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Sweet Dreams

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Creepy Pasta – Sweet Dreams


My name is Ben Travultio, and I’m a single dad with a daughter… well, I was. I lost my wife 33 years ago. I woke up one morning and she was gone, scrapbooks
dismembered, picture frames shattered, Clothes gone, even the furniture was missing. We don’t know what happened, but I imagine that she left on her own will. I
remember on that same night, having a dream of her running away, maybe it was reality, and I don’t know what’s real and what isn’t. I really miss her… and my
daughter. You’re probably wondering why I am writing this, and why you are reading. All will be answered. I am no longer with the outside world, I am forced upon
a mental asylum for the criminally insane. I’m writing this so if someone has the will to believe me, they atleast will know the truth… The truth about what
happened 29 years ago, when I lost the rest of my life, daughter and self.

October 27th, 1980-
1543, EnderStone Dr.
Chambersburg, PV

It was about 9:07, and I was putting my daughter to bed, Hailey Travultio, and at about the same time, I was getting ready for bed myself. I was extremely tired,
So I decided to go to my bed as well. As I climb into bed, I feel the warmth of the bedsheets cover my body. I turn on the baby monitor for my daughters room,
which we had since the incident with my wife, and dozed off…

Dream 1-

BASH! I awake with a start, hearing a loud crash through the baby monitor. “H-HAILEY?!” I scream, in a horrified studder. I run across the hall as fast as I can,
recklessly breaking vases and photos. I hear a scream. I frantically shake the knob, locked. “DANGIT! NO!” I grab the closest chair I can find and smash it upon the door.
No luck. I keep hitting, but the chair shatters, as if to tell me “She’s gone.” I don’t give up, I begin to kick, and eventually I break the door. I look up… “Oh my god…
What is this? Who would… I can’t believe what I’m…” I fall to the ground, shaking with fury… I begin to cry, resisting another peak at the horrific scene.
Her eyes were thrown to the opposite side of the room, she lay nailed upon the wall… Bleeding from the heart. I hear a slight whisper from my left shoulder.
“Sweet Dreams.”

I wake up.

Dream 2-

Oh my god… What a nightmare… What could… I don’t know… I guess I should go check on her… Just to feel better about the matter. I walk in, she’s
gone. “What the… Hailey?!” I yell for her, calling to her to come back. No response. I hear sounds from the backyard. “Hailey?” I question, exiting the house to the
backyard. I see Hailey. “Hailey! What are you doing? This is not time to go swimming, it’s the middle of the night!” I say, in an angered tone… “Hailey?… This isn’t
funny… Hailey?!” I get no response to any word. I panic, jumping into the pool. I grab her body, it’s limp. I look into her eyes, closed. “No… What? I just woke up
from the other dream. This can’t be a dream… but why? Just… I thought I told her not to go in without me… and She knows well… Why?” I thought frantically. Shaking
her. “Hailey?! Hailey no!” I hear something behind me.
“Sweet Dreams.”

Dream 3-

Ok… This mustn’t be a dream… Ok… I hear her delicate breathing. She’s sleeping with the monitor again. She does this every night she has a bad dream.
This seems to vivid to be a dream. I think she’ll be fine. I’ll just go back to sleep. “Goodnight Hailey.” I whisper in a slight tone. I lie down, close my eyes, and
right before I doze off, I hear a sound. It sounds like choking. “Hailey?!” I hear a voice.
“Sweet Dreams.”

Dream 4-

Wow… This is crazy… why am I having these dreams? I guess I’m just worried… I think I’ll go get her, and she can sleep with me. That’ll make me feel much better.
I walk down the hall. I crack the door open, and peak in. “Hailey? Can you come to my room? Daddy had a bad dream this time.” I say in a calm whisper. I hear her voice,
“Daddy?… I’m sorry… I’m coming.” I hear her get up, but suddenly, a tall woman comes out of nowhere. “Wha-?!” She quickly slams the door. I grab the baby monitor,
“Who are you?!” I yell, in a panic. I hear the baby monitor being lifted from its resting position. “Sweet Dreams!”
I hear a loud slice.

Dream 5-

“Agh!” I wake in a start. “This has to stop! I know it’s gonna be another dream! When will it end?! Just wake me up!!” I hear a loud sound… someone twisting my
doorknob. “Who is it?” I ask, annoyed. No reply. I carlessly open the door, expecting more horrific sights. I see the tall woman again. She has long, black hair. She’s
almost 7 feet tall, with white clothes and pale skin, pale as snow. Her arms covered in dried blood Her eyes were almost invisible, surrounded by coal colored black circles.
I push past her. This feels different. Different than all other dreams. This is… This is real! I run to my daughters room, and lock the door behind me. “Hailey?! We gotta go!”
I flip on the lights… There are 4 bodies… 4 Haileys…All dead… One nailed to the wall, with no eyes.. One drenched in water… One pale… lifeless… and one missing a
head. I smell smoke. Flames shimmy under the bottom if the door. “Hailey! NO!” I yell, paying no attention to the rising inferno. I hear the door get knocked down. I quickly jump
back. “What do you-” I see Hailey,in the arms of the woman. “Help dad!” she yells helplessly. The woman breaks my poor daughters neck… and throws her my way. The woman dissapeared.
Taking her place, was a slip of paper. I quickly grab it, barely able to read it, with my eyes and face drenched in tears. it reads, “Sweet Dreams. -Number 5″

Journal Ends-

After being locked in this cell, I realized that I never awoke from that dream. And after many things I imagine were dreams, Number 5 told me that nothing was a dream.
It was all a mix of different worlds, combining into one harsh reality. Nobody ever found out what really happened. I also realized that they didn’t know that they were all
Haileys, thats why Number 5 started the fire. All they found were 5 burnt corpses in my home. I had no chance, but I claimed that it was Number 5. That’s why I’m here.
I slip into my bed. I feel under my pillow, a small slip of paper. I try to focus my vision, and finally read the words, “Sweet Dreams.”
Credit To – Myself, Spencer, and my lovely girlfriend

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