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Soulless Parents


My life wasn’t always so twisted. I used to have a nice family, lots of friends,and a big comfortable house. I was happy, my parents (John and Katie) were happy, that was all that mattered. I cared about my family more then I cared about my life.
My boyfriend (Noah) was another story, he was… different. He would always be talking about life after people died. I loved him sure, but after a while it was all too much. My parents weren’t to happy about this,they just kept on saying the same thing “if you aren’t happy just break up with him”. I wish it were that simple, but it sadly wasn’t.
About a month after I noticed this my boyfriend and I got into fights all of the time. I wanted to break up with him so badly, but I just couldn’t it was like he actual hooks in me. The more we fought the more I hated him ,but I still couldn’t let him go. Then the fighting just stopped, he was nicer, kinder, and sweeter. He was like this for about ten months. We even started spending more time together.
My parents were becoming different, more harsh, and hateful not only toward me but each other as well, “Why do you have to spend so much time with that asshole of a boyfriend you have zoey?”
“Because he treats me better then you do, he’s actually kind to me.”
That was exactly four days before I found them soullessly on the floor, just laying there. I ran over to the phone to call 911. I got to the phone, dialed 911 and froze. There, right there were my parents not the ones laying on the floor no these were something else. I didn’t know what to do I screamed when one of my neighbors came to my house, the door was still open they just walked in. they grabbed me, and told me to sit down. While they called 911 before I knew it tons of cops were there, five of them were asking me questions.
I called Noah, and he came over as fast as he could. Later I told him what had happened and he explained that i had seen my parent’s souls. I tried summoning them different ways. Noah helped me when he could but it was no use. We looked it up multiple times all of the results said the same thing that lost souls, souls in hell, or souls in heaven could be found. Noah looked at me as we said it simultaneously “that means my parents have no souls.”

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  • predhead

    When you’re 15 nobody’s parents have souls.

  • apetc

    I think there’s something missing here..
    Did the boyfriend have no soul in the beginning, then somehow steal her parents’ souls? Or did they just lose their souls for some unknown reason?
    Why did the cops come and ask her questions if it was supposedly just the parents’ souls that she saw? What happened to the parents?
    Why did they lose their souls, and why couldn’t they be found anywhere?
    Overall, not really creepy and a bit strange.

  • comatosetomato

    must be ginger. hehe

  • PutZii

    Rofl @ ginger comment. 😀

    This story’s quite confusing, due to grammar issues. Also, there’s lack of explanation (why include fights with boyfriend, why did it get better and parents started behaving like he did…).

    Also, dafuq?

  • dizzy

    Why was there such a description/problem with the boyfriend?
    In the middle of cops questioning her, she called her boyfriend…?
    The souls were… lost?
    Did the boyfriend do something?
    Why… What…?
    I don’t even know anymore.

  • Eyes_of_Fire

    I think this should be categorized in “What.”

  • Dillon

    Noah’s “hooks” significance….?

  • Athosismyhero

    This story should also go in the “What.” file, I think.

  • Sharik

    Your parent’s souls were stolen…do why’d you call the police? Shouldn’t you have called…I don’t know, a psychic?

  • Hamster

    This really made no sense at all.

  • DiamondEyes_DawnDog

    Please somebody put this in “What.”

  • Shogunfish

    Why is this in just needs polishing? By the time you had shined this turd up enough to be main site material there would be nothing left of the original.

    I just have one thing to say. To the author, next time you are mad at your parents and write a pasta to let off steam… Please don’t submit it. That’s clearly what this is and I regret to inform you that this website doesn’t exist for you to vent your personal problems.

  • Poodleinacan

    Maybe they couldn’t summon them, because souls don’t exist.

  • Fanta Claws

    Agree with poodle.

    Also, clarify the story a bit more? Aorta… waht.

  • Poodleinacan

    @Fanta Claws Yea.

    There are the things that don’t exist, that can be in pastas… And there are the stupid cliché things that don’t exist, that shouldn’t be in pastas… Souls are part of that (shouldn’t be in pastas).

  • Paralore

    If she saw their souls why not call the fire brigade

  • StabYoDead

    Two things. One: This story should be in the “What” category because that’s all I could think after reading this story. Two: “Just needs polishing.” Really? They put this into that category? The plot is bad, the writing is bad, and it didn’t make any sense, so why put it in that category?

  • SparkleNaut

    I like how the narrator just casually says “That was exactly four days before I found them soullessly on the floor…” like it’s a normal thing that happens and you can just throw into a conversation lol.

  • Phoenix

    It started off strong but failed to keep the story going successfully after that. Also why include souls in a pasta it’s very strange.

  • RinkydinkCurdlesnoot

    Aha! You all have failed to notice that Noah and the narrator said, “that means my parents have no souls,” at the same time. Noah refers to his girlfriend’s parents as his parents as well.

    That’s right. It all adds up to incest.

  • bravo104

    “We looked it up multiple times all of the results said the same thing that lost souls, souls in hell”

    Yeah, just look it up, like Google. How exactly would that work anyway?
    *Phone rings*
    God: Medammit, I was just getting to sleep… hello?
    Noah: Hey, are my girlfriend’s parent’s souls up there?
    God: Just a sec… Hey Gabe! Ask Pete if he’s seen Zoey’s parents souls.
    Gabe: He hasn’t seen them!
    God: Sorry, they’re not here. Try asking Zeus or Thor, they might know. Bye.
    Noah: Thanks, bye.