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The Face Who Looked At Me In The Window


Ok…I think I’m safe for now! I’m getting ahead of myself. You see, there’s been this face just looking at me on this window an its creepying me out. I ran to my uncles farm just outside of town but I think the face might be coming after me. Has anyone else seen him? I heard something outside my window I’ll be back.
So I checked out my window and the face is looking at me, and my uncle died. :( So now I’m running to a convience store with my laptop
So now I’m at the store, and a squeaky voiced guy is at the counter, the body of the face is walking in, he’s slitting the store guy’s throat, he’s eating him alive. I’m gonna hide in the freezer. He’s comming towards me, he’s beginging to cut my legs off as I type this, he’s beginning to hurt me badly! ! (Dead)
Credit To – A true story

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  • The Operator

    Title sums it up, really.

  • Yossarian

    Does this remind anyone else of that horrible mask enemy from Mario Brothers 2? You know, the one that chased you if you picked up a key? That guy was a jerk!

  • zardoz

    “my uncle died. :(”

    pretty nonchalant way to say a relative died.
    plus how it’s just randomly put in the sentence without any context.

  • Red

    “he’s beginging to cut my legs off as I type this”
    Mother of God. :O

  • David

    …well…a valiant effort?

  • The Carrot Cow

    Honestly, please.

    Couldn’t help my self from rofl ing.

    All I could imagine was just a face floating around in the air.

    The one I imagined was ugly so yeah.

    I died.

    I got my soul to click the publish button.

    And I’m dead.

    Still though, eat your carrots