You guys must read the first installment of ‘the doctor’ before this.

So Tim was getting ready for Jenny’s funeral when he had flashbacks popping up rapidly in his head. He wanted to kill the doctor SO BAD! But he waited a few weeks, when the killing started again.

The doctor finally came to kill Tim, for revenge. when he did, Tim got the very ax he cut his hand off with and killed him while he was tapping on the window of his children’s rooms. His burial was never even planned. Tim had burnt him.

Weeks passed by, Tim and his children lived happily ever after. Until the next week, when the doctor somehow rose from the dead as some liquid source.  He remained liquid until he possessed someone by entering the subject.

“DO NOT ENTER”, read the sign in the melted doctors containment chamber. He was no longer the doctor. They now call him Foreign Contaminant #537. If he approches you, there is only one way to kill him, his only weakness, an ax.
Tim was at home with an ax, waiting for #537. He saw a man the age of about 34 years. The man said he needed shelter for the night, since he was a accidentally left behind hunting. “sure, I will allow you to stay for a night”, Tim said. “thank you”, said the odd and strange man.
It was at night when Tim heard footsteps outside his bedroom door. under the crack of the door he saw blood dripping rapidly. He heard a strange, gurgling sound. 5 seconds later, it stopped. Tim quickly swiped the ax from behind his bed. He stalked up to the door, as quiet as he could. He kicked the door down to find #537 right there, along with an undead nurse who had tried to shoot down Tim. Tim swung the ax and swiped the nurses head off. He then chopped #537 in half, in a chopping motion.
He buried them in a BIG metal burial case locked up tight, just to make sure they wouldn’t return for another time.

#537 and the nurse must have killed the children when Tim was sleeping because he never saw them again. They also practically killed Tim, because the last of his family died and Tim committed suicide due to that fact.
Hey readers, have you heard that the rest of the nurses and doctors rose from the dead too? Well, I have to go, there is a strange man at my door with a big surgical knife…

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