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The Bloodied Ship


The cold ocean wind blew across the ship. The rushing ocean water sounds bounced on the deck.

I lay in my bed, trying to fall into sleep. The arms of sleep finally captured me and I drifted into dreams.

I blinked my eyes open and found myself in a dark abandoned ship. I opened a door and walked through it. To my terror dead bodies were everywhere. Most were slaughtered, strangled, or hung. The putrid smell of death hung over the room. I walked up a flight of stairs and found myself at the foot of the Grand Staircase. It’s beautiful wood was now cracked and broken. Then I looked up and saw a shadow, move across the Grand Staircase. With an urge to follow it, I chased after it and it let out a psychotic laugh chilling my bones. Then it stopped and I crashed into it but instead I crashed into a dead body, with me holding a knife in its back. The body fell to the floor and I pulled the razor sharp knife out.

I let out a psychotic laugh and felt another presence.

“Where is the walker?” I thought gleefully. “Walker! Come to me! Tee hee!” I hadn’t noticed the approaching wall and I slammed into it. But I once again sprang up and crouched, walking awkwardly using one hand and one foot to move sideways. Then I heard the familiar creak of the Grand Staircase and saw a little girl move up it, her eyes wide in fear. “Don’t worry child.” I cooed, letting my voice echo throughout the Titanic. Then she froze and turned to the direction of me. “Yes! Yes!” I thought. “Another has come!”

The little girl walked up the left side of the Grand Staircase and let out a wail as I sprang on her, clutching her throat within my bony fingers and squeezing it. She fought for air but I kept her down, letting out a psychotic laugh and smiling an evil grin as the life slowly seeped out of her. Then altogether she stopped moving.

I got up. “I’m bored here.” I thought and walked out of the ship into a beautiful forest. Into someone else’s dream.
Credit To – Keoni

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  1. Tee hee! 3/10.

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  2. It was….interesting, to say the least. Was it good? Not really. It’s the same thing most of us say about dreams. They aren’t real and really aren’t that scary. And I get dreams don’t really make sense, but this one just made a lot less sense than most. I mean, first you are on a boat and go to sleep, then you wake up and everyone is dead, then you kill the random little girl there…what? Not a fan of this one.

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