Hi, my name is Thomas. Most of you reading this will probably know of the five typical senses. Taste, touch, sight, smell and to be able to hear. You may not be familiar with such other senses that have been found but, are not so widely known. These other senses are: balance, temperature, proprioception, pain and time. However, there is something that I cannot tell you so quickly, the eleventh human sense.
I might as well begin by telling you were this knowledge began. For about a year now I’ve been living with my parents. I have been living like this since I left Uni with my general law degree. I’m 22 now so with a generous calculation you would think that I was about 21 years old when I left. I guess you could say that I had no will to continue, I felt as if there was no place for me in this great world. About half a year ago I was reminiscing about old cartoons that I loved with my friend Josh. We got to the D’s, and ended up with Dragon Ball Z. Oh, what good show that was. It had many memorable moments like when Vegeta comically shouted “It’s over nine-thousand!” Even more good quotes were created when Dragon Ball Z Abridged came out. This is slightly beside the point. I live in the United Kingdom so I couldn’t get a hold of any box sets, because they are all in region 1. Well, they were. Now they are being sold for England. You can imagine how exited I was when I found this out. Alas I had no job and my parents would not give me the money to get. I was disheartened, but with some advice from my friend Josh (again) I began job hunting.
After a while of searching and failing to pick up subtle hints from Josh he eventually gave me a job proposition. Josh at the time in question was a little eccentric. This most likely stemmed from him becoming almost eternally scarred by the sight of his own blood and choosing biology as his profession. The job he offered me was to help him at a lab that he was taking an intern-ship at. I was to be a test-subject for a seemingly normal test and with a handsome salary, I was not going to be the one to turn it down. I didn’t ask what the project was about, I just figured it was something science-y that I couldn’t comprehend. Before I tell you what ended up happening I shall just show you the…important results of the test.
21st November 2012: Subject is in relatively good health. However is in a state similar to a mid-life crisis. All of subjects senses are in good shape.
25th November 2012: I hit the subject today. He did not react badly. No sign of eleventh sense.
26th November 2012: We have had a new subject join us today. She will either trigger the eleventh sense or have it. I shall refer to the male as subject 1# and the female subject 2#
30th November 2012: Told subject 1# to lie down on the operating bench and injected him with sterile water. I told him it was morphine. Subject began slowly dragging his foot. At the end of the day he dropped down asleep. I removed his appendix and crazy-glued it to his arm. I told him it was a boil. He scratched it until he fell off. He never noticed the huge scar on his pelvic area. Subject 2# sat and watched nothing more.
2nd December 2012: I did the same thing to subject 2# as I did to subject 1# on the 30th. She reacted the same until she noticed the scar. When subject 1# saw it he immediately looked to his pelvis. We did not see any proof however, he said that he had no scar.
4th December 2012: We believe that subject 2# has the eleventh sense. She wants nothing more than to cause harm to subject 1#. Subject 1# is scared, he wants to go home… 🙂
5th December 2012: Subject 2# escaped. There was no way. It was impossible. When analysing video footage she bit subject 1# then stared at the camera for an hour. We thought that maybe the footage had stopped, but subject 1# walked about the room contemplating something speaking to himself and briefly to the non-respondent subject 2#. Then subject 2# vanished. I don’t want my intern-ship any more I want to go home. When I try to go to sleep all I hear is her intent whispering. I’m leaving.
I never saw Josh again after that day. The little explanation I got did not suffice so I left. That afternoon I received a large check from a strange woman who resembled subject 2#. After opening the letter I realised what it said on the back of the letter. “RUN.” Help. I can’t explain but she can, she can teleport and she’s right behind meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
That’s right I’m right behind you.
Credit To – Thomas Williams

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