy and Sonic. Then the turned black and a message appeared it said “Sonic my love”

It then showed Sonic with black fur, he looked like Dark Sonic, but with black eyes and red pupils still crying blood. Sonic was standing there weeping like  his conscious came back  to him for awhile, and he realized what he had done. I was wrong.. Because Sonic then looked up at the screen and had showed an evil smirk on his face.  Amy had saved me for now. I do not know the outcome of Amy, and the others, but one thing was for sure, is that I will save them. Instead  of destroying the disk I kept it, saving it for the unknown. All I know is that I am facing an evil entity.

Credit To – Tryston Lewis
Credit Link – [email protected]

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