People who are reading this….. This is no rerun of sonic exe or Mario or anything but have you heard of the uknown employee for the Ssb franchise?for those of you who don’t know what Ssb is it stands for super smash bros. Anyways back were I was or whatever the Ssb franchise was so having a meeting one day and they posted a the conversation online for a few days.The reason it was for a few days was because the conversation was pretty disturbing…. First of all they were deciding the alter costume for some characters such as sonic having shadow costume but the most worst part was that The main employers were arguing about the alternate costumes. One of the employee was saying some players wanted to be evil version of some character or in other  words dark forms of the characters such as dark Mario,Luigi,peach,and others. The employers were Satisfied with it and told him to show them the idea. well he showed them this file texture pack and I bet your wondering that how the f#!$ is a texture pack scary? Well here comes the interesting part…. When the file was imported to the game. The employers were seeking players to test the game. When the players played it it started out normal like you see it in the actual game, but when they brawl for like an hour or so they got the following event…. The screen showed the challenger approaching screen. but when it started the match the soroundings was…strange. The challenger seem to scary. It was Luigi. He seemed…… as if he was crying for something. The gamers were creeped out by this. The player who was trying to unlock him ended up unlocking him but when the character selection screen went. It sounded different. Instead of the regular brawl theme, you could hear like crying and piano playing. As if a person hades died. The players stop playing it and told the employ ee if they were being tricked. And the employer said that no that they never tricked them. The gamers told them about the Luigi thing. The Ssb crew came in and then the video ended. nothing was mentioned afterward. The video was deleted a few days later. The gamer then blog the following entrie, but it was in Japanese language . I use the google translator and what your about to read is based on the gamers experience. Soon enjoy.

Jin Gowa

I was shock at what I saw. After I left Hal company Mr. sakurai  said he was sorry that he was going to destroy the disk and get back on what he was doing. I told him if I could have the disk and see what happens next.he said it might be dangerous and that I could die. But I told him I want to know what happens next. He said he ship to my house tomorrow and now I am going to play it right now! IM excited and scare to do it.

The next blog post….

Well I’ll played it but I couldn’t do it anymore. It is mess up
Captain falcon was unlocked but the player that I was using was static and unable to be chosen. Well first when the challenger approaching screen showed I pushed a then I fighter him . He killed my Mario and now Mario is static. I played captain falcon and I put random. I chooses the maimed stage were you fight master hand. I was so freaked out to see Mario with blood all over him. I ended the game and saw the game file. And then I saw the that there was some other files then the dark costume. It a whole file full of, what I can make out was a storyline of the subspace emmisionary. I read it and to make a long story short the story was a tradegy about how master hand is using bowser and ganondorf(obviously) to destroy the Ssb character. but instead of becoming trophies they were killed using really blood content used in mortal combat. I gave it to my friend so he can give it go I warned him about the  texture pack. He said hell do it.

The blog was rather moved or deleted. At least that what the website stated.
Credit To – me jorge U@$_@

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