Once, there was a lady who was driving down a road in the middle of nowhere,  low on gas. There was a town nearby, and after awhile she found it. Although it was deserted, there was a gas station. When she first reached it, it was empty, but soon after, an elder man came out and filled her car with gas. Afterwards, she turned to pull out her money to give to the man, but he was gone. At the same time, she realized that there was a man in a truck right behind her. She decided to leave at that point, but the man in the truck followed her. Oddly enough, he hadn’t even gotten any gas yet. Now that she was on her way to her destination, she realized that the man was following her the entire way. She shrugged it off, however, deciding that they were just going the same way. To make sure, though, she took a sharp turn, and the man followed. The man began to flash his lights onto her car periodically, and she screamed, ” What do you want from me?!” After she arrived at her friend’s house, she screamed out to call the police since she was being followed. The man in the other car told her that it wasn’t him, but in the back of her car was the man from the gas station, holding a knife in his hand.

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