I… I don’t know what to say. For the first time ever, I’m lost for words. I suppose I should start from the beggining, to try and explain exactly what happened here, even though I’m not really sure myself.

It all started on Sunday morning, months ago, when I was playing my Gameboy. Lots of people only play their Gameboy every once in a while, when they’re feeling nostalgic, but not me. I’d play that thing every day if I could, and I did, until that day. That was the day my Gameboy finally broke. When I turned it on, my Pokemon Yellow would keep showing the start screen, glitching, then just turning off.
I tried everything to get it to work again. I changed the batteries, I blew all of the dust out of the Gameboy and the cartrage (I think I heard somewhere that doing that breaks it, but it had always helped before), tried another game, and every other trick I knew, but to no avail.
I sighed, frustrated. Pokemon Yellow was my favorite game, and now I wouldn’t be able to play it anymore. Unless… I glanced over at my computer, wondering if I could get a version of it on an emulator. I breifly considered all the Creepypastas I had read that started out with and emulated version of a game, but quickly discarded the notion that it could happen to me. After all, it was just one game…
Grabbing my Pokemon Yellow cartrage for the courage to shake off the lingering paranoia, I turned on the computer and logged on. I searched online for a bit until I found a trustworthy site for emulated games, always wary of viruses, until I finally found what I was looking for.
The site (I can’t remember what it was called) looked trustworthy enough, and it had an emulated version of Pokemon Yellow to download right on the front page. Marveling at how convenient it was, I checked to make sure it wasn’t a hacked version. The description only mentioned three changes.
While I did want an un-hacked version of the game, three little changes, and mostly aesthetic changes at that, seemed harmless enough. So, checking that my anti-virus sofware was enabled, I hit download, and it started, probbably eating up downlad quota (or whatever it’s called). Still, it was worth it.
Waiting for it to download was boring, so I went and had breakfast, and by the time I got back, it was finished. Exited, I booted it up and watched the start ‘watching part’ run all the way through without skiping. It was exactly as I remembered it.
I had to start my save again, but it only bothered me a little. I started the game and chose girl. Then, it asked me what I wanted my first Pokemon to be, giving me the choice between Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Charmander, and a few common Pokemon like Rattata and Nidoran (girl or boy). I chose the Nidoran Girl and the game began, although I didn’t have her yet.
So I went through the game as normal, until the part where Prof. Oak stops you from going in the tall grass. Then, when Pikachu was meant to appear and be captured, a Nidoran Girl appeared instead. Other than that, the game continued on normally, but with the name Nidoran replacing Pikachu’s in the conversation.
And after a fairly normal start, I named my Nidoran Girl Nidna and set off on my Pokemon journey! As I walked, I noticed how much detail was put into the sprites. It was normal 1st generation graphics, but every frame had been put into the Pokemon’s walking animation. It doesn’t seem like much until you remember that whoever made it must have had to program that for a lot of Pokemon.
So I experimented with the game for a while and found that if you put a Pokemon at the top of your party list, then it would be the one following you in the game world. It even replaced the Pikachu in the start screen! And for a couple of months, it was great! I played nearly every day, and built up quite a team.
I had Nidna, my favourite, and now a Nidoqueen, and always at the top of the list, Sparky, my Pikachu, because it wouldn’t be Pokemon Yellow without one, Mouse, my Raticate, Salazar, my Charmander, Trust, my Bulbasaur, and Shelly, my Squirtle.
Although it was my favorite game, after a few weeks, I felt that I needed to concentrate on school, and the game lay forgotten for months. And then the holidays came. I couldn’t wait to get back on and finally finish the game. I was only up to Celadon City because I was concentrating on leveling up my Pokemon, but now wanted to move on.
When I finally found the time to play games again, I got straight onto my computer and started it up, the smiling at the familiar music and the sight of Nidna where Pikachu usually was. I played for about half an hour, but then had to go to bed. So, I saved and selected the quit option, but something strange happened. Instead of quitting the game, it only made the pause menu disappear. Thinking that it was some sort of glitch, I tried to pause again so I could get to the quit button, but it wouldn’t let me. I pressed all the buttons on they keyboard, but nothing happened.
Suddenly, my character turned to face Nidna, and a text box appeared. Nidna was speaking. she said: “PLEASE. STAY. STAY AND PLAY WITH US.” A Yes/No option appeared. Getting a bit creeped out, I selected the No option, wanting to leave as soon as possible. Then Nidna spoke again: “WHY?” A loud, distorted version of Nidna’s cry echoed through the speakers, sounding almost like a wail of despair, and the game suddenly quit. My computer immediately shut down. This was starting to give me the creeps, but I wrote it off as some sort of prank by a modder, probably the same guy who put the game up for download. If I could remember the site I got it off, I would have gone and asked, but it was late and I was tired, so I decided to head to bed.
The next morning, I woke up early, dreading school, but then I remembered that it was Saturday. Wondering what to do now that I was up early, my mind trailed back to the events from the night before. My curiosity aroused, I decided to have one more go at the game, swearing to myself that if one more creepy thing happened, I would delete the whole thing off my computer.
So I booted up the game and skipped the start, wanting to get right into it. But when the ‘press start’ screen popped up, there was no Pokemon there at all. No Nidna, no Pikachu, no nothing. Although it was strange, it wasn’t really ‘creepy’, so I decided to keep playing.
I pressed start, but to my horror, no ‘continue game’ option appeared! I ranted for a while, annoyed that my save had been deleted. I was so mad, I didn’t even think to question what erased it. But after a couple of minutes, I decided that there was no point in yelling over it. Grumbling, I started a new game, hating that I would have to start from the start AGAIN. I played every spare moment for a few weeks, wanting to get back to where I was, so I got almost halfway through the game before I realised something strange. My rival had yet to appear. I there was no trace of him anywhere! Deciding that it must be a glitch, I saved and exited, a little worried that the glitch might affect other data on my computer, I decided to delete the game the next day… But not before beating it first.
So the next day, I finished my Sunday chores and then rushed straight back to the computer. The game started up, and the Charizard that was at the front of my party this time was on the start screen, like it should be.
My team was now made up of a Charizard, a Wartortise, a Venusaur, a Pikachu, a Vulpix, and a Ninetails.
I blitzed through the remainder of the game on the next few days, struggling a little bit on the Elite Four, but still managing to pass. Now I was up to the last challenge… My Rival. But my Rival was missing from the game. I stood in that room, wondering what to do. I tried just walking straight into the Hall of Fame, but the door didn’t work. So, I started to walk out the other way, but as soon as I hit the door, my character stopped. A speech box appeared, saying: “SO YOU’RE QUITING THIS TOO?”
A Yes/No option appeared. I selected Yes, because by now I just wanted to quit this game so I could get it off my computer.
Then the speaker continued: “AREN’T YOU CURIOUS AS TO WHO I AM?”
Another Yes/No option. I chose no. I didn’t want to find put who was speaking, I wanted to leave.
Yet another Yes/No option. I starting to realise who this was, I chose Yes, because I did remember.
“AT LEAST YOU CAN REMEMBER, EVEN IF YOU DON’T CARE.” Said the speaker. Then, out came a Pokemon I thought I’d never see again. It was Nidna! She continued her speech, walking slowly towards my character. “I CARED. WE ALL DID. DO YOU KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO THE REST OF YOUR POKEMON?”
Another Yes/No option. Curious, I chose No.
“THEN FOLLOW ME” Said Nidna, walking into the Hall of Fame. My character followed, but Charizard stayed behind.
We entered the Hall of Fame slowly as the screen faded in. But instead of the usual computer in the room, there was a tombstone.
“DO YOU SEE NOW?” Asked Nidna, but no Yes/No option appeared this time. Instead, my character walked slowly towards the tombstone. Then the Hall of Fame started, but instead of showing the Pokemon I had used to beat the Elite Four, it faded in on my old team, starting with Shelly, and a subtitle saying: ‘REPLACED BY NINETAILS’ with Shelly’s mournful cry looping in the background. The same happened for my other Pokemon, with Trust replaced by Vulpix, Salazar replaced by Pikachu, Mouse replaced with Venusaur, Sparks replaced with Wartortise, and each new Pokemon that appeared had it’s cry looped over the other ones, making a cacophony of depressing screeches. Then, finally, Nidna’s Hall of Fame entry faded in, and as it did the noise slowly softened, until it ceased to be. Nidna’s subtitle read: ‘REPLACED BY CHARIZARD’ Her cry started soft at first, growing in volume in one long, drawn out note of sadness and pain… And then the whole game window faded out, her final mournful cry fading with it.
The other day, I tried to restart the game to see if I could find Nidna, but it was gone. There wasn’t a trace of it left on my computer. I don’t know if I’m meant to learn something from this, but my hope is that at least one person will.
Credit To – Amy May from The Illegible Others
Credit Link – http://illegibleother.blogspot.com.au/p/creepypastas.html

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