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The Man of Many Faces


I had just moved from the big city to a quite and peaceful town in the country, not to far away from the city because as much as I dislike city life I need to get to work on time. It was a quite peaceful town with not to much going on, I honestly thought to myself the day I moved in this town had nothing to fear but fear it self, I was so wrong about that. I worked at a hospital in the city not to far where I live, I work their as one of the junior employees who helps the surgeons with anything like passing them tools and what not. I’m planning to become a surgeon. That day at work it went very smoothly, my brother had called me that day and told me that he wanted to catch up on some dinner as he had just returned from a long trip to San Fransisco. I told him that I would meet him after work, as I was getting ready to leave work I saw a breaking news report that caught my eye, the reporter said the following “News just in a unidentified serial killer is on the lose, be advised he is armed and dangerous and is believed to be carrying a scalpel as a weapon. It is also believed that the suspect has formidable medical skills and is able to take his victims face and impersonate them using a form of unknown surgical procedures. The sheriff of the police department has issued a statement saying that the the suspect is being apprehended and the curfew has been changed to 8:00 tonight and anyone caught after that time will be sentenced to 2 months in Jail without counsel.” Holy shit I thought to myself could this guy work here? I hoped he wasn’t around this part of town. I headed to my brothers house where I would meet my brother for some dinner and catch up. When I arrived he has in the back yard digging a hole, I was greeted by him in the usual fashion he always greeted me in. I was going to ask him why he was digging a hole in his yard but thought to myself its none of my business. We went in, the air inside the house was stingy and heavy it smelled like death, I didn’t bother to ask. We got settled in for some dinner he served a plate of some italian chicken which was my favorite. I quickly got to eating, what was strange is he didn’t touch his plate. After I finished I told him I was going to the bathroom, I walked up stairs,the atmosphere felt dreadful and morbid I knew something wasn’t right. I went into the bathroom, I washed my face and cleaned up. Something caught my eye by the tub, I pulled the curtains aside and what I saw almost killed me. Their in the tub was three naked bodies all with their faces ripped off but not as if their faces where ripped off but cut with amazing accuracy and precision in a surgical manner, their was no face on the bodies at all it was as if their faces where erased from existence it was just a few pieces of flesh hanging off a bloody skull even all the face muscles and eyes too. Then I saw one of the bodies had a large scar on its arm, my brother when he was 17 got into a knife fight and his arm was cut leaving a large scar. I vomited on the floor at the grizzly sight and at the thought that my brother was dead. But I thought to myself who is that man downstairs if my brother is hear? The door opened with immense force behind me. Their standing was my brother with a twisted diabolical smile and a bloody scalpel in his right hand. I knew that this was the killer they talked about in the news report today. Right before my eyes he ripped his race off like a mask, I screamed at the man before me. I don’t know how to describe him, his face was completely pale white, he had very pink lips, black hair, and what appeared to be golden eyes it looked like a mask but it wasn’t it was his actual face! I asked him who the fuck are you? He stared at me with a diabolical smile that still haunts me at night, I still see his face the face of a demon with those damn evil eyes of his staring at me. After I asked him the question he unleashed the most fear inducing blood thirsty laugh that lasted for at least 30 seconds. He stared at me and said “I AM MANY” in a voice that sounded not as it if where one voice but actually many voices. I lost it I ripped off the towel rack a lunged at him with it, he kicked me to the floor and slashed me in the chest with the scalpel . I felt dizzy my body began to go numb I was poisoned, he lunged at me a second time and I passed out from the poison, the last thing I remember was that face of his and the sound of boots kicking my door down and someone saying “Police, get on the floor!” When I woke up I was in the hospital, I vaguely remembered the previous night until it all slowly came back to me later. They say I had been poisoned and was lucky to be alive. After the nurse left a police officer walked in. He asked me if I remember anything that night, I said that a man had killed my brother and impersonated him and that he tried to kill me as well. The police officer said that their were no bodies at the crime scene nor was their a perpetrator in the house. I was shocked I didn’t know what happened to me that night, I told him how the killer on the news was responsible for what happened to me that night, he said their was killer on the lose who supposedly stole peoples faces but was not found and is still at large. I screamed in anger, he asked me to describe the killers face. I told him what I saw but when he heard me he chuckled and told me “I think where done here”. I found out later that my brother was “missing” which I knew was a lie, I never did see my brother again. Nothing came of this whole incident the killer was never caught nor was he ever heard of again. I know he is still out there waiting for his next victim to steal their face, I was recently surprised to find out the number of people who have gone missing has increased in my neighborhood, actually no not really I’m not surprised.

Credit To: Derek Styker

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  • derpbutt

    Pasta notwithstanding, why is the credit link a random Naruto picture? What? What. I am tagging this as “What” solely because of that, because, well… wtf?

  • Shogunfish

    “their in the tub was three naked bodies all with their faces ripped off but not as if their faces where ripped off” I am going to stop you right there, that sentence sums up this entire pasta

    A few other details to note
    8:00 curfew punished with 2 months in jail seems pretty severe especially because it isn’t important to the story at all

    Remove the details about the face stealing from the newscast. The pasta’s title already says he has many faces. All that newscast serves to do is beat the idea into with a brick so there is no surprise when you finds the bodies

    Also, remove the part where the brother is suspiciously digging a hole, perhaps say there is an open pit behind his house where he was preparing to pour concrete for the foundation to his new tool shed or something. Then when you left the house you could notice the concrete was poured. If you have the brother outside essentially digging graves it makes it pretty clear he’s the killer.

    You need to spend more time with the brother before you find out he’s actually dead, pastas like this don’t work if you suspect the person the whole time, find away to draw suspicion away from him before the reveal otherwise it doesn’t carry any weight. This will probably require making the pasta longer.

    Also, if you just plastered someone’s face over your own it wouldn’t change your eye color. Or probably your hair unless he removed not just the face but all the skin on their heads including their scalp and wore colored contacts.

    Lastly why did the police just blow him off? The killer was in the news, clearly the police would be looking for him. Maybe have the police search for a while but eventually lose interst leaving the main character the only one who remembers.

    Also… God dammit I just realized something as I was finishing my comment, that naruto picture is there because the killer is based on Orochimaru… *facepalm* That royally pisses me off… Last piece of advice never write creepy pasta even slightly based on tv shows books movies or video games.

    Don’t do it!!!!!


    Please, use indents. That’s all I ask. I stopped after the first two sentences, because I seriously did not want to read a wall of text. Didn’t your teacher go over this in the 4th grade?

  • ClockworkGoat

    Please, if you are going to write about something you have absolutely no knowledge of, research into it first. Because while reading this story, I was just thinking of your lack of knowing of serial killers. Or writing, of course.

    Yes, I did manage to read this wall of text, but it was rather difficult. Try to use spacing (indents) in your text, as well as much more use of the comma and semicolon. They will help tremendously with reading.

  • Sylvie

    Hmmm, wall of text…ehh… who’s the author?
    *clicks on credit link*

  • http://NUwebsite Lolhai

    That anime sucks at writing. Im going to sue her creator.

  • http://NUwebsite Lolhai

    Wait….golden eyes….pale face….very pink lips….the anime tried to kill you?

  • UndKeineEier

    If I wasn’t so tired I would point all the stupid shit in this story, but for now I’ll just say this:

    Great Wall of Pasta

  • Jezz

    If you’re going to write, please learn to spell first. At least know the basic difference between their/there, loose/lose, here/hear. And it’s ‘we’re done here’ not ‘where done here’. And gem up on how to use apostrophes and paragraph breaks too. If you want readers to take interest and lose themselves in a story, grammar and spelling needs to be flawless.

  • Dougal

    “It was a quite peaceful town with not to much going on, I honestly thought to myself the day I moved in this town had nothing to fear but fear it self.”

    Dammit! Don’t you dare drag JFK into this!

    • Dougal

      Sorry. Meant to type FDR. Damn acronym presidents.

  • BlueFox

    Your brother wanted to catch up on dinner? Don’t they have food in San Fransisco?