My friend and I were sitting at his house playing on his Playstation. I got bored so I went into the storage closet and started going through some really old things. I happened to come across an old Dreamcast console. I took it out and observed it. It looked to be in good shape. I brought it in the living room and showed my friend. He looked at it and suggested we plug it in and see if it works. He opened the disc compartment and discovered a cd. It was a blank disc but had Sonic’s Curse written on it. We looked at each-other, it was obvious none of us ever heard of it. We turned the system on and waited for the game to start. A title slowly started to appear, reading ‘play at your own risk’ we again looked at each other but shrugged it off, assuming it was just a thing to get children excited. The main screen came up. It looked as though it was a remake of Sonic Unleashed. It had sonic on one side and his other side was a werewolf type deal. It Looked normal. The screen would flash every now and again. We just assumed that it was just the years of being unused. We selected to play and waited. The opening cutscene came on. What we saw was not your typical sonic game. The ground was littered with blood. Sonic was standing there in his wolf form. His eyes were pitch black, his face was contorted in a sadistic smile. His teeth, claws and fur were covered in blood. He looked at the screen and it felt like he was looking straight at us. Then the screen went black. It stayed black for a few minutes. Then a small sentence came up on the bottom of the screen. ‘Run, run run as fast you can!’ We looked at each other again. I asked what this was. He said he’s never owned a Dreamcast or even heard of this game before. Even if he did, I know him. He would never get a game like this. The cutscene ended and opened up on sonic holding a flashlight. He ran through pitch darkness. Only a little light to show him his way. Something then shot across the screen, followed by a laugh that sent a chill through our spine. He stopped and flashed the light in that direction. A flash of dead bodies flooded the screen for seconds. There were words popping up every now and again, but the screen was flashing to fast to make them out. He continued forward. Subtitles appeared at the bottom saying ‘that smell…it smells…metallic.’ He walked on only to arrive on what looked to be a massive explosion of bodies. A trail of blood led him to what appeared to be entrails. When the camera zoomed out, the entrails spelt out ‘I can taste your blood’ Sonic continues on by himself. My friend is no longer in control. He comes to a dark patch in a forest. He shines his light on the darkness and sees the werewolf. It’s eye sockets are empty. Only dark holes are left. That smile… I’ll never forget that smile… Teeth covered in blood, his fur was wet with blood. Sonic drops his flashlight in pure terror and freezes. I can hear the beast moving around Sonic. Slowly the sound gets closer and closer. The screen goes white for about two minutes then flashes to that gruesome scene and the words are written in blood reading. ‘You’re next.’ The screen then goes back to Sonic only he’s down on his knees…sobbing. He looks up and looks right at the screen. His eyes are replaced by what seems to be sheaths, his face, covered with blood, his skin looks as though he had been dead for a few weeks. The camera then zooms down and shows his torso..or what’s left of it. His insides are gone. All that’s remaining is his large intestine hanging halfway out. The camera then zooms in on his face. Sonic then starts laughing hysterically. He then stops and looks back at the screen as he mutters, ‘damn you’ he lets out an ear piercing scream and then falls flat on his face. The game goes to static then opens up on the main screen. We look at each other and quickly shut the game off. That night while I lay in my bed, I swore I could hear Sonics sadistic laugh coming from just outside my window.
Credit To – Dani Fyffe
Credit Link – [email protected]

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