(disclamer im known to spell a lot of things wrong at my school and by my friends so dont critisize me for it)Now your probably expecting me to say “im a fan of old retro games until now” no im not a fake. this is not demonic or i dont think so and nothing bloody im just writing about my experiances im not too old actualy so i didnt even grow up with the retro games and its not even about those but this is about sonic heros so if any of you have played this game you would know how knuckles uses sonic and tails to punch things and you probably will complain about another sonic ceepypasta but i believe you should keep reading ive beet sonic heroes several times and nothing is wrong with it at all until recently i tried to beat it only using knuckles and ofcorse his punching attack using sonic and tails i got to the end of the game and beet it as usual but at the end of the game sonic and tails lookden like tey were all messed up from al that punching and a text appeard and it said “knuckles…i-i dont
understand i thought we were friends” and knckles looked at them with a mad face and right before his fist hit sonics face the game stopped the power shut off and everything exept after that it ran normaly i beet it again and it was fine im also pretty fast at beeting games if you wanted to know but anyway i still play the game only cause that just happened once but im still confused about why
Credit To – me
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