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Once, there was a lady who was driving down a road in the middle of nowhere,  low on gas. There was a town nearby, and after awhile she found it. Although it was deserted, there was a gas station. When she first reached it, it was empty, but soon after, an elder man came out and filled her car with gas. Afterwards, she turned to pull out her money to give to the man, but he was gone. At the same time, she realized that there was a man in a truck right behind her. She decided to leave at that point, but the man in the truck followed her. Oddly enough, he hadn’t even gotten any gas yet. Now that she was on her way to her destination, she realized that the man was following her the entire way. She shrugged it off, however, deciding that they were just going the same way. To make sure, though, she took a sharp turn, and the man followed. The man began to flash his lights onto her car periodically, and she screamed, ” What do you want from me?!” After she arrived at her friend’s house, she screamed out to call the police since she was being followed. The man in the other car told her that it wasn’t him, but in the back of her car was the man from the gas station, holding a knife in his hand.

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  • Yossarian

    How many times are people going to steal this story? And what the hell does the title mean?!

  • bravo104

    why doesn’t the guy in the truck just tell her about the killer at the petrol station?

    • Hamster

      Because then we wouldn’t have this thrilling story about a deranged killer, a clueless woman who couldn’t tell the guy climbed in to her car and the hero trying to save her.

  • The Operator




  • Me

    Wait.. isn’t this story in one of those Scary Stories books?

    • Potato

      Why yes. Yes it is. I remember reading this when I was in the 6th grade, and that was ages ago.

      • derpbutt

        Ahh, this belongs in the new-ish Pointless Reheats category for that reason, thanks. Uninspired retelling of a classic urban legend.

  • Potato

    You really thought it was clever to write word for word a story that came from a published book, didn’t you? No. It wasn’t clever. It was thievery and just dumb. And what is a tail-gagger? That just sounds like some sort of perverted sadomasochistic stuff. No thanks.

    • Immutatus

      Oh, this story was around long before the Scary Stories books; like derpbutt mentions above, it’s a classic urban legend. It’s been around at least since 1967, and has been reprinted (with slight variations) in all sorts of places since then. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, published in 1981, is just one of many places the story has appeared. (The author, Alvin Schwartz, acknowledges he didn’t make the story up—the book says on the cover that its stories are “collected from folklore and retold”.) So the contributor of this pasta doesn’t have to have gotten it from that specific book.

      Not that that makes it any better that he used the story. If anything, it makes it worse, since this story is already so ubiquitous and overused.

      • derpbutt

        Yup. And this is a relatively common issue – so much so that I made a category for it here. It seems that some authors *do* check Crappypasta and glean productive information about what to avoid when submitting, so I figured it would be helpful to make it clear that regurgitated urban legends are a pretty quick way to Crappyville.

        If you use it as inspiration and/or create a particularly inspired and unique retelling, those can be fun to read. But more often than not, urban legend submissions are just like this one – nothing new, nothing that merits a submission. Pointless Reheats.

    • A Zergling (Wearing a Tophat)

      keep this “tail-gagger” away from me.
      *hugs tail protectively*