People are calling me crazy, but they might be true…

One day, several hundred years ago, there was a small village in Scottland. It was a quaint little village, and all of the people were very friendly. There was one girl, with long, red hair and beautiful blue eyes. She was very kind and happy, even though her parents died of a terrible fever. She was raised by a foster family, and she grew close to her adoptive parents. She had just turned 18, ready to marry, but she wished to become a traveling trader, and to see the world.
But one day, she went missing. Gone. Disappeared. No tracks or evidence. Search party’s were sent out, but to no avail. Weeks passed, and soon those weeks turned into several moths. But one day, early in the morning, a final search party was sent out. They searched the forest boardering the village. They found tracks, and soon they found the girl, skinny and covered in dirt and grime. She was curled up into a ball, shivering violently and mumbling about a tall man with no face.
The villagers deemed her crazy and decided to send her off to the city so she can calm down. But on the day when the girl was sent off, a trader was walking down the road with his cart, and he found two dead horses, one that the girl’s guide was riding and the other the girl was riding. The trader ran back to the village and reported this scene. The villagers searched around the horses and they found foot prints leading into the forest, and they found a note. The piece of torn, dirty paper read “HE ALWAYS WATCHES, BUT NO EYES”. The villagers were horrified at a poorly drawn picture of a tall man with no face. They took the note and burned it in a holy fire at the chapel.
The villagers didn’t know what happened, let alone who or what took the girl and her guide, but they knew it was pure evil.

A few hundred years later, in 2011…

I was walking through the forest that boarders my town, my straight, black and red hair blowing gently in the wind. I came here to America from Scottland because I’ve heard of paranormal activity happening in this town. Kids going missing. No evidence of abduction or murder. I gathered a group of friends to come, including a good guy friend of mine, Lyle.
I heard Lyle’s heavy Scottish accent call my name and I turned to his voice. ” Hey Violet, I found something over here!” he called. I walked over to where he was standing and there was a note on the tree, the paper slightly torn and dirty. The others came over too and I read the note aloud, “He is always there, always watching, but no eyes.” Everyone turned to look at each other and I looked atl Lyle with a confused expression, but a hint of fear was hidden in my eyes.
He shrugged and started looking for more, but I kept staring at the note. The words seemed to pop off the paper at me, my face starting to sweat slightly. I heard a scream and I turned to see who screamed, but no one was there. I began to panic, but I saw Lyle running towards me. I ran to him and hugged his neck tightly, my whole body shivering with fear.”Shh, calm down.” he whispered in my ear, rubbing my hair to calm me. “Where is everyone?” I asked him, but he just shook his head. My eyes widened and a tear ran down my cheek.
Lyle wipped the tear away and smiled softly, hugging me tighter. “They’ll be okay Violet,” he said softly. I started to cry softly but something wrapped around my ankle and pulled me away from Lyle. I screamed as I was held in the air, a large black tentacle holding me up. Another tentacle grabbed Lyle and flung him off into the forest. I was brought down to meet with a tall man, nearly ten feet, with a pale, faceless head. I tried to scream, but a pale hand covered my mout and the other held it’s finger up to where it’s lips were suppost to be. I swallowed hard and nodded slightly. The “man” laughed softly and darkly, and he ran his long, pale fingers through my hair, his head tilting side to side in what seems like curiosity. He nodded slightly and set me down, patting my head gently before he disappears. I stood there in fear, and in confusion. I ran back to the town and told the police, but they just laughed and sent me away. I rented a house and got a job, deciding to live in America for now.
I still see the man in the forest, and he still watches me, but he is still scary to me. I just smile and go along, until I saw a newspaper headline. “THREE TEENAGERS FOUND DEAD IN FOREST” I gasped and continued reading until I cried, then I threw the paper into the fire, my tears flowing like rivers.
I told the police again, but they laughed again. People began calling me crazy, and they might be true…

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