I was eight years old. I was at the Colorado State Fair and as always it was freezing so I was bundled up in my big jacket. I was running from ride to ride loving them but also being scared to death on most of them. I was heading towards the ride The Silence which was a ride that promised to be “so scary you can’t breathe”. It was a new ride that had just come up this year. As we got to the surprisingly short line I handed my mom my jacket as I liked to get cold and feel the wind on my body so that when I got off and put on my jacket I would be extremely warm. The line moved forward but just stopped at me. As everybody in front of me walked past the curtain hiding the ride, something the fair always did with new rides, a chill crept across my back making me shiver. After about five minutes of a lot of shuffling I heard loud screams, then silence while the ride kept going. I didn’t think anything of it. About five minutes later a man walked up to us and told us we would walk out from the back after the ride was over. We all shuffled forward to behind the curtain and there we sat for four minutes until a woman walked forward and put a bar down on all of our carts, turned on a sound effects booth, then took a sheet off of a gigantic lump on the ground. There lying on the ground was a pile of fresh and old carcasses. Blood still dripped from the knew ones mouths where their tongues used to be. I realized all of them were missing their tongues. It was a grotesque sight and the rotten smell from the bottom ones made me want to gag. I started screaming for help as did everybody else as we all tried getting up and budging past the bar, but it was locked in place and so were we. Then it went silent. Nobody thought anything about it.
Credit To – Jack Skellington

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