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The Herbs: Lost Episode???


I was only a child at the age of 5 when I recieved my favorite children’s TV show on tape, it was The Herbs. It was given to me by a friend that I had never seen in months and yet, when I took the video tape out from its casing there was sketchy writting on the label that said, “The Herbs: Lost Episode.” My parents were unaware of me slotting the tape into the VCR. I watched as the titles rolled, but the show’s main character, Parsley the Lion, didn’t quite seem like how I remembered him to look.
He had sharp teeth that looked like vampire teeth, his eyes were a dark red and the background of the title sequence looked hellish.

But I watched on, thinking that it was just because of the tape being old. The title sequence had finished and it cut to a scene in the herb garden, except the sky looked grey, the trees were dead and everything looked destroyed.
Dill the Dog then ran on to the scene, like something was chasing him. He then looked at the camera, then he ran close up to it yelling, “Help me! Help me, please!” It was at that exact moment that Dill was then dragged away from the camera by Parsley. Parsley then shoved Dill onto his back and then brutally attacked him. I couldn’t bare to watch any further, but the urge to see if someone was to persuade Parsley to stop the brutal attack was stuck inside my mind. Suddenly the screen changed to static, then cut to a scene of Napweed and Bayleaf. They were hanging from a dead tree, expressionless yet alone dead. Then the scene changed to show the horrible fate of Sir Basil and Lady Rosemary. Parsley savaged them, just like what he did to Dill. By the end of the episode, the only surviving character was Sage the Owl. But not until he committed Suicide.

The ending titles began to roll, but Parsley was now covered in blood and eating away at Dill’s severed head.
The tape ended and then I turned around to face my mother, who was horrified by the site of a demonic episode of The Herbs. My father then came in, took the tape and then destroyed it.

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  1. Wow.

    This could not be more cliched if you tried.
    One of the characters murders the rest of the show? Check.
    Over abundance of blood? Check.
    Really pathetic way of acquiring the tape? Check.
    Character commits suicide? Check.
    No detail on the show in case some readers haven’t watched it? Check
    No explanation on why the characters went insane? Check.
    No character development? Check.
    No real life consequences? Check.
    Everybody completely overreacting and acting like they are traumatised for life when what has happened really wasn’t that scary? Check.
    Destroying the tape even though horror films have much more blood and violence than the lost episode? Check.
    Not scary at all? Checkmate.

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  2. “horrified by the site of a demonic episode of The Herbs.”

    Best line in english literature.

    So where is this site exactly?

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    • I believe the site you are looking for is

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  3. Hands. Off with them. Now.

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  4. I can see why this one was lost on purpose. It is incredibly cliche, boring, and lacking anything that can be called mildly creepy. While I could make a list of everything about this pasta, Bravo has already said everything I wanted to. I give this a F. Stop writing unless you can come up with something interesting and original.

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